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Have an Eskimoment, On The House

In partnership with Belle by Sigerson Morrision.

Style Etoile’s fancy free fest ended yesterday but alas, the giveaway gods have reared their generous heads once again and might I add, in quite the timely manner. So today in giveaways that rock, the kids at Belle by Sigerson Morrison want to share the cold the weather wealth with a tangible sentiment that will speak to Swedish Eskimos of sorts far and wide. It’s a hybrid shoe of epic proportion. From the sole, a Swedish Hasbeen but from up top Sarah Palin approved (this was my poor try at an Alaska joke.) They’re not actually Sarah Palin approved though, don’t let that discourage your entry to win. And speaking of which…the rules:

1c. Their tumblr is cool too.
2. Tweet a rhyme about the booties at Belle…and me.
3. Leave a comment here with your duplicated rhyme, e-mail address and twitter handle.
4. Do a rain dance.
And then wear them with:
A sequined pencil skirt, chambray blouse and chunky knit sweater over optional, depending on whether you actually do make it over to Alaska. Happy socks, duh because they’re happy and happy shit rocks. And finally, MR DANNIJO accessories because, you know, if you’re going Swedish Eskimo, you may as well go Dali too. Contest ends Monday at Noon. May the best rhyme win!
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  • I know that none of my friends would like those shoes but I would rock them anyway because I love those!!!!!

    Gotta have em 🙂

    twitter: @candydemolish

  • lovely lovely lovely.

    lauramjanka @ gmail . com


  • this is not my kind of shoe 🙂

  • I wouldn't mind pretending to be an Eskimo and wearing those boots. Instantly coveted.

  • I love those, so quirky x


  • Eskimoment!! haaaa, you SLEIGH me!


  • sam

    I feel like an Eskimo on a daily basis. It only makes sense for me to have those shoes!

    Email- , Twitter- @samsalicce

  • Ode to Belle booties:
    This look might turn a head or two
    I'll just say, "The Man Repeller told me to!"


  • sometimes i look at everything seperate and think no way…but then it comes together. I like a lot of the shoes by this designer on the link! I may have to try some out!

  • rf

    sad that all ur giveaways are twitter 🙁 i dont have twitter!
    hopefully i might still be able to enter though?
    thankkks! <3

  • look at my feet, aren't they swell? boots a la @manrepeller, they're called belle!

  • Anonymous

    Booties to the left,Booties to the right,I need those booties and I need em'all night!It would be a hit song titled "Bootie Call" ft.Drake


    My comment wouldn't post under my gmail for some reason…so i am anonymous!

  • Those shoes are sick! They'd go perfectly with my outfit du jour and magnetic nails:

    – Cher

  • B McC

    I need some fundra in the tundra – To inspire the junk in my trunk – @BellebySigerson boots make we wanna shoop- Whatta @ManRepeller !



  • With help from Belle, Leandra can repel. With the fur on those booties she they're better than cooties.


  • Eskimo booties make me feel like a cutie
    While the rest of y'all in UGGS
    I'll be rocking these with scrubs.


  • my feet just aren't complete without 2 little Eskimo treats


  • like it)

  • With help from Belle, Leandra can repel. With the fur on those booties they're better than cooties. (TYPO in the first!)

  • for a moment I considered joining twitter just for a chance at these insane shoes!

  • How bizarre these booties be! Oh how I wish they belonged to me!

    (Seriously awesome fuggly shoe – totally fun!)

    And the rain dance worked – it's raining outside today.

    prettyindayton at gmail dot com

  • I'm a real swedish Eskimo,
    Needing this here boot, fo sho,
    So please, please, Belle,
    Help me (like Leandra) men repel?

  • Anonymous


    A haiku:
    Belle's kicks will repel
    Eskimo bootie bootie bootie bootie
    Rockin' everywhere

  • cool shoes!

    Check out my new outfit post!
    MY BLOG: Dress up for armageddon

  • Frankie

    When I wear these booties,
    men will think I have cooties,
    so I will repel,
    with your shoes mademoiselle!


  • @BellebySigerson Your fur is not faux, your laces are blue…Oh my! You are the perfect shoe! @ManRepeller And you, repeller, are perfect 2

  • L.

    Not the most clever but I tried to be referential:

    The booties of @BellebySigerson, have the ability to stun. But watch out @ManRepeller, Sarah Palin carries her gun.

