LFW: The Recap

Well, well, well, look at the time! It’s already Fashion Week in Milan and while I still recover from New York and a quick but magical trip to Paris, this cut-throat industry waits for no one! No one, I tell ya. That said, just yesterday was the first time I’d had the chance to check back at London and take a peek and what those runways forecast. In simplest and most broad terms, it looks like Easter eggs are no longer reserved only for Easter. Oh no, instead their hues are making paseltastic way onto many a garment likely hitting the top of your wish-list come Spring. Like in New York, collections read wearable and often still covetable, nothing was particularly out of the ordinary and as far as favorites are concerned, I don’t suppose you’d ask a mother to choose her favorite child (unless you played the very Nazi soldier that tormented Sophie in Sophie’s Choice,) and so why ask me? I know, I know, I asked it. Not you. Sass and Bide is the answer too. I’m a bad mother. 

But I still have a fairly decent concept of what tickles my fancy and aside from the spacey culottes and but another splash of orangutan, holy head, the models at Acne have reversed–dyslexic, if you will–ombre! There’s a beauty trend to try at home that doesn’t include sticking your head in a toilet bowl to perfect to Alexander Wang look. 
Jonathan Saunders sure hopped on the pastel train with his flimsy silks and chic midi dresses. This particular collection stood out not only because of its wearability but because I was surprised to see not a single pair of pants shown. I can get behind a man continuously trying to bring modesty and simultaneous femininity back. Besides, would you say no to polka-dot on polka-dot? [Cue far left.] Didn’t think so.
And while on the subject of sartorially sealing generational gaps, no Christopher Kane show should ever go un-noted. This particular print was reminiscent of a certain Girl Power era that both speak well to a 60s resurgence and, you know, the Spice Girls proverbially living on in high fashion designer threads.
At Matthew Williamson, my ongoing speculations about orange are proven correct. Again. I really love when I’m right but even that aside, there’s something very Stella McCartney about what’s staring us in the eye. Nevermind that though, applause is due for more use of feathers, an ombre gown, and…Dree Hemingway. Trade ya surnames?
Mulberry was kitschy. Beehive hair not to be mistook for an ode to Snooki’s bump it, a live puppy and while not photographed above, a wide collection of monochromatic pastels covered the show. I chose to include the middle look because the notion of a utility jacket over a floral flimsy maxi not unlike what’s photographed here makes me smile far and wide. It’s a look that won’t get old and that is cause for celebration. 
A smart use of vibrant color that perfectly compliments acrylic accents and clean, sleek polished off hair buns win the favorite child award, behold: Sass and Bide. Mullets, metallics, geometric shapes. That’s the key to my heart, you see. It’s always nice to see a series of collections go one way and then let yourself sit slack jawed while you watch another continue on a very different route.
One last look for good measure and guess what? I’d wear it. Embellished crystals and beads as tatas, sequined shoulder blades and well, stomach central limbs dressed up really well get an A in the look book of my life. Man Repeller, though? Perhaps so. Perhaps not. But as I’ve mentioned, this is about good fashion before it is anything else. And this my friend, is good fashion.
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