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In partnership with Dannijo.

Sneaky peeky teeky weeky at what’s been up our Swarovski studded watch faced sleeves. And I suppose, down south between our toes and hidden in hair follicles on our legs. Most importantly though, partying on our pinkies. Yes sure, we love drinking copper pennies and talking SNL skits, but the frequent meet and greets between the DANNIJO girls and me that usually result in many a tumbled or instagrammed photo serve far more purpose. We’ve been cookin’ up a collection! A collection, I tell ya. Jewels!  I’m so proud to finally announce that the MR. DANNIJO (aptly named after my initials and them) collection is here, here, here! Go on now, shop!

On me: Givenchy Clog, Prada Sandal. On Danielle: Same, but opposite feet. Optical illusions, people. Jodie’s legs were suspended in thin air. More photos to follow. Stay tuned!

And while I’m tooting my horn, peep the way I styled Cut25 fall digs here.

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