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Wandering Wooster, The Sequel

In partnership with Tibi.

But do you remember the prequel? Last Spring I moseyed around Soho clad in Tibi’s spring collection while I repelled passersby and their puppies as they walked by the Wooster Street store. Well, it’s almost fall (cries), I’m back again (laughs) and it is bigger, better, warmer and I have a tan. It’s actually not bigger though. I mean the photo resolutions are pretty much the same and the strategy hasn’t changed much either. I’ll tell you this though, flash mob. You’ll understand a few slides from now.

It’s also the proper debut of my new haircut. And when I say my, I mean that literally. I cut my own hair last week. Sorry, Eli. Sorry, Sloane. Sorry, mom. It was a spur of the moment thing because I wanted to look like Alexa Chung shit was getting stringy though I do have to admit I am wildly excited to add hairdresser onto the roster of things I do. Fits perfectly just between bow-hunting and computer hacking. But now, the clothes. 

I looked at the white gown, it looked at me, I said propeller, it said “try me.” So I did. And then I thought, “so this is what it feels like to look like a girl.”
It made me nauseous so I put a big fat faux fur short sleeved jacket over it. But then nice weather reared its lovely head and the jacket had to come off. So the mustache came on.
This whole look is going to grow tired really soon so I’m just going to go ahead and milk that shit until you start yelling at me. At which point, we will collectively brainstorm a new weird trend to overexpose. And on to look #2:
Tweed cropped top, genius! I call this one, tweed on tweed on knit on suede. Green and red are a favorite color combination for fall and I’m not talking here’s to Christmas, I’m talking the precise contrast you see above. Also wanted to bone these shorts the moment I saw them. They’re jacquard. I love that word. It was too hot to put the coat on…but I took one for the team.
 In several capacities. See this? Me being one with the tree bark.
Singing from it, and some sweet lullabies at that. It wasn’t until I crossed the street though and saw a large truck parked with two men in it, laughing at with me…
That the real party got started. It’s look numero tres that wins the cool person award though. You see, I’ve had an affinity for peplums ever since Jil Sander sold her version of the neon orange one separately last Spring but I’m feeling a more makeshift approach for fall, making lemonade from lemons, or in this instance…
Peplums of skirts! Eureka! A brocade leopard print skirt makes for a darling little peplum over a fantastic pair of skinny pants and sublimely cozy knit. The shoes are Isabel Marant and the bracelets are from my MR DANNIJO collection. Stay tuned for another more extensive look at creating the perfect peplum. 
For now just know, the bike behind me is not the Vespa in question that I tweeted about last night. 
 This did not however, stop me from getting on it. Oh no.
Several times…vroom vroom? And now finally, in what will be this post’s last look, I redirect your attention to the initial flash mob I’d mentioned in this introduction.
Raunchy, right? So secret detective telephone pole streakers on a mission legit.
Uh oh, uh oh, I’m getting a little shy, is this really happening?
Why yes, yes it is. I’m sorry morality seems to have chopped off my proverbial balls but if I show you some of the other imagery I am certain it may fall into porn of the kiddy variety. What’s under Sherlock’s trench coat is a bodysuit not unlike the one we posted last Spring. You can use your imagination to conjure up images of the passing tourist faces when I posed more openly but for now, let’s just gear our eyes toward what’s below and salute a very special collaboration:
Aliens, and colorful cats, people. I went for the aliens.
That concludes this episode of Wandering Wooster. Thank you, come again.
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