Trendspotting: Pantless Antics

If you can think as far back as Spring/Summer 2010, you may remember the resurgence of innerwear as outerwear: skimpy silk dresses, lace appliques, even the beginning of a velvet loafer trend that is now making it’s way into a larger market pretty successfully. That was quiet and subtle. This is not.

When I dropped the skirt-over-pant bomb, a handful of you were less than amused. But how about this? Spring’s next obstacle includes convincing you hard enough that pants are a trend of the past. And with some help from some of the highest of glossies and oh, I don’t know, maybe me, you may or may not find yourself slowly and quietly unzipping your pants, pulling them down, taking them off, and shelving them. It seems the season takes a turn for the contradictory: on the one hand, the captial L, Lady is back. This means shower more, wear a head scarf, and the bigger the better–re: your a-line. But on the other hand, yes sure you’ll shower, but leave that hair wet. Forget the skirt and run naked. See below, maybe I’ll make more sense. Maybe is the operative word.

Left: Chanel, Right: Louis Vuitton

See what I mean? Louis Vuitton was most certainly my favorite show during Paris Fashion Week. This is irrelevant re: the information I’m bringing forward, but I wanted you to know. Now, among two of the most respected fashion houses in the industry, Chanel and Louis Vuitton preach the demise of the pant. It doesn’t stop there, though, oh no.

Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana are on the very same page and while yes, the Balenciaga panty is more a bloomer than it is a panty there is something to be said about the demographic this particular silhouettes speaks to. More contemporary collections like Rebecca Minkoff have picked up on the trend too. (See: here) You know what though, I take back what I said about the contradictory nature of the seasons trends. At least they are proper panties, high-waist and enveloping all through the crevice of the thigh. Any lady would wear one, it’s not a thong, wouldn’t you agree?

…Had to throw this in for good measure. It’s so gypsy princess pin-up chic.
But collections aside, by now you should know, I’m not one to sit out a questionable trend.

And so without even knowing it, this one was no exception. These photos were taken in late August, before Fashion Week had even started, while working with Tibi by their Wooster Street store. The image was actually intended to serve as the seasonably updated continuation of our previous styling session where I worked a white body suit over black tights a la Edie Sedgwick. This produces a larger scale “wow” effect as people very truly believed I may have been a flasher. I’m not. Kidding, I am. Not.

Ultimately though, it’s this you should learn: I’m not serious about taking this trend off the runway just yet. Don’t try it at home and please don’t tell your mothers I told you walk around pantless, don’t tell your boyfriends either…it’s bad for my our image. 
And with that I wish you a happy Columbus day. Go forth now, set sail.
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  • Left : Chanel
    Right : Louis Vuitton

    You had them mixed (which i'm pretty sure is a mistake)


  • AHAHAHAHAHA! you are awesome!

  • I guess the only way this trend is ok is going to the beach, as in «what a ladylike swinsuite!» «No, it's my ladylike underwear.»

  • I love the fact that you rocked this on the streets of NYC…I am thinking a casual Friday at the office for me? LOL!

  • Mega lol. And the shoes are awesome.

  • Um, I think you forgot something.

  • Can't imagine the looks you got when shooting these photos…. The D&G; look is INSANE , I love it ! Wonder if this will hit the streets of the fashion world anytime soon.

  • <3 the shoes.

  • HAHA! So very Carrie Bradshaw in the Dolce and Gabbana sapphire sparkly panties.

  • i commend you on your bravery!

  • Oh, Repeller, I love you!

  • jas

    haha that is brilliant. and ridiculous

  • I wish I had the legs, AND the nervs to wear this hahah

    XO Charlotte

  • Haha, you are too funny! Before I read the last paragraph I showed this post to my bofriend, and he really really liked it (surprise surprise). So you may want to rethink that, if you want to repell men at least. Hilarious post!

  • this is soooo good!!! i wonder how many arrests for indecent exposure will pop up following this post.


  • I'm in love, it's official.


  • LOL!!!!!! What balls you have! <3

  • Anonymous

    I've certinally exposed myself to this trend before- a few times.. ..walking the streets with high heels and highwaisted "panties" -(i guess you could call them). amazing what kinds of reactions this act can instill in strangers. who cares. push the limit.! you feel all sorts of confindence when you pull it off. ……eh, my legs are lookin pretty good today- I think I'll give it another go.

