Trendspotting: Return of the Turtleneck

And to address the first and foremost elephant in this room: there is good reason turtlenecks are called turtlenecks, this wasn’t just a case of let’s group a style and animal together for shits. Like, you know, a cowl neck. No, no, turtles don’t have necks. I mean, they do, but only when they stick their heads out of their shells. As will we, only we stick our heads far out of the our knits. Simple explanation, I know, but this isn’t the discovery channel, it’s a fashion blog and whoever told you I was well-rounded was…lying. And so now I talk about something I am slightly better versed in: hiding necks! And fashion. While it’s 82 degrees today, Pat Kiernan says it’ll be getting chillier so I say, let turtlenecks have the inevitable moment rearing it’s neckless head. I’m taking this neck thing real far, aren’t I? Whatever. Most prevalently spotted on Celine and Jil Sander runways last Fall…

Celine, F/W 2011
Jil Sander, F/W 2011

I say we give it a real go. If at the very least because it’s a good test in the reintroduction of age-old man repellers to our current closets. Isn’t there something so Diane Keaton x The First Wives Club about a turtleneck? Maybe that’s why the Rev from 7th Heaven her husband left her. They’ll keep us warm–the turtlenecks, not Diane and her movie–and make for fun new layering prospects. On an unrelated note, we should applaud floral print booties and another: I’m not saying you have to wear a spider man head-covering too, but if you want to, I won’t stop you. Below now, find ways to incorporate the turtleneck into your closet. Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now. I think I’m drunk. On life!

By golly, this is fun. 
Outfit #1: Splendid turtleneck shown to be worn under Thakoon striped sweater with bright purple taffeta Miu Miu skirt. Finish off the look with velvet sandals. Velvet is having a moment in and of itself too. These are by Topshop. Getter to repeller with Happy Socks. 
Outfit #2: Man about town. Only this man is actually a woman. Start with a plaid blouse, this ones By Malene Birger and try a sleeveless turtleneck pullover to bring shit home. Counterprint your plaid with stripes a la Thakoon pant and finish with some more velvet, this time in Alexander McQueen slipper formation. 
And Outfit #3: Anyone looking for something to wear come the Jewlidays? No? How about Paris Fashion Week? Good thing I’ve got your back on both counts with just one outfit. Colorblocking knit turtleneck gets a check chez Vince. Work tucked into a white midi skirt by Ever. Give it the kiss of chic with Alaia lace up booties and show your counterparts how colorful your soul is with a fuschia pink jacket, by D&G.;
This was fun. Thank you, come again.
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  • Ive always thought turtlenecks were the most uncomfortable things. but i'll take those alexander mcqueen slippers no problem.

  • I have always been a turtleneck fan. My friends used to tease me in college because I had so many. I had an assortment of colors and you couldn't tell me anything. I thought I was chic. I stopped buying them for awhile but seeing this post might have rekindled my love for them. LOL!

  • Mmmm turtlenecks remind me of high school… when, indeed, turtles might have been a suitable style comparison at the time!
    I like the layering options though.

  • For some reason I have never been a fan of turtlenecks although they are very comfy:)
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  • as far as I'm concerned the turtle neck never left…I've been wearing them since I was 5 so looks like once again I am ahead of the curve…

  • Anonymous

    hi, I love your masthead! It reminds me of the scene in Contempt/Le Mepris where Godard mocks nudity in French film–Bardot asks the man if he likes parts of her body and lists them one by one "do you like my breasts" do you like my ass" etc…

    congrats on your successes!



  • I love your blog! Definitely the funniest one I read. Enjoyed your explanation of the turtle neck a lot, and now I want to go buy some in a hundred different colours!

  • Alaia laceups are a dream! Totally loving the two-toned, especially in spots! Rawr baby rawr!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • Chic and classy neckline 🙂

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  • I have a couple of Turtle Necks in my wardrobe, However I don't wear them often, unless they go perfect with a blazer… I find them uncomfortable, and choking… BUT! I Must say I do like The ColorBlocking lol turtle neck in option #3… SWEET!

