Another Lesson in Layering

Still flipping through the pages of Derek Blasberg’s Classy sequel, “Very Classy,” I can’t help notice the plentiful references to the iconic little black dress. Sentiments re: said dress include the following: Coco Chanel. Wear with anything. Feel sexy regardlessBut I’m here to squash predisposed theory about the LBD. Yes it’s true Coco Chanel is a sentiment and you can most certainly wear the little black dress with anything but uh, you don’t have to feel sexy if you don’t want to. Some days we just want to look like astronauts and that’s okay. Other days, we just want to break our own previous records for how many layers worn…am I right? Am I right? Either way, this iconic dress can fit into the equation at your own discretion. 

And now, I’m having trouble properly segueing into the photo content feature below, another lesson in layering, so I’m just going to go ahead and do it. I’ve always hated transition sentences.

dress: Rag + Bone
There are steps. Step 1 exhibits…exhibits. Exhibit A: The little black dress. Exhibit B: Makeshift monocle.
shoes: Thakoon, necklaces: MR DANNIJO
Step 2: On this day, I stray away from allowing shoes and accessories to act as the final step and instead include them in layering tactic number two. Sometimes, the layers trump the shoes. Just kidding. Nothing trumps shoes. Except posing while in mid-fall. Kidding again! That doesn’t trump shoes either, it’s just plain old weird cool.
long sleeve t shirt: The Reformation
Step 75: Just kidding! It’s step 3. Really threw you for a loop there, eh? Sometimes adding staple to staple–in this instance, t shirt to little black dress–yields the most positive results in a longer run. They’re like camouflage layers you forget are there in time. And then when you’re so warm and not suffocating, you remember and you smile and you thank yourself for buying the simple clothes that make all the difference.
hairy dress: Nasty Gal
Step 4: And then you drop the hair bomb. I thought this was a dress but now I see that it’s nothing more than a hairy chest, I mean vest. It seemed an ideal summer-repelling layer: it’s not fur, it’s not thick…I was right. But what good are summer clothes if you can’t bring them to Fall?
plaid jacket: The Hellers
No good at all, children. No good at all. So find a baby bench and put your foot down. On it. 
Give yourself a high five. You didn’t break any sort of layering record by any means, but nevertheless, you did good, kid.
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