    Twitter: UnwiseSocrates

  • This giveaway is to die for! I am so head over heels for these booties, Eskimo style!!!

    @BellebySigerson the @ManRepeller is scarin' off fellas in your hella fierce booties!


  • Those booties are Clogging amazing!@lschachet

  • I happened to love these booties! I would definitely wear them through the snow. I love the sequin skirt paired with them as well. ESKIMOMENT!

    XXX Hilary

  • LOVE!!! These are crazy fun – what an INSANE way to spice up my toe-MOS this winter!!!

    Dying for some @BellebySigerson Swedish Eskimos for my little Toe-mos!! Stayin' stylin' can't be lyin'! …err 😉 @ManRepeller

    Twitter: CurlyintheCity

  • Shoes so nice I tweeted twice!!

    @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson Eskimo: why so sad? Your shoes are rad! I'd trade warmth for a shoe w/ fur and laces blue
    @ summerrj

  • Jill

    I am In love


    Flat boots will not do if I want to look nice
    I need those fuzzy stilettos to keep warm on the ice!!

  • As these booties by Belle resemble a clog, many hours with men I will not likely log. With fur down the front and studs on the side, oh how my feet would love to take these for a ride!

  • Love those shoes!

    xoxo Jessica @

  • Here is my rhyme that I just sent off to you and Belle:

    BY @toomanyronis

    Sending you eskimo kisses,
    full of my wishes,
    that you will do your duty,
    and gimme those booties.


  • Anonymous

    Those Belle Shoes worn by the man repeller
    would make my heart warm and fuzzy
    In my house and in the hollers
    and repel those boys cause their just damn crazy


    Jessica Murillo

  • Anonymous

    Wise Leandra Manrepeller says,
    Tweet of boots trimmed in Shearling.
    Merci Belle by S Morrison,
    Soon I'll be in booty and twirling.


  • jamanne

    I need to have those booties from @BellebySigerson to do a snow dance! I'll even jig while I'm wearing drop crotch pants! @ManRepeller


  • Rebecca Feigelsohn

    These booties are Eskimo-luxe
    They’re cozy on the feet
    If I’m wearing these man-repellers
    Ill be the chicest lady on the street!


  • If I was a Swedish Eskimo guess what I would do! I'd wear Belle booties and a moustache too!

  • Anonymous

    Those booties are cuties and would look oh so cozy on my size 6 footies.


    Lob you!

  • @BellebySigerson: If I were a Nordic PYT who didnt give a damn about the fellers, Id move to an Igloo, wear my Clogs, and be a @ManRepeller


    I featured these booties 2 weeks ago! Check it out

  • Slightly off topic, because I HAVE TO expose this connection here or else I'll burst:

    Have you seen the World-Famous HubbyRepeller yet?

  • @ManRepeller although the men around me may not swarm, these @BellebySigerson eskimo booties will sure keep me warm 🙂


  • i want to rub noses like the eskimoses, in cute clotheses and furry soleses!


  • Rosie Khazrai

    if @ManRepeller can wear @BellebySigerson work of art and make it a masterpiece, then SO CAN I. goal in life is to own a pair fo sho.

  • LOl – I am not a rapper but I tried
    I luv Eskimos..but Im not no hoeriffic giveaway that I hope I win 2day but if not this was hot have great day, Im on my way


    Thank u for the opportunity and the smile….having to come up with a rap:)

  • Anonymous

    my rhyme: i'd never have to dwell, in my eskimo Belles.
    my email:
    my twitter: @_goldddd

  • sk

    Booties by Belle
    Without them you'd feel like
    you were in Hell.
    Booties are key in getting a Feller,
    Unless you'd rather be
    a Man Repeller


  • my twitter handle: hollygoeslight

    my tweet:
    @ManRepeller Booties by Bell – so sweet,
    I need 'em to warm up my feet!
    It's so cold in Minn, no boots are a sin!
    Eskimos cannot be beat 🙂

    my email:

    LOVE these boots!!

