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Pretty Powerful: The End

In partnership with Bobbi Brown.

What an installment it’s been! In one final post dedicated to the Bobbi Brown video that went live on Tuesday and the contest she is hosting to find her next ‘powerful’ face here, find below the more superficial side of what makes a woman called me feel “pretty powerful.” It’s not kickboxing and contrary to what the video may have suggested, while it is dressing other women in plentiful layers…it’s also notNo sir, this time it’s about being fantastically frivolous and indulging in beautiful things we know we don’t need but still convince ourselves we likely do. It’s about taking a page out of Oscar Wilde’s book of life and cheers-ing to decadence.

Showing itself right now in Proenza Schouler PS1 bag-on-vacation-in-Hawaii formation. Holy swoon. You now, still have some (little) time to tell me via twitter what makes you feel “powerful” so that you can win a makeup palette and dress your face up in fancy colors for Halloween or everyday life. That decision is yours. May I suggest adding a bow-tie to your 140 characters?
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