Summer’s Last Licks

It’s leaving, but it’s not gone yet. So here’s to embracing what you have, keeping those denim underwear strapped to your little ol’legs and, you know, maybe investing in a statement collar or two.

blouse: Equipment, shorts: J Brand, collar and pinky rings: MR DANNIJO, shoes: Valentino, purse: Gryson
Combinations of fuchsia and pink began heating my loins early last spring and as it happens, the striking tones have followed us far into the trenches of summer. It’s not going anywhere either…cue this sweater. But nevermind the bright blinders and instead ponder this: while it’s still warm enough to strut your legs–sorry–I mean legz, do it. But hide your tatas and add an elegant open toe something that just screams black tie affair at a Lower East Side tequila bar. Add a big bag, it induces comfort and by that I mean, can house a pair of flats. Hey, you never know when you might need to run.
Finally, forget your wrists (and that I said this) and give your pinkies a reason to party with a stack of pinky rings designed by yours truly for DANNIJO. Your fingers will be so damn psyched you won’t have time to flex your wrist. You will however, have time to sulk in the compliments because, uh, your wearing Sinatra around your neck. Sorry, are you sick of my extensive recaps covering the collection? I’m just more proud than a proud mama. And those mothers are typically capital P, Proud.

Happy weekend. Drop crotch. What?

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  • I approve of this!

  • I am in serious love with that handbag!

  • I want those shorts! Gotta burn everyone's retinas while I still can.

  • Collar me anytime!

  • The bold and beautiful.

  • LOVE!! That grey must by Gryson's signature because I have a bag by them basically the same colors from years ago.

  • I LOVE YOU SO MUCH for naming jewels after Kristen Wiig. You are a good lady.

  • the color-blocked outfit is great, and the jewelry is killer. the shoes remind me of these really cute seafoam green marc jacobs bloomers with fabric flower cutouts i saw in a magazine!

  • Fantastic, I love the pink and those reddish shorts. You should be proud, your pieces are lovely!

  • I love the shorts with the blouse and the necklace! Great outfit.


  • All in for pinky rings!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Yes yes yes & yes !!!! I love it ALL !!!!!

  • Love the blouse and shorts !
    new post : haircut + vogue

  • That necklace is so pretty. Love the color mix too.

  • Pink and red! beautiful


    My Stylish Little Secret

  • that necklace is totally cool

  • Anonymous

    so simple, so chic and yet oh so man repelling. You have a talent.

  • o wow, those shoes r die for!!!!!!

  • they are fab to transit to fall too

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    Miss Kwong – Art and Fashion

  • I like the shorts : )
    Beautiful eye-catching color!

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  • Lovin' it all! Especially the beauutiful Valentino shoes… *-* And don't you worry, we're lovin' the 'Proud Mama' love… 😉

  • Anonymous

    "You will however, have time to sulk in the compliments because, uh, your wearing Sinatra around your neck."

    Your should be you're…

  • Anonymous

    Actually your is possessive and you're would translate to you are.

  • Love these picks. The Dannijo necklace is INCREDIBLE. Obsessed.

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  • OMG – that Thakoon sweater looks just like a cake I baked for my niece!!!

  • Thank you for designing awesome rings for my fave finger…hurrah for the pinky:)

  • Love that you are making every bit of summer last! That shirt.. Ineed!

    Tatiana and the Deathly Fashion

  • love mr.dannijo!!

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  • Fuchsia and pink – Although it looks rather stunning it clashes hideously with my refusal to wear anything pink or girly. I can't seem to make it work. Having said that the above style has my approval. As you were.
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage
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  • noooo! summer is not ending. i refuse to accept that. i need to get a collar necklace though…

  • That's some hot necklace…and I love the way you write!

  • Love the bag and how the shorts go so well with the shirt.

  • I am still dreaming of this fuzzy pink and red striped sweater I saw on a DKNY ad, the ads are still up on their site, but NO SWEATER IS TO BE FOUND. Makes me angrier than a postal worker. I discovered a similar copy at Forever 21, but it's just not the same… Could we extend the pink and red trend to next spring too? Pleeease, Fashion Gods (whoever they are)??

  • I love your shameless plugs- and am definitely loving this outfit!

  • Gorgeous items
    love the pink shirt

  • confessions of a shopaholic! lol! never stop purchasing!♥
    you can also follow me on Twitter! 🙂 @angelieeee

  • Alex

    Just bought this blouse on for half off!!! I would really like it paired with a necklace similar to the one posted. Love this!

  • I'm digging the hot pink shirt and the handbag.
    I'd wear it with a huge deep purple scarf and skinny black or indigo jeans for the fall…

    Love, Denise

  • Hi Girl! Love the outfit, but the shoes! And pleaaase don't say that the summer is almost over, no one wants to be sad remembering that!!

    If you want, check out the new trends for this season. Tons of hot outfits


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