A Closet Confession

Re: this title, this isn’t a closet confession that alleviates the pang of hiding homosexuality. Unfortunately, while I salute and admire Jenna Lyons, I’m not really pulling a JL. Though I bet if I were, it’d make boatloads of sense for the sake of this blog. But this is more about an actual closet, one that houses clothes, an ego, things of that sort. If you’ve watched the above, I hope you chuckled amid rolling at your eyes at my stupid anecdotes about France. If you haven’t but still intend to, just know this: I don’t pay retail. That aside, I know what you’re wondering and I did in fact vomit inside that antiquated clutch. It was while I was abroad in Paris during my semester of awesome. I spent a handful of those six months fairly intoxicated but on one of them, I went a little, you know, overboard. Sue me, it was for the sake of a birthday. Yes sure, the birthday of a girl I didn’t know…but a birthday nonetheless. Wine is like three euro a bottle in France and I had nine euro in my pocket so that makes three bottles of wine which in turn makes those bottles in my belly and then, well, what do you know, in my purse. Purse because as aforementioned, I was in a cab, in a tunnel and I had a choice: vomit in the car, get kicked out, never get home, maybe die. Or, remove the contents from said purse, vomit in it. I guess when push comes to shove, I choose life over fashion.

I never said that.

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  • this. is. soo. good.

    i love that you are so JAP, "oh that doesn't inclue my shoes in the hampton's". i'm called a jap sometimes, but i don't have a summer house or pink fringed loubs. so i guess you win.


  • ps. woo i was first. i guess thats what i get for avoiding merchandise marketing homework. keep the posts coming so i can fail school, thanks!!!

  • How did you clean it?

  • Quash

    @fairytale HAHAHAHA yes–between the South of France coat and the Hamptons shoes that was quite jappy! Love it!

  • Anonymous

    I watched this a disgraceful amount of times. Please do this more often!

  • Lia

    this is brilliant! loves!

    Glass of Fashion

  • this is amazing and you're amazing 😀


  • Anonymous

    WHERE is that party in the back jacket from? it's beautiful.

  • you are so amazing, you are like the next rachel zoe… you totally need your own TV show!

  • Anonymous

    i love you (though not in jenna lyons way):) you are hilarious!

  • That was fucking awesome girl!

  • Anonymous

    your even funnier on video!!!! love this!
    xx so

  • Anonymous

    oh wow you're lucky you are hilarious. a thousand dollar coat for an 8 year old?!!!!!

  • So since this is the closest I might every come to meeting you in person. I had to repost this on my blog From Jasmine With Love! Love it all!!


  • I hear you Daugther, and I forgiveness your guilt 😉


  • i don't get to say "but that doesn't count the 36 pairs I have in the Hamptons" often enough.


  • Anonymous

    I freaking loved that video, not to mention your closet…

  • You have an amazing gift. You are so fun, also. I really enjoyed it. 🙂


  • loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove the video!

    Check out my blog :



  • trine


  • this lil vid just made my day. hilarious.
    thank you for being awesome! 😉

  • Olá,vim conhecer seu cantinho e aproveitei para seguir,parabêns pelo Blog!

    Venha me fazer uma visitinha,você será muito bem vinda e se quiser seguir também,sinta-se em casa!
    Beijinhos no core!


  • Oh my God! I'm very happy because off I find your blog! I want to say, you're very popular in Italy! I love your style and your personality!
    kisses from Italy

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  • LOve this!

  • I LOVE THIS! It made me love you even more. I watch you and read what you write and see how much you love fashion. I take in the fact that we're the same age and I have this idea in my head that we could totally be friends. Your sense of humor is delightful. xo


  • Anonymous

    awesome video
    You are the cutest JAP love it

  • Anonymous

    You are very cute !
    Kisse from Brazil
    Léa Ciocler

  • Anonymous

    What an amazing jacket/ coat!!! Who is the maker of this beauty? Thanks for your amazing blog and for the inspiration you give with each post!

  • You're awesome! My belly hurts so much! So much fun! LUV!

  • Azraa

    You brilliant creature, you. Please do some more videos!

  • Jesus. You are SO great. I'm so happy for your success cause you are so silly and fun and I LOVE that you don't take yourself too seriously.


  • love it. Thought of you today during my morning reads: painted antlers via styleswoon.com and BrightestYoungThings.com Halloween Bets: The Hocus Pocus Bette Midler. Happy Halloween M.R.!

  • You're so cute. I love when you do videos. "Are those chihuahuas on my feet, or am I walking?" Hilar.

