Trendspotting: Fancy Pants

And when I say fancy, I mean printed. ‘Tis no longer the season for plain old tapered trousers, flare legs and regular denim. Infusions of prints shouldn’t be limited to the outfitting of what goes on around the northern region of a woman’s body so here below you’ll find three ways to wear printed pants, evidenced on trend via Fall and Spring runways, animated TV shows. Using three different styles and pair of pants, we’ll start in the ’70s and eventually warp through to the ’90s. Consider this post a history lesson, for your legs. In fact, I’ll do you one better and make it even more educational as I once again demonstrate that for a homemade Halloween costume of epic proportion you need not look much further than your very own closet.

 blouse: Zara, sweater: Topshop, bell bottoms: KVD, purse: Ralph Lauren
Yes sure, the notion of velvet in any capacity is reminiscent of the 90s, but I can’t remember a more appropriate time that such flare legged bell bottoms were so on-trend…and I wasn’t even there. In a peridot-esque print that looks red from some angles, green from others, they’re like two pair-in-one. 
The bright red chunky cable night with a collar-tip equipped blouse over quite literally makes me Wilmer Valderrama’s That 70’s Show love child, which isn’t a bad thing. Fast forward ten years.
 t shirt: Chaser, pants: Topshop, shoes: Brian Atwood
…Where in a more Man Repeller appropriate manner, I give Grease’s Sandy a run for her leather. Instead of a busty blouse, a worn out graphic tee. And instead of shiny liquid pants, a pair of the polka dot variety. Skinny high waist pants will always yield the same effect: inevitable FUPA. You may as well have fun with it. Now, and not Marc Jacobs.
But back to 1980, as you can see, Ray-ban wayfarers take the look home. And in one more quick time warp, let’s travel ten more years to…
One angsty teen, coming right up. Jordan Catalano approved? I think yes.
t shirt: Theyskens’ Theory, plaid blouse: Fremont, striped shirt: Sandro, jeans: Current/Elliott, combat boots: Chloe. All photos by Naomi Shon.
What’s important to learn here is that combat boots and a plaid flannel shirt–preferably over-sized, or stolen from a brother, you know–will most likely compliment anything you wear in a way that so vividly evokes My So Called Life memories. This circles back to my initial point about taking your closet and turning it into the ultimate Halloween superstore. I’m just going to quit right now because tying points together the way I just did has never been a particular skill of mine. So, bye.

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