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It’s Getting Cold, You Need a Coat

In partnership with Cut 25.

And by golly, I’ll be damned if I’m not the one to give it to you. Today in news that rocks, Cut 25-Yigal Azrouel’s diffusion line–wants to offer you the gift of man repelling outerwear. And who better to broker this deal than me, the hostess with the mostest…experience in this capacity. In the photo above you will find me trying to create my own wind to capture the perfect air dress look but ultimately, it’s the anorak that counts.

And it comes equipped with two different layers! It’s convertible outerwear! And at this point, I am confident you are quite well versed in our number one rule of thumb: more is more is more is more is…more. You see, you can zip on the additional layer of wool shown over the classic anorak clad in fleece collar and back party a la twill pleet. And if it gets too hot, just zip that shit off. Now, for the rules: super simple as usual, dur.
3. In the comments below, leave your twitter handle and email address along with a detailed outline of what you’re doing this weekend and whether or not I can join.
4. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show until Thursday, September 28 at 12PM noon, when both Cut 25 and I will announce the winner on twitter. This means you should be following me too.
dress: L.A.M.B, sweater: Isabel Marant, clogs: Givenchy, sunglasses: Christian Dior, anorak: Cut 25, arm party: DANNIJO and of course, all photos by the one and only NS.

Ultimately, you see, the only real way measure how good a piece of clothing is depends on the level of excitement overcoming your loins. At this point, I’d say them body parts are prettay toasty. So, good luck suckamothas!

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  • Corey Kindberg


    Hmm..this weekend I'll be going home which will most likely result in me stuffing my face and drinking with my mother until whichever one of us passes out first in which case I'll drunk dial my boyfriend and then when he gets angry at me for drunk dialing I'll prank call him (We could do this together it will be fun) I'll then drunkenly complain about how facebook has created a newsfeed in a newsfeed. Won't you join me?

  • oh man, i'm first? maybe?
    twitter: helensta

    and…probably bee bopping around town eating tater tots and scouring the internet for the perfect jacket..oh wait..

  • @laurengcarey
    lgcarey at gmail dot com

    This weekend… I'm going to sing karaoke and visit the King of Prussia Mall for my dad's 50th birthday.

    Anyone is always welcome, obviously.

  • @hotairballoon
    leaving for my honeymoon!!!!!!!! My best friend already invited herself, so the more the merrier.

  • @merrittbeck

    Tonight I'm grabbing dinner with a good friend and then going to bed early because I have to wake up for KICKBALL PLAYOFFS tomorrow! Haha sounds lame, but it's a pretty good time – lot's of food, booze, great weather and fun with friends. You're welcome to join if you want to hop on a flight to Houston! I'll be there wearing my Salvador stache. Be there or be, well, you know.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: _okokok

    And, it's going to rain all weekend, so something indoors that involves alcohol.

  • What up, Leandra! I'm going to be photographing an art installation contest in Grand Rapids, MI and you're definitely welcome to join…I'll even buy your coffee to keep warm (and to propel you through the constant "WTF is this supposed to be?"). If that doesn't float your boat, I'll also be pretending to be particularly snooty and stomping around Grand Rapids in my most man-repelling gear and/or reading in bookshops (I'm a grad student, I have to read sometime). Again, you're welcome to join!

    My Twitter username is: @BrittneyWinters
    My email addy is:

  • V

    Weekend plans
    I. Sleep
    II. Ultimate frisbee tournament party
    A. Theme
    III. Renaissance Festival
    IV. I am going to stop now…
    You can come to everything, except sleeping, because, well, I do that alone as a repeller.

  • Twitter: @bethpoley

    This weekend, in good 'ol COlumbus, Ohio, I will be attending a fete en blanc picnic and a dance party featuring Teen Fiction (Friday), installing a new floating shoe rack and going to Oktoberfest (Saturday), and hanging out at the Wild West Festival (Sunday). If for some reason you find yourself in Ohio this weekend, please feel free to join in!

    (Also, that coat is amazing!)

  • Anonymous


    Annual hello fall festival in Upstate NY spiked warm beverages included. Baking of apple pie.. labial piecrust folding included free of charge.

  • twitter: maggie_long

    Obviously going to see The Lion King 3D in theaters before it ends. On Sunday, I'm going to BYOB BACON BRUNCH with my brother. You're welcome to join (as long as you love bacon.)

  • @alishakassam -kassam.alisha9 [at]

    I'm going to THE CLOTHING SHOW – a Toronto based event with local designers – yay, supporting local arts! You can totes join.

  • @ashley_corkery

    Bad ass house party (well apt party) on the UES, you are obvs invited. As a matter of fact, you would be the guest of honor.

  • Jen


    Just when I thought wedding season was over (I've been to 5 this yr), I have to go to an engagement party in DC. A BBQ engagement party… Weather forecast: RAIN! So I could def use an anorak (yes, I understand I wouldn't get it til next week anyway…). But you're welcome to be my placeholder!

  • @makenacahill

    This weekend I'll be staying in to write a column – and no you cannot join me because if anyone knows the importance of meeting deadlines, I imagine you're up there. I cannot have any distractions! (And as just the presence of your blog is a distraction, I can't imagine what the presence of your person would be like.)

  • @alanafalynn

    This weekend I will be doing all things girly. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and I am shopping the rest of the day! I'm in desperate need of a new wardrobe. You're welcome to come help me repel men if you buy a flight to Houston!


  • I heart your blog and that wind photo rocks! I feel like we are kindred spirits in a way- not in the stalker way- I've been "man repelling" for years! On the weekend agenda: working up the nerve to wear a leather "turban" headband to a normal dinner with friends. Wish me luck! xo
    Twitter: @SweetDaniB

  • @itsdankc

    come to colorado and bring that coat!! it's cold!

  • @sqwatermellonzz

    I'm having wife night with my bff. Whiskey and oysters. No boys only ladies. Then to Issue Project Room for some culture. Brunch at Cafe Gitane (a short day dream about traveling to Marrakesh)and then more culture at some downtown galleries. Then to Nitehawk for dinner and a movie (DRIVE – manreppeling doesn't exclude man ogling does it?)Please come!

  • Anonymous


    The weekend will start with a rousing game of shot-drinking with my boyfriend and his bike riding, skinny jeans wearing, mustache having friends.

    We will then inevitably go to the hipster weirdo dive bar down the street and drink and dance till the whee hours.

    Saturday I will be having lunch with my mother and aforementioned boyfriend while we discuss boyfriends musical career ( and she will ask repeatedly why he is not famous yet. Then Saturday night will be a repeat of previous night but instead of hipster bar I will go to boyfriend's band's show with troll friends (new term – roll with it) and dance my ass off.

    You are welcome, and encouraged, to attend any and all activities (especially the lunch date with mom); and to give me that coat.

  • @britsauer

    (I know those are both REAL original)

    This weekend I am going to Vegas! With the girls, OF COURSE! Just a little impromptu weekend free of boys! (Wow, that is a lot of exclamation points. I must be excited, or something) You are ABSOLUTELY welcome to join. We will be at the MGM for the I Heart Radio music festival!

  • LP

    Twitter: @lori_nyc

    Weekend plans, cleaning of my room & my kid's room. Help kiddo with homework, relax. Look for recipes for holidays next week. Kind of boring stuff, you can join if you want ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous


    I'll spend some time wandering around an apple orchard jacketless, drinking wine, picking apples and pumpkins, daydreaming about how jealous everyone will be when I win. Meet you on the orchard.

  • Twitter: @ashleyleutner

    This weekend I'll be going to Atlantic City to be cheesy and ridiculous with some girlfriends…AC was voted #10 as the worst dressed city in the world… looking forward to people watching!

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  • LEANDRA … I NEED this coat!

    I'm game to do whatevs!

  • @chelseholmes

    I'm creative with my usernames, no?

    I will be celebrating (read: drinking) at a wedding this weekend. If you're brave enough for the durrty Souf, then please come because you're pretty much my favorite person ever.

  • ahhahahaha love the photos and of course the look!

    Check out my blog :

  • twitta: ahirsch918
    email: alannahirsch at gmail dot com
    the bf is taking me horseback riding and of course u can join bc i know u would prob have a kick ass themed outfit planned.

  • Anonymous


    This weekend you are welcome to join me all the way on the East Coast of Canada!
    Tonight will be full of pre planning my Halloween costume of the Black Swan (wishing I could just have Rodarte's tutu)

    Sunday…catching up on new magazine issues & football ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    @milly special

    This weekend I will be drinking heavily while having a lovely time. Not very original but I think the appeal is pretty obvious.

  • Twitter: @sanscandycoat (obvi I've already been following you for ages)

    Tonight I am attending a wine tasting at the restaurant I work at. After I'm supposed to do a bunch of homework for school, which essentially is not boring because I'm in fashion marketing, however after X amount of wine – I might just end up passing out at 10pm and have the cat wake me up at 4.

    Saturday I was conned into doing dragon boating for a charity event. However I don't mind since I'll then be asking the organizers to sponsor my schools fashion show. Ha. Still don't know how I'll row since I have the upper bodystrength of a kitten.

    Sunday is top shelf. Going to an outdoor festival on in the island next to Montreal. Beer in the sun, French men, and house music. I think every new Yorker has a little montrealer in them waiting to be unleashed. So you should join me Sunday! Unless you're into rowing…

    I love your guts!!!

  • This weekend is all about WEDDING PLANNING!! And you can definitely join in on the planning, I would love your input. My wedding might not be the best time to be a man repeller, but if I win the jacket I will TOTALLY incorporate it into my wedding photo shoot. No jokes.

    And just for fun, here's a link of some an repelling bridesmaid dresses… hmmmm, which to choose…

    Beverley Gallant


  • Anonymous

    This weekend I have the privilege of hanging with the #1 Mixshow DJ in the Country – DJ Gonzo – while he and his crew (The Potential Ex-Boyfriend's Club) spins.

    And when I'm not dancing my tail off, I will be wishing I had that AMAZING Cut 25 layering anorak to wrap up in (and olive green is pure man repeller color) during this wet cool fall Midwest weather. So come join me and bring it with you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Dear Leandra, I'll be happy to invite you to the lesson planning for my Monday lesson and coordination of my next man reppeling outfit.


    I still don't twit.

  • Good morning, doll.

    Here in the lush Rio Grande Valley of South Texas, I'll be working on some exterior shots for a documentary I'm currently working on. I think you'd like it. It's about this local bilingual bingo place and the influence of local spiritual flavor on people's concepts of faith/luck/destiny. My faith is on the gorgeous convertible coat by Cut25 ! It won't be cold for some time here, but I hope to be back in New York very soon!

    If you're a fan of amazing Mexican food, come on by. You won't ever find authentic Tex Mex food that's as good as it is here. (Don't try your luck.)

    Twitter: @fauxfurs

  • @graphiticity

    Well, since it's raining this weekend, the obvious thing to do is go kayaking on a lake. I'll be so loaded down with man-repelling layers that I doubt I can fit in the kayak, much less with you and all your layers too. Up to you. If you do, bring your own kayak. And poncho.

  • @mayfly33
    Babysitter, lucky I wait to indemnify myself with a bit of partyng next weekend

  • Alright! Im going to level with you. There isnt much demand for outerWINTERwear here in hot ole Miami, FL.

    BUT, do NOT fret, my dearest MAN REPELLER. I would NEVER let you down, because, you see, it is in this small detail where the man repelling beauty lies. who wouldn't be absolutely terrified (yet somewhat subconsciously mistyfied and enchanted) by a vision of running makeup, impeccable fashion and flowing bodily liquids. where is the rain they will ask? THAT'S IT! I will blame it on the rain!

    if anything it would make for a great halloween costume. i can go as, well, as the MAN REPELLER!

    anyway, i love this piece. and i hope you love me enough to send some fashionable love to your lovable (sweaty, rainy) fan in Miami! as far as my weekend plans, i think they oscillate somewhere between thinking of other Halloween costumes that wont cause heat exhaustion or a trip to the polar ice caps in hopes that I can melt them enough to cause mid-Atlantic cooling so as to cool the Miami weather in the coming weeks. You know, typical stuff. What are you up to? You are more than welcome to join. Ill be sure to get an extra pair of glacial hiking boots for you.


  • twitter – @katewilsonn
    e-mail –

    I'm spending the weekend at work and doing homework. Fun fun fun! You can join or take my place, if you'd like!

  • @naturalblonde8


    This weekend is going to be EPIC and of course you're invited, Manrepeller. Tonight, I will catch up on The Vampire Diaries. Yes, I am 24. Yes, I understand this is a preteen show with an Old Navy wardrobe. Do I care? No.

    On Saturday due to my minion status at my current job I will follow around our social photographer at a [social] event and take down the names of all the [social] people he photographs. I've already been warned that I need to dress "professionally." Since that throws a wrench into my manrepelling tendencies 3 inch heels will have to suffice (w/o heels I'm 6 feet…you get the idea).
    And Sunday [bloody Sunday] I will be attending an event called Bagpipes and Bonfires and I'm wearing various forms of plaid. Need I say more?

  • @scunningham71
    scunningham71 at gmail dot com

    I'll be wearing my new cropped harem-style pants to "I want to be a yoga teacher" training all weekend.

    Nothing says zen like a good drop-crotch pant.

  • Anonymous
    no twitter– sorry.
    Headed to a BBQ and Wine Festival in Chatham, VA… and yes, you can come! If you like BBQ and wine, of course…

  • Twitter: @steffieattack

    Friday I will be seeing M. Ward with a friend & then pretending to love college football on Saturday. Sunday is birthday celebrations with my dad.

  • twitter:

    email: (so old and embarrassing facebook)

    Oh me? This weekend? Well… I'm currently located under 3 layers of duvets in a kimono drinking copious amounts of coffee- sounds thrilling and attractive all in one right? I'm also watching the food network all day and probably all weekend….who needs to eat when you can watch the great food truck race? am i right?

    other than that i'll probably get my drink on this evening and party like its 1977 for my hombre's birthday. Can you dig it? Want in? Toronto is only a short flight or moose ride away from nyc!

  • @jpbeingjb

    .watching my brothers girlfriend sweat meeting 2 grandmas in 1 night. we will have wine and an empty seat.
    .sleepover at my grandma's. she has an extra twinn.
    .recovering from oral surgery and staring at crunchy food I can't eat. you don't want any part of this.
    .sushi and too much saki at underground joint Decibel. it's communal seating, so proximity to diners is your call to jam in there!
    .stumbling streets in search of empty cab. you will be doing this anyways…
    .arguing with cab driver about the route he took uptown. you will be doing this anyways…
    .a convergence of mothers- me, my mother, and mother in law get together for an afternoon in the lower east side for the sold out museum exhibit: The Real Housewives of Henry St. it's sold out, but there might be a gift shop you can peruse.
    .Madison Square Eats. who doesn't like outdoor dining?
    .SUNDAY NIGHT DINNER AND A MOVIE!!! uptown theater is a must. lord knows what crawl in the seats of the village theaters.

  • I want this coat! You have the best giveaways!
    twitter: dani_jungle

    You can join me but then you need to come to Europe soon. My sister and me are making a short trip to Croatia! You have to visit this beautiful country. Even Jay-z and Beyoncรฉ did recently!


  • Anonymous


    I have a hangover. I fear it will last all weekend.

  • @joyandcake

    This weekend I will be sweating it out in bikram yoga, celebrating my birthday with my parents & NEW husband (guess I need to work on that repelling, huh?) and rehabbing our new home (nothing like a chick in dirty ripped jeans toting a hammer & paint brush! In heels, natch…HA!). Come on down to STL. Seriously. We need help on that house. Oh, and did I mention it's my birthday? AND I just got married? NEED THAT ANORAK! Gracias!


  • @MsBiancaYvette

    To celebrate the autumn season, I will be camping out under the stars, enjoying the cool Texas night and toughing out against the elements. Of course, there will be ooey-gooey s'mores, spicy tamales(I am such a Mexican), and warm beverages like Mexican hot chocolate and cinnamon coffee. My fellow debate friends and I invite you to join us as we discuss space exploration(this year's topic for competition), Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, and religion. Would you care to join? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I thoroughly enjoy Corey's comment, so much so I want to join in!

    Love the Lamb dress and great pics!

  • @inbtwnthesheets

    A simple weekend ahead.
    Might a attend a friend's show.
    Scavenge through the racks at Goodwill for any hidden gems to aid in my repelling.
    Try and catch up on some reading.
    Maybe a bike ride if the Pittsburgh weather decides to cheer up.

  • @kenaclapp

    This weekend I'll be doing my first stand-up comedy show and girl, you're more than welcome to be in my act!

  • JenM


    Tonight- baking a fuckton of austrian plum cake for a party tomorrow and drinking lots of wine
    Saturday morning- pilates, brunch (egg casseroles)
    Saturday afternoon- reading, reading, reading (fuck you, grad school)
    Saturday night- taking my new Missoni heels to a dinner party where I will be drinking lots more wine
    Sunday early morning- dancing my tush off somewhere
    Sunday morning-afternoon- sleep, brunch (fritatta?)
    Sunday evening- Boardwalk Empire boat party…any 20s-themed manrepellant suggestions?

    you did say detailed? Please come to Chicago.

  • twitter: cakewalkstyle

    This weekend? Flew in to nyc from Houston late, late, late last night. Today is a day for lollygagging. Where's the sun?? Monday- Ray LaMontagne in the park. ๐Ÿ™‚

    The coat is so fine. Loves it!!

  • Ashley

    twitter: ashleycalandra

    Like a true Man Repeller, I plan to sit on my couch (sans-man) and peruse the new collections on while wearing bright yellow pants and a red crop-top(inspired by Mr. Azrouรซl's SS12 collection, obviously.)

    All fellow man repellers allowed!!!!!!!!

  • @apj114

    this weekend i am throwing on a pair of hunter boots, a chunky knit sweater over a few other layers and getting ready to roll around in the hay.. at a fair.. MOFGA's Common Ground Fair in Unity Maine! Lots of organic food & products and REAL Maine fashion. there will be plenty of man repelling going on.. and i'm sure it is not on purpose.. but i think you would greatly enjoy. if not, you can join me sunday for some football and lounging around the house.

