Design Tonic Does Man Repeller
…Better than I do! Always a bad good sign when sketched images of your human self are better dressed–and looking. My bow-tie never quite layers that well with the rest of my neck party contents. And in other news unrelated to the above unless you make some sort of plausible relation via feather boa…I’ve made the executive decision to include antlers in whatever my Halloween costume will entail. This means: fairy Godmother…with antlers. Zorro…with antlers. Bette Midler a la Hocus Pocus…with antlers. Pirate…with antlers. Bill Maher…you get it. I had an epiphany while Molly and I were speculating the prospect of dressing as fashion road kill (in a red gown, of course,) and as it happens…antlers are the man repeller equivalent of cat or bunny ears. Here’s to that, sorry for having killed the braincells I just did. Bye!
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