  • I could never pull off the "flasher" look without feeling completely foolish. The pantless-panty look is just a little too insane in the membrane for me. =)
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  • HAHAHAHAHA I neerly fell of my chair when I saw your picture!! you're my hero!
    x Alice

  • My hero!!!
    You look great on anything!
    I might not be quite ready for that yet…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    you are my herowwwwwww

  • Hahahahahahahaha. I could never go in public like that. You have some balls!

  • You're amazing (and rather daring). Keep the humor, writing and styling coming. Bravo!

    PS- Before Lady Gaga was a blonde magnet- one of her classiest pictures rocked a similar pantless look, enjoy!

  • I'd say you have balls but I can see we clearly do not. You're awesome, woman.

  • Hehe funny ! I definately prefer wearing a skirt over my jeans over pulling my pants off
    new post : " fall for dummies"

  • Wow! I would never have been able to walk pantless! You did it!

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  • a la moda i thought i would be the only one noticing 🙂

    great look though!

  • totally agree, there were almost no pants on the catwalks this season, well, except maybe gucci. anyway, i'm loving that new totally lady like trend, skirt and underpants-looking shorts definitely rock, cannot believe we have to wait another 6 months to be able to wear all these goodies

  • you are amazing!!

  • Anonymous

    you go girl…
    viva the white undies!!

  • you are so awesome, and there is now way I'm going to be embracing the trend but kudos to the one's who do

  • and i thought wearing a chiffon skirt without a slip was crossing the line… you have officially redrawn the line in white.

  • lol!!!! i can't believe u ACTUALLY DID IT!!!! kudos!!!

    white panties!! 😀

  • This is too hilarious. Keep it up! (but watch out… the next few weeks this trend might flair right up!!!)


  • this is pure awesomeness – you are fearless girl!


  • Anonymous

    I cant believe i am the only person to say that you look like an absolute moron in these photos.

  • hahahah great post. If I could pull that look off on a college campus and be so daring I might try it.

    You pull it off fabulously.


  • This trend is kind of awkward in a way, how are you really suppose to pull if off without man propelling? Now that giant fashion houses like Chanel and Louis Vuitton are going pantless, I wonder what they're coming up with next… How ARE you going to pull of this while being man repelling?

  • HA! Amazing!! I cant wait to try it at home… 🙂

  • hahahaha! I love this post. You are very very brave to attempt this look, and I think you actually pulled it off nicely. I think my mom would make me move home and then she would lock me in the basement for the rest of my life if I tried out this style hahaha.


  • You're brave!! And hilarious. If you ask me, I would probably feel like embracing this trend with the amazing Balmain hot-pant looks.

  • Anonymous

    you look gorgeous with the white body suit
    I dont know why everyone says "panties" its just white shorts!
    If you have those long, thin legs you HAVE to show them off
    I would if I could
    kudos to you manrepeller

  • I freaking adore you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i love it, you rock the no pants look girl!

  • you amuse me so.

  • I wonder if there is a way to dilute the underwear-as-pants look…over some opaque tights perhaps? or under a sheer skirt…must investigate.

  • Anonymous

    These photos are the opposite of man repellent. I should think you would meet quite a few men walking the streets in the ladylike-no-pants getup.

  • Anonymous

    you are crazy and I love for it
    keep on making me laugh PLEASE

  • Lol! YOU got balls, M.R.!

  • ha! love it…you pull it off well!

  • Cool Panties!!!

    Join my Competition!!

  • this is AWESOME! so freakin FUNNY dude!

  • It's really hard to work panties, but it can work an evening out on the town. After a fem cocktails you don't mind to show a little bit of leg. You really combined your outfit well.

  • It's a very easy way to define the most brave and confident girls, they will wear underwear nest spring)))

  • Ah so crazy! Love it.


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    The relaxed look on your face is priceless! As an Australian however, the use of the word panties in all of these comments gives me the heebee jeebees. I'll roll with great nickers!

  • Great post! This really is just remarkable , i appreciate your blog site and bookmarked it . I agree with most of the issues you said and i am waiting for the new posts .

  • that exposed skin is so man propelling but then when you took the trend yourself, it looks more man repelling-ish!

    p.s. it's a compliment, tho :p

  • You are a free woman, totally!!!