  • turtlenecks and I never have never been really good friends, more like frenemies, but I love the outfits you put together

  • Amazing outfits! They're really cute! I want the pink D&G; jacket…
    xx Finja

  • ughhh!!! I LOVE ALL THESE COLORSS!!! and those slippers! me wants. rawr. sorry, that slippe(re)d out!

  • Idlewild

    Turtlenecks make me look like the Hindenberg. Not so much Man Repelling as "Oh, the humanity." I'll pass, but I do love the fuchsia jacket and the lace-up booties!

  • Honestly I haven't worn a turtleneck since my mom dressed me as a six year old. However, I was just given a dress that has a turtle neck and I love it. It keeps me so warm even though it is short sleeved. These outfits are amazing looking especially those badass striped pants and the midi skirt.

  • Swoon

    Not sure how I feel about the turtleneck…

  • I just bought mine in a beauuutiful blood/wine colour at Uniqlo!! I love your outfit propositions, by the way! They're so bold and exciting, great to get inspiration from… 😉

  • really great outfit inspiration! I need these in my life!

  • Yay, everthing warm & comfortable for winter is extremely welcome 😉

  • M

    I've always loved turtlenecks! Glad Celine & Jil Sander are making it cool again 🙂 I've had 3 black ones (because really, why just one?) and a cream one. I'm thinking of adding bordeaux & some dark teal into the family!

  • Oh God, I'm willing to try almost anything, but a turtleneck is where I draw the line! Great post as usual and I do love that Miu Miu skirt!

  • these turtle neck sweaters look pretty cool, will definitely have to watch out for these when it gets colder

  • Thank goodness, turtle necks have come back with avengence and that makes me smile, cause I have a ton of them.

  • love your ironic being! very much!

  • Love the pieces you chose!

  • Finally. It's now my time. Red, blue or brown.. Yes I said brown, thank you L

  • I wish I was Jewish. Just for one winter I'd like to be chosen.

    I choose those McQueen slippers.

    Seven pairs please!

  • Turtlenecks have never been flattering on me. I'll just have to live vicariously through these beautiful gals.

  • Outfit #3 has left me swooning. I wish I wasn't ticklish when wearing turtlenecks!

    ♥, Jamie

  • i love turtlenecks, glad they're making a comeback! the outfits you created are super cute as well, i love the black velvet alexander mcqueen slippers.

  • Anonymous

    The Celine look on the right is stunning…if only turtlenecks didnt make me feel like some invisible turtleneck hating force is trying to choke me… The McQueen slippers need to be mine. Love.

    <3 BlondeVivant

  • Omg how did I not discover your blog sooner?! I love outfit #3! That fuschia blazer and the booties with a touch of leopard? AMAZING

  • I can not wait to bust out the turtlenecks and my boyfriend look at me like I'm completely retarded!

    Xo Ashleigh

  • I always try to avoid turtlenecks, i rather wear a sweater and a cute scarf…

  • Turtlenecks are finally back and they dont look silly this time around.

  • jas

    reminds me of howard from big bang theory

  • Kate Reining

    Okay, so I know it's all about the turtlenecks… but those leopard print lace-up booties are AMAZING.

  • ugh. horrid. turtlenecks should be banned and never re-introduced to the natural environment. But I guess if it's for man repelling reasons than go for gold. No man will ever come close to a Diane Keaton-skin-itching-inducing-badly-cut-garment as a turtle neck.
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  • That theory green pullover is incredible.

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  • LOVE LOVE LOVE :)) the perfect inspiration xx

  • that was her husband in that movie? he was also the dude she makes out with in that movie with mandy moore. i heart diane keaton.


  • Turtlenecks are called turtlenecks because they always look wrinkley and disgusting just like the neck of a turtle.

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  • Lee

    I've never left a comment before, but look at your blog all the time. You are just so funny & awesome, thank God I found you! And I LOVE those red velvet shoes!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love the fashion forecast posts!

  • Anonymous

    whoops posted too soon. you're always right!!

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    I have been wearing turtlenecks for the last 3 years, so this isnt new news for me, im just ahead of the game 😀

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