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Style Etoile Wants to Give You This Cape

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Ladies and germs, it’s giveaway time, and this one is going to heat your loins. Don’t be fooled by the above photos though, it is in fact as the title of this post would suggest a cape you are going to win. Up above are a couple of photos from a shoot I styled for an e-tailer called Style Etoile in July. With excessive access to Iro, Sachin + Babi, Anna Sui, Camilla and Marc and Wren threads, the day of outfitting was boatloads of fun. The girls behind the site aren’t too shabby either, and those burgundy Miu Miu glitter thigh highs just added to the, you know, fun. We had mimosas too. The shoot was featured in a fall Nylon issue, and now I’m sharing this wealth of knowledge with you. Do you feel smarter? Dumber? Neither? Well, with that out of the way, we can get to what’s important: free stuff! Among the several looks I styled, one particular Wren cape of the leopard print variety reared its jungletastic seams onto almost every outfit I’d put together.

It’s the perfect combination of insult and injury: leopard cape. That’s, caped crusader with an affinity for Fran Drescher…an epic win, if you will. Ultimately though, the shoot was about showcasing an eclectic variety of clothes so in the end, the leopard print cape stayed on just one look. This one. A basic look seemed an ideal way to let a leopard print cape take control of an outfit. You however, should feel no inhibition pairing it with excess sequins, prints, questionable silhouettes. It’s not too cold out yet so I’d say this giveaway is knocking on your door in perfect time, and when it does get cold, it’ll compliment a plaid scarf so well, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Stay away from open windows, I’d say. On to the mundane: the rules are simple, so simple.

3. Leave a comment right here with your twitter handle in the comments.
4. You can follow me too. Because it’s fun!

And ba da bing, ba da boom, the winner winner chicken dinner will be announced nexty Wednesday at 12PM! You know what I say about leopard print, right? It’s a neutral! A neutral, I tell ya. Neu-tral. Think of the plentiful things you can do with it! I hope you win.

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome πŸ˜€

    Forrest_ish πŸ˜€

  • OMG this cape is amazing !
    twitter @aprettynest !

  • Animal print is my weakness…
    twitter: stilistele

  • Oh how I worship prints. @adriennecisley

  • love it and need it

    twitter: katie_rush

  • hah, that cape is crazy.


  • OOO! that cape is like a party in itself! πŸ˜€ love it

  • This cape is MAJORRRRRR wearing it everyday, hopefully with something amazingly lime green that I don't own yet….

    Twitter: @selizcox

  • ooo, i must have it. twitter: amieotto

  • This is probably my dream garment. *drool* @dr_amyjaneb

  • I would rock these until the leopards come home and then rock them some more doing leopard things.


  • Must have.

    twitter – Francophoney82

  • my closet craves this!! @mzwowfactor

  • I want that MEGA cape @HitomiKatoMoore

  • Cape parttty!!!! <3

    Twitter mwitter: @limechartreuse


  • Anonymous

    gorgeous, love the cape! @sarahkecooper

  • love this cape!
    twitter: deannamoreau

  • i would wear this cape until the end of time


  • I think I need this, Please? Pretty Please? love @maureensleeps

  • me-ow


  • the leopard cape is to die for, would make for a great b-day gift for myself (b-day is on 10/23)

  • So dramatic! Wren consistently gets those leopard prints right, and I love it.


  • Anonymous

    why must you have a twitter to participate in these contests??? boo-hoo.

  • omg i need need need this cape! love it so much!

    twitter: @kelsitabutler


    Twitter: @GBitchProject

  • great googley moogley, this needs to be on my body NOW. @victoria_is

  • followed everyone! @sweetcandylove

  • LOVE this cape! My 94 year old grandmother would be so jealous if I scored this gem!! @hmlaverty

  • Amber



  • LOVING the cape.


  • Oh my GAH, I looooove leopard. Seriously. I rocked leopard before it was cool. So many ways to work this. I AM SALIVATING!

    twit twat: @andiegibsonnn

  • love the cape!


  • YES.

  • I desperately need this!


  • Anonymous

    Meow! @GCandyDesigns

  • Leopard as a neutral? Totally.


  • ChristinaWismer

    I can feel my felioness coming out to play!! Watch out boys!! @ChristinaWismer

  • Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Wanna win this shit! @valentrinity

  • Cape me! @stylebylu

  • Anonymous



  • rf

    dont have a twitter, but im a religious follower of your man-repelling awesomeness…would love to win!!! <3333

  • love this!

    twitter @hellokmac

  • OOOOOooooer!!!