  • @mllecat

    I'm going to spend my entire saturday going through your archives to feed my malnourished ad exec soul some much needed creativity, fashion and cutting jabs. Then I'm going to open a bottle of wine and spend all night and the whole day after drooling enviously over this anorak which must be mine. It is my soulmate, it has been sent from heaven to this earth simply to be with me. It will make the dull grey of fall my companion, we will forever sit by the glow of a fireplace craddled into each other's arms.
    Please. Don't let me be alone this fall. Merci!

  • Twitter: @mayaalexis

    Weekend Plans (open invitation to one or all!): Drinking some vino with friends. Maybe a little dance party. Sweating out all of that vino with some yoga. Ruining my workout by having Laduree macarons for breakfast. Nutrition!! Holing myself up in my closet to figure out my fall wardrobe. Trying to let my Grandma let me paint her nails some ungodly color. Which means more wine or painting them while she is asleep. Having a staring contest with my Scottie because she wants me to take her for a walk. I'll take her for a walk, but she is going to have to call someone to pick up her s*** ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @kshoop
    katie [dot] schutrop [at] gmail [dot] com

    Weekend plans:

    Friday will be an exciting night of laundry (and probably some wine) accompanied by some bad reality TV. Hey – sometimes a girl has to have a grandma kind of night.

    Saturday's plans include lunch on an outdoor patio (gotta take advantage of the few warm days in Minnesota!), followed by dinner and drinks with girlfriends before heading to another friend's birthday house party. Let me know if I should add another person to our reservation!

  • @slopesinheels

    Im hitting up the Fred Segal sale in Santa Monica tomorrow morning after The Bar Method- duh, you're invited!!

  • Anonymous

    Debbie said….


    I don't 'tweet', but I still need a coat here in Pittsburgh–don't leave me out, please!

    We are moving furniture this weekend….PLEASE come and help. You are more than welcome. Get a hernia and all the pizza and beer you can handle! LOVE YOU!

  • Twitter: @4nnxo

    Weekend: no detailed plan yet-winging it as I do every weekend

    Goodluck to everyone but that babe is calling my name and I really hope I get it. x

  • @reenachohan

    Weekend plans are to relax, shop, drink and EAT.

  • @emmanicholson04

    This weekend I will board an always comfy and spacious Greyhound bus to Toronto, arrive hours earlier than my hotel check-in time, and wander around aimlessly, cold, (and coatless). Once the hotel has graciously allowed me into my room, Iโ€™ll empty my suitcase, pile on multiple layers, and repel men all over the streets of Toronto. Iโ€™ll hit up the Steam Whistle brewery tour, have 1 (or 5) beer samples, and then get ready to go out to the clubs to celebrate my best friendโ€™s 23rd birthday in a short, tight dress covered up completely with a boxy, menโ€™s suit jacket in full, man-repelling style. I would love some company straining the poor eyes of Toronto men!

  • @amberillustrati

    This weekend London is my oyster so I'll probably be popping down borough market to stuff my face with their delicious produce (and possibly get a little drawing done, who knows??) then it's back to the house for homemade grape vodka and lemonade (the tastiest of all drinks) basically it's a weekend for feasting… AND EVERYONE IS INVITED!

  • @meganelena22

    This weekend I will be partying in H-town with my hubs, friends, and my little bro. Wishing it was cold enough to wear a coat as I am tired of this heat!

  • Well, when I leave work I have to help my friend move. Which is going to suck because it is POURING here so I could really use that jacket today. See, I already need it. Then I'm meeting some friends for dinner in walking distance to my house so I plan on having a bottle of wine to myself and then walking my sweet ass home. Tomorrow is up in the air, but I'm thinking I'm going to watch THE CRUSH ( and then try to track down Claire Danes because I hear she's living in my friend's apartment building. Finally, Sunday! I have tickets to the panthers game where I am excited to debut my new RAG & BONE Panther turquoise/blue jeans! (Here's the panthers logo for color reference Yes I am wearing 4 inch wedges to tailgate. Yes I am going to track down our mascot Sir Pur.

    Reach me at or @MaryHappily if you'd like to join. We're having Fried chicken and biscuits at the Tailgate so I can defs save you some!

  • twitter: @prinbee

    Friday: Momofuku followed by uninhibited dancing and shameless man-hunting – YES you can join.
    Saturday: Hot date, location TBD – NO you cannot join.
    Sunday: painting my toes and googling Ryan Gosling- YES you can join.

  • Anonymous


    Step right up, come to your nation's capitol. Where I will be gracing Madewell's new store in Georgetown with ALEXA CHUNG! Sippin' champagne, repelling the fuck out of Georgetown and becoming BFFz with Alexa. Saturday.

  • @heysarajean

    well, seeing as how my eye has turned a disgusting, repelling shade of red. i'm visiting the ophthalmologist & running around the city completely blind. you are welcome to join me in feeling up random people on the street!

  • Great top photo! and Yay for layers and fall. Have a wonderful weekend!

    XO Hilary

  • @the_korilla

    This weekend I am going to Fairmont to celebrate my birthday with my ladies! You of course can/should join. There's even a slide into the pool. Can you say awesome?! Who doesn't love going down a slide several cocktails in? Saturday will consist of an international potluck and of course wine. What's a weekend without wine?

  • @nelson_baby

    Unfortunately, my showers being fixed so I'll be sitting at my favorite bistro catching up on all my favorite blogs & working on my own- Did you like how I plugged that? Thought so. And your welcomed to join my exciting & glamorous weekend.

  • Anonymous


    "liked" on fbook, and followed on twitter.

    This weekend I am attending a wedding, which you are welcome to join in on…but you probably don't want to come all the way to Georgia. (Plus I would force you to let me borrow clothes, which probably wouldn't go over so well).
    Love the jacket, great giveaway! Keep doing what you do lady!

  • @amblus
    amblus at


    Friday night: Project Runway and wine
    Saturday: gym, lunch out, shopping, wine and TV with my best friend
    Sunday: sleeping in, brunch, closet reorganizing, man-repelling.

    And yes, PLEASE TO JOIN ME.

  • Anonymous


    this weekend i will be at school – Lehigh University, it's our young alum weekend so everyone who graduated is coming back. What better way to celebrate the return of the great and the onslaught of cold weather with a fantastic new coat by one of my fav brands??

  • very special jacket ! like the color
    new post : evian design bottles + visit to coimbra university

  • @goldandgray

    this weekend I will be shopping the gem & jewelry show here in LA, getting drunk saturday night and studying all day sunday for an exam monday…sounds thrilling, I know. Obviously your welcome to join in.


  • Hey! Likely I will be giving birth to my second child this weekend. You're welcome to join us ; ) Possibly nothing repels/amazes a man more than child birth. I'll make sure to work that hospital gown, too.

    Twitter: @elasticpantcity

  • @hilaryweissman

    I'll be tailgating and attending the UMD Terps vs. Temple…if you want to come to ColliePark you are more than welcome! There are men you'll definitely want to repel. Otherwise come to DC and attend the Capitol File mag lounge at All Access: Fashion at Tyson's Galleria ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The dress is soo beautiful!!! The is Great!!!


  • @frizzo3133

    Well this weekend I'm going to a pajama party for 3 of my sorority sisters and then moseying on over to the fraternities to welcome my favorite frat's NEW PLEDGES (fun times). Saturday I may or may not be attending a champagne party at possibly one of the most sketchiest venues associated with my college. Feel free to join Man Repeller, we would love to have you <3

  • @nobodygrl
    Throwing a Michael Jackson vs. Prince vs. Madonna dance-off. Ridiculous outfits aren't optional but I doubt you'll have a probably with that!

  • Also, September 28th is a Wednesday… Confusion…

  • Cecy


    I'll be trying to figure out how to get a pumpkin martini, 'cause is fall you know, come!

  • @jamieleilani

    Friday night at Ella on Ave A dancing to live fifties music by The Debonairs.

    Saturday day at the FryeSpotted Installation at the Brooklyn Flea from 10-2, rain or shine.

    Sunday is reserved for a UES jaunt to Laduree to stock up on pretty boxes of macarons before heading home to LA on Monday.

    Can you join us? Mais oui!

  • Twitterrrr: GalipetteLu

    Easy enough, no? This weekend I'll be apple picking at a one year old's birthday bash, having drinks at a prohibition bar with cousins and cooking on Sunday for my mama's birthday. Woohoo that's a whole lotta somethin' somethin'. Of course, you're invited!

    Etsy Shop:

  • That's my coat! We were meant to be together.

    At my sister's wedding this weekend, at a lake house on the Cape. It's going to rain ๐Ÿ™ but I'll be damned if we're not going to party.

  • @pamela_shari

    I'll be in the library studying for econ so that one day I can gave a job that allows me to buy the things I blog about!

  • Mo


    Pro tennis tournament with my husband watching his player.

  • @mmmaddy

    Tonight I am hanging out with the bf, so you should obviously come hang to teach me to better repel, and to not have gotten myself in this non repelling relationship in the first place.

    Saturday I have 3 places to be and 1 me, so come along and take my place so I can stay home and watch reruns.

  • ( omg, gimme gimme gimme!)

    After having my angryface each morning I eat to much roasted bread with chocolat, I feed the cat, I shower, I dry, and then I'll check your blog, I'll check mine, I will be painting the whole house, and a friend of mine instead. I have some extraordinaty painting skillz, you see.
    I'll be crashing some parties and hopefully get home.
    and on sunday I will be scoring some reallynice vintage pieces at the vintagemarket. and become extremely stressed out for school on monday… since I don't own any fancy coat to wear! Truly need it.

    Following everything you've asked!
    je_suis_sophie_ @twitter

  • Liked Fb, and following on both! What an amazing giveaway! I have back to back to back birthday shindigs and bbq's…SoCal can't enough of our fleeting summer it seems! So ready to rock Fall in this gorgeous coat!

    twitter: hautekhuuture
    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • @lanottestellata

    I am currently working in construction and am stuck in the hell hole of north dakota, so I'll be working all weekend. An open invitation to join stands, but i'd safely bet, no one is interested in this.

  • KH

    This weekend we'll be monster truck driving in the New Mexico desert, followed by a chicks-only oil wrestling party in a ruined adobe. We'll all be wearing Prada's SS2012 hotrod collection. And the matching sunglasses. Yes of course you can helicopter in – just be nice to my pet coyote.

    Well anyway that's what I would prefer to be doing this weekend. LOVE that coat.

    kellieliza at



    SO EXCITED, going to see this new band I'm really into- The Rapture. Check them out if you are on the market for some new tunes:

    And OF COURSE you can come, Webster Hall tonight meet me there.

  • twitter: @ellencatlin

    I'm running a concert series saturday night, taking a wee trip to the art museum on sunday and planning to frolick around good old Athens, Ga in the mean time….you can, of course, join.

  • Jac


    This weekend I will be shopping for my upcoming trip to New York and making jewelry. I'm on the hunt for a colored pant that will ensure the silencing of any cat calls as I stroll down the streets of Manhattan. Then I will be creating some accessories that will befuddle and bemuse the opposite sex. Sounds fun, yes? Hop on a plane to So Cal and come join me.

    P.S. I would love to have this jacket to wear in NY. The dual layers would be perfect for this time of year.

  • Twitter: @Danielamhernan

    This weekends man repelling activities include: one full day's work servicing all the man getting brides, photographing some nudie girls for this artsy fartsy show, and my birthday on sunday (dinner with my parents, a concert, and perhaps copious amounts of alcohol). You can join. I might add I'm totally boners up for that anorak.

  • @jacqlobel

    This weekend I'll be writing a research paper on the Jewish Diaspora and staying in because I'm a broke college student which is why you should give me a free coat. Thank you and keep being fabulous so I can continue to enjoy your life vicariously xo Jacqueline

  • @adri__fox

    I'm actually really sick so I'm not sure I'll be up to much this weekend. Although my sick look may help me manrepell even more? yes? we shall find out

  • Geanie


    I will be joining in celebration, along with the rest of my family, as my little sister takes her rite of passage in to "womanhood" by way of mega-party. In other words, i'm going to her sweet 16 party. Then, i'm back to my island in the Bahamas… minor stop in Miami… and of course you're welcome to join!


  • @KLexisV

    This weekend, I need to get more paint for my kitchen. I also need to get a new loveseat and two chairs for my living room. And while I'm out and about doing that, I need to search for the perfect weekend bag that will hold all my clothes during those times that I take the occasional four day weekend. Then, thenext day, I have musical rehearsal. Yes, Leandra, you may join me in all my weekend actions. Of course. Any time :).

  • pia


    I'm planning on staying in all weekend watching The Wire and eating mexican food. everybody is welcomed!

    ps. I need THAT coat! It's really getting cold in luxembourg

  • @jfrascat9

    This weekend will consist of me standing up against the walls at parties, daring guys to talk to me as they're met by either the sight of my pleated maxi skirt, oxford loafers, or 'vintage' granny leopard chemise. I'll probably also dance like the giant white girl gaffoon that I am, pretending to have rhythm while dubstep and techno are pounding in my ears. I imagine some sort of studying for midterms will take place. Any chance you have a proficiency in calculus or astronomy?

    Definitely a trip to the mall. I need some boots. Preferably biker boots with enough buckles and studs to challenge the appropriate leather to metal ratio of actual 'shoes.' Steel-toed? More like steel-SHOED.

    And yes. You're invited. You're always invited!

  • @KaneAdele

    Tonight I will be celebrating rosh hashanah with my surrogate family in Brooklyn (of course you can and should join) then tomorrow I will be enjoying the Dumbo Festival and gallery openings after work at retail store MONGO ๐Ÿ™‚

    with love a poor student in fashion – Adele

  • Anonymous


    Casually tromping around downtown Minneapolis shooting 'Street Chic From Fly-Over Land' and putting to rest Wintour's comments that we are all little houses. And because it will probably be raining or snowing tomorrow anyways, I'll be sporting lots of layers + hunter boots as if I'm going to the Glastonbury Festivals along with my flaming red head belle Brooke who serves as my fashion counterpart and friend. Furthermore, you are invited to brunch with me and Brooke on Sunday at the Bad Waitress where tattoos run rampant, organic burritos are served on the fly and retro film posters cover the wall- all to the beat of Elvis and Buddy Holly @ 9:00am.

  • @kaileykramer
    get at me.

    going to @madewellboston tonight to casually meet, greet (bow down to) alexa ching chang bombdiggity chung (!!!!!!!) no black and white punctuation can accurately express my excitement. she is the beesiest kneesiest although i will probably become wrought with nervous emotion, blotches, butt sweats, shaky bangles, the whole 9 yards and never actually get to tell her that. to be continued….

    then les/fort green for the rest of the weekend to visit some old n'great, (*not the elderly kind) friends. come along and join us, we're a fun gang. ….and bring the coat. or else — in the least threatening way.

    god that thing is silly good.

    silly. good.


  • twitter: km_mckeon

    weekend plans: watching a copious amount of movies while eating a copious amount of thai, mexican or japanese food. gotta love rainy weekends!

  • @tomato606

    This weekend is full of fun shopping at crazy vintage shops downtown! Traveling around to find bracelets for arm parties, and warming clothing to prepare for winter! And of course the ever important class on Saturday and back to work Sunday.
    I must say though, that coat would make anyone the best looking manreppeller out there this winter!

    Have a fantastic day/week/month/whatever!

  • Fabulous coat! Great series of photos!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I'll be starting the weekend off right tonight by hosting a baby shower for Beyonce! She probably won't show up, but all parties need themes, and I wanted an excuse to hang pictures of little African American babies all over my apartment. You're more than welcome to join in on the festivities Leandra, MORE THAN WELCOME. Tomorrow morning I'll go to kundalini yoga and then hopefully stop by Smorgasburg to gorge myself with delicious food. Sunday will be a day of rest and homework, because I go to the New School and am knee deep in papers due! Come to my party, you know you want too!!!

    Sincerely yours,

    twitter: judith_louise
    e mail:

  • I love that first photo ๐Ÿ™‚
    My Twitter name: @TeaRom (and Facebook Tea R….)
    This weekend unfortunately it's my working weekend, so I have to work, but you can join me on my work if you really want to ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This weekend I will be heading to the Cider Mill! W00T! A Midwest tradition โ€” since only peeps in the Midwest think it's ok to spend an entire afternoon outside, around a barn, picking apples and then only eating donuts. The apple-picking is really only involved so you feel better about gorging yourself with fried balls of dough, and then washing them down with sugar water (or in laymen's terms: apple cider). Deelish.

    For reference:

    Happy first day of fall…autumn…whatever!

    ((hugs)) – Ahed

    twitter: @ahednakad

  • rf

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Twitter @BeautyByBenz
    This weekend I will be blogging (duh). Then tomorrow I will be having brunch with my girlfriends on the lower east side (which means I'll be intoxicated from mimosas for most of the afternoon). Nothing repels my bf quite like me coming home with mimosa breath and talking about makeup & clothes. Saturday night I will certainly be hung over when most people are just getting ready to go out. Sunday I will need to eat a healthy diet of cool ranch doritos and Papa John's in order to recover from Saturday. And, of course, YOU'RE INVITED! Sounds like a stellar weekend, doesn't it?

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @_astridcarrillo
    Weekend plans: Heading to Arizona for a big college football game! U of A vs Oregon :)come one come all!

  • twitter: @misharae
    weekend plans: movie in the park night at dolores park in san francisco, would be great to have that coat! yes of course you can come, if you like Top Gun (duh)! hike in marin, sleeping in. ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS – I love your LAMB dress, perfection!

  • Hi Leandra! Oh oh pick me!


    Going to see Louis CK at Hofstra! You give me the jacket and I'll give you a ticket! Hehe. Or not. K bye.

  • Twitter: danceinabandon

    This weekend is homecoming at my college, so I'll be involved with all of those festivities. Tonight there is the homecoming dance, to which I'll be wearing a flapper-esque mini dress, tomorrow there is a parade in which I will be marching (I'm on the dance line), and there is also a football game at which I will be performing. Our team isn't very good and our school is small, so you are perfectly able to come, but I doubt you'd enjoy it.

  • Twitter @leslietamara

    Weekend plans: Nothing fancy like going away for the weekend or planning a babyshower for a celebrity. I'm going to do some vintage furniture hunting in Brooklyn. And ofcourse you can join, after all you do have pretty good taste ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Viveca


    Tonight I am going for cheap oysters with friends and then to a rum bar. Tomorrow I have homework and job applications!!!! Then it is my friend's birthday. She is from the dirty dirty so we are going to this Louisiana themed restaurant called Ninth Ward and making her cake and such. Sunday is also made for homework and jobs. You are more than welcome to come to any of this (especially the job part! I have a feeling a man-repeller-approved cover letter would be a job getter for sure).

