Skirts Over Pants are Happening

Richard Chai S/S, Acne Resort, Dries van Noten S/S runways, respective images via

No, really, they are.
I’ve been saying it for months, primarily because Naomi and I shot an extensive skirt-over-pant story in early August but before I intended to post it, runways were validating the speculations my legs and I had about really truly having to cover up and well look at that, here you seemingly have it. It’s happening and that means a. no more shaving woes, b. our plentiful fall layers just got one more, erm, layer. I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled. It’s a great and simultaneously stylish way for women to cover that pesky, awkward upper thigh–I don’t care how thin or thick a woman is, most–if not all–of us find dismay in the upper thigh area. Except maybe the runway models that Isabel Marant tends to commission.There were a couple months when I was younger, back in a time where the 8th floor at Bloomingdale’s was my very own version of today’s 4th floor at Barney’s, when I took a liking toward skants a la Monkey Wear. I had a few pairs, they rocked…but quickly faded out. Or maybe I just jumped on the trend train too late. I have no choice but to blame my mother for this, I had no control then over when and where I’d do my trend forecasting. Not this time though, oh no. But maybe it’s soon to brash to delve into the full skirt over pant trend just yet so below find two homemade options to take your threads and make them a peplum-skirt hybrid.
blouse: Kain, skirt: Tibi, jeans: J Brand, shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti, purse: Rebecca Minkoff
In an effort to combine all Falls big colors in a manner that still preaches warm weather livelihood this, me reckons, is a perfect Fall Fashion Week outfit and since it’s not over, that’s not a stale observation just yet. The green and burgundy fall over each other in way that eloquently states: this ain’t no Christmas carol, Carol. I throw in some navy for good measure and rationalize my previous comment about warm weather preaching by adding mesh open toe booties and plain white tank top–this one every woman should own.
sunglasses: Ralph Lauren
You can and should, of course always offer to give the look a genuine kiss of man repelling by posing as though you are an extra in a rap-video and bringing your hair to the front of your face and wearing your sunglasses over the aforementioned hair a la Cousin It. It’s very Margiela S/S 2012 which you should know after peeping yesterday’s PFW recap.
bracelets: DANNIJO, Johana Dahdah
Arm party never optional. Now onto a more Fall-friendly salutation:
purse: Valentino, hat: Satya Twena, penis ring: Carol Marie 
 sweater: Cut 25, skirt: Tibi, jeans: J Brand
This feels more day time chic less party-in-my-peplum raunchy. It’s probably because of the knit-wit which I’m not sure you can see but features a fantastic leather collar. Instead of pairing this look with skinnies, I took to the bell bottom to demonstrate the peplum’s versatility. You know what else, people? That baby would most definitely look wildly chic over a longer pencil skirt too. Now there’s a peplum put to good use.
An accessories note: you can hold your hat because it looks cool dangling from your fingers but I suggest you take some time to wear it on your head too, it’s a big hat season. I’m sorry, I know I keep saying that everything is “having a moment” but if you take a moment (ba da ba, chhh!) to dissect that which I am bestowing this moment upon, you’ll see that it really very truly is a season about new fashion. That’s actually about fifteen years old. And that is pretty rad.
Now, I close my trend story putting the two respective looks up against one another for you embrace and analyze on your own. Try one, both or neither. Ultimately it’s your decision I just talk, and talk, and type, and talk, and tell you what I’m feeling, sometimes even show you. Cue the left photo.
…It’s date night, baby! Anyone? Anyone? All balcony photos by Naomi Shon.
Okay, and now I’m going to Paris. Bye!
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  • LOVE IT. I think you've got a very successful case of man-repellent on your hands. A job well done, as always.

  • I think i need to try it before i judge it.

  • Anonymous

    Leandra, your rock a white tank like Emmmanuelle rocks a button down. When ur finally an editor maybe it should be your thing.

  • the possibilities are endless, dress over slacks, skirts over slacks….. skirts over shorts? skorts? too soon?

    honestly, like the look with a tight cigarette pant leg; no dates are still guaranteed.

