Summer Threads for Fall

The only cold weather score better than say, a Dries van Noten cashmere knit on sale for $168, is the prospect of taking ones favorite summer pieces to the proverbial freezer. Or the other way around…I won’t lie: I once wore a suede jacket to the beach when I was eight. It was hot out, yes, but hey, I looked cool. The sleeves were fringed! This anecdote should confirm that I’ve never quite believed in seasonal dressing. It’s true that every garment has a time and place but why shouldn’t that very time and place lapse six months instead of three. Or you know, ten years, period. This whole notion of summer clothes in winter weather got my noggin working, thinking about my favorite summer pieces: the notorious neon Proenza Schouler dress and this little white tunic, not meant to be worn as a dress and yet, just that. I took a size twelve to ensure shirt-as-dress longevity, sue me.

images via Mark Iantosca, Naomi Shon
…And how I’d take the dresses to winter with me. [Cut to transformation.]
Snow friendly booties and tights instead of open foot, bare leg cape sandals. It’s a rough transition but someones got to do it. 
 Darker nail polish, more rugged accessories and obligatory semi-circle clutch on head instead of…standing around like an asshole.
dress: Ermanno Scervino, moto vest: H&M;, necklaces: Pamela Love, clutch: Emily Cho, tights: Hue, shoes: Burberry Prorsum
Exhibit B:
…There was no Exhibit A, was there?
all images by Naomi Shon. Sweater: Thakoon, dress and boots: Proenza Schouler, tights: Hue, purse: Reece Hudson

Turn the midi-dress into a midi-skirt et voila you’re more on trend than fashion blogging. I’m taking a stand pro-sweaters at night and the complete and absolute demolition of, gasp, “going out tops.” Because of that, I’d say this here outfit is most certainly Saturday night in mid December approved. With another pair of tights and comfortable cool booties, you’ve got the Man Repeller aspect down pat. What could have once been considered by some, long and lean legs are now just…some shins. I took the liberty of belting this dress at the waist to produce a more distinct mullet effect and have lately been styling most everything with some plentiful color on top, black on black down below. Okay now, I showed you mine, you show me yours. How will you take your favorite summer pieces to fall?

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