  • @mirror_diaries

    This weekend I'll be saying goodbye to my bf who is off to the army on Monday ๐Ÿ™ But you see this is kind of a military jacket so if I win we could be all matchy-matchy…

  • Mourt

    Twitter @cnmuniz

    Today is the eve of LoveFest, which will commence tomorrow in San Francisco! This is the parade of all parades; imagine Gay Pride (especially with the repeal of DADT) mixed with hippies, wild child and unusual people of all kinds flocking together for 8 hours of indescribable freedom of expression…Gaga on steroids. I can not wait to indulge in adult beverages on the Bay Area Rapid Transit on the way there and socialize with people that I would never have encountered otherwise. You only live once!

  • twitter: @shainadotson
    my weekend will include copious amounts of cocktails, dancing and packing for I am moving on to bigger and better things in just one week! I'll need my manrepelling coat in MA! You're invited to all of the above

  • Anonymous

    twitter: Jborche

    I'm getting a manicure and a leg wax. Join me for the manicure, but the leg wax might be a bit perverted.

  • Twitter: @JayHillary

    This weekend, as I do all weekends, I will be getting my shimmy on. Which includes but is not limited to downing cheap beer in brooklyn bars, dancing around the island Manhattan, serving overweight people margaritas and fajitas, and nannying three kiddos in Williamsburg whilst also maintaining a solid GPA. You are more than welcome to come watch the kids, do my homework, drink my cheap booze, and tip me handsomely, I accept payment in the form of fabuloso jackets.

  • Anonymous


    this weekend is bursting at the seams with finding different ways to utilize my rainboots with ridiculous outfits, as well as increasing my efforts to unscrew my window to provide access to my balcony…

  • Sophie

    Twitter: @sophcburt

    This weekend my housemates and I are making the most of the London sunshine and we are having a backyard BBQ followed by a time travel to 1969 for a fancy dress Woodstock themed party for a friend who is moving back to Australia and anothers whose birthday it is. The woodstock album has been downloaded and the flowing dresses and feathered head pieces are ready to go! Of course you are welcome!!!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Twitter @koroanna

    Baking zucchini loaf and watching the rain in Chicago. Join please we can raid my aunt's closet and try on the most repelling outfits Chicago vintage stores style. I am talking all rainbow colored fake fur. Maybe we can even make a hand muff….I think I will start now

  • Twitter: _jtk_
    Weekend plans: figuring out how to dress for a toga party while also repelling the menfolk I encounter at said party.

  • I'm trying to write something super witty and exciting, so I keep deleting and re-writing. I think it really demonstrates my capacity for procrastination, so it's a good guess that my weekend with be filled with last minute tweaks to my thesis proposal and lots of eating. If you come, I'll make you a pie!

    Twitter: devushkakatusha

  • tweeter : @livinggoldie
    Email :

    This weekend I am doing absolutely nothing. Well at least nothing planned. And yes, I am proud to be a bum for 2 days after working 65 hours this week.. Id love to bum around in this bum style jacket, I can't imagine a better way to repel!
    I mean you can join if you want…

  • @ashlynparish

    I've got big plans and you're more than welcome! Tonight I'm heading to the Black and White Party at The River Club and then tomorrow I'm hitting the Brooklyn Flea with our friend Jenna (from CM). Of course, we're going to try all the food at the various booths. So, don't forget to raid the ATM before the flea!

  • Lesley

    1) Check
    2) Check
    3) @lesleylanga &
    Weekend plans: hanging with old ladies, don't know if you'd enjoy it
    4) Yay! Hope to win.

  • Anonymous


    my plans for this weekend:
    go through sorority recruitment
    maybe get some homework done
    read manrepeller
    catch up on milan fashion week
    and you are totally allowed to tag alone

  • @nboddington

    You are always welcome to hang with me. We will be watching college football, eating delicious snacks and drinking Sam Adams Octoberfest. Simple pleasures, my dear! xo.

  • @jonesmim

    Tonight I am snoozing so tomorrow I can crack down on my buys for spring orders and then let loose with the footloose tomorrow night….and if I'm lucky maybe I'll get laid……jk……not really

  • Julia

    thejulia at gmail dot com

    I'm in San Francisco- high on extravagance low on style. It's also HOT here. I have a seriously sweet silk transparent floral mumuu I plan on wearing over my bikini to and from the pool. Also included: hugely bug-eyed Karen Walker's and a mad hat I got in Espana. Let's kick back, read some serious scifi (yo, I'm a nerd), and drink fresh raspberry mojitos.

  • twitter: stilistele

    DO you realize you know the plan of thousands of people for this weekend and you can find out their location too? Is that how controlling you are? :))
    I'm just gonna write during the whole weekend, luckily about fashion.

  • twitter:meredithhubble

    I will be drinking dark and stormys at Schiller's because of this rain in NYC!

  • Ks.

    Join me, Serbia is gonna be rad this weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

    @forrest_ish ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Anonymous


    I'll be hiding out from the NYC rain and shopping for a man-repelling new jacket….that is, unless I get to own this fabulous one instead?!

  • Miriam


    It's weekend!!! It means…PARTY!!! and in party everyone can join! Come with me to danceeeee ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous


    let's see…my parents are coming for parents weekend at my school, so i will definitely be taking the opportunity to eat LOTS of non-college food. And who knows what other plans might pop up along the way…probably a lot of lusting over this coat. the loose fit would definitely do a good job of covering up my freshman 15

  • @liciamurphy

    Seeing as I'm a college student and its the weekend, I will be: drinking some white peony tea, traveling to a few antique/thrift shops on the outskirts of campus to get some new clothing, and doing some "illicit" activities. But its the weekend and all I need to do for homework on Monday is write a few poems so I'm just going to use the excuse 'its inspiration'. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and you're VERY welcome to join. I'll make you a cup of tea as soon as I know you're on your way.

  • Kristien

    Twitter: Kristienantwerp

    Tomorrow I'll be at work, wishing I was at home. On Sunday I'll be at home, wishing I had a nice, warm parka, cuz it's getting cold already! Sounds like fun, right, haha!

  • well my twitter handle is @bellissimostyle … well my email is … so my plans this weekend entail lighting a candle and praying for that fantastic anorak and you're welcome to join so long as that jacket is in your hand with the words "FOR MEGAN" accompanying it … in real life, I'm attending a Billy Reid fashion show and from there we will see where the wind takes me.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Man Repeller,
    I have discovered the ultimate human repeller. Please read the following events that recently unfolded:

    Girl who passed high school and apparently graduated college with honors asks me with no prefacing at all,
    โ€œWhat China are you from?โ€
    I reply โ€œIโ€™m not from Chinaโ€ฆIโ€™m Korean.โ€
    Girl comes back with, โ€œYeah but which China are you from?โ€
    โ€ฆyou can imagine my confusionโ€ฆ
    I reply, โ€œIโ€™m not from China. Iโ€™m from KOREA.โ€
    Girl says, โ€œOh I knew you were from one of those Chinese countriesโ€ฆlike Vietnam or something.โ€
    โ€ฆHow to react? How to react?โ€ฆ.Just walk away.

    Girl says, โ€œI just simplized that line for you. Donโ€™t thank me or anything.โ€
    โ€œI just simplized the line for you.โ€
    โ€œI think you meant to say simplified.โ€
    โ€œNo, simplized is a word!โ€
    (FYI Iโ€™m watching the little red squiggly underline RIGHT NOW!)
    โ€œItโ€™s not, but okayโ€ฆthank you for simplifying the line for me.โ€
    (The disagreement was longer but I feel you get the gist.โ€)

    My stand- in manager asks me if I remember working with a client from Istanbul. I say that I donโ€™t because I would have remembered. All of our clients are from the United Statesโ€ฆmainly from the center of the country. So, then, my stand-in manager asks the Girl,

    โ€œDo you remember working with a company based in Istanbul?โ€
    โ€œYes! They were the ones speaking Spanish?โ€
    โ€ฆI give her the benefit of the doubt, I want her to be able to defend herself. I ask her why she thinks that the customer who was speaking Spanish might be the company from Istanbul, in question.
    โ€œBecause Spanish is the language they speak.โ€
    Now, Iโ€™m no genius, but I am pretty sure that Istanbul is in, or around they would have probably been speaking Turkish. But because I didnโ€™t want her to go on thinking that the native language of Istanbul was Spanish, I told her that I thought the language spoken in Istanbul might be Turkish..

    This time, instead of arguing, she says,
    โ€œWell Iโ€™m not THAT educated.โ€ Then she laughed for a while and replied in a near shout, โ€œJust kidding!!โ€

    That was when I calmly told her, โ€œThat was the smartest thing youโ€™ve ever said.โ€

    Since I moved from NY to Dallas I have come into contact with way too many human repellers. So what will I do this weekend? I will hide in the privacy of my home. May you join me? I WILL PAY YOU.


  • Amazing! I'm in love with the coat!

  • @auroralopez

    I love that coat!

    Starting with tonight, I will be dragged to a Kyuss (no idea) concert by my boyfriend. I thought dragging was exclusively in the girlfriend job description!

    Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to a LATE brunch at Cafe Mogador for yummy Moroccan food followed by a visit to the Opera Gallery for a viewing of their latest exhibit which opened on Thursday.

    Lazy Sunday at the Peninsula Spa with my girl friends. Come with us Man Repeller! Nothing more repelling than a chunky bathrobe, slippers, and a brown clay mask! Ahhhh…..

  • @laurengcarey
    you crack me up! happy bday to the pops!

    visit me!

  • Anonymous

    Oh and my handle: @morgan_de_toi

    With love,
    The girl from one China

  • Morgan Wynn


    This weekend I will be attending Nocturnal Festival in San Bernadino, California. Not only will I be listening to somg great tunes, but I will be taking photos for my personal style blog (still a work in progress). I would LOVE it if you would join, it's not too late to catch a plane to LA. Hurry! Hurry!

  • Alexandra Williams


    I'm taking a week off of drinking so I'll probably just be thinking about drinking all weekend; thinking about drinking and online shopping.

  • Olgster


    This weekend will be super kick ass bc Sunday is my 29th birthday! I'm having an awesome nt in NYC eating dinner at Ninja NYC where ninjas serve you, then roller skating at the Highline if that total bitch Mother Nature allows (private room Karaoke if not), and ending the night at the Fat Black Pussycat bar. And girlllllll, F YES you're welcome to come ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • love love love the dress! The coat is obviously fantastic as well!

  • Leaandra, I loove your giveaways!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I'm just in love with the fact that you host them for cool brands, rather than crappy fashion(-y?) ones… And well, this time is no different, cause let me just say WOW! You can't get any cooler or fashion-forwarder than Yigal Azrouel's Cut 25!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    So anyway:
    Twitter handle – @MissLauraHueto
    Follow follow followed everything
    Weekend plans – shopping (yay!) in Paris (double yay!) and babysitting (meh) slash watching a movie while the kids are sleeping (yay!)
    You're absolutely welcome to join me, although I must confess attending fashion week events does sound like a slightly more appealing option.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sydney


    As a college student, the typical weekend is fairly simple: nap after work, drink obscene amounts of cheap beer, wake up confused, sleep all day, go shopping, eat ramen, eat Jimmy Johns, nap, drink obscene amounts of cheap beer, wake up confused, sleep all day, scramble to do homework

  • Twitter: @stephschneider
    email is in my profile

    This weekend, I am sleeping. A lot. And eating yummy food at the Eat Real Food Fest in Oakland.

  • kaity gaskill

    kaitygaskill – tweeeterrr – email

    I'm going to a dub step party…. you're welcome to join if you bring moves like this

    also, i'm obsessed with you… so there's that
    kaity gaskill

  • Fabulous how you styled it!

    Twitter: @stylebymj

    This weekend I am starting my work as a sales associate at the new Nordstrom opening in St. Louis. I could sell ANYTHING if I was wearing that amazing anorak!

  • Twitter: Suzysometimes

    This weekend I'm hoping to go see SpankRock at Le Bain tomorrow night! Weee

  • I love reading your blog and am so inspired by you! ๐Ÿ™‚ keep up with your lovely man-repelling ways!

    Twitter: @kaseychowfun

    My uber-exciting weekend kicks off with having to work all weekend as a sales associate at J.Crew and hopefully relaxing a bit at home. Gotta work to pay for fashionable things that I (usually) can't afford!

  • Ida

    twitter: @idastambuk

    I'll be reading Pride and prejudice while wearing my new hat from h&m; styled with my new&improved; fringes. If you stop by Croatia over the weekend I can definitely throw a party,..yes.definitely. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @shaunafbrown (starting to pick up on common theme. i.e that I'm completely unoriginal)

    Let me start by saying I LURVE that L.A.M.B dress. and the C25 jacket, I mean seriously, lurve doesn't even begin to describe..

    But moving on to my weekend. While my weekends tend to be on the more dull side of things (working out, casual social network stalking, living vicariously through my single friends) this weekend that's alll going to change.. I've got two words for you; Housewarming Party. One of my beloved colleagues is throwing a party for her new digs in Santa Monica, as such I fully intend to warm that house till the wee hours of the morning. And I'd like to take this opportunity to formally invite you as well! So get that bootay on a plane and meet me at LAX. oh yes and don't forget to pack your cape heels ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @_Michsi_

    I don't know about NY but here in DC it's set to rain for 5 days. Flash flood warnings already. Sooo more then likely i'm unfreezing the pizza dough, piling up on sorbet, possibly buying some DVD's or taking full advantage of Netflix and the family is staying in. Now you can come through only if you are fine with my Cat Vittles (bless is 15 yr old heart) sleep on your lap, neck, or anywhere else he decided to prop up and doze off. He lovesssss the ladies. Thats one little guy you can't repel hun.

  • Anonymous


    I will be man repelling at a hockey game tonight and tomorrow night I will go hiking, to finish the day at a pub hopefully. yes..! Please join me here!!!!

  • Anonymous


    i'll be wine tasting tomorrow so expect me to get drunk ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous


    Working, watching football, attending NFL game on Sunday!!!WHO DAT ?!

  • Anonymous


    True Life: I'm a college student and, unfortunately, not much is going on down here on the Plains this weekend (aka Auburn University). So who knows what this weekend has in store for me. It might be cheering on a football team, shopping, skydiving, roadtripping or even sleeping?

    Love, enjoy and embrace the unknown.

  • Anonymous


    This weekend I'll be riding my Missoni for Target bike around the park, followed by a picnic, followed by playing board games all night. And of course you can join! It's not a party without a little man repelling.

  • @redshoesnonix

    …I shall be working like a dog tomorrow and then hanging with old friends on saturday night in the great city of London! Sunday I'll be recovering…if you want to come and watch reruns of Dawsons Creek while eating cheese then by all means come join me. xx

  • @CaityCwik

    I'll be doing homework, applying for jobs, thrifting, and Sunday I'm watching The Devil Wears Prada with my two straight guy friends. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous


    I'll be going shopping in downtown Milwaukee with my roommates, then later tonight I'll be going to Dayglow… the rest of this weekend is up in the air though will probably involve running around the city at one in the morning (in too-tall heels and a fabulous new blue sequined-covered dress). You are welcome to join, if you feel like flying to Milwaukee, that is.

  • Anonymous


    Since I happen to be a huge nerd, I knew it was my duty to go with my roommate this weekend to Brown University and attend our friend's party. Well, you say, that doesn't sound so nerdy…but what if I told you that said party is being thrown by the literary society in honor of the very brilliant but very dead (rest his soul) J.D. Salinger. What craziness could ensue you ask…well if you like Catcher in the Rye as much as I do please come along and see. I may also try to fit in some homework, but since I am a senior and I graduate in December I have…checked out you could say…and after 4 years of hard work I deserve a little something (i.e. an amazing coat, don't ya think?) Peace, love and J.D. Salinger

  • Anonymous


    I will be cheering on the cocks…yes i said cocks..gamecocks at the University of South Carolina! It's also parents weekend so I will be galavanting around town with them all weekend. If you want to see what an SEC college football game entails come join in on the festivities:)

  • 1. Dunzo.
    2. Dunzo.
    3. @rsevillet
    It's my boyfriend's birthday tonight, so we're going out to dinner. Yeah, I guess that means I'm not really performing my societal duty to repel, but dig this: I'm wearing a dress that has a giant martini glass and aspirin pill printed on the front with an alarm clock printed on the ass. AND! toppin' that shit off with this vintage Comme des Garcons men's shirt. The last time I wore that baby, my boyfriend said, "So..I'm trying…to figure out…how you put that on."

    AND OH MY GOD OF COURSE you can join. Love the idea of the three of us sharing nice intimate meal on the LES, you admiring the dog-shaped floral arrangement (!!!!) I sent him at work this morning (VISUAL AID:

    4. Um like ok whatever, see you then.

  • Olivia



    I will be running over to a local SF magazine's office to grab their new magazine to review for my magazine's upcoming issue. Will proceed to get inebriated with said new magazine because what the hell am I doing working over the weekend?

    Next, I'll be actively avoiding the nude-in in the Castro, although if you come we can go in the name of (straight) man repelling(because really, what is more man repelling than hanging out with a bunch of naked men in the castro???). For good measure, we can stop by the Folsom St. Fair.

    Really though, what could be a better detox from Fashion Week than a tipsy weekend surround by naked people?

  • Shoot, I cancelled my facebook account, but undid it, liked'em and cancelled it again. Hope I win!

  • Leah



    This weekend I'll be filling out college applications. Lang here I comeeee!

  • @lindsaylelivelt

    1- layering up my scarves, shirts and bracelets
    2- heading downtown to Minneapolis for a play about drinking games, which i plan to play while watching
    3- i will be saving you a seat

  • @ltloabudget

    Im supposed to go on a date. Then its school work, and some more school work. JOY

  • @ emleaberry
    emleaberry at gmail dot com

    I'm going fabric and sewing supply shopping at Mood this weekend. Please join me! Fabric shopping with the Man Repeller would be awesome! I'm making a pencil skirt, and the fabric has to be extra man repelling.