  • LOVE the idea of a peplum over a longer pencil skirt! Brilliant

  • Anonymous

    Loove the 2nd look! But of course you look amazing in both!

    Keep the awesome work. Lots of love from AZ!

  • When I read the title of your post, I admit, I was horrified! But, I dare say, you converted me. I love your take on the skirt-over-pants-look! Certainly the first outfit totally blew me away!

  • amazing style x

  • Xen

    its not fair, everything looks so damn good on u

    but that skirt over pants thing is the ultimate man repeller!! haha

  • Thanks for all the wonderful outfit ideas and for the catwalk reports! 😀 See you in Paris! 😉

  • I've always admire your great styling! you're such an inspiration! will brave to try out the skirt over pants thing 🙂

    Fashion Blogger

  • Loove this trend!
    I have been wearing it for years, it's just too comfortable not to.
    Your first look with the growl is my favorite.
    Also, I loved ACNE's skirt over pants, can't help myself, I am Swedish…..

  • skirt over pants! love it! your first outfit is great!

  • Love it! 🙂

  • that jumper is amazing, hunting it down on the shopbob website right now…

  • Anonymous

    This style will be a great repellent for every thing, man, woman, cats and dogs.

  • ☺ Sweater.. hat.. whole outfit, werk it.

  • didn't really like the idea of it until i saw how you put it together! love the jeans, been looking for ones like that for a long time

  • This is awesome and let me say:
    – i love your faces – so many expressions
    – i ve just read the "man repeller" definition. It's freaking awesome. ahha. + it made me smile


  • Alexandra

    You really make even the most "out there" looks look AMAZING. Now, which J Brand wide leg jeans are those?? The whole look is stunning!

    Thanks for the ideas (whether or not I can make them work quite like you)!

  • don't think I'll be walking around with a skirt over my jeans

    do really like your burgundy pants and the skirt separately , beautiful colors
    fashion & lifestyle in belgium

  • ADJ

    First look is my favorite. Love the skirt over the skinny jean.

  • wasn't sure about this look on the runways, but I'm loving your looks! that sweater in the second look is awesome

    <3 Alison

  • Ok i remember like 3 maybe 4 years ago when dresses over pants were IN , i remember i used to wear them to school haha, anyway i think this is really amazing as long as it is the right skirt and the right pants , cause mistakes are easily to be made and the result will be just awfull.BUT you nailed the outfit , i love your oufits on the balcony perfect example !!!

  • Love this so much! It's perfect.

  • I remember buying school pants with a skirt attachment back when I was like 10 – who would have thought a decade later they would be back. I enjoy this two tonal try far better than the lycra infused school pants of yesteryear.

  • Love your hat!!!

  • Love Love Love!!!
    Love your bracelets!

    A kiss

  • awesome looks! i love them all.

  • How the fuck do you make this look so god damn good?! Yep, my brains are all over the walls. Loves loves it

  • Those outfits are realy perfect!!!Cause "the winter is coming" Ours legs will be warm

  • YES! One of my favorite silhouettes from my childhood is now officially in style again I'm so pumped for this trend.


  • Im taking issue with this….I mean, you know how to style anything to make it look good, and you have a model bod, but tell people that skirts over pants are in and you know what we are going to see?


    NO. just no.

  • Anonymous

    Just love how you put all these looks together… you are a true fashion inspiration
    I follow you from Milan
    love, love your blog

  • jas

    love that first outfit. great colours. i am inspired

  • Daring! Very cool 🙂

  • You could wear a paperbag and you would still be able to style it amazingly! The skirt over pants look is bold and unconventional. You rock it, girl.

    ♥, Jamie

  • who would've thought!? i used to do this in high school. not sure if i'm sold just yet, personally. but you can def rock it

  • V

    sweet! you were definitely right on with this look, you just did this with tibi's A/W pants and skirts!

  • okay i will go home and experiment, see if the look will look good on me. thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • never thought skirt and pants could look good nowadays, but you make them look amazing! hmmm, maybe i will try if i dare…

  • I LOVE the "rap-video-extra" pose. Genius! And I whole-heartedly believe in the peplum over longer pencil skirt idea. Can't wait to execute! (the style not…yeah.)