  • מתה על הבלוג שלך.הכתיבה שלך לפעמים מצחיקה אותי.בקיצור לייק אלייך:)



  • lilla hornyak

    If I had those hairy shoes
    I'd look like a pretty moose

  • Anonymous

    Sung like the song, 'I love coffee, I love tea, I really want those @BellebySigerson shoes, so give them to me!' Please 🙂


  • @melissaleeanne

    I really do live in Alaska, saw Sarah from my house,
    I have much better shoes, she's such a snooze,
    These shoes would look good with my blouse.
    (Plus a dozen other layers because I seriously do live in Alaska)
    (And WWMRD)

  • Anonymous

    Winken, Blinken, and Nod one night
    Sailed off in a wooden shoe.
    They chanced upon an Eskimo,
    So he sailed with them, too!!

    Debra Sprague

    C'mon, please give me a chance even though I don't tweet….I follow you both on Facebook. Love ya'!

  • Bianca

    Belle, Belle on the welle,
    Who's the prettiest of elle?

  • these booties
    are beauties
    they wont attract any cuties
    but they make people shake their bootys

    i need these to survive
    please man repeller help me thrive!!


  • A limerick, perhaps? (This was a two-tweeter…)

    The furry-tongued clogs on my feet
    may distract all the men that I meet
    till I whip open my sherpa
    to reveal a jean-clad fupa…
    With a wail, they'll all quickly retreat.


  • whaou ! beautiful shoes <3

    I love this skirt!!

  • Belle booties are swell cuties! Shearling & suede? My day is made!

    rachel -at –

  • Anonymous

    I make igloos, so it will be pppppeeeerrfect!


  • Anonymous

    OMG I love those!awesome!/DreamyLilThing/status/129640688227844096

    this is my tweet with much love xxx

  • twitter: @mc_bennett

    my tweet: a wise woman once said, feet like a yeti won't get you any

  • Emma G

    Am following on FB and twitter @aimond and tweeted 'Those eskimo clodhoppers are so rank they're cool, Men and men pleasers don't get them but they make me drool'

  • Anonymous

    Besides making igloos, I am a rapper too… HAHA jk

    Like Leandra, I like to repel.
    The boys don't take that really too well.
    But give me a size 8,
    And boy will I shake what my mama gave me in those Belles…

    ta daaaa


  • Id like to walk like an Eskimo
    Never had a pair of shoes no no
    That made my legs look taller
    And my feet strut so baller

    (So I’ll rhyme my first tweet
    If I can gets them on my feet!)

    PS. It is not an easy life to confine your tweets to 140 characters!

  • Leah

    When I walk downstairs in my new shoes,
    And my corduroys and faux fur vest,
    My brother will stare and look at what I wear
    And ask if my dog got me dressed.

  • Leah

    ^ email is

  • Leah

    ^ twitter is nyfashiongirl24

  • I'd love to be an Inuit, I think I could really get into it.I'd live alone in my blue igloo and sing haikus.


  • Samantha Dawson

    @bellebysigerson @ManRepeller An eskimo would not be fun to be. I hate the snow you see. But these boots!? Please! Help make me an eskimo for all of Fresno to see!

  • I dont' have twitter,but I do all of this!I cross my fingers!
    my email is: (come to see my GUCCIGIVEAWAY:

    farete tutte le ragazze belle,
    ma solo quelle che leggono Elle,
    perchè loro amano le Sigerson Morrison Belle.
    Attente voi che l'uomo che respinge
    per strada vi spinge!"

    I have the possilble thing 😛

  • Samantha

    To @ManRepeller with leg hair as thick as an Isabel Marant mohair-blend sweater: Give me them @BellebySigerson booties & make me feel better


  • I want to win a pair of eskimo booties because they'd make my feet look like little cuties 🙂


  • Jackie

    I saw these @BellebySigerson when I was in Madewell, and I did think, or say, or yell, that they could propel the sexuelle. Of course I thought of Mademoiselle Man Repel @ManRepeller!


  • You'll be sure to be repelling in this Eskimo boot,
    Yes! Tribal, and biker chic with a wooden heel, cutee.
    But what surely will make men turn and run?
    Is when they see you petting the white, furry tongue.

    Chantle Reiko

  • Sev

    I just popped my twitter cherry
    for Belle shoes – they're legendary!

  • I like belle booties and I cannot lie,
    Flat shoez, I will deny.
    When a clunky boot stomps in
    With an itty bitty ankle
    I get SPRUNG@alisonabrohiiim

  • Do a Yeti dance in booties like these, and Man Repelling will be a breeze!!/lasiteral/status/129668589262352385

    lasitera at yahoo dot com

  • Hey you dazzling Eskimo
    Being not an Anglo
    Makes it difficult to rhyme perfecto!
    But you know what,
    I want you really bad as a psycho..