  • Anonymous


    wilin' out

  • Anonymous


    I will be watching division 3 football tomorrow afternoon in 60 degree weather and getting shitfaced to celebrate homecoming weekend. Not necessarily in that particular order, either. If you come, bring those hand warmers you shake to activate and a thermos of baileys hot chocolate. Minnesota doesn't seem to care that summer only ended yesterday.

  • Fei Chen

    Twitter: feibaybay

    I will be froliking around London! No plans. Obviously welcome to join.

  • Anonymous

    guess whoooo patate – c moi – @roxanazadeh (i know you love it, originality has always been my forte)

    This weekend i will be hanging out with kia and marky mark having sparkling cider and playing video games. wait that was last weekend. nevermind.

  • Fei Chen

    Twitter: @feibaybay

    I will be froliking around London! No plans. Obviously welcome to join.

  • Twitter: @ekhazeie

    The weekend plans consist of making a homemade pasta primavera this evening for friends (come on over, we can't live that far from each other, I'm just on the Upper East Side!) followed by heavy drinking and a friends party. This will be followed tomorrow by struggling to get up for class at FIT, heading to the Daphne Guinness exhibit and then more heavy drinking at a friends place on the Upper West Side. Sunday will be spent sleeping it all off and cuddling with the roommates, which would be a lot more enjoyable with a new anorak to cuddle in. Come join the party!

  • Twitter: leannuh2013
    My plans: absolutely nothing, for the first time in weeks…seeing as how I'm not doing anything exciting you might not want to join in, but you're welcome to!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • email-
    twittaaaaa- @noeconnait

    dearest man repeller,
    as much as i would love to spend the weekend with you, i am in france and you are in new york. if you can get on a plane in the next 43 minutes, i will meet you in paris in the morning! if not, i will be in bourgeois-ing in beaujolais.. hope there's no traffic on the way to JFK. :))))))))
    noe connaรฎt

    ps- if you decide to stay in new york, go see dancing nuns in sister act on the broadway for me..

  • Twitter:@missangelwong

    This weekend I will be hanging out in Toronto with my awesome dog, doing some shopping at Intermix, and bopping to some tunes at a latin salsa night, all while repelling my Husband in my most man repelling outfit, which will cause him to say, "honey, is that what you're wearing?"
    Won't you join me?!

  • Twitter: gabharrison

    I hope you like tequila (with lime and salt of course!) cause you need to join me and a handful of friends in a night of shots-shots-shots-shots and mostly likely some highly embarrassing dancing. Oh and then studying for a Anatomy/ Physiology exam?

  • @625love

    Tonight gettin wasties at the bahs with old BFFS. Tomorrow going on a Fat Ride which is a beer crazed bike ride around SF. Obv in my best man repelling get up. Sunday I will be day dreaming about winning this amazing coat duh. and you should probably come with.

  • Twitter: @eleanorapplecor

    This weekend I plan on lounging on a couch eating grapes whilst a slow-moving oil painter captures my very essence on canvas. OR eating pizza, watching Lifetime.

  • @avagracescloset

    I have a wedding, well a renewal of vows following a destination wedding really, on Sunday. No they're not Jewish. And it will be like 20 degrees so tunic dress, opaque tights and booties.

    You in?

  • You are so funny and this is the reason I love your blog. Love your outfit perfect for the season and weather…..Have a great weekend.

  • I really like ur blog. U got one new reader :).
    Following each other? ๐Ÿ™‚
    visit me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @rberg912

    Detailed plans include sleeping in, attending the Evanston Farmers Market for some fresh fall veggies, preferably so I can make a rainbow salad, dressing up like a southern belle (piling on the floral, lace, and pearls) to attend a horse race with some friends, enjoying drinks made with Sweet Tea Vodka and sleeping in on Sunday. Loving Chicago, but wishing I was in NYC. Feel like visiting? I know some midwest girls who are dying to meet you. We man repel daily

  • @samanthawittwer

    And what am I doing this weekend? Well, it looks like I'll be up to my regular man-repelling hobbies. I'm going to knit a chunky circle scarf that I can hide my face in all winter long. I'm thinking of doing it in a heathered gray with a thin neon red stripe running through… am I hearing Yays or Nays?
    When I'm not doing that I'm going to be working on homework. I'm touching up a font design that I've been working on and taking way too many photographs of scenic views and sad looking people staring out windows. Tres artsy fartsy, non?
    I'll also probably be spending a lot of time in facial masks because it's been a long week and my skin is not good at hiding it. I'm like the pinocchio of pimples… but without the lying? Ok, that analogy worked better in theory but I'm sticking with it.
    Most Importantly, I'm going to paint my nails tonight. I'm thinking of doing five different shades of blue, one for each finger. I'm hoping this will cement my status as the dopest girl on the block.

    I also think I should just blast Adele and do a lot of dancing around my apartment by myself…

    needless to say you're welcome to join at any point!

  • Anonymous


    Currently I am in Paris for the semester so tomorrow I am going to visit the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and then going out for some drinkity drinks. On Sunday i'll probably wonder around the Marais and vintage shop, there will probably be be some falafel involved. You are definitely invited.

  • NY Urban Men's Basketball Fall League CHAMP GAME, DUH, aren't you doing the same? It's the trendiest thing happenin' in Manhattan! Join me cheering on my boyfriend and our bff's tonight at the High School for Graphic Communication Arts on 49th St. We can drink Bud Lite out of water bottles and pretend like we're 17 again!



  • ann jacoby

    Twitter: @amjacoby2

    This weekends activities include but are not limited to… creating a twitter account (check!) for the sole purpose and mere chance of being the lucky owner of this amazing coat, drinking and overeating at a friends apartment, and searching for a new favorite pair of jeans since my last ones just got a hole in the crotch ๐Ÿ™

  • Twitter: @lamonttara

    This weekend, it's all plans. Some are pending, some are set in stone. And Leandra, if you were to join (particularly the brunch at Cafe Gitane on Sunday at 11:30am, where this coat would also be the perfect companion) it would be the perfect weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
    Saturday: Pending on whether my husband has to work or will be spending the day with me.
    Begin the day by sleeping in and pancakes for breakfast (I cook). Go to Ikea for what will be another trip of wondering whether it's worth the trek out there and arguments over whether we need more candles (yes) or an orchid (also, yes)
    Head home and have an afternoon nap
    read fashion magazines
    Sunday: Wake up and try out a new Tom Ford lip color. I need a signtuare lip, see.
    11:30am Head to Cafe Gitane for breakfast with Robyn (she's a model who just moved here) and Chanelle (another new girl from my native Aus that's friends with my friend) I want to know if you pronounce her name like Chanel ๐Ÿ™‚
    3:30pm- Mani/Pedi at Haven Spa (did i tell you this may be a hard day?)
    5pm- Maybe head up to the new Laduree store to get some yummy macaroons.
    you see- my weekend will be amazing! All it needs is you.. and that coat.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: kristaleepz


    This weekend I plan on going to have drinks with some girlfriends and going to the Improv comedy club you are absolutely invited and you will laugh your ass off. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Done done and done!
    Twitter: @BeautMess

    This weekend, I am enjoying the start of Summer weather in NZ and heading to town to watch the Rugby World Cup madness!

  • Twitter: @Carenawest

    Tonight, I will be getting drunk with a bunch of old folks for my mothers birthday. Not that she's old, but her parents looove a tipple!

  • This is so exciting!
    twitter handle: @manychandeliers

    This weekend, I'm doing homework. It'd be sweet if you joined me, but I can understand that it might be awkward if our first meeting consisted of me writing notes from a textbook while you stared at me.

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous


    i will fly to the moon tomorrow morning, then fly back after dancing a little bit (to 'little bit'. heheeee), then go to a concert, then regretting high heels, then drink a little more to not feel the pain, and then go home without shoes. Sunday, i will get up early, then regretting getting up early, then read Harry Potter 5, then read the latest from (THAT LUNATIC!!!! jk jk jk jkj jkj jkkjj), then dressing up for nothing, then be really depressed because there is nothing to dress up for and finally cry the whole night because I have such a dull life (there it is. See it? Yep, I said dull. And I am not the kind of person who says DULL. off topic – anyways… –>). You're invited to the whole experience, i.e. if you can get yourself to the coldest country on earth overnight.

    I know you want to. (What a lame joke. Not funny)

  • @ashleyhouts,

    I am on a holiday and this weekend I will be flying back home to LA! I would love for you to join me, however I don't think it will be very much fun xx

  • @mamacitamora

    My 6 year olds soccer game @ 0800 on Sat. & Champagne in the Sunday morn. And of course you may join if you find yourself in Encinitas this weekend.

  • rf

    dont have twittter but i liked on FB!
    (im rory finn)
    my weekend will be taking my puppy to a dog show! shes a show dog ๐Ÿ™‚
    it may be chilly, so id loooove a coooat….

  • L.

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • @theclovenheart

    This weekend will get started with a bunch of dudes on my living room floor that will be driving up to my house (Vancouver, BC) from Seattle to see my husband play a show tonight. I will bake them a breakfast casserole and make a pot of coffee, then they will be headed back down to Seattle because they are working at a fair down there…. So if you want to hang out with some carny boys who are equally woman repellers as we are the opposite, then you'd better hurry up and book your flight to the northwest. If you don't mind missing them and the casserole, maybe you will make it in time to help my friend and I whip up some last minute sock hop costumes, pinning poodles all over the place made from real poodle fur! Hot dog! But if you still don't make it by then, you will for sure make it in time for my husbands second show tomorrow night in which we can dance our pallazzo pants off. Then Sunday morning it's off to church cause that's what I do on Sunday's mornings!! Go Jesus! Then we'll head over to a clothing swaperoo that holds HIGH promise. I am anticipating nosebleed heels and much leather. Mmmm bloody leather. And then you can help me when we meet up with my webby friend who's putting together my new website for me which I am so excited about and THEN before you head back home we can do some real Canadian stuff like steal hats from the mounties (because they're super fabulous) and go bedazzle some hockey players' shoulder pads. Ok, see you soon!

  • Sarah Swafford

    Twitter: sarahswaff

    I will be working, yoga, and thrifting! Come to LA and join ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Dear Man Repeller
    I'm grounded. My conservative parents did not think wearing brogues with barelegs,granny hotpants and a mannish shirt with wingtips appropriate for their daughter…
    So this weekend my granny hotpant clad arse is sneaking out and going to repel at a shindig of sorts.Will you hop on a plane to England and join me- pretty pretty please? We can go vintaaaaging if you can get me ungrounded…

    My twitter is: @circlesunnies cos lennon frames turn me on

    Email is:

    Love you lots like jelly tots and velvet bow ties

    p.s this coat is utterly genius-I love reversable things! So repellent, and perfect for our crazed weather.

    From Marina (one of many helping TO hold up the repelling force here in the u.k)

  • Twitter: @jeannejt

    This weekend I will be preparing for job interviews with some investment banks. It will be a series of reviewing balance sheet/accretion and dilution/discounted cash flow/ALL THAT OTHER GREAT WONDERFUL STUFF. and then drowning such sorrows with some white wine.

    I would not subject anyone else to this, but perhaps you can help in mock interviewing me?!


  • email:

    Tonight i'm going WILD- a 2 hour drive to my boyfriend's (he's really feminine, so it's ALMOST as good as manrepelling!) country house. As per usual, i'll be over dressed, im thinking house of harlow beige&black; loafers, peach skinnies, a white button up with a purple knit crew neck sweater thrown over, and my favorite fringe purse (3$ in thailand). On the way up he'll probably talk about how we don't have enough sex and how I usually look like a lesbian – it's my dressing mood these days, i'm (semi) embarrassed to say. I take pride in saying I dress how I feel… In this case i'm not too sure what to say…I'll leave it at that.
    Tomorrow – you've inspired me (story of my life)- I packed a long blue and white print skirt I got in London a couple years ago… probably wear it with the same purple sweater as i'll wear tonight…i'm dirty like that.

    Saturday night: probably spend it singing Akuna Matata (#lionking) and annoying every person i'm with. Maybe grab some sushi- probably throw on my grad dress for that #overdressed. .. wishing you would be my best friend…
    Sunday: i have brunch with the famjam and then tutor -JOY! I'm not sure what I shall wear… but i'm feeling my missoni for target pants with a turban from H&M..;
    is lesbian in style these days or is it just me?

    If you and Cut 25 pick me to receive the jacket I PROMISE to make it look super manrepeller-esque and tell everyone about how awesome you both are.

    Shabbat Shalom my lover friend

    Sophaloaf (figured we're on a nick name basis now, leelee)

  • Jliebster

    Headed upstate as I type this! My bday is next week and this would make a sweet prezzie!

  • @SuheyCitax3

    This weekend I'll be partying with my girls at Aqua Lounge in Brooklyn, relaxing on Saturday with my other half and his family and then probably partying some more Saturday night. To top the weekend off, on Sunday I'll go back home to the Bronx and try and get all of my homework done because I have an 8am class on Monday. You are more than welcome to join my festivities I'm sure you'll be the life of the weekend!

  • twitter: melissatipson

    This weekend I will be working 9 hour shifts tagging and unwrapping new fall stock as well as trying to sell people some fall jackets that just don't compare to this beautiful Cut 25 piece!… they don't need to know that though. Besides that I will use all my extra energy to dance around and be merry and possibly watch some TV. Oh and drink lots of coffee. And you are more than welcome to join but only if you love coffee and Talking Heads because it's really the only thing that gets me through hours of unpacking stock.

  • Twitter- alannabanana24

    This weekend I am staying home and sleeping. This is only because I am sick. I will also be working on my loads of homework. If it weren't for this I would be out in my town, being the young man repeller I am, and joining my fellow mangos in the act of repelling. And sure I would love for you to join me cause that would make it being sick looking at pictures of fashion week so much more fashionable and fun but… I dont want to get you sick, and I don't think that you want to come to New Jersey.

  • @SydneyRobyn

    I will be slogging through LSAT prep. Please come. There are 9 pieces of clothing on a rack, 7 articles must be worn at one time; the lace bra must be under the blazer but over the mockneck; you may not bear cleavage if an article already shows thigh; minimum 3 prints must be worn at all times. How many ways can you wear a kickin' utility-inspired anorak?

  • Hannah B

    Twitter: @hannah_bulger

    90's theme party tonight at my friend Jane's (fb invite "Aaron's party (Come get It). Wearing a large denim shirt and some printed leggings. Channeling all the Sister Sister I can. Planning on drinking an inordinate amount of Tang vodka and Mondos.

    Farmers' Market tomorrow, where I'll get some gluten-free bread (YUM) and scones (WOO). Probs take a walk, get some sushi, enjoy life in Wisconsin before it gets cold. Oh yeah, I live in Madison. I need a coat! This poncho, no matter how fab it is, isn't going to cut it for long.

    Oh, and the denim shirt I'm wearing tonight? I plan on wearing it all weekend. Woop woop chyeah.

    If you're game for trekking to Wisco, you're welcome to come. There will be enough N*SYNC and Jell-O shots to go around.

  • twitter: @kayswizzzle

    This weekend I shall be marching in the family weekend show with my college marching band. Feel free to stop by. Band uniforms = ultimate man repeller.

  • @mckizzlequeso and
    I am hanging out with my friend and going to a high school football game! If you come, I would die of happiness. I love you.

  • Irene

    Tw: pulceciccia

    This weekend I'm going to Milan just to hang out and meet some friends of mine… anyone can join us , we love any kind of people!!!

  • @GingerCookie91

    I'm working at Grethen House (Minneapolis on 50th & France) all day Saturday for the White & Warren sale… which you actually should attend. I half-orgaz every time I touch that cashmere. PLUS aaaah we sell Yigal AND Cut25, theyre my favorite part of the store aside from our Rick Owens jackets…ugh unrequited love burns. I LOVE MY JOB. Come party!!!

    PS thank you for incorporating the Prabal closer in your blog header. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • September 28th?! well that would be the BEST gift for Rosh HaShana! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Twitter: nivic88

    This weekend I plan on trying on everything in my closet to see what will match my new coat.. just kidding! I'm going to get drunk at my local pub. drunk is the new harem pants, it's the ultimate man repeller.

  • Amaaazing!

  • Anonymous

    Tweet: EricaMOgle

    This weekend I will be shopping, working, eating, limbo-ing at a luau and, oh ya…Going on a 20 mile run around Portland, OR – you should definitely come (it is actually sunny here) and nothing says man repelling like crystallized salt and black and blue toe nails!

  • 1st off the shot are awesome but that jacket is IT!

  • Jes

    My weekend started yesterday duuuh. Went out for free Sailor Jerrys at a new bar, found myself at "country night" at some freshman bar…wtf?
    Tonight I shall drinketh margaritas with some work friends and then party with my friends parents who are in town. YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME…ifff you wanna trek it out to Lawrence, KS baby!

    Check out my blog at

  • twitter: @kristin_eichenb

    This weekend I will basically have no life as I prepare my art portfolio for FIT, NY so i can hang out with you next year, DUH. Oh, and i will be watching bridesmaids…again

  • Anonymous


    I'll be shooting a music video in Astoria, Queens. Come Through! Bring the coat! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • name: Kassie Pae
    twitter: @kassandrapae

  • @molliecrist

    This weekend I'll be doing loads upon loads of laundry, you can totally join me!

  • Twitter: @ashleyeparkes

    If you can hop on a plane to Nashville in the morning, you clearly should be here, because tomorrow night I'm going to DAYGLOW!!!!! Arm parties of glow bracelets, crazy neon paint, white clothing as canvas a la Alexander McQueen 1999… The rest of the weekend I'll be working on my next design project, which involves a giant cream-colored matte python skin I got in NYC this summer. Have a good weekend and I hope to see you tomorrow night! Almost kidding ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    My weekend plans consist of studying, studying, and some more studying. I need this coat to keep me company.

  • t: @urbanrhetoric

    no, don't join me. i'm a mom of 2, so most of my weekend will be spent watching thomas the tank engine. save yourself,

  • Twitter: @Deiammm

    This weekend its party hoppin' in BROOKLYNNNNN ๐Ÿ™‚ Cant wait – you are more than welcome to join my love.

  • Anonymous


    I'm drinking red wine and watching the food network tonight. I'm going to groom my overweight, bushy feline aptly named Bear. Tomorrow I work. Tomorrow night I go to a bar opening with some free whatever-ish vibe new independent vodka. You can come. Truth or dare you to wear only one layer: an Herve Leger dress.