  • I think I was a freshman or sophomore in high school when this pants over skirt became a trend and it's coming back! lol
    Anyway, I am currently hosting a BLOG GIVEAWAY on my blog. Hope you could join 🙂
    Blog: Style is Eternal

  • i love your outfit! everything fit perfect on you.

  • I love your outfit!!!Kisses from Spain

  • it is a good layering look and that's certainly the perfect layering skirt … I'll have to find a skirt in my own wardrobe that can go over pants but until then … your look provides some inspiration!

  • I loves this outfit. You look awesome… what else is new 😉

    Belt Giveaway

  • aww!! I loved this look in high school and when I ran out of skirts to use, I would get my most bedazzled tank tops, stick my legs through the arm holes and fold them over the pant. Voila! Instant Skirt! 🙂

  • Your versions are amazingly cute. I love the proportions.

  • I'm usually not a fan of this trend, but you make it look so cool!

  • I like the look over skinnies the best!

  • Can0t think about something better for tons of remixing.

  • Tiffany

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  • Obessed! Keep it going. We are new to the whole blogging bit so you are total inspiration for us 🙂


  • Why not a leather pencil skirt over a pair of chiffon palazzos? rock a tough mermaid look.

  • seems ridiculous and overdone.

  • loving your style and sarcastic wit.

  • LOVING the left arm bracelet.

  • CK

    Hilarious post and while I love both outfits, I REALLY love the fall outfit version with the chunky sweater (nothing beats a chunky sweater dressed up).

  • Anonymous

    love your style
    whatever you put on is awesome
    safe Paris stay

  • Anonymous

    love your style
    whatever you put on is awesome
    safe Paris stay

  • Wow, this takes me back to being a teen!

  • Hard to pull off but you always manage to. LOVE the clutch.

    Check out my latest post with pics from my Wang internship in Paris 🙂

  • love your blog!!!
    I follow you!


  • Anonymous


    how unoriginal, been there. done that!

  • I like your rap girl pose- bad ass. And you look better in pants with a skirt than those runway models. Glad I found this blog- you are hi-larious.

  • i LOVE the skirt over pants look. always have.

  • I've waited for this trend and it's really great winter time.

  • awesome outfits! i like the different takes on this layered look. love your blog!


  • I'm not a fan of the pants under skirts, but you definitely rock it! I appreciate you linking all the goodies in your posts.. I've added a few more things to my Shopbop wishlist 🙂

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know the name of the rebecca minkoff bag?

  • LOVE IT!

  • again!? just another way for the fashion industries to get us to buy more junk…

  • The first look is amazing! I am more in for skirt over very skinny, not skirt over flare. But that's just me getting used to it 😉

    XO Charlotte

  • Anonymous

    going to funky wedding celebration tomorrow night-wearing really fitted skirt over crazy flow-y hostess style pants-so cool! elegant! but not formal! love skirt over pants-since 3rd grade!

  • ha ha ha, making faces?? funny looks and sexy at the same time!! xoxo from spain.

  • I love the idea of a dress/skirt over pants…but why do I have the feeling that as soon as winter comes, we'll have to undress? Hmmm…

  • Anonymous

    Where can I get the burgundy jbrands?

  • Thanks for the nice blog. It was very useful for me. Keep sharing such ideas in the future as well. This was actually what I was looking for, and I am glad to came here! Thanks for sharing the such information with us

  • love it all!! i really want that bracelet 🙂

  • wow, you make the skirt-over-pant look seem cool! not sure if i could pull it off though. 🙂

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  • Anonymous

    I have been wearing skirts over pants for few years and I don't give a flying f…k what anybody else thinks x

  • brettlee

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  • syn

    im a guy and im wearing skirts over pants now. its gr8 way to wear tight pants without having to show my… ahem.. 😀

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  • Anyone wakes up and starts a fashion trend and every other person just follows suit. I have no idea why anyone would wear skirt over a pant, just doesn’t fit in my eyes

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