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Pretty Powerful: The Video

In partnership with Bobbi Brown.

As promised, ta da!

Well, now that you’ve seen Celia drink the Man Repeler kool-aid, hear me sound like a real life teenage Regina George and watch me walk a makeshift runway as though plagued by the wrath of perpetual pole-up-behind-botox-in-cheeks syndrome, wouldn’t you say it’s time to either vote or submit to the Pretty Powerful competition. Your face, Bobbi Brown. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

But not everyone wants to see their face all over things so I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to. But in the event you still want to win something, you can tweet at me #hashtagging #prettypowerful chronicling your powerful secrets. Mine include dressing like an asshole and forcing it so hard to work that it just does. What are yours? I’d lurve to know. Tell me via twitter between now and this Friday at 12PM and one of you, yes one of you get a fancy makeup palette, to use at your discretion.

Face here. Tweet here. Okay now, bye!

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