  • g

    woot. put me in that outer. grazie!

    fbook= Sara "Lisa P" G

  • Anonymous

    twitter: geestas
    this weekend: finishing my con law reading. massive tome, massive lady boner, massive man repeller. get at me: lose an anorak, gain a bookish accessory?

  • Twitter: @JillDanielle


    This weekend I will be reading page 135-210 of the Infinite Jest and then hitting up the Emerging Designer Show in Boston for Boston Fashion Week! (Our small city is taking off!) And then maybe go on a date. Wait, what? No lie! I wore a man repelling outfit and actually was hit on?! I need more layers.

  • Couldn't resist the temptation of that jacket/the chance to finally leave a comment!
    My weekend, (Correction) our weekend, will start with the basic necessities of life i.e cheetos. Friday, today, we would have been sitting on a couch in my front of my tv watching the best thing, Rachel Zoe and attempting to imitate that crazy LADY! Obviously you would win the imitation contest.
    Then, after that lovely night of cheetos and Rachel Zoe's pregnancy we would sleep, (cuddling of course) and then gallivant over to Micheles and have dance parties in the isles. Literally. You can dance, and I'll pick out sexy oil paints to splatter all over random people in the streets. Then we'll go see the lion king and serenade each other with lovely renditions of the circle of life. From there, I will venture on MY OWN to a date, which obviously isn't true seeing as you'd make the greatest wing man! (YOU HAVE THE CAPE SHOES TO VALIDATE YOUR SUPPER HERO WING MAN STATUS).
    Then, after all of that we will find ourselves in the midst of Sunday, which means I'll, again correction, we'll be going to my art class at the youth league of New York. This fun class will involve much nudity (nude model drawing) and I mean come on, who would turn down fun time nudity? And at that point we'll journey back home to my house in Jersey, (PLEASE FORGIVE ME) and collapse on a bed. A big bed. With pillows. Lots of pillows. PILLOW FIGHT ANYBODY?!

  • twitter ohnicolenicole

    so this weekend I'm going home to my parents, we live in the different cities, we'll make a dinner, buy some wine and have a good night. a lot of parties are here tonight, but what can be more important than family?)

  • Twitter: @thetajie

    This weekend I will be firing off guns at the shooting range and hosting a party for fifteen bikers during our town's annual motorcycle fest where there will be an obscene amount of alcohol, food, leather, tattoos, and exhaust fumes. It's also my nephew's second birthday, so there's a party and cake and giant stuffed animals and little children opening presents. And sleep. Sleep will probably be factored in there somewhere and I'd be honored if you came and offended if you didn't because the few women in attendance will surely be man repellent, so we can all get together and sip drinks strong enough to degrease an engine.

    And that is my weekend plan.

  • Twitter: @LovableLing

    Since I live in the smallest city EVER this weekend I will be:
    1. Reading Frankenstien
    2. Some h-core gaming
    3. Probably wash my puppy
    4. And then going to a back yard firework/kegger (I'm actually frightened and anxious about this one)

  • Twitter:
    Repel away with me and my friends as we dance the funny gal dance at Chloe 81. I'm only half kidding about the funny dance, and dead serious about you joining. We'll wear our pretty shoes, we promise!

  • Lulubunny Lulubelle

    Twitter: lulutheartgirl

    Working all weekend and you are more than welcome to join, if you like being surrounded by gorgeous estate, vintage and antique jewelry!

  • Twitter: @kaciemcgeary

    Weekend: Probably something along the lines of sittin' on my bum eatin' otter pops. Frack yeah. Join at your own risk.

  • twitter: @mc_bennett
    email: mc_bennett(at)hotmail(dot)ca

    This weekend I will be going to church, the perfect place for man repelling. You know abstinence blah blah blah and all that jazz. This coat would be fulfilling its repelling purpose in life if it accompanied me to church. And of course you can tag along. I mean did you have to ask really.

  • Kat


    this weekend i'll be the only lame one here and catch up on some schoolwork. the only semi-interesting thing i'll be doing is shooting a friend for my fashion photography independent study. yeah.. so cool. but feel free to crash my study/photo party, haha

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: SarahKalt1

    My weekend consists of pizza and movies, maybe take in a hockey game with some friends (gotta cheer on the home team!) and a drag show! You are always welcome to come along! The hockey game especially needs someone to get rowdy, and I can't be the only one!

  • Anonymous

    rainy manhattan weekend… simplifying, senna, sewing… totally invited

  • @panterita__

    i wont win this coat simply because i live in Chihuahua Mexico and i dont think i can even participate….

    but i wanted to share w you what am i going to do this week end:

    PAELLA! of course you can join me and drink some tequila shots and sangria at my garden…

  • twitter: @BirdOnABreeze

    This weekend I will be at a football game for the University of Maryland. I will dress as the Maryland Man Repeller because I will be clad in a fringed top that I fringed myself, extra repeller points for being crafty?? This top is complete with fringed bottom and fringed sleeves. Fringe repeller chic. I will also wear high waisted pants with said fringed shirt to repel away any man this wishes to see my naval throw my fringes. Seeing as I get 4 guest tickets to this game I would like to invite you, Man Repeller. Please accept my invitation and we shall repel the Land of Mary day away.

  • @fashiontnt

    This weekend I will happily not be watching college football and sadly not shopping since I just spent all of my money in Vegas. So I will be doing laundry with my dog in the midwest while my husband watches football. I might also go to a bodypump class at my gym. Interested?

    love, love, love the first picture and your dress btw.

  • OOoo, I need a new coat.

    I am shooting a short film in Jersey this weekend, all night shoots (I am the hair/make-up artist). Even if you could come, you wouldn't want to. It's not going to be very pleasant! Trust me.

  • Twitter: @emilyat43

    Weekend plans: Today I spent the day with my sweet family for my dad's 52nd birthday, geez he is getting old! The rest of the weekend I will be stuck doing homework…blah, blah, blah!!

  • Twitter: jaxxmay

    This weekend I will be going to a backyard blues concert and wearing the best flannel shirt evah.

  • Twitter: @aaaaaaaadridri

    This weekend is gonna be filled with crazy parties with myself and Rod Serling on Netflix. Some sweet, sweet laundry. Also recuperating post Theysken's Theory shoes. Maybe a party. Leandra if you joined me I'd pee my pants in excitement.

  • Tabitha

    Twitter: @itslike_youknow
    This weekend I'm gonna be doing homework because college hates me. Winning this coat would make it all worthwhile though. And you can totally join, but I haven't the faintest clue why you'd want to.

  • Anonymous


    Taking advantage of unusually awesome weather in the PNW.

  • So I did already comment on this, so feel free to ignore this at any point, but I've been day dreaming about this coat and I'm willing to bend the rules a bit if that means I may be closer to this perfect dream-coat.

    I have visions of the pigeon-lady from Home Alone 2 stowing away on a ship and ending up in London where she opens up a little Newspaper-and-Flower kiosk where she happily spends her final days with her newspapers and flowers and pigeons and beautiful wonderful COAT!

    If this coat does so happen to come into my life I am fully committed to living out this vision. Only seems appropriate.

  • laiiiley


    Last week when my friends were dressed up and wearing slutty heels, I repelled in my studded converse and managed to break my ankle in three places. So this weekend I will be in bed recovering from surgery. Please come help me shop online and figure out how the hell I am going to work this god awful cast into my fall wardrobe.

    Seriously though- I need this jacket because none of my pants are going to get over this thing.

  • Lola


    This weekend consisted of vaguely, aloof hipster plans such as fashion week (it's fashion week here in Perth, Perth, End of the Earth), eating dal makhani from my local Indian restaurant 'til the always awkward top button undo, smokin' shisha with a bevy of babes (just my friends…), doing some PhD work, readin' Rushdie and tanning.

    Unfortunately I woke up with conjunctivitis yesterday morning care of an old YSL mascara, the irony that I have severely hindered my looks whilst trying to improve them is reason enough. You can come over, but I'd be quite concerned there are not enough eye-disease-repelling garmets, I mean spectacles could do it. I'M A FREAKIN' LEPER HERE. So instead I'm alone, unable to leave the house, with puffy red eyes. (Actually, I might just watch The Way We Were & call it a usual weekend)

  • doriel mizrachi

    ( i havnt had any time to do anything with my twitter account these past 2 months so its very plain but once i have time i'll get to it!) So, im jewish so i moved to israel and im doing the army at the moment im doing tironut its like a preparing phase for the army. Basically it was my full first week on the base and even though the group of girls there are amazing i was dead tired from all the work and thought that once i get home i'll sleep the whole weekend so i didnt plan anything. i slept for a good 6 hours when i arrived friday morning at 10 then i had shabbat dinner with my family and after that i got a call from my friend saying i cant be boring tonight and stay home and after a good rest i agreed to join her. We went to a pool bar in Raanana the guys played a game and us girls caught up on what we missed this week. Around 1:30 at night everyone got hungry and drove to Herzlya a city nearby and we were debating between Japanika( sushi restaurant) and BBB a burgers joint . The guys were really hungry so we decided BBB but in every corner in israel there is a frozen yogurt shop and even though it was windy thats what i was craving! After the late night dinner we finally went to get my yogo :)! Afer a cute night with friends i came back home its morning here so i just had a nice breakfast just my mom and i , it was really nice and the rest of the day im just planning to rest until tonight were a couple of friends are going to have a movie night…. and next time your in Israel your more more more than welcome to join me on a fun day in the streets of Tel Aviv ! ๐Ÿ™‚ ( happy new year is in less than a week Rosh hashana your welcome to come then for the party !)

  • Twitter: @fafuu
    email: annafigur(at)

    I'm going to a graduation party and it would be awesome if you could join us. The only problem is that the party is all the way in Helsinki, Finland. But if you can fit a visit in Helsinki in your schedule, then you're definitely coming to the party ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    twitter @repunzel123
    this weekend im going to lay low lol
    of course you can join me.


  • Anonymous


    Just recovering from yesterday's night out but as i'm living in Paris at the moment, what else is there for me to do than go out on the streets and repell some Frenchies with maxiskirt and armparty and all? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Manon


    Since I live in the North of France, I'll be going to London to do some shopping on saturday and I'll be back on sunday afternoon to see my family for my cousin's birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ And by the way, you are my fav' fashion blog : you have such a gift to match different colors and prints together. So i would love you to join me to learn all of your brilliant ideas and, of course, to have fun ! Ciao Ciao !

  • Anonymous


    I have a super boring weekend ahead of me, basically doing work!! I'm an Art Foundation student and have a biggy deadline on MONDAY EEK. So hey, come round to Manchester UK and entertain me – would be muchly appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Manon

    – Check her blog she's pretty cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Amazing look love your red sunnies

  • twitter: Olena__

    I would love for you to join me…actually your help would be necessary:

    This weekend is probably one of the biggest weekends in Parma, Ohio HISTORY. Oh, so you've never heard of Parma? The depressing town in the outskirts of an even more depressing city of Cleveland? Shocking.

    Today, there will be a commemoration to a new addition of the Ukrainian Village of Parma: a small park, on a busy open street that has one tree in it. I will be in attendance with my very strict Eastern European parents…not as a spectator. I will be walking in the parade (rain or shine) with a banner from my father's store (oldest Ukrainian business in Parma, duh, we have to be a part).

    Last night I spent hours approving outfit selections with my parents, because they always tend to be, well, repelling.

    There is nothing wrong with an electric blue maxi skirt to match the my Ukrainian embroidered blouse. Hello, I will be walking in a parade where I will need to be repelling men of all ages, shapes and sizes. This is not a joke. My parents just don't understand.

    The rest of today's Festival will be spent dodging young eligible bachelors that my father fetches for me and randomly likes giving my cell number out. Because its weird that I'm 23 and unmarried.

    If you were my wing-woman, those boys would run far, far away.

    I don't even like pierogies, let alone greasy ones served in a Church cafeteria.

  • twitter: @melissagatch

    I plan to just couch-potato the weekend away!

  • Gab

    T: @gabramosb

    Weekend is almost over in Australia, I went to a first birthday party, then to a bbq and then a fancy dinner at a tapas place. I'm going to a beautiful local arts/craft market ( to buy jewelry tomorrow, wanna join? xx

  • @rosie_bo

    Oh man that coat is perfect!
    Today i'm going to a day-long symposium about cities, and tomorrow I'll be looking for interview clothes & reading. I'm a grad student, can you tell? Which means I need free, awesome jackets!

  • ADJ

    There's nothing like a fancy skirt, great coat and a pretty girl in front of endless bags of garbage. Oh how I love New York.

  • Twitter: @killofox

    The weekend I will be man-repelling at Underground Rebel Bingo in London town. Screaming two fat ladies in the hope of winning a bunch of crap I don't need with boyfriend and best friends. Decked out in my brand new bargain buy Alexander Wang top! Sure as hell you can join…but this is not for the faint hearted.

  • Anonymous

    LOVE! You look great in this. I want it. #Hhmeg twitter…
    This week-end in Chicago I will have a date with my husband…….Finally! We are going to the MCA to see the fabulous Eiko and Koma performance artists from Japan. I will break out my newly inherited vintage Rykiel sweater coat. BUT! I need this jacket for the rest of my life.

  • Twitter: @I_IS_BE_PAULE

    This weekend I plan to go to the clothing show in Toronto. Supporting local arts(:

  • Anonymous

    I'll be in town to help/force my engaged friend find a wedding dress and all that entails…its gonna be hard to find something that says seventh day adventist marrying israeli jew who is shorter than me. Any suggestion of where I might find sparkly silver flats that dont look too dorothy? The more people coming shopping the better!
    Lorraine @l-a-coaster

  • twitter: mariacbossa

    umm this weekend im going to this new bar with my friends, and i will also be watching the real madrid game! (lovethem) feel free to join me! you can visit me all the way to Colombia!
    ps- of course ill be repelling!

  • It's already sunday here in asia, so lets talk more about next weekend. apart from doing homework, im bangkok-ing w/ my girls, updating our head-to-toe party. after we've intensely repelled the markets of bkk, we're spending the rest of the day doing who-knows-what. (unless im repellingly lucky, i will definitely be thinking of my christmas holiday packing >:P ) you are not really welcome on that day, monday's better. shh. i get to skip school. ฦธฬตฬกำœฬตฬจฬ„ฦท ฦธฬตฬกำœฬตฬจฬ„ฦท
    will you come?

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @tracybrickman

    After being stood up on a date last night, I will spend the weekend trolling the internet for pretty things to make me happy. This quote in question might just be one of those things…

  • katherine Aguilera!/katiaguilera

    doing exactly what i did when i met you at coach on fashion night out, repelling and celebrating

  • Anonymous

    This weekend, I will be listening to Led Zepplin while sewing myself a pair of shoes. You can only come if you bring the shoelaces.

  • Coco Espresso

    Twitter: CocoEspresso
    email: rusticglamour (at) gmail (dot) com

    The majority of what I'm doing this weekend is school work, but to make it fun I'll also be hitting up an art show and a free museum day!

  • twitter: sarahoo

    This weekend, I'mma be hitting up some shopping (cheap shiz since I just splurged on a PS1), relaxing with my husband while watching embarrassing tv backlogs, drinking the hell outa some mimosas while enjoying the last of what the UK calls "nice weather". I'll prob be getting sensual with my lil fat man (husband dude) at some point or another, too, and you can join for jus about anything but that ;).

  • Twitter: _bijouxbracelet

    This weekend I will be slaving away at my work station, happily beading and stringing to get a shit-ton of orders out on time. You can COMPLETELY join if you'd like to partake in this bead-mania; I will make you a bead slave, as I have done so already to my mom. She'll also be there. I will also pay you in bracelets. Not that you need any more, but HEY, why not add some new friends to your ever-growing arm party. Sooooo, I'll be taking that as a yes, that you're coming over, right?

  • @FarahMesa

    I am going to be working the whole weekend serving drinks to happy people, while a sip some of my own when nobody's looking…if you come, all your drinks are on me…how bout that!
    PS. i am definitely never gonna win this am I?? o geezzz…

  • Twitter: _bijouxbracelet

    This weekend I will be slaving away at my work station, happily beading and stringing my life away to fill all my orders. You can completely join in the fun (because who wouldn't want to) and I will turn you into a beading slave; I've already done so to my mom. She'll also be there, extra incentive for you to come. I will also pay you in bracelets, not like you need any more but hey, why not add some new friends to you ever growing arm party? SO….I'll take that as a definite yes? See ya later!

  • @jamiemmyers

    I'm doing absolutely nothing this weekend. And its going to be AMAZING. You can join, but I recommend bringing a robe/blankets because it's cold in my TV room, and I won't be leaving it until Monday morning ๐Ÿ™‚ "Friends" marathon starts…NOW.

  • twitter: christinamhanna

    This weekend: Im going to my state fair in a small town about 2 hours away because I want to get my hillbilly on, and there is cotton candy so thats pretty much what got me. And then I am going to a football game where I will have no idea whats going on, followed by some stellar homework time! woop woop!

  • @headbandit

    This weekend, I told people I was going to Maine, when in actuality I'll be photoshopping myself into a picture next to that giant boot at L.L. Bean, while eating red velvet cake and watching a Project Runway marathon on Bravo. You are most certainly welcome to join–I'll even put on my good sweatpants and say my look is Alexander Wang-inspired.

  • Twitter: @swayjewelry

    This morning…Farmers market in the rain for Honey Crisp Apples and the first pumpkins! Tonight: dinner at Girl & the Goat – Stephanie Izard's hot restuarant in Chicago. I think I will wear my Man Repeller for Gryphon Coat since it the weather has turned cooler here in Chicago – yes! I scored one before they sold out on ShopBop! way to go Leandra.

  • love the way the photos captured the dress.

  • Oh wow! What a great Jacket! I can totally see myself wearing it.. when this fricken' weather actually turns a lovely September cold, instead of a balmy brooklyn.

    This weekend, my brunch was canceled do to the rain, so instead I'm settling in for some hot soup and watchin' an old movie. Very cozy.

    I'm lady_warfield on twitter
    and you can always send me a line at


  • Twitter: birdgirlnow

    Yesterday was beers with my cousin and The Rapture at Webster Hall, tonight is Fleet Foxes and The Walkmen at Williamsburg Waterfront, tomorrow is the day I drink coconut water all day and hope I can recover from the hangover.