    I have done rain dance already 😀

    twitter: @thirstyraindrop

  • Anonymous

    Let it rain @ManRepeller style w. @BellebySigerson booties, FYI don't get any ideas, I only give #eskimo kisses. <3.


  • @ManRepeller i wish i had more loot so i could buy some boots, so instead i hope for these cuties, in the form of @BellebySigerson booties!!


  • tripping through the snow
    a cutting edge eskimo


  • With so many "rules" in order to acquire,
    I think it's your best bet to find something else to admire.

  • If I owned these booties, oh my me! My feet would love them but boys would flee!

    or if that doesn't tickle your fancy…

    These boots would go perfect with my new bag.
    I would love them. Men would gag.


  • my dogs may stank but with belles i will rank #1 cuz scandinavians have more fun!

    With love,


  • Anonymous

    madly,truly deeply ugly shoes

  • Anna

    For your consideration:

    @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson how to convey in so few worrds, how much i want those rocking furrrrr… booties? a cute almost-rhyme, surre!

    Anna – @anna89s –

  • Eva

    Those booties remind me of eskimos, they're so cute I died when I saw them, YO!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson : my shoes hurt my feet, my boyfriend is cheap, please donate those booties, to re-place my shoeties.


  • Fall has brought miserable weather. However I will challenge her with adorable Belle booties and nude leather @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson


    I would love to start my fall shoe collection with true ManRepeller characters(booties!)

  • Here's my rhyme:

    ".@ManRepeller's @bellebysigerson booties would make me a Bavarian babe; I'd be famous in Leavenworth, but never get laid." [!/JenniferNation/status/129744356260323328]

    Leavenworth is a small Bavarian-themed village in Washington state. The ladies love long weekends there – shopping! activities! interesting food! beautiful views! – and their men come…begrudgingly. It's a Man Repeller haven.

    (Oh, and I did all of the following necessary.)


  • Anonymous

    Booties of Belle, style, and fur,
    So perfect to beat the cold winter burr!
    But fashion takes risks, and bowties galore,
    I’ll wear these in spring, and during a chore!

    *You're my idol! I can't believe you attended Ramaz! Pick your Jewish sister!


  • Crazy-good booties! So incredibly bummed they shut down the Siegerson Morrison AND Belle stores here in LA! Did my best to keep them afloat… Ran into the former store manager trying to hawk her designer goods at Crossroads Trading Post and she still hasn't been able to find employment… damn recession…

  • @BellebySigerson @ManRepeller Who needs wings on those things that carry when winter fur makes them much more merry.

  • Ahh! Those boots! Fabulous!

  • @BellebySigerson with booties so delicious, who need tootsies ? @ManRepeller

    Twitter: GBitchProject

  • @BellebySigerson @ManRepeller: my feet and these booties are a match made in heaven, please mr. eskimo will you make it happen?

    twitter: @an_kal

  • Gorgeous gorgeous….
    I would rock these with everything…


  • Come hither thee Jack Sparrows my @manrepellers a nickname I giveth ye wht bet'r reward n booty thn booties bestowed by @BellebySigerson

    xoxo @blossomdesign

  • Yay,I found my match!Love these!Very unique!

  • Leandra and her cozy Belle booties got swagger
    If she looked any sharper you'd call her a dagger


  • Amanda

    I I be rockin my Eskimo Hottest furry chic from head to toe Boys gonna have a sight Taking off my@manrepeller front tonight@BellebySigerson


  • If parkas and fish breath won't do the trick/Belle's eskimo booties can repel Arctic men with a kick.


  • Anonymous

    "I was showing my swag in my boots
    Strutting past old dudes in suits
    Looking fab thanks to ´Belle´
    but then on my ass I fell
    and everyone burst out with hoots"

  • Anonymous

    Sing it! "Thanks to Leandra, I'm spending my Saturday morning rhyming to get me some free Belle shoes. Which I hope to be wearing soon!"(ryming voice)

  • Twitter Handle: MSCHWAtweets

    Rhyme: Got a bounce in my step when wearin #eskibooties, got that warm, fuzzy feelin from my head to my tootsies @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson

    Email address:

  • @valentrinity
    I love them booties
    I would wear 'em all day
    I don't mind my feet sweating
    It's freakin summer in Uruguay!

