More On My Suspenders

Because I think they deserve a little more credit. Sure Steve Urkel is cool, but you know what’s cooler? A billion dollars. Just kidding, well not really, but the answer in this situation is actually me. Kidding again! Man I’m such a jokester. This blog should have been called the Joke Repeller because I try and try and try and try but then, crickets. I mean, I laugh. And I guess that’s what counts right? Back to my suspenders though. I understand that yesterday you were likely too excited and busy speculating the prospect of snatching your own skull bracelet to even recognize the perfectly shot image a la Naomi that closed the post but let it be known, these babies are my livelihood.

So perfectly high-waist and suspended way up above them shoulders, I often think these were intended as pregnancy pants! This particular photo tugs at my heart strings because it looks like the right image is running away from the left. But I am present in both. Is the Repeller repelling the Repeller? As you can probably guess, I aced the shit out of psychology in college.

The other good thing about high waist pants is that the waist band functions as a great place to store ones sunglasses in the event she does not want to put them on her face or head or handbag. I like to think think everything through.

rings: Mark Henry, DANNIJO, Mr. Kate, bracelets: Hermes, LeiVanKash, Shashi.

See? Look how diverse. Fits out the pocket too. So utility chic. Also note the little skull to the left that, omfg, may or may not be yours come Monday.

suspender pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim, blouse: T by Alexander Wang, shoes: Superga, sunglasses: Celine, all photos by Naomi Shon

And finally, before I go, it’s important that I tell you when I left home on this day my father looked at me, laughed and said “you look like you’re wearing the lining of a ski suit.” Vive le long johns, sisters. Vive le long johns.

…Or I could have just yelled, LOOK AT MY SUSPENDERS!

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