    (The "hangover" part is meant to imply that if you are for some unknown reason in Brooklyn tonight, I would totally buy you a drink. Just saying.)

  • Eleanor

    Twitter: @EleanorFr

    Since here in Israel weekend ends on Saturday it is already over….But I did enjoy the rain we had (rare at this time) and sleep.

  • Anonymous

    Oh hello, my mustache marvel-

    Twitter: Emilygalore (Just started a twitter account for the occasion.)

    This weekend I will crossing every body part in hopes of being chosen. With my phalanges twisted in knots I will try my palm at recreating scenes from Priscilla Queen of the Desert and romp around, well…not the desert.

  • Ale


    This weekend I'm playing gotcha with friends. You are totally invited! In that place they rent this ugly looking jumpers to protect our clothing, that along with the gun is the ultimate man repelling outfit!

  • Anonymous


    Practicing tae kwon do, because I really am an active man repeller. Shopping, but not buying a new coat because I think that anorak's mine!

  • Pardis


    I will be getting crunky monkey with a group of beloved gays. not only because it's a good time but because the non-queer variety are repelled by me. whateva. any lady who wears three different patterns at once is welcome.

  • After recovering from the flu (just in time) I will take what little money I make and do some solo shopping, which is really more people watching than anything. I will then head to a bbq where I will do more eating than socializing, followed by an alcohol fueled night at Detroit Bar featuring the disco grooves of Miami Horror. Tomorrow I will wake up, replenish my hung over self with some delicious french toast and then head to the MOCA (probably in my new Zara trousers, which my male friends refer to as my Hammer pants) and finish off the day with a great big wiener and beer from Wurstkuche. So if you like good tunes, good food and cheap alcohol the invite is open!

    Twitter: swattson

  • Anonymous

    Twittter @lilyvonnegut

    This weekend I plan on layering cashmere trying to stay warm with the chilly weather in LA. Feels like I'm back home in NYC. (All the while wishing I had the perfect coat). I'm heading to an Italian Festival to load up on yummy food, then tomorrow I'm going to my fav flea market to score some amazing vintage pieces. I would be thrilled if you could come with. Actually honored.

  • Twitter: AmberCleary

    Today I am shopping. Tomorrow I'll be at the Brooklyn Beefsteak event drinking loads of McSorley's and eating steak caveman-style (sans utensils).

  • @cocokeane

    Baking, yoga, The Wire marathon, bejeweling, and baby-proofing my apt before sweet beebee niece comes to visit. Just some general man-repelling. Come over!

  • Anonymous


    This weekend, my sister got engaged! and We celebrated with a surprise dinner…let the games begin! Tomorrow my great grandma is turning 100 and we are celebrating with a family reunion. BIG family weekend!

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @llculk

    This weekend I'm in Georgetown, Washington DC. Not too many man repellers here to hold down the fort but I'm trying my best. Come down and help show them that even rainy weather won't stop us.

  • Jordie Broadhead

    Twitter: Jordiebroadhead

    This weekend's festivities will be full copious amounts of dancing followed by my CNA clincals at a nursing home. AKA exercising my abilities as a charitable citizen by gracing the public with my stanky leg AND wiping asses. And yes, you may join. ACTUALLY, come. I will teach you how to dance the stanky leg and all its swag… then, we can discuss Descartes during our 45 minute lunch break at the nursing home. It will be great fun. GREAT fun, I tell you.

  • Caroline : Twitter: crindlaub

    This weekend I will be sitting on my couch in nothing but my fur vest dreaming that the weather outside decides to cooperate, get its shit togetha, and finally feel like fall. All because this coat is to die for, and I probably WILL die if I wear it in this heat. But then again, maybe being sweaty in couture is the ultimate man repeller? You're welcome to come sit and watch Freaky Friday with me in fur.

  • Twitter handle: @terner_p
    This weekend I will be concert hopping in various turbans and indulging in some byob thai action in Chinatown. Man Repeller, please come repel with me in the 'illadelph; phanatics won't know what's hit 'em!

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @samantharoy

    This weekend I will be up to my ears making models for my industrial design classes. But will be taking breaks to roam around Boston. Do join in with the roaming!

  • twitter: @franceswho

    I think I'm going to spend the weekend channeling all my energy into willing mother nature to make the weather colder, for when I win that rockin' coat.

  • twitta: emesbel

    im in Laguna beach with my family this weekend, its great fun however i was planning on spending the majority of my weekend getting bronzed… only to wake up to rain and overcast-ness…. talk about anorak, im in desperate need of one, it looks perfect and beautiful. so help a sister out! alright good luck to all my fellow competitors

  • twitter: @akaramallis

    This weekend I'll be hanging out with my bf all day Saturday and then shopping/machine knitting in my apartment on Sunday – you are welcome to come watch and learn to knit and help me decide what to buy at OC!
    Also, starting next week my knitwear will be available for purchase at Bird in Cobble Hill so you should check it out along with my website, for some pretty man repellent knits!

  • Angelina

    twitter: angelray92
    (I'm not very creative with my name choices)

    This weekend: Rave, chilling hard (which really means a lot of online shopping), then a music fest on Sunday! You should totally come crash on my futon in my dorm room. It's comfy, I promise.

  • Emy

    twitter: @emykoster

    Tonight I'm dancing my ass off while listening to some of the best DJ's live-sets Holland has got to offer. I'd invite you but doubt you can still make it, join me soon?


    I'm gonna:
    1. P
    2. A
    3. R
    4. T
    5. Y


    Well, I imagine that I'll get up around 10:27 tomorrow morning, at which point I will brush my teeth and such shenanigans. I shall then eat a hearty breakfast consisting of eggs and possibly a fluffy bagel, if I feel daring. After that, I will check my email/Facebook/Twitter/blogs, and then attempt to draw a white egg sitting on a white plate, which I was assigned to do for homework. This is the point where you come in. Instead of drawing an egg on a plate, I can draw you on a plate. Sounds good, no? After this I'll be going to the opening night of a musical in New Jersey. Feel free to hitch a ride. Man repelling on the Jerzee shore sounds like a(n arm) party to me.

  • Phyllisa

    Being a late attendee at this hoedown, I can say that I've been terrorizing the population of my small southern Californian beach town with my favorite R13 harem jeans, rhinestone encrusted creepers and vintage Boy Scouts of American troup leader shirt – it's our flea market today so between looking for likely candidates for new arm and neck parties, having brunch and chatting with friends – I am well into my weekend. The good news is it's actually cold enough for this jacket today! Surprise, surprise! Oh, and big city repellers are always welcome.


  • You look smokinghot! This weekend I have to stay at home. I injured my knee and I have an ugly cask. Your whole outfit would my great in my condition. Only one fine leg, but always a la mode!

    My tweeter: @saracnida

    My email: saraescuderosainz at gmail dot com

  • Twitter: @lasiteral
    email: lasitera at yahoo dot com

    This weekend. Cleaning. Working. Ugh.

  • Twitter: @lady_warfield

    Egads! I'm off to a bad start! I thought I already posted this morning, but it's not here. I must have been drunk. That's how I'm starting my weekend. A late brunch with a lovely bloody Mary, pondering the misfortune of mixing 3 different prints and stepping outside in public.

    I can just imagine myself cozy up in this coat as I embark on my next adventure in a cold climate. Too bad it's just to damn hot here in balmy ol' Brooklyn.


  • ima loa

    twitter: noonewouldbeinterestedinmylifenormythoughts

    I'm in love with this coat.

    This weekend, I will be wearing all of my shirts at once, alone in my bedroom. I might ask my mom to come into my bedroom to compliment me.

    peace in the middle east
    peace in anoraks

  • twitter: @HopeNCrawford

    This weekend i am taking care of my mom. She recently had a mastectomy and i am helping out her and my dad.

  • Anonymous

    (thats double man repelling(MMRR)

    Spending Shobbos at NYU and you're invited to all my meals fellow yid.

  • So I've decided that I'm on a mission.
    It's shameless and a bit tacky, but who are we kidding here. Shame, what's that? And tacky, what a nice compliment!
    The mission is as follows;
    Obtain Multilayer Dream Coat
    Wear Multilayer Dream Coat all winter long
    Observe the magical protective force-field that keeps away all stray remarks and catcalls on the street


    So maybe this is my third entry/comment, but the rules didn't say anything about it, and even though it's a little crazy I'd like to think that this coat requires someone a little crazy.

    Please send regards to
    @ samanthawittwer


  • stephanie falack


    this weekend will consist of me and my pup cuddled up in bed eating oodles of noodles and rockey road ice cream out of the carton all whilst watching americas next top model re runs and dreaming of being that skinny.. what can i say, its that time of the month again
    please join! it may make me feel a bit less pathetic.
    anyway hope i win!

  • Twitter: @alainaelise

    Well, Bolt AND Finding Nemo are on ABC Family, I think they should nicely round out my Disney/Pixar weekend after Lion King 3D yesterday… you're welcome to join if you want, but I'd planned it as a private party for me and my mocha gelato.

  • Anonymous


    thinking about this coat. and drinking peronis in a special peroni cup.

  • Twitter: rjr2132

    This weekend I'll be doing work. lots of it. could be much happier doing it in style w a certain awesome jacket….

  • Anonymous


    this week was long so I intend to make it a lazy weekend…fort building in my room in my drop crotch sweatpants, while watching feel good flicks and drinking tea. absolutely you can come!!! bring the coat.

  • I am crazy for those sunnies!!! xo Lisa

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: _crickey_

    Just moved to ny from Cali and plan on taking in all I can of the city– frolicking, eating, sporatic dance parties, drinks…let's do it!!

  • @emmaksousa

    "valentines day" the movie with my rooms, hot power yoga in the morning, greek fest to eat some delish greek food and watch my neighbor's 4 girls dance!, outdoor wedding and dance the night away….girl dance…just dance the night away! just take a short plane ride down to TN ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: AnnieH48

    This weekend I am watching far too many old movies for class and helping my Australian boy kit out his wardrobe for East Coast winter, all advisers welcome!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @ledstephanie

    watching labyrinth, while in full David Bowie attire, and doing things other broke college students do, you are welcome to join, as long as you are down to sing and dance in my living room and eat enchiladas, the food of choice for any movie night!!

  • nina


    Being sick of being sick again. Sneezin' mah nose off and so on. You're very welcome to join.

  • twitter: @an_kal

    my little brother is having a reading competition this weekend. nerds and repellers galore. wanna come?

  • Natassa Moussa

    Will be dancing like there's no tomorrow! Come join the fun!


  • twitter: @sandracolaci

    this week-end I studied, I study and I'll study ))))
    tomorrow i'll do my last exam!!

    this is my blog:

  • Matty Tong

    I will be watching Downton Abbey while eating Terry's chocolate oranges with my 2 daughters.

  • Madeline

    twitter: @mdlnzppl

    This weekend I played a grueling game of rugby (which my not sure that you would want to partake in, although our striped maroon and gray polyester uniforms are the perfect man repeller, but then, I relaxed and worked on my thesis proposal, which again I'm not really sure you would want to do with me either. Maybe you could come and enjoy a drink with me? That would be one good thing.

  • @karenf07 |

    This weekend is all about the music/art and book festival(s) in Toronto! Manifesto/ Word on the Street, anyone?

  • @MarcellaBotto

    ill be attending my sisters engagement party! I need a date since i am most certainly not bringing a man!

  • @alexxbannon

    This weekend i attended my best friends 16th birthday, dressed in a mexican pattern dress from urban outfiters, my fav sam edelman heels, and of course an arm and neck party party. Today I plan on lounging around my house and doing homework and picking up some chinese food tonight (:

  • twitter: @_norajane_

    this weekend i'll be passed out face-first on a stack of textbooks. You're welcome to join, but it won't be any fun!

  • hails

    sup MR

    Today is God's day, so I am wearing all the jewelry that me and my neighbors own and I am placing different things on my head and calling them hats. The lady that works in the bakery down the street will be annoyed when I walk out of there with cutlery on my head again.
    no twitter. please don't discriminate against non-twits.

    love et pisse

  • this weekend im listening to chill music and cleaning my room and doing homework! feel free to help me clean and do work! haha.
    twitter: @tessc413

  • Maddie

    twitter: steamPaisley

    I have homecoming and a dance and while you're welcome to come….it's a f*cking jungle out there…i wouldn't recommend it..

  • The first pic is so nice!!

  • Twitter: @stephtelzerow

    Well this weekends plans consisted of hanging out with friends running around downtown looking at all the art displayed and picking out our favorites. Wish you could join.

  • G

    twitter : @Gabbanaisguilty

    It's my birthday this weekend so I went to my friend's house to chill in her westfalia and eat cake . Turn's out there was more friends that came ! ( Surpriiisee) . You could come and join our party in Montreal ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Love your new header thingymajigger. NEON!
    You are awesome and ridiculous and I'm jealous of your legs.
    Keep flying the flag for turbans and granny panties. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Twitter: @kieranmdarcy

    This weekend I did way too many spinning classes and then went to the Clothing Show in Toronto, which was amazing, but thrifting with mama is never a good time..

    Any coat that is army green is a winner in my books!

  • camilledt


    This weekend, I drank tea, cooked a roasted chicken, washed my panties and watched a dozen episodes of Arrested Development. I'm an old lady trapped in the body of a 20-something-years-old. Whats more repelling than that?

  • Twitter: @erinpoettcker

    Since it's pouring rain outside I am cooking clam chowder and…reading your blog! I also went to a black & white masquerade party and wore a cat mask.

  • @allioop22

    Wedding crashing maybe?
    My brother-in-law's wedding
    A by malene birger bridesmaid dress just for you.
    Sunday… Recovery (with bloody mary's) Oceanside…
    Not too late, and we will save you an extra garnish!

  • Ana


    getting ten stitches removed from my face from a legitimate face plant trying to strut my stuff in my giant top shop platforms in front of a boy…real life lessons learned here.

    fact: this anorak will go great with said shoes.

  • Twitter: @HannahRoseHeft

    This weekend I plan on watching Conference on BYU television for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and working at the Community Center where I work. Oh, and maybe work on a little bit of homework. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous


    I am taking my son to meet Victoria Justice at the mall! You may come and hang with the TWEEN set. He is 8 though ๐Ÿ™‚

  • yp


    A weekend of contrasts: pls feel free to join. UFC Saturday with my usual queens crew then a fashion people brunch Sunday at a very gay venue. Best of all worlds.


  • Anonymous

    My e-mail was wrong

  • Angela

    Dear Leandra,

    I'm new in town.
    I arrived in NY in August with only one bag.
    It was hot in the city.
    I spend all my weekend trying to think something really nice to write to you. (I went to Strand and I found moustache rubbers) (!!!)

    I have no winter clothes.
    It's getting cold. And I need a coat.

    Best regards,

    twitter: @angelacorradini
    facebook and email:

  • PA Roberts

    Twitter: @paigeann12

    This is a day or two late, so what I did this weekend was… study for the SAT's. yeah i know sounds super exciting right. but its gotta be done. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • tequilla shots.


  • twitter: @sarah_kodama

    This weekend I'll have two soccer games for my school team and going to a party, which happens to be a few houses away from mine. Hopefully I won't be too tired for the soccer games! I'm also going to be walking in the Hunger Walk for charity with some of my friends! There's also a local apple squeeze which I'll be attending, so i'll get heaps of apple cider. It's about to be a great weekend and would be even better with that jacket!

  • you're seriously the best. love the flowey maxi and anorak combo. @lindsayleboyer, Lindsay LeBoyer (on facebook),


    Hi!! It's Sunday, but I only look forward.
    Next weekend I will be having date night with my boo and cat eating frozen pizzas and corn dogs, working, Sunday Sushi with a visiting bff, and so many naps. Come to Texas and we can get down!

  • Hi Leandra!
    my email is (yes hotmail dinosaur)
    and my Twitter is @clevack

    This weekend I helped sell magazines at a book fair, ate a giant sweet potato and willingly wore clogs to a film premiere. Love your blog and love you. Next week please watch My So Called Life with me in my messy room.
    xo xo!

  • @B_Awan

    The weekend already passed, but I hung out with my boyfriend and saved a mouse from my swimming pool. I felt like a hero and it gave me purpose. So no, you couldn't have joined. You would've stolen my moment.

  • @BornAnHistorian

    Saw improvisational jazz rent party/performance & two plays, ran around the lake, read, wrote, edited, made kale & quinoa pilaf, arm partied. 1,000+ miles away; Austin TX would love you to visit!

  • Anonymous

    gettin' crunk.

  • @monalavinia

    This weeknd will be major !

  • I figured I should stop in again and check on my coat, just see how things are doing.
    I had a little convo with my wardrobe to see how they felt about the Multi-Layer Dream Coat. They're all psyched to say the least. Especially my Stuart Witzman platform sandals. And my tree dress. And my pink cords. The whole closet is excited! The day we welcome this coat will be a happy, happy day.
    I should probably have a cup of tea and head to bed now, I'm going a bit crazy (having conversations with your clothing is crazy, right?)



  • Twitter: @fitfreeroo
    I'm sure you wouldn't want to hang with me this weekend. Road trop to Baltimore MD – Johns Hopkins Hospital for my 46 year old husband to have his first CT scan post whipple procedure, 6 weeks of radiation and so far 2 cycles of chemo – for pancreatic cancer. I know depressing and lost my job of 9 years as a result of all this. Still optimistic with all that has happened since April. However I need a coat to stay warm in the tundra of Syracuse, NY.

  • Twittah: seashell23
    ze email:

    Well this weekend was my friends 21st birthday celebration. She has been practicing drinking since she started college and has awaited this day since she sipped on her first wine cooler.