  • Jennifer Choy

    Twitter Handle> @MSMissoni
    Belle's our name, repelling is what we're gonna make!!

  • Name: Anna Lieberman
    Twitter: @thisthattrend
    Little Ditty about the Swedish Eskimo Belle Booties by Sigerson Morrison,
    My Eskimoment

    The booties at Belle…
    Oh what should I say?
    So many secrets I would tell,
    to win this giveaway!
    It is my dream to win these,
    adorable Eskimo booties,
    for if I do,
    I shall wear the heck out of this shoe!!!

    (heres the link: )

    (And yes.. I did a 2 minute rain dance while my dog stared at me like I had 3 heads. Pick me please!!)

  • Anonymous

    @ManRepeller winning these eskibooties will keep my footies warm and cute, while keeping the boys with cooties far. @BellebySigerson

    twitter: @dinanus18

  • Anonymous

    my feet are cold from heel to toe, oh please make them warm just like an eskimo

    Laura Bonnema

  • Wherever I go they'll say:
    "There goes that cutie!"
    (As long as I'm wearing my new Eskimo booties…)

  • I used to think that I was a cutie
    Until I realized I had no booties
    Then I saw Belle Eskimo booties
    To wear them was my duty
    Or else I will turn into something FrUiTy


  • These @belllebysigerson booties are made for repelling a la @ManRepeller

    Geraldine Orentas

  • Anonymous

    If I'm the one to win the shoes, I'll celebrate with lots of booze.


  • Anonymous

    These boots are so furry and oh so divine.
    Leandra Medine, please let them be mine!


  • eskibooties r a cutie, it's my duty to win this beauty! twitter: @lashabriel

  • I could be gellin' like Magellan but I'd rather be Belle'n like a felon!


  • Anonymous

    6 months of winter has now begun, I need Eskimo booties to feel like summer sun!

  • Eskimo fantastic,
    girls be jealous
    of my orgasmic
    If you steal them,
    I will hunt you down
    like a polar bear killin' fish
    (enjambed rap. what what.)


  • Anonymous

    Kick up your heels and say "God dag" @ManRepeller, a pair of eskimo boots by @BellebySigerson will make my day most stellar. -Carrie

  • Showed them to my man,
    He doesn't approve
    So now I'm quite certain
    I need Eskimo shoes

  • An Eskibootie Haiku

    I lust for this shoe
    Please just send them right to me
    Make my dream come true

  • Riefa

    Esikmo flare and biker chic,
    Together make a bootie beyond unique,
    Through London’s streets I'll strut and pace,
    With ethereal eski steps of style and grace.


  • Athena

    'an eskimo i shall be if i recieve these beauties without a fee!'

  • Anonymous

    Monday commute will be much better in these boots. In route people will holler and hoot @BellebySigerson @ManRepeller

    Twitter: jenspero

  • My Eskibootie and I:

    My fluffy foot-lover, my friend.
    How I’d be so on-effing-trend.

    I’ll wear you to my wedding,
    And we’ll be so happy treading

    Upon whatever surface comes our way.

    My furry foot-hugger, my pal.
    My love for you could fill a canal.


    *rain-dancing in my chair*


  • As the cold is approaching, I feel much hesitation.
    For how to survive without good insulation?
    My butt-cheeks are flat,
    Can't be warm without fat,
    Got no bum, need a bootie for winter salvation!

  • "The Eskimo shoes to rule them all… and they'll scare all the boys in study hall."

    …I think a creative writing student should do better than this, but it's hard to make a rhyme when all I can hear is angels singing ala "hallelujah!".


  • Twitter: AndreaMLynn
    Facebook: Andrea Sulymka

    Man Repeller, Man Repeller, aren't these booties swell?
    Hell yeah, I think so… AND, they are from Belle!

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  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Oh, to have an Eskimoment and repel in fuzzy booties from Belle I would scare off all the fell-as! @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson

  • @ruffledsnob : Tuggin at my swedish roots get these on my little foots Fanciest things to trudge the snow or I'll just pet them ya never know!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I want to repel wearing booties by Belle. Mostly 'cause without those cuties I'ma freeze off my booty!


    Let me add that I live in Canada where we legit have Eskimos (Inuits) and they are rad. Coziest fashions around.