  • As a freshman in college, what a perfect way to not find a husband- @zoellance

  • Dana

    i vant i vant i vant

    roar @dandanasaur

  • Anonymous

    I could really use a beautiful garment that makes me feel like a queen like this cape! It's been a rough year. Following as instructed. Twitter handle: @rose0justice

  • A-MAH-ZING! @aecorkery

  • I really, really, seriously…have to have that cape! Funny I just tweeted animal prints as the new neutral, then saw this? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, please, please, gives it to me? Have I grovelled enough, perhaps?


    TWITTER: @dionkas

  • Ester

    Love the cape! x

    twitter: esterolausson

  • This cape is probably the greatest cape I have ever seen! Twitter @Nvrenoughnails

  • Anonymous


  • Amazing! Clearly more stylish than a Snuggy.

    Good luck to all and cheers!


  • Anonymous

    that caper would give my life meaning.

  • I LOVE THIS CAPE!!! leopard is my favorite color…


  • Neutral: agreed. Also, this + my thigh-high leopard boots = instant camouflage @amberguyton

  • Anonymous

    i'm following you all!

  • please give it to me…
    Twitter: @maria_ryan

  • Love it and love your blog!
    Twitter: @HickoryChicks

  • Just moved to NY and I Neeeeed that cape please Ma'am!!


  • KLaw

    Here's to hoping I win just so I can be the most fierce college admissions representative ever. Trust me, this would spice up my man-repelling-in-the-worst-way-imaginable work polo. @kt1721

  • Batman meets Catwoman. I need this cape now.


  • morgan

    must. have.

    twitter: morgannbailey

  • @jessicagilb

  • Hiya! I'm @theknitpicker and I need more leopard in my life…

  • leopard love

  • Considering I live in Ohio, just an hour or 2 away from Zanesville, I think it's only appropriate that I add this Leopard print cape to my closet. Ya know, to honor the animals by pretending to be one of them. You understand right? (I swear I'm not being mean, I feel so sad for those animal, but how am I not going to make a comment about that for this specific giveaway???!!) @marielle_murphy

  • Anonymous



  • Yo @ManRepeller! I'm @Mayaalexis and I want to get my @Style_Etoile on in that @Wren leopard cape. Mostly so I can scare the @crap out of people in Nebraska by wearing it all Fall.

    Here it is again…
    Twitter handle @Mayaalexis

  • Anonymous

    Genius!!! Two amazing Fall trends in one!
    Twitter: @kaccola9

  • Please please please help me move out of my comfort zone!! I have leapord shoes but I need to do it bigger!! This cape is beyond!
    Twittah: @cug19

  • amaia

    leopardalous cape! sweet!

  • this will make me so repellent! need
    twitter @amandajanere

  • This is quite epic, followed all, of course.

    You can find me in the club, or @kikidell. Whichever.

  • L.

    I can't even fathom how amazing that cape is…!/UnwiseSocrates

  • I'm in dire need of some leopardful repelling gear. So I hearby compel thee to repel me, let's make it happen haute shot. πŸ˜‰


  • twitter @giulysalad
    i need this for halloween to be scary spice. as well as to wear on a daily basis. please understand.
    love, giulia


  • This cape is a must have.


  • This is beyond awesome, I wanna repel zebras as well as men. @skralish

  • This cape sort of scares me. I must have it ! Twitter: tinatre01

  • It really is a neutral, I wear leopard with EVERYTHING!


  • @kshoop

    ready to fly!

  • -xx

    this would go GRREEat with my tony the tiger t-shirt.
    uhh… horrifying.
    twitter: @justinea_

  • Jac

    That cape is the purrrfect (sorry) mix of crazy and fabulous.


  • Fingers crossed xx


  • Emily

    amaze… @poocme

  • done done and done! I need leopard in my life πŸ™‚ twitter jenniferCM

  • repellant

  • Waaaaaaaant !

  • Fingers crossed! xo

  • Love the socks by the way.

  • it is a natural! @paperpath1

  • @wannarock says: OH MAN, this one will let my inner animal FREE!!!!!! I'm going to one of my amazing brazilian jungles to let myself interact with other specimes. Awesome. No more.

  • Dying over that cape!


  • OW love it, must have.

  • FINALLY! My chance to start my career as a leopard super hero!

    Melissa @ hustweet

  • perfect for a canadian winter.

  • Anonymous

    What a better staple piece for this autumn than this cape? NONE.


