The Arm Party that Gives Back
Sometimes your arm just needs a break from the chunky dudes on your wrist and while it may not happen very often, there’s a solution to keep the party rocking in the event your arm should start to break out in an unusual rash that may or may not bleed depending on how seriously you take said rash. What? Just me? This is awkward.
But in any case, we cue the gracelette which is made from materials less about heavy brass and more about very modestly and perhaps reasonably exploiting precious jewelry, it’s the arm party that gives back not only because they’re practically second skin–this works hard in our favor to maintain rad arm parties even through long sleeves and big sweaters–but also because generous proceeds from each such purchase go toward initiatives to help feed homeless people. Who’d have thought the arm party would take us one step closer in our collective effort to make the world a better place?
Honestly, actually, I did…I so did.
Available at Curve. Clicky, clicky. 
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  • So pretty! And that's beautiful packaging. Great cause, great idea.

  • Anonymous

    yeah..i got this bracelet. not only did it break on me once..but then it broke on me again. so pretty but so overpriced for a bracelet you know will break on you. lame.

  • I've always wore delicate jewelry. Great find!

  • Dear anonymous poster. I am so sorry to hear about what happened. Please email for a replacement.

  • these are beautiful in design, i love delicate jewels just as much as the giant chunky pieces! great cause too, thanks for sharing <3shelby

  • Love the packaging and what a good cause! I'm actually in the market for some major arm party guests, and these would be perfect!


  • Never mind the bracelets–I love the test tube cases!

  • Lia

    amazing marketing and packaging ! love!

    Glass of Fashion

  • They're so perfectly simple & they come in some pretty awesome packaging.

  • interesting packing))))

  • Anonymous

    I can't begin to tell you how many times I've been stopped wearing my gracelette. Elegant bracelet for a worthwhile cause!

  • chunky jewelry + sewaters, trench coats etc. etc. = a huge pain of either having to take off the jewelry to put on/take off outer wear or well some quite akward moments.) this could be a nice "arm party" solution indeed.


    msveve from

  • I'd but it for the packaging – that's pretty rad!

    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  • Good name, the gracelet. I wear dainy most of the time, as my gorilla length arms haven't grown just yet. The more I pile on, the less in proportion I look.
    Ah well, gracelets it is.

  • That's a great initiative!

  • thanks for the tip. this is a great cause

  • Wow, that's gorgeous!

    xx Grace

  • Pretty jewelry for a good cause…love. I can't think of a more justifiable purchase!


  • These are pretty, pretty, pretty. Perfect for holiday gift-giving. Or just getting one to give to myself 🙂

  • PS Which one does the Man Repeller like? The red or the blue or both? How does the Man Repeller wear the Gracelette? Maybe at an arm party? Post pics, Man Repeller, post pics! plz and thx!

  • Mistegal

    it s copy ! horrible

  • environment11

    I can’t seem to get any information about how much goes to the homeless….it won’t say on website and then it directs you to some kind of other site with no information. I think it’s pretty important to know what the cause is and how much they donate. Thanks.