  • Hasti

    I'm singing I'll find someone like you–that new song from Adele. The truth is I'll never find shoes like these on Leandra–the ones from belle.

  • Finally, here's my rhyme, (for the fourth time:)

    You're such a cutie, patootie!
    And those booties, they're such beauties!
    (From Belle, can't you tell?)

  • Anonymous

    So global- without them Ill be woeful A must for all toes, not just Eskimos A tweet about how sweet they'd look on my feet

  • Anonymous

    Man-repelling at its finest with these fuzzy shoes,
    Like them, love them, gotta have them, more than other fools,
    If I win these little booties you will likely see,
    How I put them to the test, dates keep away from me!


  • Anonymous

    Man-repelling at its finest with these fuzzy shoes,
    Like them, love them, gotta have them, more than other fools,
    If I win these little booties Belle will likely see,
    How I put them to the test, dates keep away from me!


  • Anonymous

    woah my email is– sorry my bad.

    (for this tweet)

    So global- without them Ill be woeful A must for all toes, not just Eskimos A tweet about how sweet they'd look on my feet

    please pick me im brokity broke and love these!! although i did see a promising one about a fupa…

  • If I had these booties,
    Boys would think I have cooties!
    Belle & Leandra will be my propeller,
    To be the next man repeller!


    I tried my best, haha! 😛 Even if I don't win, I hope you appreciate it…and also revel in the fact that my neighbour immediately closed their blinds when they saw me rain-dancing. Ooops.

    I also surprisingly have all those clothes! Not the exact ones, but similar ones except my sequined skirt is shorter (and gold) plus I have a fabulous mustache earrings.

    Anyways. I'm going to shut up, hahahah!

  • Francesca

    To wear these booties would be my treat,
    But I wouldn't find any men under my bed sheet,
    Leandra has showed me how she repels,
    so men will never want to combine sex cells


  • Lydia Shahmoon

    Repelling all day and night, wearing eskimo booties is a human right. sequins, feathers, fur and layers, winning these boots is in my prayers!

    twitter: @lshahmoon

  • When sounds d call of d wild Eskimo, &the; body asks u 2dress like a Yeti, if u haven't money 4 a fur "timo", play the draw &win; those QT!

    I know, ts sucks, but i'm a spanish rap rookie!


  • I want these booties by Belle to repel all males that step to Elle but I need @manrepeller to grant my wishes…bishes. #Eskimomoment

    I said all that in my Biggie Smalls Voice
    Americantrini86 {at} Gmail (dot) com

  • Anonymous

    I’ll always admire The Man Repeller/ If you love high fashion, who needs a feller?



  • @ManRepeller @BellebySigerson if i have to tweet to get some covers for my feet-so be it-here goes my hit. #shoesomgshoes

  • @ManRepeller girl you so fresh and sweet. with hairy legs like @BellebySigerson 's eskimo booties, you be repellin' through the streets!

  • g

    Have the ManRepellers don furry Belles in score;

    Hear the gorgeous beast of fashion roar!

    There's my rhymes yo. Thanks for this offer. Good golly. Awesome.
    Sara "Lisa P" G (on fbook)

    (no symmetry in my interweb names. scusa!)

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • these are so amazing that i will tweet for shoes:

    will haiku for shoes / booties my boyfriend will hate / i want to win them [i'm tweeting for shoe contest, naturally…]

    twitter: @lsh
    leslie (dot) hitchcock (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Rachel Bloem

    From the eskimo kisses that tickle my nose
    To the swedish fur that covers my toes
    This eskimoment will never end
    When I'm wearing these Belles (If to me you'll send!)

    My little poem was too long for twitter so I had to make some changes. This is the original version.

    twitter: @rachelbloem

  • Samantha

    Samantha said…
    To @ManRepeller with leg hair as thick as an Isabel Marant mohair-blend sweater: Give me them @BellebySigerson booties & make me look better


  • aaaahhh so cute! love the booties!

  • Anonymous

    FYI. God dag = Good day/hello in Swedish. Re: my rhyme above. Thanks, Carrie

  • Bought them on sale at My Habit. Got 'em. Love 'em. They rock my world!

  • Phil Thomas

    Hi I’m Phyllis from Brampton, Those shoes look awesome I am definitely going to try and get a pair. It looks like I may need a chiropractor, but it will defiantly be worth it to look so good! 😀

  • Do people really like this stuff?

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