Host an Arm Party on the Cheap

As it happens, instagram and arm party have become synonymous. But today in cool things that won’t break your bank: an arm party that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg (ba da ba, chhh!) All the little rascals you see featured above aside from that pesky little love bracelet which I’d have taken off but couldn’t, silly screws, cost under $70. In fact, most instances cost under $20, but I’m not about making the fancy expensive freaks look bad. Even furthermore, while I’m not one to advocate cheap thrills all that often, I will say that it’s your damn arm. Give it a rest. Save up and buy those burgundy suede Proenza Schouler booties. Just do it. 

The party kids on this wrist hail from House of Harlow and Wanderlust and Co. Wanderlust is an Australian based online shop that offers boatloads of boats. Kidding, no boats–just arm, ear, neck, ankle party contents. The studded ones are a particular favorite if not because there’s something kind of awesome about wearing something so obvious that it’s not obvious anymore than most certainly because they stand the jewelry that resembles violent weaponry mantra. This is all I have for you at this point in time. Buy yourself an early holiday gift and pop over to Wanderlust. Tell me what you get. Or die. Okay, bye!

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