Carven Resort 2012
I know, I know, it’s Black Friday but ask me if I care. When my heart beats fast, it beats fast. It’s also typically a tell-tale sign that I should share that which is inducing the palpitative state with you. Because we’re a team, right? And what I love, you love, right again? When a collection celebrates the notion of woman dressing like the little girl she once was, it’s deserves some air time. So lo and behold, a letter to Carven’s resort collection, where the new bow shoes are even bowier than the former bow-shoes.
Dear Carven Resort Collection: if you had genitals, I am most certain I would try to get you drunk and take advantage of you. This would ring true whether the genitals in question resembled those of my own, or those of my counterparts. If the circumstances sympathized with the former option, rest assured, I’d most certainly go gay for you. Yours, Marcel the Shell’s Protege. Happy thanksgiving! Yeah!
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