Man Repeller x Kanon, A Day in the Life NYFW

Hey look! Excorcist eyes. And more video content. Clicky, clicky to see the video I shot with Kanon Organic Vodka last Saturday during Fashion Week. They popped in early ass AM and so that’s what my voice sounds like just after I wake up. Now you know everything about me. Including the fact that I sleep in white tank tops. And knock on my wooden heels when I deem neccessary. Have an extended look at the aforementioned and then some, right over here.

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  • You are seriously awesome. Thank you for having such an awesome blog that makes me laugh!

  • What a pic! Can't wait to see this…

  • i love this picture – you rule. xx

  • Always love watching videos of you in action. You do sound like you just woke up. Totally jelly of your shoe collection. And I really want that white ruffle top/dress.

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  • aaaaah those eyes! Let me watch the video!

  • Anonymous

    i wanna be your friend!!!! i can sooo repel men and drink vodka! love your blog–keep up the excellent work. deb

  • What fun. Lemme tell you that I man repelled my own husband the other day and loved it!

    Thank you.


  • My love for you is so deep I talk about you with my clueless mum.

  • haha you are so just the funniest blogger I know in this blogesphere! You really need a man-repeller show of your own.


    xo Baz blogging from Sydney

  • hahaha Loooved it! 😀 By the way, I was at the Galeries LaFayette show today, and was it me or was it really awful? Were you there? Maybe my expectations were too high because of your blessing and all, but I just thought maybe, being very nice and tolerant, 10-15 of the outfits out of the 700 (?!!!) were worth looking at… I'm still not clear whether they were chosen by the people themselves or not. Anyway. Enjoy Paris, ma belle, and keep us posted!! 😉

  • you are seriously adorable!
    i just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  • omg those SLEEVES are amazing…you should totally walk around with your arms bent so that they look like pretty flowers all the time.
    it's incredible to see how much the blog (and you of course) have grown in this time…congrats and keep up the good work!!!

  • I love that I was just watching the video and that I was in it!! Great meeting you Leandra!!

  • Can you please just stop being so cool just kidding! I love watching your videos..your so real and funny!!

  • Ok, you're so cute. I love the little tidbit about how you started the blog. And the sleeves of your shirt kinda look like those frilly headed lizards when you lift your arms.

  • You are so cool! Take me with you to something fashionyyy in the city pleeeez?

  • Anonymous

    Did you read Thursday Styles in the NYT today? Brooklyn Decker mentioned on page E6 that she's also a fan of your blog.


  • Anonymous

    Love it! Are you going to do a "What I wore" recap at some point? That white shirt was sick. The necklaces were sick.

  • love this sneak peak into your process!!

  • LOVED that ruffled white shirt dress, who was it by again? Brilliant outfit 😉


  • great way to start your blog!!!

  • Love this. You look so tired though yet super happy.

  • Love this video, real, honest and super fun. I heart that you bashed the "PR People" clothes! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Hahahaha, so great! loved the video.
    Kiss, G

  • I love how the sleeves of your dress go up like a velociraptor.


  • loved it!! i also saw you on E!news, you rocked it!

  • hello.
    yer kool.

  • What a cute video… I love that a comment your friend made about your dating life turned into a successful career for you xoxo

  • Love….you are the SHIT. how are you so awesome?!!! btw i am coming to steal all of your shoes

  • I freaking LOVE your blog. You are so funny! Your blog has gotten me thinking about how I'm currently displaying some 'man-repelling' tendencies myself, I just had to update my own blog with an example of it lol. Keep it up! 🙂


  • ints ints so jealous you got to party with A.Wang!

    love your blog, you are amazing!


  • Anonymous

    Hi this video is fabulous i just want to say that someone should probably make a tv show about u and your life, which u should write. i seriously think it would be a great sitcom and i would definitely watch.

  • mia

    You rock girl !! The way you are in front of a camera is just great and super funny !

  • awesome picture! beautiful like always, great post!


  • great and funny as always!

  • Eku

    I loved the video. Your life seems so perfect. I want to have the same hair cut – it looks amazing.

  • haha you are my role model!


  • hahaha, you are too funny!

  • you are awesome. period.

  • Anonymous

    mind sharing what bronzer you use?? thanx!

  • love, love the video! You are inspiring me to become more of a man-repeller!



  • this photo is burnt in my brain now. hello, nightmares!


  • Kate

    YES please share the bronzer – it gives you a normal glow, not a crazy orange tan.

  • Kate

    bronzer answer coming up!!

    a little internet sluething (how could i have forgot you were on into the gloss – DUH!)

    it's nars casino

  • Anonymous

    This is random, but who makes your white tank tops? I know, of all the beautiful pieces, that's what I want to know about?!

  • Crazy!!
    Is a very very LOKA!!

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