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I saw a tweet this morning that read, there should be an “Ask Leandra” installment on TMR. Ask and ye shall receive. I tried to make it work on twitter but quickly learned responding to so many tweets in such short periods of time is massively annoying for those uninterested in participating. So, we’ll try it out this one time here and see how you flamingo brains like it. Speaking of flamingo brains, look at this darling chair photo my good ol’ buddy, ol’ pal e-mailed to me earlier this afternoon. She said I need it, I think she’s right. 

But back to this. You can ask me whatever questions you want answered right here below in the comments so long as they don’t require novella-sized answers. This means, “tell me about your family starting at your great, great, great grandmother on your father’s side” likely won’t get an answer.

I’ll issue a public response later tonight. And to the spineless anonymous commenters that trickle in and out every so often: please don’t confuse this as some sort of welcoming plea for your non-constructive critiques of my wrinkles (I’m only 22, asshats,) writing style, fashion sense et al.

The rest of you though, ask away.
The question portion of this game is over, peep the answer key here.

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  • lovely chair!


  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

  • Do you have many male admirers despite your best man-repelling skills?

  • Where do you see fashion evolving in the next few years?? Trends? Styles?

    Peace. Love. LOL!

  • Sarah K

    Whats your opinion on fashion for shorter/bigger girls?! Are you of the "rock whatever yah got" mindset, or do you think those of us who fit this shorter/bigger category need to be a little more conservative?

  • Anonymous

    If you weren't working in fashion, where would you be career wise? (be serious)

  • bc

    Top ten style icons to emulate for those of us struggling with being part of the over 50 but less than 70 group? The transition from f****able to invisible is challenging to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    If you hadn't started the blog, what would you be doing instead??

  • Do you have advices to give me about how to increase visits in my blog ??

  • Anonymous

    I'm an aspiring stylist, what are your tricks and tips to becoming successful like you?

  • Anonymous

    I ADORE the MR. DANNIJO line, but I'm sadended by the quite outrageous international shipping rates in the webshop. I'm aware that this collaboration is exclusive to DANNIJO, but… Will these pieces – by any chance – be available for international shipping elsewhere in the future?

    Best wishes

  • Anonymous

    Did you always know you were going to work in fashion?

  • Anonymous

    Were you good at school? What was your favorite subject (other than fashion)?

  • What do you do when you're NOT dressing up or attending fashion events? What are your hobbies?


  • Anonymous

    You should use FORMSPRING!!! Rumi uses it and it works great.

  • Anonymous

    Have you always been interested in fashion, specifically high fashion or did something specifically spark your interest in fashion?

    Also how to do you overcome pressure to be a 'hot' girl and just be a man repeller?

  • Dear Leandra,
    what are your favorite magazines?

  • Anonymous

    When you were in high school did you dress so fashionably and were you a man repeller? Also did you wear high heels to high school? Lastly what exactly is your job. Thanks for doing this I've been waiting for something like this because I didn't want to be the awkward creeper that I am and email you.

  • I have the same question as BC essentially – what's your advice for those of us over 40 or 50 who want to be fashionable, age appropriate, attractive and stylish? We don't stop loving fashion or wanting to feel confident with our look just because a few birthdays go by but the rules definitely change!

  • Where do your writing skills come from? Genes, practice, talent?

  • How would you put together man-repelling outfits for a city 3-day weekend getaway? These are your rules: (1) All items must fit in a duffle that you can take with you as a carryon – them airlines aren't taking away more of my hard-earned monies. Over my dead body, I say. (2) Outfits must include walking-friendly shoes. Let's be honest, here. Real lifers can't teeter totter on 4" heels while they sight-see. (3)Items must be re-usable from one day to the next, from day to night. Think options. The only thing that varies day to day is your undies. Otherwise, one must conserve precious luggage space. You never know where you might see a trinket or ten that leads your wallet to lose major weight. (4) Layers. Because it's Fall and we don't want our nips to cut glass.

    Fire away.

  • Anonymous

    How did you get started in the fashion industry so fast, and early?