  • Hahaha Simply amazing!!!



  • Very brave! Awesome post 🙂

  • Picking up on trends early I see. I could never do that hahha.

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  • You are too funny. I think this trend suits you well. 🙂

  • i suppose we have gaga to thank for this? i have no room to talk though. i picked up two pairs of 1 inch inseamers by kain this summer. some were repelled, most were propelled…towards saying retarded pick up lines to me.

  • This really cracked me up! So brave of you!

  • Anonymous


  • you area the scariest woman i've ever {met}…i love it! keep up the repelling my friend!!

  • Girl, you better put some jewels on those panties!

  • Love how daring you are and take risk. so inspiring, but i wouldn't go around with panties lol

  • I'm all about pantless antics!

  • You are fearless!!!!! I love the pantless look – so hot! Hahahah 😉

    PS – Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw went pantless TWICE in Sex in the City!

    Dirty Pink Cardigan


  • i so love this post
    great pictures
    and you are hilarious

  • That shit is hilarious!!

  • LOL. Luv it!!

  • You go girrrrl…..great post but not a trend I will be following anytime soon.

  • I honestly can't believe you were gutsy enough to do this, good for you girl! Nearly fell off my chair at work, my co-workers thought I was looking at mildly pornographic images.

  • cla cavalin

    Hotpants is still not the new black, but it could be..
    i wore black hotpants and a long sleek silk skirt on top of them, which was fairly see through, the first time do dine out with friends, and now that's one of my signature looks – i love it, i think it's very fashionable, comfortable and fresh in summertime, not to mention the WOW effect on the street cause everyone stares at your legs (trying to be polite here). you have to carry it with attitude no matter what (which for me means: great smile,Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick – No131 Opium Red, catwalk posture) or else the whole intention of the look falls apart. Thoughts: for winter, black hotpants wore with black pantyhose, platform oxford shoes, white silk shirt, green wool trench coat, ivory barret, Chloé's Eliza shoulder bag in white. i'm gonna go now and do that look see ya…

  • You're in the brazilian news:,,EMI271949-17594,00.html

  • Posts like this make me love you and your blog! Yours is one of the few I actually look forward to READING!

  • i like this post!! 8) you look amazing!!!!
    i read about you on a mag…and here i follower dear! <3

    i wait you on my blog where you'll find a post about artwork and andy torres..don't miss it!!
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  • I love that your brave enough to do this in a busy street. You are one very chic flasher!

    xx T

  • Wow. You are officially legit in my mind!

  • LMAO! U crazy to go outside dressing like that!! Love it!

  • Hahaha omg this is awesome xDD
    Loved this post!

    Cotton Candy

  • Anonymous

    too funny

  • Anonymous


  • MGF

    My godness
    you are meta-fashionable
    I love you


  • Anonymous

    why do you people keep saying she's got balls? Balls are soft and fragile. Vaginas on the other hand can take a pounding! Well, she most definitely has one of those, so there!

    hahahahaha. Brilliant. I would do it, after a drink or five.

  • Anonymous


  • Amazing!! How can I not follow you?
    Beijos! Stop by when you get a chance darling…

  • Haha, just found this article on a pantless Christina Aguilera

  • Anonymous

    You can't do this sweetie

  • in the cube cracking up!!!!!

    you are beyond…

  • I give you 2 thumbs and 2 big toes up 🙂 If I had 1 milloin thumbs they would all be up for you !

  • Very Ballzy. I love it! For some reason when you are standing on that grate it reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in "The Seven Year Itch."


  • Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!!!

  • Awesome shots of the collection! I'm loving the shoes in each photo. I need to see something similar from Australian designers.

  • You're hilarious. Love your blog.

  • I literally laughed out loud at this post! You were brave… BRAVO! But you definitely looked flasheresque. I love it… I agree let's keep this one on the runway… But I want to point out that if the body suit had a boyshort sort of bottom.. it might be a whole different ball game.. like your pics of the Balenciaga and Dolce & Gabbana looks. Just a thought…

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    I am a huge fan of D & G. confident when I saw the costumes that go area streets

  • I don’t understand the fashion was thinking, when applying bikini pants, and also combine this type of shirt. I think it was appropriate for the lazy girl