  • haha i love you. funniest bitch out. and i say bitch in a friendly way… sue me im from australia.


  • You are HILARIOUS!!! I loved this…seriously. I have a pair of man-repeller "workout" shorts in blue/yellow/white that my hubby would love to get rid of…this is one reason why I like your blog!

  • Oh my god, I want to be your friend! Love the vid, and the story… but how did you clean the bag!?

  • Joelle

    Aren't you selling those Jimmy Choos on here now?! Ahhh! Don't do it. First designer shoes are a keeper!

    You're completely fabulous btw, as if you didn't already know that 😉

  • hahaha i cant get enough!!


  • I love you. (non-platonic, non-creeper, just respected, girl-crush love).

  • Vera

    You're such an idiot. I love you

  • I also once vomited in a purse under similar circumstances, except I was in Columbia, South Carolina, not France, and I didn't have the foresight to remove the contents of my purse first. And then when I took it to the dry cleaners, I handed it over and explained I "spilled something" in my bag. Got it back the next week just like new!

  • Anonymous

    i love your posts and specially videos
    keep on making those, how cute are you??
    cant get enough

  • Janne


  • I think I just peed in my purse watching that. Not really, but I did about pee my pants laughing.

  • Caroline

    You are so awesome. Loved the story about the fur coat 🙂
    I wish I had those pink Louboutins. They're gorgeous!

  • You are a natural.

  • ahah loved it! you're so awesome :))


  • Anonymous

    how delightfully crazy are you?
    love every second of your video

  • i love you even more now!!! was smiling the entire time i was watching, ah may zing!!! 😀

  • your grandma is generous and has excellent taste!
    p.s. where do you find enamel/laquered (?)bangles that fit your small wrist so nicely? all the ones I've found are so huge 🙁

  • Umm, grandma was awesome for gifting you some fabulous stuff!!

    I absolutely adored this video and it made me a little sad that I didn't win that contest to join you at London Fashion Week because I would love to meet you in person. :_

  • jnj

    Thank you for the purse story! It seriously made my day. I've been in the same situation and now feel so much better that I'm not the only one.

  • Anonymous

    woo woooo party in the back

  • omgosh you're so adorable.

  • I'm going to watch this every morning from now on because it makes me so happy and I hate waking up. You are the best.


  • Veronica Mars

    This was sincerely awesome. You really should have your own TV show. At a minimum, you need a webshow on Lucky magazine's website. I cannot believe that they haven't asked you yet.

  • Stopppp. You are toooo incredibly amazingggg. I love this so much. Toooo muchhhh.

    <3 The Daily Dani

  • i just loved your little video!! and your closet is way cool!!
    xx ~ ks

  • Katinka

    Where did you get this awesome red dress with the cut outs?… Blake Lively was also wearing it in Gossip Girl, I guess. I would really looove to have it too. It's so beautiful!

  • Moi

    Hahaha you killed me with the "arm soirée or maybe like an arm gathering…" You are the coolest!

  • Hey Leandra,
    I was just checking my Bloglovin'-list and suddenly realised that it had been a while since I'd seen anything from your hand. So I looked in here and saw that you're obviously still posting – which must mean, that something's off with your blog and Bloglovin'. Are you aware of that?
    And while I'm at it (this is my first time commenting here), I'd like to let you know how much I adore your personality and sense of style! Keep it up 🙂 I'm looking forward to getting your posts in my Bloglovin' feed again (long live the lazy!)

  • Jay

    You're hilarious and have such a great personality. I need the master the art of layering like you.

  • You are the funniest fashion blogger, you're authentic and don't take yourself too seriously while simultaneously managing to have excellent taste. I love your blog and most importantly, what you write. Awesome!!! <3


  • As one of my close friends would say "This is amazballs!". Gotta love a good vomey-clucth and the fact that it's designer only makes it better.

  • Loves it..you are awSOME!!


  • I effing love you, Leandra. You are so much fun and I envy your closet. This video was awesome. I laughed the whole time.

  • this video was adorable, leandra!!! 🙂

  • Natatat

    After endless attempts at pausing and repausing, i have found it! The illustrious "party-in-the-back-jacket" typically goes by its more common name: The Man Repeller Jacket for Gryphon. I wants it.

  • I just love this more than I can say. No, really. PARTY IN THE BACK WHAAAATTT!!!!

  • This was adorable. You're just great.

  • YOU ARE SO MAJOR ! In love with this video. Giggled more than a few times. Your grandma should have a blog because if her closet is as cool as the stuff she gifted you she'd be a hit ! x

  • dani-ela

    lets be friends!