  • Anonymous

    Do you read a lot of fashion magazines?
    Do you like books?

    (btw it would be so great if you were on formspring, i bet your answeres would be greeaat!:)

  • Anonymous

    Hello! So I have to go to a bourgie dinner dance this weekend and i'm not sure what to wear as i've never been to an event hosted by this particular group of people. I'm not sure I can wear anything terribly exciting, but i'm so not trying to do the lbd thing. any advice?

  • Anonymous

    How did you explode into the fashion world so quickly? For example, I have a blog but get zero interest besides those dear friends and family. Did you already know a lot of people in the fashion world?

  • Anonymous

    Best and worst moments of your life? (so far)….
    PS, love your blog!

  • It looks like you are the epitome of confidence and kissmyassness…were you always like this or did you have to build yourself up to that point? If so what did you do to get to that point?

  • what are your TOP 5 tips for other bloggers to help grow their blogs?


  • so we all know you live and die by all things man repelling, but what about the things guys wear that propel you? i guess what i'm asking is, what do you dig in men's fashion??

    also, what size shoe are you?


  • Anonymous

    How do you rationalize spending so much $$ regularly on kick ass shoes?? Every girl's dream. Also, while on the rise to fame, do you find yourself having to look after your diet a lot to keep your slim figure?

    – Jenn

  • Have you studied in college?


  • Would you ever consider traveling to the Philippines? We are in dire need of some mad man repelling skillz! <3

    Visit my Blog 🙂

  • I heard you were brazilian. Is it true?

  • I absolutely LOVE TMR. Can't get enough. I was wondering though- as a 17 year old in love with fashion, I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes (though every so often I love to splurge and buy must-haves). I was wondering where you could recommend cute stores in NYC for me to shop, or in that area? I live near the city so it would be awesome to hear your secrets about what cheap yet chic places you know of.

    Thanks so much!


  • I also just saw your post on printed pants- thanks for the ideas!
    I love plaid shirts, and was just wondering if you can give advice on what outfits I could wear with oversized plaid flannel shirts, I have a few and just cant figure out what to do with them! I do NOT want to wear leggings with them. No no no!


  • Anonymous

    What essentials would you take while studying abroad (Spain) for a semester? Because it's just not practical to take your whole closet.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for doing this!!! If you had been an artist, i.e. painter, how would your paintings have looked like? I mean what would inspire you (that inspiration should be quite similar to fashion inspiration wouldn't it?)


  • Anonymous

    do you speak farsi?

  • Anonymous

    Is it rude to ask how you afford all your shoes? and can I borrow a pair sometime? jk I know the answer is no..

  • Anonymous

    Got another one. hehe: If you lived in the 60s/70s and could choose who to hang out with, who would it be? Like Edie Sedgwick, David Bowie (who is AWESOME btw), Jim Morrison (The Doors) etc…… And would you still man repel d'you think?

  • How on earth can you afford all those clothes????

    I have serious closet-envy when I look at the pictures in your blog…


  • what´s your job ? do you live alone ? ( show your apartment or your closet pleaaaaaaaaaase ! )

    Check out my blog :


  • Anonymous

    How tall are you? Has your height ever stopped you from wearing heels?

  • Anonymous

    Do you engage in any sort of diet or exercise to stay thin and fit? Do you watch what you eat at all?

  • What are your favorite online destinations for fashion/style inspiration?

  • What is you're best advice for someone who wants to break into the fashion industry as a stylist? How do you make those first and oh so very important connections?

  • kaïa

    your outfits give every fashionista eyegasms & i can see how American men are repelled, threatened even, by your flurry of studded accessories (arm parties woot!) how do you man repel in super chic cities (i'm thinking Paris) where men dig the mosquito-bite bitties & diaper/harem pants?

    love the blog!

  • Anonymous

    What did you major in in college?

  • AJ

    I'll be in nyc in february visiting friends. On a scale of 1 to uncomfortable, how inappropriate would it be for me to try to stalk you out and say hi? I am Australian so it shouldn't be too creepy #allaustraliansaresupernice.