    Friday: Surprise party at my apartment for my friend Keely's 21st brithday!
    9:00PM: No one is here yet.
    9:52PM: People start arriving
    10PM: Keely is super surprised (and thank god there are people here to surprise her)
    11:27PM: No one can find Keely.
    11:33PM: Find her passed out an a roommates bed pulling a Britney.
    11:40PM: Everyone leaves. Parties over (thanks keely)

    Saturday: GAME DAY!
    8:00AM: Get awoken up by Keely for the Illinois vs. Western Michigan game (Illinois won ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    9:00AM: Arrive at the crowded Joe's Bar and see everyone curing their hangovers with bloody mary's.
    12:35PM: Get food.
    1:14PM: Keely sprinted down the street chasing her crush..stalker.
    6PM: Get back to our apartment and take a nap.
    9PM: To Joe's we go!…Again..
    12:00AM: KEELY'S BIRTHDAY. Which included a 21 stamp on her forehead.
    From 12-2 get's a little fuzzy. I know there were multiple shots, dancing on tables, running around the bar trying to find her crush, drunk dialing him, crying, and trying to steal alcohol from behind the bar, but not sure what order this all happened in..
    2AM: Bar closed.
    2:35AM: Heat up the oven for some gourmet frozen pizza.

    Sunday: "…Seriously Keely?! You seriously want to go out tonight? Seriously?"
    2PM: Wake up with ranch on my face from the pizza.
    6PM: Finally finished cleaning the apartment and writing a paper on blood. Grool.
    7:17PM: Get a call from Keely asking to go to KAM's for quarter beer night.

    So now Man Repeller my weekend isn't over. You can come take the place of me and go out with the energizer bunny, I'm too busy reading your blog.

    But really please come! I can't take it anymore. She keeps calling!!! I'll send you a ticket. HELP! S.O.S! My poor feet are bleeding from the blisters from my heels the past two nights. The agony..

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: allisonev

    This weekend was spent working Boston Fashion Week. Boston has a fashion week? Why yes, it does. Is it any good? (Cue crickets)

  • E

    Twitter: @edelawit_h

    This weekend is over. But we can make a time machine next weekend to come back to this weekend. Then we can enjoy the Plaza air fair together dressed in our best man repelling outfits. Best weekend? I think so.

  • Alexandria

    Twitter: @alexandriareene

    This weekend im going to be working, vintage shopping, catching up on my design, reading, and enjoying starbucks, if you can fly to chicago you can join!

  • Anonymous


    My weekend consisted of some tailgating and college football. There was a definite need for your man-repelling presence, and I'm sure you could have found some free beer.

  • Andie!


    This weekend goes like this:

    a) Well, it's already Sunday so WE GOTTA MAKE THIS THING COUNT WHILE WE STILL CAN!

    b) Alright – SO! Come over to my apartment. I made us oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (it's Sunday night and we can eat whatever we want, damnit!) andddddd let's watch Bambi. I AM SO STOKED.

    c) After we watch Bambi we should create man repelling outfits based on our previous activities….a.k.a bring any clothes that may resemble 'oatmeal chocolate chip cookies' and 'Bambi'.

    d) GET PACKING GIRL! We're gonna be sooooooooo full/fabulous/fawns.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: missskyee

    this weekend will be my last weekend of drinking my face off before i actually have to act like a college student and study for midterms and hopefully make daddy proud. you most definitely can join me in man repelling the streets of uptown nola. it's fun, i must tell you.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @kevandv

    This weekend I plan on sitting at home with that coat on. I guess you could join me but I don't have furniture. We could chill on the floor and use the coat as a blanket.

  • 1. twitter: JuByCuTy07, email:

    This weekend I was going to go to parties and a concert and the yankees game, but oops, I got food poisoning – the ultimate man repeller (except my boyfriend digs it). Also, I'm sure you woulda dug it. It's never too late – I'll eat some more bad sushi.

    2. Thursday, September TWENTY-NINTH

    3. Like any good Jew, I'll be in synagogue on Thursday at noon silly girl. Except, I'm not a good Jew. But I'll still be in synagogue.

    4. This was a weird comment, not on purpose. Choose me?

  • @jessicagilb

    Engagement party for a less-practiced man repeller than I.

  • @sweetdaiane

    The weekend is already gone and I enjoyed spending quality time with the bf. Not much else, just lounging around, haha.


  • The weekend has passed, but I did some cool things that you could join if you head over to Michigan. I went to a party and climbed to the roof of a building at 3am, seeing an amazing view of my campus. We then got Taco Bell. Cheesy Gordita Crunch FTW. A football game happened, but my Saturday was made by a great quesadilla and then crepes later. Please join as I eat the Greater Lansing Area out of all cheese.


  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @hilaryannprice

    It's over but I wore what one friend termed, "a vagina scarf," a super soft, neon pink infinity scarf I hid my face/covered my face with in during lulls in conversation, which served as a whole new conversation starter! #manrepelling

  • THE TWIT: @miapancakeface

    So the weekend is over, but I'll give you a recap. FESTIVAL TIME!! Little Dragon, Santigold, Gossip etc etc but more importantly I wore bike shorts, welly boots and beer goggles, as repelling as ever! It was cute. You totes could have come except, you know, I'm in Australia.


    This weekend I will be Happy-Houring on Friday after work, this is not currently planned, but my philosophy on happy-houring is, on Fridays anyway, dress for the happy-hour you want and not the job you have and it will present itself. Much of Saturday morning will be spent couch-ing to recover fromy the happy hour that will exceed the normally accepted hours of happy-houring, then I will most likely be mtoivated by food to off myself from the couch which may involve me attending the party of an aquaintenace to find free food, unless they are British because I have learnt my lesson from trying to scavenge food from British friends. Their food is crap. Sunday may be blacked out or I may try to scalp tickets to a ballet at the Kremlin. You are invited to attend most of that, except really the couching because I have one couch and it will be occupied. I think it would be incredibly tacky to ask you to bring your own couch, especially since you would need your passport and a Russian visa to come visit in Moscow anyway.

  • twitter: @internodiciotto

    if you're ready to take a plane and come over to italy, we will hang around in Rome and outside with yummie meals in the countryside!

  • V


    This weekend I had absinthe at a local bar, which numbed my feet enough to walk to an indie dance-club 10 blocks away in 4" heels. Don't remember much after that, but I do know that the green fairy would definitely look good in that green coat…

  • twitter @carolfernanv

    This week i'm gonna play with a bunch of crazy little kids and laugh to tears!

  • aw wow this dress is amazing! you're crazy and I like it!

    xoxo from france

  • Twitter: @Morganfhill

    I'll start this weekend off with melting things for my form study homework, then most likely will re-dye my hair pink (mostly so I can man-repel to the fullest), then my friend and I are thinking of attending a Hare Krishna dinner and chant sesh while they possibly try to convert us. My weekend will then consist of yer average college party, sing along to Gwen Stefani, and panini making, while my roommate judges people for not knowing the names of every model in WWD. And maybe I'll do some laundry! Of course, you are welcome to join, if you really want to.

  • This anorak will 100 percent absolutely complete me. It is my new MUST have. My coveted coat.

    Twitter: kcarsonroberts

    I am an NJ girl living in Athens, GA hosting a fashion show this Wednesday night and this weekend will probably be recuperating and would love to do so wearing the Cut 25 masterpiece. No problems wearing it in the Georgia October heat ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1. Like Cut 25 on Facebook. Done done aaaand complete.
    2. Follow them on twitter. As if I wasn't already.
    3. In the comments below, leave your twitter handle and email address along with a detailed outline of what you're doing this weekend and whether or not I can join.
    twittah: @ElizCardinal
    mail to my e:
    description of my weekend festivities: well it happens to now be Monday and I happen to be sitting watching the news pre-drawing class. However, that is not to say that my weekend was fantastical as I toured Chelsea Galleries (a requirement for my art class… which I happened to enjoy… and happened to have some banging style sightings at), I ate, had challah, did a little dance in my kitchen, had daughter time with my mommy and daddy, slept… it was a full weekend.
    4. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show until Thursday, September 28 at 12PM noon, when both Cut 25 and I will announce the winner on twitter. This means you should be following me too.
    D u h.

  • @finolaprescott
    finolaprescott at gmail. com

    spending time with my sister in Amsterdam after a 16yr break since the last time I've been here-doing whatever comes to mind…um, maybe – depends what I feel like on the weekend…

  • Twitter: @becckitt

    The weekend's technically over and while most of it passed uneventfully, on Saturday night I DID get to see Alexa Chung in person launching her line at Madewell. I almost peed myself.

  • Twitter @youngwolves

    This weekend I will begin by going to what appears to be a sports bar for a reunion with about 20 people I traveled to Prague with back in August.I'm newly single so I will have to keep it going and repel the bar-goers with paperbag pants and animal print, and they will repel me with what will surely be outfits consisting of Phillies/Eagles colors (red & forest green).

    The night will only get better as I migrate to a gay bar and dance my pants off with other people who like arm parties and harem pants at Philadelphia's Making Time. (

    Come to one, come to both! It's only two hours away from NYC, we can hang out at my apartment, and I'll be drunk either way… Yeah!

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @aklurfield

    This weekend if it ever stops being damp in new york I plan on shopping, a lot. Gotta get ready for serious fall weather. And maybe playing with some puppies (including mine) at the dog park.

  • twitter: olyvyab


    come come and join me these next few days to attend classes, get bored and disturb people (especially the prof.) with some repelling behaviour. If you do that i'll let you taste one of my home cooked meals. It's mainly the latter you won't regret.

  • Lisa Renee

    twitter twatter= @LisabelleSwell

    seeing as the weekend has passed i can tell you in review that it was spent selling chevron stripe sweaters and chino pants to the lovely stroller moms, frat guys, and occasional tourist of chi-town. you could have been there,for outfit appraisals and sarcasm, as long as no man-repelling took place (its bad for business)

  • Twitter: @melissagxy

    This weekend, it's time to Pa-pa-PARTY!! It's my birthday and I will be baking my own flourless oreo cheesecake no less.
    A little gathering with friends, dance to moves like Jagger, drink to another year older and party just the way we do it back here in Singapore.
    You are invited to join of course, provided you bring some arm parties and that crazily funny wide grin of yours!

  • what a great coat…


    this weekend I'll be locked in my bubble sewing and cooking ideas, if it sounds boring but it is not … you can come if you want, but I think you wouldn't enjoy it…

  • Twitter: @DoUhaveSTYLEAtl
    Email: leannzafuto at
    Wknd is over, but if you're repelling, everyday is a weekend!!! On to the next one….

  • Kasie

    oh how I want that coat for my own… and how fabulous are the Dior sunnies?! I've said it before and I'll say it again, girl puts together a look like NO OTHER.
    1. check
    2. check check
    3. @AisforAccident
    worked all weekend. next weekend: jetting off to Rio for a little vacation… oh wait nope, working :/

  • emily i

    twitter: emilyinyc

    this weekend i will be cooking up a crap ton of food, debating over which winter boot im going to buy (stacked heel, wedge, lace up, suede, leather?!) and procrastinating some more on writing my thesis. there will prob be some makers involved at some point, so you should definitely join because whats more fun than a hangover sprinkled with "oh my god what did i BUY last night?!?"

  • twitter:@oohlala013

    Plans for this weekend:
    1. Eat.
    2. Pretend to do homework while really facebook stalking people I haven't talked to in years.
    3. Eat some more.
    4. Go out with friends in least man appealing outfit presently available (aka best mishmash of clean clothing, options which are diminishing at an alarmingly rapid pace).
    5. Lose phone.
    6. Think about how I need to do laundry.
    7. (Most likely) drunkenly eat peanut butter with a spoon in bed.
    8. Find phone in pocket
    9. Sleep.
    10. Rinse and repeat.

  • Twitter: @meganpacella

    This weekend I'll be kayaking the Harpeth River in Nashville, Tenn., with some friends from Manhattan. You are more than welcome to join, because I own two kayaks. I call the red one, though. It's cuter. You bring the booze, I'll bring the fun.

  • Twitter: @princessemmyi

    This weekend, I'll be shoving organic chemistry into my brain and writing my first philosophy paper. And crying about why I chose to go Ivy League when all my friends are at weenie state schools. TAKE PITY ON ME. Please!

  • Twitter: @chicorsomething

    It is Monday so I am not sure what my weekend will entail, but it will probably go something like this. I will procrastinate doing my work by shopping and reading blogs, possibly go out to dinner and then freak out on Sunday because I didn't get any work done. Sounds a little boring for an adventurous gal like yourself, but you would be a welcomed guest (and another excuse to put off my work ha)!

  • Email:

    This weekend I plan on …
    (1) beginning my days by internet stalking some of my favorite fashions for Fall and Spring 2012 (Cut 25 jacket is on the list);
    (2) internet stalking some of my fave blogs, yours included;
    (3) going to the Barneys NY outlet in Napa County; and
    (4) topping it off with a visit to the Champagne Caves at Gloria Ferrer Winery in Sonoma.

    You can join in if you're in the Bay Area! We can play dress up and then bubbly are buyer's remorse away…


  • Twitter: @zucktown

    This weekend I am moving to NYC BABBBYYYY!!!! Just in time to potentially sport and FABULOUS new jacket. In addition to testing out my handyman skills while putting together and undoubtedly complex Ikea dresser (I would LOVE your comedic relief in that endeavor), I have about a bajillion birthday parties to go to…okay so it's really only 3, all of which you are most certainly invited to by yours truly.

    ps. emailed you last week, no response ๐Ÿ™

  • Anonymous


    If you're feeling the need to travel to the midwest (where it is starting to turn into fall & get a little chilly might i add) & chomp on some sushi or tailgate for a college football game…then my weekend is just what you need! man repllers are always welcome.

  • Annie

    t: @annieclare
    w: tattoo, Nuit Blanche in TO & self mani/pedi. Meet at my place 11AM Saturday.

  • OH MAN…I'm in the nose bleed section on the comment feed… but sometimes those seats are the best-DUH


  • Emma

    twitter: emmanuelledf

    This weekend I will wander around my city, Ottawa (Canada) with my new Cut 25 Anorak…:)
    Altough the weather has been crazy hot for Fall so maybe I'll need a swimsuit underneath. (You must join me for this!!)
    Aside from that: party Saturday night, swimming, Zumba class…and maybe brunch to make up for lost calories in the Zumba class!

  • twitter: hellogrey

    this weekend i had pinkberry and got lost in saks.
    you are always invited.

  • Twitter Handle: SodaBoxThrone

    I've been invited to spend the weekend hanging around the apartment of my Japanese guy-friend-of-ambiguous-relationship status. I've been told he's intimidated by my heels (success) so we'll probably chill and try to hide the fact that he's an awkward turtle and I'm overdressed. Long story short: YOU'RE WELCOME TO JOIN IN.

  • ArielF

    Twitter: @arielsf

    This Saturday night you are cordially invited to join me and a few bad ass bitches at The Rub, a 90's hip hop dance party at South Paw in Park Slope:

    After that we plan on sleeping big time and having a very late brunch Sunday (some might call it an early dinner).

    Be there or be square!

  • Lana Lovric


    Due to the fact that man repelling for a full time student can be quite an expensive lifestyle, I'm gonna be working all weekend long. Viva la Repelling!

  • Twitter: @rpietrangelo

    Past tense because sadly the weekend is overrrrr – Mexican food Friday then Saturday night dance party, Sunday football and homemade guac (yum yum!)

  • Twitter: @katiegingerich

    It's the boyfriend's birthday and for some unknown reason he has decided he wants to host a pig roast. Yes, a pig roast. So obviously, I will be sporting my most man-repelling outfit, unless of course I go along with the theme and break out my cowgirl best (remember when Carrie wore the cowgirl outfit to the party in the Hamptons only to find out that Big had gotten married to WASPy Natasha? Hopefully my night will end better). I've heard pig roasts can feed 40-50 people and I'm uncertain if we actually have that many friends, so you, and anyone else here, are welcome to join.

    Bring the coat.

  • Twitter: @katiegingerich

    It's the boyfriend's birthday and for some unknown reason he has decided he wants to host a pig roast. Yes, a pig roast. So obviously, I will be sporting my most man-repelling outfit, unless of course I go along with the theme and break out my cowgirl best (remember when Carrie wore the cowgirl outfit to the party in the Hamptons only to find out that Big had gotten married to WASPy Natasha? Hopefully my night will end better). I've heard pig roasts can feed 40-50 people and I'm uncertain if we actually have that many friends, so you, and anyone else here, are welcome to join.

    Bring the coat.

  • Isabel Geraldes
    twitter: Isabelvg

    If you want to come to Portugal, I'll show you this gorgeous country, where days are still hot! ; ) Have lunch near the beach, shopping in the afternoon and very cool girls night out!! Come on Leandra! : )

  • Stephanie Valle

    Twitter: @stephanievallek

    I'm going to a latin american rock band tribute! It'll be more fun than it sounds…I hope.


    I've been planning my excursion to Medieval Times for quite a while now. Men jousting on horses and crowns crafted of the finest cardboard in all of New Jersey. COME WITH ME AND JOIN THE KNIGHTHOOD.

  • Twitter: @StyleRefine

    I am going to be showing off this most amazing coat (that I am going to win) from the Cut 25 and Man Repeller. I may throw back a few cocktails while I am at it.

    PS, I have been stalking this coat since I fist saw it a few months ago in a magazine. LOVE IT

  • Twitter: @StyleRefine

    I am going to be showing off the most amazing coat that I won from The Cut 25 and The Man Repeller. I may kick back a few cocktails while I am at it.

    PS, I have been stalking this coat since I saw it a few months ago in a magazine. LOVE IT

  • Twitter: @lilynois
    Email: nancy_lili_g AT gmail DOT com

    I spent the weekend watching The Muppets, drinking Rogue Dead Guy Ale (a million times tastier than it sounds), eating crepes and more crepes, and driving back and forth from downtown to the suburbs. It was more fun than it sounds, I'm sure. You should really try that beer, though, it's a great beer.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: sallywoolfenden

    hmm this weekend i'm going shopping with my mum and my sister to spend the money i got from washing dishes all week at work. i've got my eye on somethings and i'm getting so exicted at the fact that i can afford it this week.
    Well i live in Western Australia, so your welcome to join me if you can ๐Ÿ™‚

    love your style

  • @cmast


  • twitter: @LevineJulia

    This weekend I'll be taking many photos and eating, basic lounging around. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Well, it's Monday now and I can happily say that my weekend has been filled with Perfect Multi-Layer Dream-Coat Dreams!

    Make my dreams come true:

  • twitter: britdisarming
    email: britneynason3 at yahoo dot com

    this weekend i'm flying from LA to SF to listen to blue grass music in the park and hippie the fuck out- i'd like you to join and i'm crossing my fingers that you'll be wearing a dashiki.