  • @bellebellebeau

  • So DOPE.


  • How cool following all of you!


    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • awesome! I need this!


  • The cape is awesome!!


  • I worship a great cape, stunning!


  • Right here is the winner winner for chicken dinner:::


    please & thank you my dear Miss Man Repeller

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  • w

    <3 it


  • I think this is the closest one can come to being a cat!


  • Leopard is my vice. I need this cape!


  • Woooooo leopard!!!


  • Love it!


  • Anonymous

    I loooooooooove this!


  • Anonymous

    I LIVE for leopard print.

    Live Love LOVE


  • Anonymous

    the cape of all capes. meeeeOW!


  • Crystal Perschilli

    Love it !!! Want it !!! and also need it !!! It is a must.

  • Wohooo

  • ohhhh! gimme gimme (pwease!)



  • Eleanor

    Fingers crossed!

  • Anonymous

    Add some high-waisted fupa pants and it's perfect for repelling all over Portland!!


  • Anonymous

    love the cape!


  • YAY This is amazing!!! I'm following all three of you. πŸ™‚



  • IN LOVE! @srdelaguila

    Love the cape.

  • Fierce!


  • Sarah K

    Love the Cape πŸ™‚ And my boyfriend hates it πŸ˜›


  • Ari M

    that little cape needs to be on my back stat.

    @ariannamac !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Leopard Perfection…

    @ JlyoungJennifer

  • This is pretty amazeballs.


  • leopard-print is a favourite of course,but a cape is on my current wishlist! what an adorable combination! I want this! πŸ™‚
    twitter: marina_akira

  • Obsessed with this cape! LOVE!


  • Anonymous

    I want to marry that cape @cheruelarue

  • Two great staples coming together as one! So cute!



    Insanity. Love it so much.


  • Done and done! Followings in order (I was already following you) and now I want that cape!


  • Can't go wrong with this one.


  • That cape kills.


  • Lexi

    @LexiZapien93 I NEED THIS CAPE!

  • I LOVE THIS CAPE. To die for literally.


  • love it

  • this cape would totally complete me πŸ™‚
    help a pooor college student out



  • I need this!

  • i need it!

  • neva enough leopard.

    p.s. I just sent my bf a leopard body pillow (in the note i wrote, "If I was a body pillow, I of course would be a leopard one".

    Totes McGoats in love with that cape!

  • Oh my I need that cape <3


  • I can't imagine a better way to be y-chromosome repellant and glamourous at the same time. Yes please!


  • @mckizzlequeso

  • Oh please oh please, I am lovin' that cape! There is a beth bowley coat this season that has that same fabric, I was dying for it too!!
    Pick me Pick me! XOXO, Fashionable CHICks

  • And I thought there was nothing better than a cape.. until I discovered that there are leopard capes!


  • I hope it's me! I agree about leopard being a neutral.

  • @kyliewhittaker

  • dying over this. @ashleykbreckel

  • LOVE it!!


  • I have loved leopard forever! When i was 4 i had a black and leopard outfit made for me by my aunty!


  • totally concur that leopard=neutral! I am crossing every limb on my body for this one!

    you are all followed by @mstwirlyskirts !!!

  • Want it. Need it. Love it.

    Pretty pretty please pick me!


  • Anonymous

    I love that they used a plus size model too! very cool

  • I want to marry that cape! I'm pretty sure it's legal somewhere…..


  • Anonymous

    O my word PLEASE let me win this puppy!!! SO ADORABLE! @KaleighMH

  • I check out this blog every single day. When I saw that leopard cape I immediately thought about Fran Drecher and I'm in love with it. She is a diva!! I love those outrageous pieces of clothes she was use to wear! My Lord!! I can't live without it!! It's so fascinating! Pick me, Pick me, pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • luhv this! @aricahayley

  • Anonymous

    Tweet me: @O2B_Ali_Blaho

    Curiosity killed the cat (Ali Cat to be exact)…I don't care…how is the winner chosen? Oh kill me now……Just kidding!!

  • Anonymous

    soi cool

  • Anonymous

    this cape is FABULOUS


  • Anonymous

    beautiful cape!
    (pick me because my twitter name is great!)

  • @harleyyquinn

  • Anonymous


  • never can enough leopard in my closet!

  • TaT

    the cape on its own is decent.
    okay, it is quite nice. but paired with another 120 layers (including ones with different patterns) it shall be transformed!
    sorry in advance, world.