  • hanners

    I don't mean this in a rude way, but more of a "I want to do what you do" way- how, exactly, do you earn a living?

  • Anonymous

    Now you've finished college, what are you planning to do? Finding a job, take a gap year.. travel?

  • M

    how did you start blogging and what advice do you have to new bloggers? i just started and need advice! thanks!

  • can you give us a few fall staples??
    love your layering ideas!!!
    thank you

  • Will you go on a date with me? I am a (heterosexual) male (!). I'm from Australia which is a bit far but I'm sure we can make it work.

  • Anonymous

    would you ever consider going into someone's closet and help pick out outfits from their clothes?


    Really though, (I know it's already been asked)I’d love to hear your tips on gaining readership. Especially, how does one get to the point that other publications notice and hit you up for writing jobs? Cuz that is my dream. (Refinery29, are you reading this?..)

    Also, how many hours a day do you dedicate to blogging? And how many hours are given to social networking (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, etc) ?

    And any books you recommend for improving my writing??

    Thank you, thank you! Seriously, you're the BEST. EVER.

  • AA

    I am a big fan Leandra. But we is diff. For example, you live in a high-rise and I am thrilled when I catch a mouse in my kitchen with peanut butter. What are the best places to shop for us low-budge chicks. Also, what are some great, affordable vintage/consignment shops in NY you've discovered.

  • Here's a matrix. You have to choose one of each: coffee or tea, cat or dog. In other words, are you coffee cat, coffee dog, tea cat, or tea dog? My colleagues and I have discovered this matrix is the key to match making, sort of.

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is excellent.

    A). First, how do you label your occupation?

    B). What is your advice on seeking financing for the kind of work you do?


  • Anonymous

    Do you ever have days when all you wanna do is eat cookies?

  • Anonymous

    What attributes of your personality make you good at what you do?

  • Anonymous

    What is your opinion of the stache motif and why does it seem to be popular with women?

  • I'm curious what your thoughts are on the shift that's been going on in street style for a while now… Do you agree with the critics that street style started out fresh but has evolved into something contrived and celebrity-oriented? I'm a huge fan of the medium but disappointed by what I've been seeing and hearing ("One could argue that 'original style' isn’t what attracts photographers anymore; rather, it has evolved into street style stars wearing different versions of their signature looks, perpetuating their own fame".) from

  • Anonymous

    Assuming that the premise of Man Repelling attire is correct, do you think Man Repelling attire would have the opposite effect on a woman, say, slightly older than you?


  • Anonymous

    any ideas for maternity man repelling?

  • Kelly

    Hi Leandra! I've persistently applied for fashion internships after internships, but can't seem to snag one! I don't have any experience because no one wants to "hire" me 🙁 Any advice?

  • Jamie s

    Do you work, other than the collabs you've done. or do designers just send you free stuff? Lucky flamingo!

  • Hiiiii first of all I am obsessedddd with you, like srslyyy perfection!! heh sorry for my lezzy attack. Seconddd I was wondering if you could give me some pointers as to how I can get on your level. I really want to go into fashion but didnt go to school for it… okay lets be real my real question is how do you get famous blogging… haha anyway if you could check out my blog that would be awesome! (its really new)

    thanks soo much and ps you are the best blogger out there and im not just saying it i swear.


  • I'm going to be shadowing at a dentist's office tomorrow. And they say "to dress in professional attire". Any recommendations to make it fun and professional at the same time? 😀

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  • Anonymous

    are the clothes you are photographed wearing yours or do you borrow them for the shoot? do you get sent a lot of free stuff these days? what were you last five apparel/shoes purchases that you paid your own cold hard cash for?

  • Leandra,

    I have black doc martens and want to rock them more but feel like i'm too hardcore as people where i go to university are quite preppy. How do i pull them off without screaming wanna-be punk rocker? I've tried just black jeans and a girly top or leggings and a big sweater but what do you think of dresses etc to go with them?

