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BTS: The MR DANNIJO Lookbook

In partnership with Dannijo.

To be clear, BTS stands for behind the ‘stache. 

So, now you’ve seen it, all four minutes. And Jodie never takes the ‘stache off. You may be wondering why I’ve waited until two months after the launch to share it but the reasons are simple: 1. Danielle edits and that means….nothing, and 2. Here’s the big one: the collection is in it’s final round of stock! That’s it! Buy now or forever hold your piece! That’s a play on words! Do you get it! Have a ‘stache! And a collar! Wear a watch that doesn’t tell time!Or don’t. I just thought right now would be an opportune moment to let you know that the aforementioned (time) it is a’running out.

Ultimately though, the decision is yours, I can’t pressure you into buying something(s), especially if they don’t speak to your aesthetic. If they don’t in fact speak to your aesthetic though, you should really ask yourself why. And then reconsider revisiting this here web page ever again. I hate you! Just kidding, I love you. Well, this paragraph is chocful of irregular sentiments, I reckon it may be in part due to Aunt Flow’s short journey over, scheduled to pop in any day now.

Before you kick yourself into early menopause though, (see what I did there?) I should let you know, if you did in fact miss your call to purchase a piece of us, collection number two may or may not roll out one day. Soon. Or not soon. We’re at the mercy of a metalsmith named Jon. Kidding, his names not Jon, but it should be, he looks like a Jon.

Okay now, bye and buy!

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  • amazing…. also I have been thinking if you get a bf (or you may have one that follows you everywhere photographing each time you lift a coffee cup) will you have to close the blog due to morality issues… let is know your thoughts, ta v.much

  • -xx
  • the three of you are (almost) too much to handle (-bar mustache)


  • aww so tacky to just put your blogs site, and no comment lol. Thurrrstayyyy ..

    haha and you all not being able to keept a straight face during this process! LLS! Too cute!

  • Haha! I love, I definately see this catching on… The golden 'stache trend! Maybe by nxt year every girl will be wearing one on their facebook profiles! 🙂

  • Just had a look at the website, this collection is awesome!Especially the shoe clips.

  • Anonymous

    What song is playing? I love it almost as much as I love the 'stache

  • haha this is so great! Looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

  • you should coin the phrase "unleash your inner genitals"… it's the new "arm party"


  • Lia

    love it!! haha behind the stache!

    Glass of Fashion

  • this is pretty sick. i absolutely love the video! thanks for sharing.

  • ok ok you talked me into it…ARE YOU HAPPY!?:)

  • Anonymous

    Why are you sooo outrageous?! Have you & DANNIJO ever thought of working with Movember?

  • very cool, you are hilarious.

  • Anonymous

    Okay wow. You're starting to get annoying.

  • Pondering what it would be like to unleash my inner genitals. Also, the jewelry collection is amazing. I would love a stache necklace. Hope you don't sell out too soon.

  • OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH, I loled SO hard at 'Attraction comes and goes, but Herpes are forever. Protect yourself, wear a 'stache'. DEAD.

  • Attraction comes and goes, but Herpes are forever. Protect yourself, wear a stache…I DIED TWICE!

  • Anonymous

    omg you are a riot, love you!!

  • we are on the same Aunt Flow visit cycles!!! YAYSIES WE ARE LIKE TWINS!

  • I'll buy!! 🙂

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    thank you *

  • Anonymous

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  • Hilarious. Love the part where you're "flying."

  • ADJ

    I've got some great ideas for my Christmas list. Thank you!!!

  • I have been lusting after the stache for well as long as the first photo of you wearing it was on here. It is uber rad. I feel like I need it!! 🙂 But sadly, it being 98$, kinda means there's no way for me to get it:/ If you wanna help a poor Czech girl out, let me know:D Moving on, a while back I was thinking, you are definitely missing the ultimate man repeller: a pig. Trust me, if there is one thing that men HATE and girls adore, it's pigs. (Men just want to eat the pig, not have him as a pet..) I have a pet pig: I should be your sidekick.

  • Oh, funny editing and you know I love the jewelery. Such a cute video!

  • Anna

    i would totally buy out the whole collection if i had the money. or even one piece if i had the money….how about a mr.dannijo x target diffusion line yeeeeah?!

  • Cute video

    New post: seiji amamoto collection

  • Anonymous

    love the video and love the collection

  • I want a golden stache. A real one though.

  • JenniferYusupov

    I LOVE THISSSSSSSSS VIDEO hahahahahahahaha omg. amazing.

  • awesome !!! hahahha you're crazy 😉

  • Amazing!!! Love the video 🙂

  • Great video!!!! and great pieces!!!
    I have to say..!!! You seem to be such a fun person!!!!!!! You're great!!!
    Love your blog!