I’m Not There, But NYFW Is Still On

And while I may or may not be double fisting a cafe au lait and scrambled eggs while I explain the evolution of runway shows to my mama in Paris, I will tell you it ain’t over until the fat lady sings. La di da di da. In today’s round-up, I look back to shows I saw but haven’t included and share with you the latest happenings at Phillip Lim and Proenza Schouler though I do recognize you’ve likely seen and reviewed the shows on your own. Me so tired. More tired, less funny. I apologize in advance. Fine, I don’t. People are allowed to be tired. I’m not a robot, ya know.

Yigal Azrouel was one of the more exciting shows to watch. It seems the collection has come a wildly long way from slinky sexy body hugging dresses to a more mature, man repeller approved collection of leather palazzo pants, cropped white jackets and a very witty granny hot pant–oh yes, I went there–disguised by Hermit’s green cloak. And while I did swoon through all the pieces and silently applauded my Jewish brethren…

This look took le cake. It so eloquently notates an extended beginning to the return of palazzo pants. There was a butt-ton of white presented through many shows and so the best I can say is, sorry stupid holiday rules, the hue will be back long before Memorial Day rears her sunny head. Let’s also just admire the blazer.

Back uptown–literally and figuratively–Jill Stuart showed a collection inspired by pastel hues of pinks, oranges, and yellows. The silhouettes fit the usual uptown girlie feel and some new prints, including that darling little cropped pant suit and the messy hair style rock-star eyeliner suggested signs of oh, I don’t know, maybe some evolution? I always love the collection and reason it by saying, “yes sure you may call me the Man Repeller, but ultimately, I did grow up uptown.” Man I love quoting myself.

3.1 Phillip Lim yesterday documented his excellence to layer and create the most wearable and simultaneously man repelling garments. As noted by Molly, Phillip Lim is the new classic. I’ve already wishlisted the over-sized denim vest pictured far left and am trying to rationalize a pair of culottes worn over black pants. Peplums are so first week fashion, eh?

And finally…
Proenza Schouler. I’d like to leave the recapping up to you as I wasn’t able to be at the show, nor was I able to livestream it. I did enjoy the silhouettes–cue the far left–and new prints but I’m still uncertain of my undying love and inclination to trade my first born for this collection. It read more fall, less spring but maybe I’m just losing my marbles. What did you think? Hmm?
And OMFG, oh yeah, P.S…
Some jackass pretending to be a model brought her iPhone out onto the runway and videotaped the entire thing at the Rebecca Minkoff show!
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  • Hahahah fantastic!! One of the greatest moments from the show was you with your iphone
    Would love to see the video!!


    Great job with the blog…so inspiring, entertaining and stylish

  • you are the cutest ever!!

    in a man repelling way of course…. hahaa


  • Hahaha, I love it!

  • certainly got a laugh out of that last photo!

  • Hahaha love the last pic, so funny.Anyway, great selection of your favorite looks from the runaways, I love all the outfits.

  • You rocked it at the Rebecca Minkoff runway! And the Yigal Azrouel and 3.1 Phillip Lim collections definitely look like they have the Man Repeller stamps of approval.

    ♥, Jamie

  • It's not the same without you !!!!!!!!! It can't be !!!!!!!!!!!

    Great collection …

    And you look amazing and the last pic ! With ur curly hair and ur tan 🙂


  • You on the runway is all sorts of amazingness…. and that hair! Love it!

  • hehe nice work on the runway!! You look like a natural up there 😉

    B xx


  • hahaha thats just great! love the last pic 🙂 yayyy

  • What a joker! you're so cool.


  • Absolutely adore the last photo of you at the Rebecca Minkoff show. You look so stinkin' cute.

    P.S. – if one is going to be tired, better to be tired in Paris. =)

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  • The leather palazzo pants are fantastic!
    Love your outfi toot, so cute!


  • Ha ha, saw you on E! So so cool.

  • great post! i love your outfit.

  • Oooooo, I see that according to the runway it is now acceptable to wear your hotel dressing gowns (Yigal Azrouel, middle pic) and PJs (Jill Stuart, third pic) outside of the privacy of your own room… Only kidding. Very much enjoyed the pictures, especially the last one!

  • Jill Stuart's collection tops the rest for me yesterday, so ethereal. 😉


  • jas
  • Whaaaaat?!! what't the story behind you on the runway?! need to know!! Love this collection, especially love the matching separates *swoooon*

  • the vest and jacket by phillip lim are indeed hot!! and jill stuart has always played with my heart strings (wait, or is it tugged at my purse strings). and congratulations on being that jackass! good job! 🙂

  • Xen

    i also kinda wished that Proenza would summer hump it a bit more. there were some really nice pieces but it had an overall fall feel. yup.


  • you rule, tired or not! best reviews of fashionweek are found here 🙂

  • That girl is actually on style.com in the R Minkoff show! Fooled them..!

  • I love your nail polish in the runway photo! Is it just pastel pink?


  • I saw a pic on the twitters of you on the runway and i was like "WHAT, MAN REPELLING MODEL?!" haha You did great though Congrats!

  • Love your shorts!

  • Meg

    i. love. lim. plain and simple. and yigal azrouel. hell i love 'em all. but i agree that proenza schouler was looking a tad bit like fall– particularly in the middle picture. Your shorts are fantastic in the last pic.

  • LOVELY!!! 😀
    kisses from Spain <3 you.

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  • Yigal Azrouel and Lim are def my favs out of these. And P.S. I wear white all year long and always have. Effe those dumb rules, i mix brown & black and gold & silver all the time too. Am as we speak!

  • Man Repeller and Jackass, can you handle that much responsibility?


  • Also, not one of Proenza Schouler's best collections. There was a lack of bags too.

  • Those leather palazzo pants look like they're made of satin.

  • Awwww love the photo of you! Yummm to it all, I loved the proenza schouler show, but I do much prefer autumn and I get what you're saying about 'more fall than spring' so maybe that's why I was a fan! and big fan of philip lim, really value someone that can make wearability so covetable


  • ADJ

    the last pictures is perfect. I love philip lim and his work seems to be getting a lot of buzz.


  • The Jill Stuart short suit is so adorable, but I find myself wanting the Philip Lim collection more…I agree with you that Proenza Schouler felt more autumn than spring too.

  • Tu

    Just don't fall lol!

    u look cute



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  • Marissa

    totes agree on proenza. it was very autmny.

  • Espectacular!! Kisses from Portugal!!!

  • work that runway, girl!

  • Awesome. You are just way too awesome. Good picks! Love love love the Jill Stuart, her show blew me away.


  • lawlz you crack me up

  • Anonymous

    is molly the new intern? it would be really cool if you did a post about her one day! like have her showcase her best man repelling look or something! just so us readers can get to know her