    Absolutely love the blog, look at it every morning for inspiration on how to repel men that day. haha xo. Jenn

  • Do you hire interns? If not, do you ever see yourself seeking out an intern in the future? That would probably be the best job ever.

  • Anonymous

    On a scale of 1-10, 10 being maximum man repelling, how would you rate unicorn print skinny jeans? Would they be effective in maintaining celibacy while expressing one's love for unicorns? Just curious…;=&catalogId;=33057&storeId;=12556&productId;=3642402&langId;=-1&categoryId;=&searchTerm;=unicorn&pageSize;=20

  • do you have any advice for young adults and teens aspiring to work in the fashion world?
    thanks for the q+a opportunity!

  • Anonymous

    Do you want to come and visit Melbourne? You can stay at my house. It's just off a very fashionable shopping strip. I feel like a stalker but you should come anyway.

  • I constantly see bloggers who are so young and getting so much attention that I feel pressure to blog all the time and grow my blog right now (I'm only 19 and in college and so busy!). How did you balance blogging with college, and would you recommend putting off trying to grow my blog to have time for the "normal college experience?"

  • Anonymous

    1) Would you ever consider doing a food post, like food bloggers? Or, feature your favorite places to eat, drink, etc. in NYC?

    2) What is your morning routine?

  • Anonymous

    What is your opinion of the trend of designer labels bringing their wares to discount retailers?

    A bientot

  • Anonymous

    Who are your idols?

  • crazy chair!!
    my question: how could u be so crazy nice and funny all the time??? excelent way of taking the lead of ur blog!!!
    love u!

  • Anonymous

    What are you being for Halloween?

  • Anonymous

    Your blog is so humorous! Can we look forward to a special Halloween edition of the MR?

  • Anonymous

    Schwhat should you do to get an internship in the fashion industry? Also have you ever considered growing a real mustache because that would be top-notch…

  • Anonymous

    I'm a long time, quiet follower of the blog and don't judge me, but I'm taking a course in feminism. I couldn't help but notice your dressing for oneself not men seems to be a "feminist" idea. Do you consider yourself an avocate of feminist ideas? Or is "man repelling" just a women empowering way of life? Sorry, I swear I'm not this weird, and on another note . . . I'm so rocking man boots this winter. Cause nothing gets a man more excited than women wearing dirty men's boots 🙂

  • Missy

    I think you are absolutely adorable, really, really. I don't know why men aren't beating your door down. Most (not all) of your clothing choices and fashion style I love. I am wondering about the hair. You seem to have really nice hair. I even like the whole ombre thing. I like the undone look too. How come you never seem to style it or finish it a little bit?

  • woot so excited for this.
    and don't worry about the commenterz–> h8ers gon' h8.


  • Very cool chair ! Curious to see what people will ask you.
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  • h&m

    Manus Repelleus – please teach me how to tie/wear my pashminas in cool ways.

  • Anna

    Hi Leandra! I really love your blog and adore your style! Was just wondering, don't know if this is a bit kill-joy…but do you ever feel bad for splurging on clothes/jewellry, from a ethical standpoint? I kind of have attacks of guilt sometimes about how frivolous I can be with these things and don't know if you do as well, especially since you own like 500x what I do. Totally jealous, and not trying to be judgy. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

  • Anna

    How can I wear my red pants ? Thanks !

  • Manon

    I would love to know what did you study in college ? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    How is your tall leandra? i really wonder this!

  • What should I wear
    when I am shaped like a pear?
    How can I be a manrepellér…
    That was a lame rhyme, but whatev..

  • Anonymous

    What advice would you give to a girl that dresses in a semi-repelling way and boys don't like her? continue wearing what she likes or transform herself in a totally man getter?

  • you have good taste), great blog)

  • Do you think injecting copyright protection into fashion would do more harm than good ? (see ID3PA bill)

    From a French law student :p

  • pea

    Hey there man repeller,

    just wondering if you ever visited Israel and if you're planning to.

    Happy Sukot!


