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Club Monaco’s Fall 2 Lookbook

In partnership with Club Monaco.

Remember back in May when I went to London and complained about the currency? I wasn’t just globe-trotting. I was capital W Working and the fruits of my labor are now starting to fall from their respective trees for you, me, everyone really, to take a bite out of. I was taught never to end a sentence in a preposition but I hate that rule so again, to take a bite out of. You see, London is where Club Monaco aptly decided to shoot their Fall 2 lookbook and at the time all I could ponder was how hard it would be to wait until September to see the images but guess what, it wasn’t that hard! Patience is a virtue, my friends. What was hard, however, was modeling posing alongside some very serious fancy fashion folk. I’m talking: Bambou Gainsbourg, Lou Lessage, holy girl crush: Sara Blomqvist…

The lookbook was shot in an old, super rustic home in London where livestock i.e. little turtles hang out and really enjoy British life. Everything seemed to perfectly executed but I was most excited about during the entire ordeal was the notion that in celebrating Club Monaco’s recent move overseas, the entire shoot would also be featured in the Dazed & Confused super chunky 20th anniversary issue. 
I’ll be wearing this and shaking my tail feather like Zelda Fitzgerald probably would have wanted.
Then…I’ll be running cross country so look out for that too.
In honor of the lookbook and this “collaboration” of sorts, I’ve been working as Club Monaco’s September Culture Club curator, it just seemed a good fit to coincide with lookbook which will, by the way, be available in entirety after October 5th. You can peep that here. And because it wouldn’t be a collabo without a little free swag, they have a little contest going on to find out what inspires you here, which you could toterly enter at your own discretion. It would have been rude not to tell you. Free clothes and a camera, why not?
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  • Love the patterned leggings!!
    If they happen to repel men, then it's a bonus!

  • Love all the chunky outerwear!

    Fashion Agony blog

  • Great post!

  • awesome…two things i'm obsessed with collide: club monaco and man repeller.


  • Lia

    i love that fringed skirt!

    Glass of Fashion

  • love the all the looks, those hats are awesome!

  • in the last bw photo, the shoes…the shoes…????

  • Great work! Love this collab!

    xx Kaye
    Fashion Blogger

  • Anonymous

    i found this video few days ago

  • i really like the black & silver heels, they look like they would go with a bunch of outfits!

  • In great company… great collaboration!

  • love the fringe skirt!

  • Cameron Silver, owner of vintage salon, Decades Inc., has undeniably changed the dress code in Los Angeles with his modern fashion designs and innovative concepts. Find out more about the award-winning fashion mogul and his latest ventures in today's Creative Factory.

  • This is #amazing! Club Monaco + The Man Repeller…. completely obsessed.
    Have fun.


  • Wow! Talk about a glittering cast of characters! Bamboo! So totally jealous right now… To think of CM's humble beginnings in Canada… and now all growns up! Looks better than ever. You look fabu btw…

  • Love the skirt!


  • CK

    I want…I need those blue and gold shoes. Amaze!


  • Anonymous

    those leather pants in the last image rock

  • This is amazingggg. sweet colllab !

  • Ooh wow this is amazing!!! I LOVE all the looks.

  • i love when you emulate the looks of other designers. i find it funny and interesting! your blog is always so interesting and cool.

  • jas

    love that fringe skirt

  • Anonymous


  • You look great, and I love the cape in the upper right-hand photo!

  • Wow awesome shoes, they look a lot like the real ones but actually better 🙂 Women Sandals

  • LOVE the booties in the second to last photo – amaze!!

    xo, Merritt

    Manolos and Martinis

  • Love this and that cape in the top pic is beautiful.

  • Ahhh! i work at club monaco and i actually only signed on today because i wanted to confirm that those pictures are you. you SOLD me those fringe shorts. i'll be snagging a pair once we get them in <3

  • Love the lookbook and your outfit too!

  • i love this post! you make the best model! xo.

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  • Please, does anybody know about these amazing blue and glitter boots? Are they from Club Monaco? I can't find them

    many thanks


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  • Arif Fajar Kurniawan

    awesome…two things i’m obsessed with collide: club monaco and man repeller.

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    Lampit Rotan

  • Rino Wijaya

    Cameron Silver, owner of vintage salon, Decades Inc., has undeniably
    changed the dress code in Los Angeles with his modern fashion designs
    and innovative concepts.

  • Arif Fajar Kurniawan

    thank u

    i really like the black & silver heels, they look like they would go with a bunch of outfits!

    minyak bulus asli

  • thank u

    i really like the black & silver heels, look like they would go with a bunch of outfits!

    minyak bulus asli

  • Nice design, I like this style very much.
    Can Ho

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