Thematic Repelling: Irene Edition
Somewhere far away, Kim Kardashian is kicking herself in the large buttock while she watches media coverage from her wedding dwindle as all cameras start to focus on hit star of the moment: Irene. Bitch is well on her way. And as it happens, I just tweeted at her (cue the perfect opportunity to start twitter’s next hit account) reprimanding her selfishness for fucking up the second to last weekend of summer. Yes sure, media attention is cool but come on, woman, we have suntans to maintain, beaches to embrace, iced cocktails to sip before the snow starts rearing its ugly head but again. You’re not even getting paid for this! I should however note that it has been massively entertaining to listen to Bloomberg’s multiple hurricane watch addresses, more notably when he starts to deliver them in Spanish. But that aside and important things afront: I thought this a good opportunity to conjure up the perfect hurricane outfit. See below for inspiration.


suede vest: Alexander Wang, suede pants: Donna Karan, blouse: T by Alexander Wang, cropped lace top: 3.1 Phillip Lim, shoes: Dries Van Noten, purse: Proenza Schouler, sunglasses: Cacharel
Because, you know, the sensible thing to do when inclement weather conditions as…inclement…as these that will likely induce excess flooding are well on their way, is to wear as much suede as you can possibly pile on to your body. That means a raspberry colored suede PS1, too. Mix it up with some embroidered lace over a chiffon blouse, throw that under the vest. Trust me. Also, bring sunglasses. Because, you know, they’re cooler than an umbrella.
Just kidding. You have my permission to wear sweatpants…but once Monday comes around remember: this never happened. Stay damp!
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