  • Bea

    That cape is crazy and lovely. Twitter: beatakolakowski

  • I need a cape.
    I need more leopard print in my life (don't we all?)
    This is just perfect, perfect, perfect.

  • I want in!

  • Anonymous

    ohh gaddd
    i need this in my life
    @LaurenRachel156 xxx

  • Anonymous

    brilliance in a cape.

    twitter: @grace_reinke

  • Definitely fulfills my goal of looking like Cruella De vil


  • This is TOO good. I would say I need it for Halloween… but that would be a lie. It's a LIFE necessity!
    @thisthattrend πŸ™‚

  • If there are two things that are absolute signature Alex, they're capes and leopard. I need this.


  • I'm kind of obsessed with the 2 capes that I already own. I'm sure my husband would agree that I need another one.


  • Alexana Sajazzner

    Loving this cape. And animal print is absolutely a neutral! Would wear this cape with red, wideleg trousers and a navy and white mariner sweater! Twitter: @sajazzner

  • It's a cape. Am I the only one thinking about super heros?

    twitter: @dusaule

  • Done, done, done, and already done! I'm in love with that cape. <3


  • i love your blog and you and that fabulous cape that was sent to my internet browser by the cheetah print gods
    i can already picture it with blue plaid and my new furry wedges…


  • Chanel

    I'm a firm believer in leopard print as a neutral. Hands down.


  • Ooooohhh…………. My husband hates leopard print……….. PERFECT!!!

    lasitera at yahoo dot com

  • Jillian

    amazing.. need in my closet!


  • gorgeous!! @ashleyhouts

  • a cape & leopard!? double wammy here!


  • I wanna wiiinnnnnnn!! @oliviamarie28

  • holy leopard print batman


  • Anonymous

    Love love love it!!!

  • Anonymous

    Today, I saw a hipster professor toss a similar outer-garment over the chair before she began to speak. Quelle dramatique! @contentnet

  • Talk about fabulous!

  • need.leop.ard.cape…droooool!

  • @danielaradann

  • This would go perfect with the new louboutins…!!!!


  • Ashley Byrd

    Love the leopard. unreal coat.


  • Fun!


  • Veronica



    So sweet.

  • Oh my god, my back would feel 20X more stunning.


  • leopard is always in style)) it's just the perfect pattern))


  • Here's the thing about LEOPARD…I get to feel like Peg Bundy AND Barbara Streisand at a Chanel show in the 60s AND a jungle maven. So good!


  • man reppelling at its best i love the cape!



  • Dani T

    I am overwhelmed by all of the amazing outfits possible with this cape! πŸ™‚


  • followed!!!!! i LOVE wren!

  • Leo print IS neutral, though sometimes I do feel a bit silly with more versions of leo print on at the same time (althou that never stops me…)


  • Beautiful cape and leopard print! I love it!
    Twiteroo @svatms

  • Renee



  • Giorgiana Dragos

    awesome cape!!
    twitter: @GiorgianaDragos

  • Who's better than an girl from amazonia to win this cape!?


  • Shit just got reaaaaaaal. THAT CAPE.
    Count me in! @j_az

  • Anonymous


  • I need my leopard cape!


  • Anonymous

    luffff luffffff lovvee this.
    & you!


  • Anonymous

    If I didn't like leopard print before, I definitely do now! And capes are so classy, who wouldn't want this?


  • @DreamyLilThing

  • Anonymous

    heeeey girl HEY! SO, i have leopard fever and would greatly appreciate this lovely cape. thanks for the humor in all of your posts. have a lovely day.



  • Julie

    Great cape!


  • Ahhhhhh I'm dying I love this thing.


  • LOVE


  • Hi! happy days!:) Loves from Turkey!;)

  • sarah

    leopard print is FO SHO neutral


  • Haha i wonder how many kids know about the Nanny and Fran Fine! I loved that show so much growing up! Anyway my handle is @_Michsi_

  • Sara

    Leopard is my favorite neutral!


  • That cape is perrrrrfect. Ill wear it like a sultry superhero!


  • I need this cape like a need a hole in my head….no but seriously I like head holes I hope I win! LOL


    I'm following all three of you!

  • @spncdwg


  • Ann

    Can I just say that it's Purrrfect!


  • Isabela

    Such a beautiful cape!


  • @HannahRoseHeft

    I love that cape more than anything ever.

  • mo

    Cruella Deville Safari. Perfection.


  • Stephanie Valle


  • Anonymous

    if i don't wear leopard everyday i'm not happy. love to love to love this cape and you!


