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Your FNO Plans, Right This Way

In partnership with Saks and Rebecca Minkoff.

This morning when I woke up and looked at my calendar, I thought it was August 2nd until common sense reared its ugly head and I realized August 2 doesn’t come twice in the span of a month which led to believe that it may in fact be September 2. Just kill me, it’s better. Kidding, I’m not that type of “wake me up when September ends” enthusiast. I quite like this month, actually. What I don’t like is cold weather but since we haven’t had too drastic a taste of that just yet, I’ll go on saluting September in all its beginning glory. This all in turn got me thinking about the fact that Fashion Week is really right around the corner. This though was interrupted by aching feet which in turn lead me to remind myself not to wear my Alexander Wang cape shoes on particularly long Fashion Week days. I changed my mind quickly thereafter though, you know what they say: repelling beauty is pain. So that’s just a little bit about the train of thought that will lead up to what this post’s title will suggest: your FNO plans, which are at their core, my FNO plans. Don’t you really feel like we are one person now? I just let you inside my brain.

So let’s map out the night. Fashion’s Night Out starts on Thursday night, September 8th and here’s a detailed outline of our life night together looks like:

From 6 to 7PM we’re at Saks Fifth Avenue (49th and Fifth) with Rebecca Minkoff.

There, we will braid each others hair like we’re at sleepaway camp but with leather strips, which we sort of are at, but with leather strips, and celebrate the new Polyvore x Rebecca Minkoff Dee clutch which you will learn more about next week, but until then, here’s a baby peek:

So, that will be buttloads of fun but just the beginning, we will then head toward the Coach boutique where in cahoots with serious style stars like Hanneli Mustaparta, Kelly Framel from The Glamourai, Natalie Joos and Emily Weiss of Into the Gloss we will celebrate Coach’s genius ’70s revival. 

skirt: Isabel Marant, blouse: Charles Henry, hounds tooth vest: Balenciaga
…Man, I love flailing my head back and forth! Photo by Aram Bedrossian.
After we sip cocktails and salute the Seventies for an hour from 7 to 8, we will head down…town to the Meat Packing District where not only will we bump heads with my Siamese ass buddies, Danielle and Jodie of DANNIJO who will be selling product out of a truck like shady black market folk, but will also continue to celebrate the trench coat collaboration between Gryphon and me at Scoop NYC.
So, if you missed out on the coat on Shopbop earlier this week (I know, I know, I can’t believe that shit sold out either!) you can swing on by and invest in your very own back party while I’m at Scoop, from 8:30 to 9:30.
And finally, we end the night at one of my very favorite Soho indie boutiques, Realm on Greene Street between Prince and Spring where I will be co-hosting alongside blogger favorite Susie Bubble, and rad DJs extraordinaire May Kwok and Chelsea Leyland. We’ll kick it back Ruschmeyer style just one last time for the season.
I’ll be there form 9:30 through the end of the night. Oh yeah champagne! (Family Guy ref, are you with me?) It’s going to be a rad-ass night, so rest up this long weekend, the storm it is a’comin.
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