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A Shoe Tumblr, Eureka!
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Oh my foot…
Have you been keeping up with The Kardashians Saks’ shoe floor Tumblr launch? I won’t (read: will) toot my own horn, but I played an instrumental figure in the formation of these above photos, you know. They are, after all, my legs and feet. Everyday this week Saks has given away a stealthy giftcard to those who can guess my New York City locale based on a few snarky hints and a slew of photos, not unlike the ones shown above. It’s like the week that keeps on giving shoes, cue the Eskibooties. This was a Tumblr based challenge, which is why it stayed relatively far off this here Google URL. Man oh man, digital platforms make me feel like I’m choosing a lunch table in high school only I never had to choose a lunch table in high school because seats were assigned. Still, I imagine this is what it would feel like. In any case, I’ll bring the two platforms together now and say this: for those of you who participate in the rumbling of tumblings, today’s the last day to enter. Pop over to 10022-Shoe and see what’s up my sleeve. 
Or rather, sock.
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