  • @_LucyC

    This weekend I will be taking the SAT's and baby sitting. Of course you can join me….especially for taking the SAT's..maybe you'll get us kicked out and that'll save me some trouble!

  • Ana Calderone


    This weekend I'll be in Miami like usual (for school) most likely dying of a heat stroke. Doesn't that sound appealing? You're welcome to join.

  • Anonymous

    twitter: @saraalindbergg

    im taking SATs this weekend… should be super fun. ohh and homecoming dress shopping! please come!

  • Twitter: @limechartreuse

    This weekend? I was thinking of maybe stealing a kid's bike or eating lunch at KFC. Cos you know, my life is eventful like that.

  • Jen

    Twit: @jenbullinger

    It's not the weekend anymore, but I attended a super awesome 80's bash on Saturday, you would've had a great costume I'm sure….

  • Anonymous

    ever heard of a murder mystery party? Well, this one's aboard the Falcon, star trek style.

  • Anonymous

    i could kill for this jacket…love the color…!!!!!!!
    have an amazing week!

  • Twitter ~ @abbeyhart
    Email ~

    I live in Sydney, Australia so it is Spring here (hallelujah) so I will be donning my most striking man repelling ensemble and heading to the races to get drunk and cheer for horses and men in suits. You are most def invited.

  • twitter: @kirstenlapping

    This weekend I'm going the "Real Beer Fest" in Cape Town!

  • Done!
    Twitter: @getpalmd
    FB: Sara Nรคse

    This weekend I'm actually going bar hopping with my mum… hmm?!! You're welcome to join, let me know when you arrive with the bus from Vantaa airport to Helsinki and I promise to be there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @Noonje

    This weekend i"ll be working my socks off selling delightful rugs, eating left over honey cake, yelling out at the tv over football finals, surfing Bondi Beach, pretend i'm doing yoga and feeding my friends and family xx hop on the flying kangaroo to Sydney Australia xx

  • K M

    twitter: @kimmis

    i am making my own indian summer by heading down to the florida beaches for fall break. don't worry, though: i bought a man-repelling tribal print poncho/caftan/thingy to cover up my bikini. it even has little yellow pom-poms on it, for good measure. you can never be too careful in a state that's shaped like a giant wang. come repel with me!

  • twitter: @kelseyreitz

    hosting a massive arm party. awkward if you ditch.

  • Anonymous

    Ringing in the new year baby! All while fearing the Almighty… Can't do anything too crazy, gotta be on my best behavior. I think you'll be joining me weather you like it or not. Have a good year! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @aaufashion

    This weekend I'll be attending Hardly Strictly Bluegrass – a free music festival in Golden Gate Park in SF. I'm most looking forward to seeing Broken Social Scene on Saturday! And you could obvs come because duh its free (even if it wasn't I'm a master of disguise and could totally sneak you in – especially if I had this fabulous coat to hide you under!)

    this coat would actually be perfect for the fest becuase San Francisco weather is majorly temperamental – beautiful one minute and foggy the next – i would just add layer on layer as you do oh so well!

  • twitter @ruffledsnob

    I have many uses for that there coat
    I will wear it on days when I pet a goat
    Wearing it here and there, to every orchard
    I need to wear it to keep the men's eyes totured
    It has puffy sleeves and that is real neat
    so I would sport it even in the heat!

    But I am from Minneapolis you see
    and, well, we need something more fashion-y
    I am sick of girls sporting blah blah uggs
    All these huge northface coats… ugh they bug!
    so give me a coat with a rad twill pleet
    "Cut 25!!" I will say to everyone I meet

    I want to be looking fly like this here new yorker
    so please let me win this coat you manrepelling joker

    Yes, I am really going to apple orchards this weekend, I am sure that means petting some sort of goat.

  • Twitter: MarnieQ

    Weekend: Going Apple Picking in New Hampshire. Gonna overdose on appelage this weekend. And swear off apples until next year at this time.

  • twitter: @cathrinelarsen

    this weekend i'm going up north to visit some friends of mine. and we're going to have a few drinkies and ..well, take over the city with our drunk asses. and you may of course join. i mean.. you'll just have to cross the atlantic ocean. you're up for that, right? and yes. I'M FROM FRIGGIN NORWAY!! we need coats here, just sayin'..

  • Anonymous

    Cassidy Tierney

    twitter: CassSunshine

    This weekend I am trying to convince my friends to go indoor skydiving (as opposed to actual like jumping out of a plane to your death skydiving) for a girlfriend's birthday. If they choose the latter I will instead be getting wine drunk and harassing the instructors at ground level.

  • Leandra, I'm doing whatever you're doing, does that sound okay? But really..If I win the coat, I'll be celebrating all weekend long, and obviously you're welcome to join.

    Twitta: @abisger

    PICK ME!

  • twitter: @23skidooooo

    Unless you have access to a time machine my action packed weekend is long gone BUT I'd love nothing more than for you to join me in Indiana to build train tracks with me and my 3 year old boy…

  • @iplaykimie

    I will be enjoying my last month in paradise before moving up to the states from Hawaii. That means living EVERYday like it's the weekend, sipping lilikoi (passion fruit) martini's, eating fresh fish island style (we call that Poke) and applying loads of Monoi' (Tahitian coconut oil) while I lay out in the sun on a black sand beach in my most tiniest bikini. You know you wanna be here!

    PS.I'll be more prepared to leave behind my caftan's and brazilian bottoms with this AMAZING Cut 25 anorak to keep me as comfy and cozy as the warm Hawaiian sun ๐Ÿ™‚ ALOHA!

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @CecilieIden

    Friday: Wine and eating traditional festive norwegian food – fรฅrikรฅl -. Then get wasted and make out with everyone
    Saturday: Out and about in Oslo avec mes amies, doing cool hipster stuff (such as bicycling around, going to vintage markets and wearing glasses with big frames)
    Sunday: Maybe learning a new language, such as arabic or mandarin. Hang out with my boyfriend while fantasising about Jonathan Franzen.
    …Aaaand because it's already freezing cold in Norway, I'd really need a nice warm coat, to make the weekend even better. Please join me btw. You're very welcome to sleep on my couch

  • Twitter: geekyfashiondva

    This weekend I plan on consuming a bottle of wine (or two) and watching bad movies on Netflix. Any suggestions?

  • Twitter: sarah_w_studios

    Ah, this coat is prefect for my latest most man reppelling accessory…my 6 month pregnant belly. Fortunately I already got a man…hence the getting pregnant part, now I just need to keep warm this winter as my waist line grows.

    As for this weekend, we are going to Chico, CA for a wedding and staying at the luxurious Oxford Suites. I am sure we can still get you the wedding room rate. And as my husband says…I am eating for two and he is drinking for three. So your can join us an consume for five! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • @angelmccurdy

    I have class Friday and Saturday night โ€” you can come but its going to be d-u-l-l!

  • So it rained (torrentially) today, which was a bit less than fabulous, but it got me thinking… you could probably fit a massive umbrella in this coat… and a rowboat to escape in… and maybe a little puppy to cuddle with and and bring up the mood once I'm back indoors.
    Mary Poppins Carpet bag/ Magic Multiletter Dream-Coat?
    Yes Please.
    @Samantha wittwer

  • @annajster

    I'm heading to Florida for a beach weekend with friends. Unfortunately, rain predicted for the whole weekend. BUT rain means cheap airfare and there's plenty of room for you to join!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Manon

    Twitter : @manonraepsaet
    E-mail :

    I can't see my first comment so i post a second one to be sure ๐Ÿ™‚ on saturday i'll be back in London since i live in the North of France and on sunday i'll be walking around my town with some of my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ keep on doing your blog your style is fab ! <3 Ciao ciao !

  • Twitter: @richritz

    This weekend I plan on writing a paper on pre-civil war Quebec, whilst my friends get drunk. You are more than welcome to join… only if you write my paper for me.

  • Twitter: @Megagl

    This weekend I plan on wrapping myself in every blanket in my house, hoarding lots of good eats and having a marathon of girly movies all weekend seeing that where I live, it's apparently monsoon season, leaving it impossible to step outside.

  • nicole


    nlhering at gmail dot com

    baking up as many fall cookies and brownies (can you say SNICKERDODOLE and CHOCOLATE CINNAMON?!) as i can. you, of course, are welcome to join ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @sds616

    On the hit list this weekend:
    i) apples and honey
    ii) bike riding to the Humber River to research the striking (and man repelling) colour contrast of salmon (the fish and the shade of pink) against olive green (the color of the water AND OF THIS AMAZING COAT!!!) – AKA the running of the salmon, not to be mistaken with the running of the males when I show up at a bar
    iii)planning my trip to NYC in December – any suggestions?! (I dream of being one of those people who tweets about coincidentally walking by you in Soho, while we're both in fantastic male-loin-freezing garb….)

  • Twitter: @chantel_deneice

    This weekend I plan to rage for one of my bestest friends 24th birthday, our birthdays are 4 days apart. Feel free to wander the streets of the LES. Nbd.

  • greetings man repeller and the fine folks at cut25. i've got a weekend planned you're gonna wanna get all up in. it involves a flask of bourbon, deep-fried potato rings and the "i wanna dance with somebody" station on pandora. oh and getting my nails did…'juku style. and bedazzling the elvis jumpsuit i bought for halloween. there will be dancing, there will be hammer pants, there will be blood…well, i hope not, but you never know. viva la weekend.

    anywho, come join me.

    twitter handle: colleenmclark

  • Twitta: @foodH20fashion

    Miss Leandra,

    What shall I do this weekend? Ah yes…

    Scenario 1: WITH said formidable Anorak:
    -Venture into the geographic realm which we call "Outside" and shake my fist at the precipitation-producing sky in smug defiance, spiting its attempts at weekend ruin under the shelter of my newly acquired Anorak

    Scenario 2: SANS Anorak:
    -Lie in bed and cry all over my exposed body, thus, reminding myself of the need for the Anorak That Got Away, cry even harder, Repeat Cycle Indefinitely.

    So the question is Leandra, do you want me to CRY or stay DRY?

    I propose that you give me this Anorak, you come over, and we obnoxiously sing over and over again these lyrics, ร  la R. Kelly, "It's the freaking weekend, babbbbbbuy I'm about to have me some fun."

    Deal? DEAL!!!

    -Lisa Power

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • I forgot to post my Twitter profile…

    Twitter: @amandablacktree

    This weekend I plan on …
    (1) beginning my days by internet stalking some of my favorite fashions for Fall and Spring 2012 (Cut 25 jacket is on the list);
    (2) internet stalking some of my fave blogs, yours included;
    (3) going to the Barneys NY outlet in Napa County; and
    (4) topping it off with a visit to the Champagne Caves at Gloria Ferrer Winery in Sonoma.

    You can join in if you're in the Bay Area! We can play dress up and then bubbly are buyer's remorse away…


  • @MelMarMedia

    Contemplating heading to Miami this weekend. I'll let you know what last minute fares I can snatch.

  • @fashionwanderin

    This weekend i am off to a lovely Greek island to enjoy the sunshine!!! :-))

  • Anonymous
  • Twitter:

    It's Rosh Hashanah this weekend so I will be at home with my family eating tons and tons of food! I won't be able to use a computer so if I win ๐Ÿ™‚ just be patient with me since I can't check my email until Saturday night.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @DanyP36

    This weekend is my cousins wedding! I'm driving down from CT where I go to school (and it got down to -27 degree last year so I could really use that coat) to PA. There will be an open bar!!! You are of course welcome to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous


    This weekend? Depends on the weather a little. I'll probably get some farmer's market in on Sat. and try to go apple picking (I am in Vermont, so might as well do what Vermont likes to do). Brunch with co-worker ladies on Sunday and maybe a mani/pedi date with a pregnant friend. Other than that? A whole lot of relaxing…

  • vm


    This weekend:

    First, apply for jobs in Colorado, where I'm moving in six weeks. It's cold there, I need a jacket.

    Then, beer and bands at a biker bar on the beach.

    You're invited.

  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @navilamba

    This weekend I'm going to walking around the city of Toronto for their all night art crawl, Nuit Blanche. I'm gonna need that coat so me and my friends can stay out as long as possible and have lengthy chats about what was up with that installation made of human hair + strobe lights.

  • twitter handle: PIPMegan


  • @emilygriggs

    Friend's bday party. Ikea run. Summer to Fall closet transition and extreme organization party. I could certainly use some help…

  • Alane Lira


    this weekend I'll be drinking a cold beer on the streets of Madrid, saying goodbye to summer, which, around here, slowly parting, and waiting for the winter. even without using jacket, but only "yet"! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    all are welcome!

  • Twitter: @beautynyc

    This weekend I am working and then being a lazy ass bum at home for my honey's birthday. We shall have a feast and you are more than welcome to join. Lol.

  • @fouj

    There's a food truck festival happening in the distillery district of Toronto this Saturday eve. I'll be there. Because, you know, nothing man-repels better than taco stains, bloated bellies, and carb-coma-like dancing on cobblestone streets in three inch heels. It's got face-plant written all over it and I'm embracing the embarrassment already.

    If I promise you dirty all-you-can-eat food truck tacos and a smooch from a hobo, will you come with?

  • Vicki


    Honestly, I just discovered; it's a virtual pin-board where you literally just pin pictures of shit you like all day long. It's my shit. (You have to request an account, EXCLUSIVE MUCH?) Anyway, on the real, my weekend timeline legitimately consists of pinning, pinning, and more pinning. YOU GOTTA PIN IT TO WIN IT BABY.

    (Non-paid advertisement, I swear.)

    You should get one too, so then you can join me on the fun. DUH.

  • Twitter: @Ilovemyoldlevis
    Last weekend was really boring… i was studying.
    Altought i went shopping and i bought to much haha

    Good luck everyone !

    Join my NEW GIVEAWAY !

  • Lily C

    Twitter: @BambooLily

    Nuit Blanche this weekend!!!

  • tweet tweet name: @kimpcole

    This weekend I am torturing my husband as much as possible. He's having surgery on Monday & will be out of commission for a few weeks. Doc says I have to be nice to him during that time, so I'll be making up for lost time. I see homemade fashion shows in front of the tv (while his football is on), asking him if I look fat in these jeans, insisting on chick flick movies, etc.. You get the point.
    The Man Repeller is WELCOME to join me!!!

  • Twitter: @sanalas

    This weekend, I am renewing my birth control prescription… birth control glasses that is.

  • @mandyle
    Le.mandy at gmail

    I'm heading to Chicago this weekend to see a friend I studied abroad with years ago in hong kong and spent the best weekend of my life with. We are going to hit up Rick Bayless' mole sauce and deep dish pizzas. The forecast calls for a high of 60 and low of 40, so I need a new (loose) coat to keep warm and hide my food baby after all the grub I'm expecting to stuff in my face. Hopefully this will rival our best weekend in HK.

  • Twitter- @Rachiex10

    This weekend I will be working blehhh and walking in the Alzheimer's walk in CT!!! Of course you should join!

  • Handle – @leeandkellyrae

    This weekend I will be reveling in the sweet sweet afterglow of having won this jacket. Aren't I a cocky bitch? I have to compensate for the lack of it coming my way, from man-repelling and all…

    Thanks!!!! Come hang out in Canada with me!

  • Anonymous

    Heading to yoga in nj – seane corn mahwah

  • Anonymous

    You can find me sulking in a dive bar wearing my mother's moth-eaten, 80's Ralph Lauren blazer (oh hey girl hey, shoulder pads), cheapity cheap cheap whiskey in hand, praying that I may score this coat, a tall man with a decent fashion sense, a free cheeseburger from an admirer, and perhaps some money from people who mistake me for being homeless rather than just tragically attached to my worn denim and Frye leather boots. Once the whiskey soaked skulking subsides, you will find me party-prancing through Minneapolis grinding up on my gay boys and trying to find someone who will FINALLY teach me how to Dougie. And also maybe wearing my new turban. Maybe.

    Twitter: @BetsyH8sToTweet

  • Twitter: eBtrFly
    email: ricak

    3 day weekend! Wine tour Friday in the gorgeous Hunter Valley (more than welcome – wine is made to be shared), Wedding on Saturday – heck we need more people with clothes sense – might be a little light on at this one, 21st birthday on Sunday at the Russian club – most awesome, and vodka filled.

    Sooo… Want to join the drinking shenanigans?

  • @jehdy

    Running the New York City night life as recently new single women! Learning how to appreciate the sweet without the bitter!

    Brunch and painting my life away during the day.

    Come dance in style and lets man repel the night away! And you are def. welcome to my boozy brunch at Essex!

    Can't wait to wear that coat! hehe

  • Lou

    I love the first photo. This made me laugh (in a good way). Fab dress.


  • Anonymous

    Twitter: @TheMarmyyy (The Mackenzie Army)

    This weekend I'm going to the University of Florida to watch them get pummeled by the University of Alabama. I would love for you to join that way when I wear a ridiculously man repelling ensemble all these stupid FRAT boizzz don't stick their noses up. As well as that I will get highly intoxicated and probably inform these boiz of how stupid they are. plz come!

  • @Samanthawittwer

    Just thought I'd enter one last time, need the best chances I can get!

  • Anonymous


    This weekend I will be attending a ball and dancing the night away….by myself (and one of my girl friends, would you really expect me to bring a boy after being a dedicated man repeller for 2 years?). We each have 1 extra ticket so we would be so ecstatic to have you join us. We will probably partake in some god-awful dance moves to scare away any prospective men aka crumping, macarena, etc. After that I will probably end up sitting on my couch with my two cats enjoying a big chunk of cheese

  • Amanda


    My weekend officially starts tonight! Not. So, I'm going to my school's football game in Minnesota this weekend against our rivals, and you're totally welcome to join except it will just be a bunch of college students getting drunk and shouting obscenities… Then I'm going to sit in my room and work on homework all weekend. Fun, right? Damn, everyone else's weekend sounds better than mine!!

  • twitter @rsneudorfer

    Going to the final hoorah at the gallery showing my artwork, and you most def can join me. Wouldn't this coat be so cute to wear to a gallery soiree. My other clothes have paint on them :/ Painting all weekend for the next show… come be creative ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • @a la Alison

    This PAST weekend, I went swimming in the Atlantic ocean & I danced like a maniac friday. If you have access to the DeLorean so we can time travel, you are invited.

  • um i know this post is on the jacket but damn that dress is all sorts of phenominal!

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