Who Wore it Best, Bat Woman Edition

It’s Monday, not Friday and since Rebecca Black hasn’t yet jumped on a hip-flop train that celebrates beginnings and efficiency, I’ll take the liberty of doing so if you don’t mind. Today in things that will help you forget you have five hot and potentially wet days of work in front of you, a Who Wore it Best contest I will deliver without second-party knowledge brought to all of us by Freya, the intern. In case you’re wondering how her resume stood out, she didn’t send one. Just kidding. But I am now accepting applicants to fill the ‘Arizona’ position. 

And now, without further ado (guess no one understood the adieu joke,) who the shit wore it best?

Fashion Toast’s Rumi Neely, a woman with expert bat-arm flexing and simultaneous attractive-face posing capabilities
Me! Your modern day bat girl, infused with a big ass small dose of psychoticness. According to Urban Dictionary, psychoticness is in fact a real word so shut your wang chung, grammar police. And back to me: …bat girl…with a studded collar and smile to kill. They don’t call me ‘the Man Repeller’ for nothing.
Take your pick, baby.
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  • Anonymous

    lol you are redic… you win duh duh duh!

  • I am a little scared. 😉


  • That was a horrifilarious way to start my monday.

  • Anonymous

    i love you sooo
    you are lovely crazy

  • Well, you look almost naked under your bat wings & studded collar, so obviously that wins. Nudity is hot in fashion, dontchaknow? Nothing repels a man like confusingly placed nudity.

  • hilarious……. you win!

  • Anonymous

    I EFFING LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy crap. My tea just did a spit-take through my nose. It's funny that you said bat girl, because my first thought was those old pictures of Bat Boy that always graced the front of the Weekly World News. The facial expression is spot-on.

  • Ummm,hmmmm….you win!
    Because you´re crazy and I´m psycho?
    No, because you´re the funniest girl in the world. I bet you took some more pictures, let us see them all!!!

    Doro from http://2onplateaus.blogspot.com/

  • OMG hilarious. Clearly you wore it best.

  • yeah, I'm going for near naked w/studded collar!

  • i actually snorted out loud at this post. so great.

  • Low

    Well, I'm not really a fan of Rumi Neely, but you scare me sooooo much!!!! :-)))))
    Anyway, I love your collar!!


  • Hahahahahaha. Well duh! You def did, despite the scary face!


  • I love your psychoticness – it's so damn charming. =)
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  • hahahha omg this is so funny. I have to say I love Rumi, she looks amazing. but your facial expression is winning me over…


  • For me you look just a bit batty, maybe wanna follow in the footsteps of badman? However you totally win, if you can't go with fashion any longer you should defenetly try something with pantomime.
    Of course you can do both as well 😀
    Love this unique fashion blog


  • YOU! hate to say it but rumi's blog has turned into an average-bore-snorefest. love your blog and so jels of your intern! xo


  • Anonymous

    hahaha soo funny, this just made my day.


  • Anonymous

    you look horrifying.

  • You win because I keep trying to look away from this picture and can't!

  • Captivating. Totally captivating. YOU WIN HANDS DOWNNN.

  • dude, when it looks like you're tatas are out, it doesn't matter what you're wearing on your neck/batwings…you officially PROPEL men. #repelfail


  • Hahaha you win for sure

  • funniest blogger ever!!!

    congrats..you win obviously!


  • You're awsome!!! jajajaja

  • haha you win!

  • is that a filling you need on the bottom, 3rd from the back tooth?… 🙂 Scarily divine you are!!


  • tefany

    hahaha again…a freaking genius and goddess!!!

  • I have never laughed so hard in my life…lol If ever you're having a bad day, you can always count on TMR to change your frown upside down 🙂

    You definitely wore it best. Rumi's got nothing on you! I'm definitely putting your pic on my desktop…hahahaha This shit is hilarious.

    Lena xoxo

  • And the winner is: YOU. of course, who could compete with that collar, or that face. No one, that's the answer…. maybe Nosferatu?

  • the standard dress

    is this a trick question?!

    you, beat her by a landslide!! definitely give new meaning to "manic monday" great way to start the week!!

    xo, cicely

  • Girl you crack me up!! That pic is sick! You look like Ozzy's spawn!! He would be so proud!! That collar is the bomb.com hee hee

  • Hahaha, hilarious! Youyouyou! 🙂

  • haha no competition!


  • haha…I love the face. Your crazy! But that collar is really cute!


  • You are just hilarious and crazy LOL!


  • Anonymous

    models shmodels??? uhhhh hello???

  • HAHAHAHA too funny. I love this post. Not to mention your studded collar!