  • Anonymous

    Your the best ! Ignore all those haters …. I love your posts that show lots of layers of beautiful clothes that all ages can wear and afford ….. Can you do more of those?

  • Anonymous

    I just wanted to know what your taste in music was.

  • Fel

    Hi there 🙂

    Was wondering what's your diet and exercise like? (Honestly,not one those I can eat burgers everyday and still have a fabulous figure answer hehe). You have such an amazing figure so was curious.

    Thank you!!!

  • Carolina

    Do you think it would be too risky/insane for me to quit my 4th year in medicine degree to "work in the fashion business"? I mean I love medicine, but what really fullfils me is fashion, but it is do damn hard to find a place in this world… ughhhhhh

  • my stlye is more man appealer. there, i admitted it. i wear black a lot, skyline heals, dainty jewelry, etc. having said that, i dig your style. where do i start? would you suggest i play with chunkier jewels or playful layers? baby steps…

  • I think most of us want to know a little more about yourself, your history, what led you to creating this blog, about the begginings. I think we all love a good story mainly inspirational ones!, and we're waiting to read yours 😉

  • Anonymous

    We can see from your ma-shots that you have great genes–do you do any exercise to stay fit?

  • What were you're favorite spots to hang out around the new school in the west village when you were a student there?


  • Dear Leandra, i love ur blog! Its funny and u keep it real.
    The question i would like to ask you is: what do you ALWAYS carry in your bag? Thank you!


  • Anonymous

    Love and adore you, but I'm seriously wondering (since we're the same age and all) how you can afford all the lavish clothing you blog about. Meanwhile, I'm over here praying that Urban Outfitters will come out with some sort of coupon book in the near future.

    XOXO (Jealous hugs and kisses)

  • Anonymous

    What do your parents do/grandparents did for a living. I know they dress in amazing clothes too so they must have been successful with money 🙂

  • A lil credit where credit is due Leandra 🙂 I asked you but you never responded 🙁

    I need evening shoes that aren't heels. HELP!?!

  • Anonymous

    Do you ever feel guilty that you have a huge edge on other fashion bloggers that have been doing it forever because you have rich parents and live at home and can afford to style yourself in items that 95% of people can't afford to style themselves with… thereby giving companies/fashion lines a reason create a relationship with you, because you can afford to $$ their stuff?

  • You cant feel quilty for being blessed. love the chair.

  • At such a crazy time in the world (oil spills, climate change, greedy corporations) how do you think we can use fashion to make a difference? Fahion is, by nature, very superficial, but I feel like something we put on every day should be used to send a message and make a difference! I love vintage/recycled fashion, but feel that 'eco-fashion' has a long way to go. Thoughts?

  • Anonymous

    Do you smoke pot?

  • Hey Man Repeller,

    What did you study at University (college)?

    love your unqiue take on fashion,
    keep up the repelling

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I honestly, truly don't mean to be rude and you have EVERY right to ignore this question. I was just wondering how you're able to afford all these perfect, covetable, awesome clothes? I apologise for the question, but what the hell! If you're doing something right, then please share the fuckin secret!!! I mean, do you have rich parents (which is totally acceptable and in no way do I mean it in an offendable way) or do you work your ass off??

  • Anonymous

    What's your weight?

  • Wow, I love this chair!!

  • Would you visit Tel Aviv and do a photo shoot with us?!

  • sara gonzalez del valle

    twitter: freelemon

  • Anonymous

    i want to be you for halloween!
    what should i wear?!

  • does everyone always ask you this many questions? sweet chair.

  • You are amazing beyond all levels of awesomeness-balls– AND JUST 22 AT THAT.

    Which makes me feel (being 22 myself) like I could conquer anything.

    How does it feel like to make other women/girls confident to dress up against the girly norm?

    P.S: Am an avid fan from the Philippines *waves with coconuts and mangoes*

  • Carli

    How can you afford all those designer pieces?
    are you out of a rich family?
    how do you stay skinny?
    how tall are you?
    how old are you?


  • KL Poems

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my poems 🙂 Hope you’re having a great day! xx