  • ah love this!! girl your closet is amaz, officially inspired over here.

  • Anonymous

    Sweetie, I barfed in the sweetest Moschino clutch you could imagine. Taxi situation as well. Ruined by blackberry and the bag but of course only cared about the bag. I feel your pain!

  • Camille

    I think you are a pure girl and that you have a heart of gold. You make me laugh so much, you're great, keep on being your beautiful self!

    Camille from Belgium

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha same thing happened to me in Paris in my semester of awesome, in a subway car… on Frenchies, or in my purse.

  • J

    you are so precious I can't even take it!

  • Eva

    Your Wardrobe is awesome and you're so funny!

  • OMGeeeeeee! Chanel from when Coco Chanel was designing?!! GIVE ME YOUR LIFE!! love this video though, such a cutie XX

  • Yes! I love this!

  • can i be you? thanks.


  • Hands down, you are my favorite blogger by a mile.
    Stay quirky and true.
    Would be great if you gave us tips on how to do man repeller outfits on a budget…sad, but true, no all of us can have a Hermes clutch or a Chanel designed shirt in our closets.

  • You're amazing. Hands down one of my favourite bloggers. YOU'RE AMAZING!

  • I love this. Brilliant video and brilliant life 🙂



  • This was adorable… I dare you to ask me on a date. hahah

    Fashionable Collections

  • That video was AWESOME!

  • I love this so much! So glad your personality is as full of funny as your blog.. "I threw up in it once" aaahhhaha I died. xx

  • You're so cool!!

  • I loooove u!!! Thank u 4 all that u do) hello from Russia.

  • Love this. Girl you know your S_ _ T! Love your blog and your style.


  • Love it. Your grandmother is the bee's knees.

  • that video was extremely cute, thanks for sharing =)


  • your fucking hilarious!! love your sense of humor and of course your style!


  • Sim

    I love this video, you have such a unique personality!!!

  • Omg. Seriously. You. Are. Awesome. Yes. That's all the comment I need.


    XOXO <3

  • I adore you! your blog just brightens my day so much. This video was great.

  • i love your blog but i never comment (unless is a giveaway of course) but i looooooove this pooost, i couldn't stop laughing, u r a genius!!!

  • Best blogger video ever! Really appreciate how natural and honest you are with your blog, and I love that your so freakin funny and totally just roll with it!!!


  • Katherine

    This video is fucking hilarious! I LOVE IT! New fav blogger? I THINK SO.

  • Awesome! 🙂

  • this made me fall in love with you all over again. thanks for making me smile. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i love you but you talk shyt…i'm pretty sure in another video you say the exact same thing about your first pair of designer shoes yet they're another pair to the ones you show here…and you say you'd never get rid of them yet you're selling them…we're an observant bunch lady! xo

  • WHYY WHYYY WHYY do you have to be so cool and funny .. I'm in love ..I wish I have a sister like you

    " party in the baaacccckkk … party in the baaaaaaack "

  • Girl, you ALWAYS crack me up! Love it!

  • You are adorable!

  • EKP

    You are hilarious & you remind me of Gilda Radner a lot!

  • Anonymous

    You are too funny! I love you!

  • I kind of wish your blog consisted of more videos as you are utterly hilarious! x

  • F.

    Is it creepy that I feel like your bff after watching this? Loved it!

  • hahaha… brilliant!:))

  • Anonymous

    How you make funny poses in your pics makes you even more attractive! Perhaps it's because you seem genuine.

    I couldn't help comparing other famous bloggers with you… You seem more confident and mature by not being afraid to look "man-repelling", or I should say not always girly or demure.

    The video shows your sense of humor and playfulness very well indeed!

    I HAVE EVER SEEN !!!!!!!!!!
    love your video so so much !
    love your style so so much !
    love you shoe-collection soooooo soooooooo much !!!!!! i enjoyed this video..so much =)

  • elenialexiou

    Well that was cute and funny. Such a nice video!You should do it more often! I’ve even created a post based on this!


  • HerMajestyS

    This video makes me thank 8 lb 6 oz baby Jesus that I live in an era when one doesn’t have to look intentionally “feminine” to look like one bad ass bitch.

  • david_coperfild

    Oh my god, I want to be your friend! Love the vid, and the story… but how did you clean the bag!? http://jasapulsa.co.id

  • david_coperfild

    Good present…. http://jasatiket.co.id

  • joshua

    i liked the video .you look awesome. How do you clean them by the way


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