  • Anonymous

    Leopard is the equivalent to unicorn fur, had Noah not had a jealousy problem of flamboyant beauty. In other words.. I like this a lot. @jessicamcnear

  • Lilla Hornyak

    jungle boogie


  • So sorry. I forgot my twitter, let's try this again.

    Holy Catwoman, Batman.


  • Trishie F

    Love this cape! It must be mine! <3 <3 <3

    Leopard? Count me in!

  • CK

    Love capes – did a post on them a few weeks back. Leopard is definitely a bold cape, which is what makes it THAT much better.

  • Kate Hillenbrand

    I would die to wear this cape around Boston and repel all the men.


  • sam

    @samsalicce- Twitter name.

    Love that cape!

  • Are you shittin me!? It's f*ck*ng fabulous! Leopard is my black. I can't get enough. Following, following, and following on Twitter (check out my leopard on Twitter, yo!). ZooGurl007

  • love love love..twitter @desofftharecord..I can't wait to wear it!!

  • meowmeowmeow Love to have this cape!!!

    I am following all three… I am @ZombiMeow

  • Anonymous

    seriously advanced.


  • Hannah


  • Oh my, that cape looks like the hide of something my dad shot on a hunting trip, which is perfect since I'm all about animal pelt chic. Meow.

    Now following them, and have been following and tweeting you for ages @stylecurrent

  • bari

    love me some leopard!


  • And I really, really want them to give it to me! My twitter handle is and I hope I win!

  • I wanna win! @yoderama

  • Perhaps I'll throw on my snakeskin boots too for an animal menagerie!


  • I want it. on my body. repelling the men left and right.


  • Love it! Twitter: @nellayelhsa

  • 1. Done
    2. Done
    3. @Terner_p
    4. Done since the dawn of time

    Can't wait to rock this with high-waisted leather shorts, tights, platform ankle boots, double arm parties, and a turban!!! Oh, and I might also feel the need to morph into a superhero, maybe even Super Repeller. Capes tend to do that to me…

  • Anonymous

    my twitter profile: @freelemon
    name: Sara Gonzalez del Valle

  • Jamie


    I have been trying to get my male coworker (who I share a desk with) to relocate for weeks. i think this very well may do the trick. LOVE.

  • Anonymous

    I would give up cheese for life if I were to win that cape @MrsAmyCox …

  • Cape I love you πŸ™‚


  • I have secretly always wanted to be Fran Drescher… Now I can be!


  • Gimme that cape! @lefreaktreschic

  • <3


  • loveee need this staple item!

  • @ladyteti: My leopard obsession is infinite! I need this cape!!!!!! Check out my recent blog documenting it….the timing is perfect <3

  • @maral_herrera

  • Anonymous

    @jadevhughes Jade Hughes

    @style_etoile @ilovewren @ManRepeller

  • Zoe

    You know, the thing I love the most about this post is that OMG the models they use are actually, like, real normal human-woman size. that is so awesome and they look amazing duh?! thank you man repeller as always.

  • gahhh i wanttt


  • Leopard cape=actually my life



  • lady boner. @pinmystyle

  • If it plays nice with other colors like a neutral, bestows InstaChic like a neutral…it must therefore BE a neutral – logical support that leopard can qualify as "neutral".

    Three cheers for the cape making a bold comeback.


  • Kathlyn

    I'm @mutttts πŸ™‚

  • My twitter handle is lovewantvintage. Sweet giveaway! Thanks. lovewantvintage(at)gmail(dot)com

  • wow that chick is fierce. love it



  • Han

    those maroon knee high socks are amaze!!

  • twitter: Kaylaharvey
    could wear it to…drinks date, s'il vous plait?

  • Perfect nursing cover! Ba ha!


  • i honestly dont know how ive gotten this far in life WITHOUT that cape…


  • Wow, great giveaway, I'd LOVE that cape!


  • pick meeee.


  • Followed style etoile & w r e n already following you. You are right, leopard print is so versatile. πŸ™‚


  • Maddie



  • @marydesmond12

  • count me in!


  • Grrrrrr!

  • Love it!


  • Leopard is one of my favorite neutrals; love that cape!


  • I LIVE!! @iplaykimie

  • I'm going to buy a leopard, just so it can wear this leopard cape.


  • My 2 favourite things in the world are Leather &….you guessed it….LEOPARD PRINT!!! Oh la la x

    Twitter @atribeca

  • ooo la la.
    hope i win.