  • she may have the pose down, but by virtue of the laugh-out-loud response your photo generated… you win. (obviously.)

  • This is why I LOVE your blog! you always makes me laugh! great post hahaha and of course you wore it best!!


  • hahah, you kill me!

    winner? you, without a question 😉 xx

  • LOL!

  • I love her style, but you are funnier, so you both win


  • I choose psychotic-ness every day of the week. So I choose you!! More relatable.


  • Tie!

  • You, you, you

  • Who wore it better? Rumi
    Who is a BETTER bat woman? YOU!! LOL.

  • if there is a day you don't make me laugh out loud, i will let you know.

    stay cinched,

  • so great, love it!!!

    ox Leslie


  • this has got to be the absolute best man repelling!!!i jumped up laughing!!!


  • Anonymous

    total awesomeness that you are
    much love to you

  • Anonymous

    you of course, as you dont dree yourself in cotton sacs and call yourself a fashionista

  • Jenni

    obviously you, even Rumi can't beat THAT expression!

  • Oh definitely you MR! You are, I mean, you look batty as H. E. double toothpicks!! Winner!


  • Your top is a little low there to repel…

  • LAWD!

  • V

    i imagine blood dripping off your teeth. you win!

  • Anonymous

    you win

  • Anonymous


  • You definitely get points for capturing the Bat Boy look from the Weekly World New which I have never seen done before.

  • You definitely win this hands down.

    Fashionable Collections

  • i love your who wore it better posts!


  • Anonymous

    you look more like a bat.

  • Oh my god! I couldn't stop laughing when I saw your picture. Much better then Rumi's even though I love her style… yours is just so much more… man repelling (:

  • You definitely wore it better. Love the facial expression!

  • Hahahaha, você é muito engraçada. Pareceu muito um morcego! Você tem quer vir para o Brasil!
    Adoro seu blog,

  • ele

    you are the best blogger ever 😉 muaa

  • You. Always you <3
    Hope that shit was terrifying enough. You're probably just shaking in your Isabel Marant booties. Or not.

  • I'll have to say the first one I'm sorry 🙂 but you're still amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i would have to say a tie you both bring something unique to the bat cape

  • You totally win, is that even a question?! Haha, but seriously I love you 🙂


  • that is extremely bat like … and super repellent since it looks like you'll bite a guy's head off …. in great style of course

  • ha ha ha

  • hahahaha!!!! you're crazy dear!!! you win! 😉

    xoxo from france

  • hahaha you're so funny! I adore your collar!!! xoxo

  • Clearly…you win! So funny.

  • Hahahaha you are so funny



  • ahahahh you are the best!! you're always SOOO funny!! <3

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, you have the beady eyes and face of some sort of predator-like creature. You are one scary looking fucker.

  • gold
    freakin commitment to a shot alright

  • Anonymous

    Is this an East Coast/West Coast type of throw down? Fab! Rumi, you have arrived, girl. Name checked by the Man Repellah herself!
    Hard to say who wore it best. That "my ta-tas might be naked" pic of yours is far from repellant, you know. Guy sees that, he doesn't care what your face looks like! How the hell is Rumi, even in all her gorgeousness, supposed to compete with that?

  • Most stylish picture, girl….evah….!

  • i hilariously love your version!! hahahah!!!

  • :DDDD

    no competition there – you're the better, bigger, scarier bat!

    thumbs up for this photo of Rumi too, tho, it's really refreshing to see her without that "eternally surprised" or "I'm so serious and melancholic" pouty expression!

  • I think I have a ne go-to pose for all future photographs of myself. Thanks Bat-woman!


  • Anonymous

    Fashion toast by far!!!!!!!!

  • they need to do a movie about the Repella Bat! u make me laugh girl!

  • Just scrolled through the comments to make sure I'm not the only one who noticed that you are in fact naked in this picture. No worries, lol.


  • LOL hilarious!

    Christie (Dark Blue Stripes)

  • LOL. Wish I hadn't seen this at work… laughed so hard! On the upside, now my boss is checking out your blog. Yeah, you're welcome.

  • i dunno man, i love rumi neely!

  • I took a little while to load and I thought you were flashing your breasts. It seems I expect just about anything from you! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    It's sick how adorable/weird/great you are.

  • Awesome, I'm addicted, a girl with humour & style

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  • Moi

    i’m cracking up; you are officially my favourite internet diversion!

  • LOL. Wish I hadn’t seen this at work… laughed so hard! On the upside,
    now my boss is checking out your blog. Yeah, you’re welcome. http://www.annunci-subito.it

  • I took a little while to load and I thought you were flashing your breasts. It seems I expect just about anything from you! 🙂 http://www.lapannacotta.com