  • Jane

    i would like a cape please and thank you. @JaneMadden2

  • Meredith

    I love these pictures! Vogue never ceases to be amazing.

  • Leopard print + Cape = Fuck yes!


  • I have been looking for the perfect cape for this fall. Lo and behold. @marpar12

  • i'ma style this with red pants and a neon orange shirt. the cape will perfectly show off my arm party, too! bring on the man-repulsion.


  • Silviana

    Exactly what was missing from my closet!

  • that cape is to fie for!


  • A math teacher in a leopard cape. Super hero if ever I saw one!


  • Love it! Following them both on twitter (and I already follow you, but of course!)

    -Belle de Couture (Jennifer Rand)


  • This cape is exactly what I need to spice up the streets of Miami. I can see it now….leather, leopard, and my mirror sky high Jeffrey Campbells…..


  • I am a leopard print freak. I mean, even my eBay name is leopardlady13

    MUST HAVE IT!!! ***sob***

    @tiger1962 (only because leopard name was taken!)

  • I promise to wear this layered over other animal prints. Because there is nothing more natural than predator on prey action.

    Twitter: @Amber__Watkins

  • So cool!


  • i need this!


  • Anonymous

    Love anything leopard of course


  • Great πŸ™‚


  • Alexa

    consider the loins heated


  • This is exactly what I need to spice up Waco, Texas!


  • awesome!! i love capes. @soacea

  • Wren

    My name is Wren and as a fashion design student I would be signicantly less bitter with the line for taking my name before I could use it if I owned this cape πŸ˜‰


  • To die.

  • Let's be friends.

  • I'm going to NY in January.. I totally need this for my trip! I LOVE it <3


  • GIVE ME IT! -Ana B @anabuitrago

  • @klynbaker

    Not that Wren or Style Etoile wants me to wear anything related to them; I saw the implied "No Fatties" sign.

  • Anonymous


  • Fantastic giveaway!

  • @martha_susan

    Leopard is the new neon…yes.

  • Anonymous

    Muffy says amazeballs.


  • I might be a leopard for Halloween. This would have worked perfectly. alas…


  • I've been searching for a leopard print cape!!! I even signed up for tweeter just to try winning!

    Fashion Secret

  • Oooo I want!

    Twitter: @BeautyNYC

  • Love love LOVE this cape!


  • A coat is the only piece of clothing I don't have in leopard print! I would love to complete my collection, a repeller can never have too much leopard.


  • Anonymous

    Pick me! Pick me! I need it in London.

  • Followed all of you!

  • Anonymous

    My cats are gonna fight me for that cape!


  • Faaack chyeah.

  • Duh I am already following you and I would probs wear this cape to my cycling class at the gym because I love it so much.


  • This cape/coat is absolutely necessary! @hewey_lewey

  • Fabulous with peep toe leopard booties!
    Share the love ladies @tmistick

  • Ah-mazing. Love it. Followed everyone and here I am: @bucketsnbunches

  • woot.


  • I want it!!! @betsydtx

  • Drool. That cape is seriously amazeballs.


  • COUNT ME IN. This cape clearly belongs in my closet.


  • stacy


  • i promise not to wear it with any of my 7 pairs of leopard flats/keds. wait no i dont. @carochambers

  • Anonymous


  • this cape will repel all the boys from the yard! and they're like, it's scarier than jaws…

    I need this cape…


  • it is definitely a neutral!!!

  • This cape is gorgeous! pretty please. College is making my ass broke and my back cold :[


  • Jess

    Love it!! <3

    twitter @Jess_J_Chang

  • @veryprive

    i need that πŸ™‚

  • i agree with it being a neutral. classy. timeless. must have! hope i win πŸ™‚
    – @katievegas

  • Lioness at its finest. I need a cheetah… cape. πŸ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    holy bananas, this cape is a must have!

    P.s I love your blog!

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  • @emilyewilley

  • I would wear this everyday, every night, every everything! Seriously. Leopard is everything. OF course mixing with another sleek pattern.


  • yesyesyespickmeyesyesyesyes

  • allie


    i was told today, by a dear male friend of mine, that the outfit i was wearing would never get me a boyfriend: black harem pants, black trapeze sweater, denim vest, black boots, arm and finger party, le lipstick, and wash-n-go hair – needless to say, you would have been proud.

  • So fun! Practical and fabulous, yet it would also match my Halloween Costume! Love it.


  • delish @ColourAnd

  • @samarac1187