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The Launch Party, The Recap

In partnership with Dannijo and CO-OP.

The last two months have been collabo-city! Between DANNIJO and Gryphon I’ve had my hands full pretending I know how to design shit. Ultimately, it’s most important that I thank you, the flamingos, for liking what I do and expressing it. Really, I love your guts. But on to the events of last night: A MR DANNIJO launch party a CO-OP the new rad restaurant at The Rivington Hotel. It was a grand ol’time that offered delicious free drinks and mandatory finger ‘stache tattoos. Don’t believe me? Good. I have photo evidence. Peep what’s up below for an illustrative recap.

 MR x DANNIJO. The team, the dream, the us.
My new capes. They’re death traps but I don’t care. I can’t feel my feet today, but again, don’t care.
 Superstar assistant Molly wearing our Aram collar and her cool dude friends. She’s not wearing her friends, just the collar.
 Me and my hot chick being the only human specimen on the Lower East Side in a suit. Hey hot chick.
 Well, this is starting to look more like a family photo album than event recap isn’t it. These are my parents and my older brother @HandsomeHaim. Ladies, he’s single. And ready to mingle. Tweet him.
 The DANNIJO dream team. Say hay to Taytay. And look at that super sweet tie!
My cousin Stef. We share a birthday but she is the cooler half of our day, cue le pixie cut.
 ‘Stache town! Yes!
Well, this one is kind of a funny story. We’re not really sure who this man was but he came, he repelled, he conquered. He’s also wearing white crocs with socks. You can’t see them but trust me when I say, adorable woman repeller.
Danielle, Jodie and some other cool looking peeptrains.
 Greg! And Jodie’s wearing a Sinatra! And finally…
…Richie Rich…?
So…see you same place, same time, next week? Shop MR DANNIJO here.
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  • Caroline

    You have a new hair cut 🙂

  • This event seems hella funnn!! I love your collar!

    Jackie from GlitterandScissors…

  • Wow, lovely party you got there!!! Your brother is gorgeous, but, I am married!!!!LOL!!!

  • what a blast!

    you girls look like triplets…. trifecta of repelling!

    white crocs are white hot.

    also, if i weren't so busy wearing clip on earrings, would totes holla at your brotha…

  • TF

    hahahaha Richie and Ross ( I love Ross)!!! So ramdom….

    Trends to heart forever on check it out!!

  • sighhhh i wish is was invited!!!!! looks like you had a blast and congrats on all your recent endeavors xxo

  • I think my favorite is crocs-with-socks dude. Congrats on all the collabs! Looks like it was an awesome party.

    Queen B.

  • Love the photos, they were full on entertaining. And again congrats on the collab every piece looks great!

    xo Nikki

  • Wow! Is that Richie Rich? Fun photos!

  • Anonymous

    super cool women and the dreadful (what to call it) bug repeller ? (who is he??? omg…)

  • 401

    Richie Rich? Wtf? Anyways love your photos, this looks like so much fun. Still can't get over those Wangs!

  • I am dying for your caped shoes, love.

  • I want one of those 'stache tats. But for real.

  • Great pictures!!

    i love their jewelry and your brother is pretty cute haha…

    im sure a million girls will tweet him! hahaha

  • Love all the photos – you look so cute. Your new Alexander Wang capes are seriously fabu too, even if they are death traps – they're worth it. =)

    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • Crocs with socks? Family portrait? LOVE IT.

    Fashionable Collections Giveaway

  • great new hair cut ! It suits you very well !!

  • new hair cut is awesome, great photos 😀

  • Great party. Your jewellery is really fantastic.


  • So much fun last night. I definitely had one (or two) too many of those delish watermelon cocktails! And my finger 'stache rubbed off in the shower. Woe!

    So good to meet you last night! (I was the bff of Jenna, for your reference.) xo.

  • HHAHAHAHAHAHA with the picture of the man.

    You looked amazing. Congratulations!


  • Love the collar, love the 'stache accessories and wish you'd captured the white crocs with socks. Congrats on a brilliant launch! x

  • Daniela
  • Congratulations! And girl, you weren't repelling men too much in those shoes. Capes aside, they made your pins look GAWJUSS!

  • that party is lit'rally everything. i hate my life that I couldn't be there to witness a real life woman repeller and/or Richie Rich!!!


  • The top photo is awesome! Dannijo is so much fun. Have a great day!

    XO Hilary

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations… perfect partnership. The event looks nice.
    i found another blog people might be interested about check it out. Its totally different from this one but is worth to see 🙂

  • Love the 'stache tattoo!

  • It seems a lot of fun, what a bunch of stylish people 😉

  • Anonymous

    Love the photos Leandra! Esp the family photo, very heartwarming. 🙂

    Good luck with Mr. Dannijo! I'd snap up a pair if the wallet only allowed it. Kiss!

  • Looks like it was s great time the old man and collar are equally awesome!!

    Fashion Nostalgia

  • how I wish I could afford some mr.dannijo jewelry

  • What a fun and awesome night….Thank you for sharing!

  • your feet totally creep me out, but that old mad is simply adorable.

  • You all look great! Buy Affordable Dresses Online

  • I need those stache tattoos NOW!

  • absolutely loving the collars!!!

  • I like these photos.
    beautifully dressed women

  • What a fashion pack!! You look stylish, yet sweet! Love from Buenos Aires, María José

  • You authenticity is inspiring!

    PS – YOU are absolutely beautiful 🙂



  • love the collar you're sporting. your matchmaker skills are impeccable. and wtf to the old crock wearing dude. seriously. looks like an amazing party.

  • Hah! The random man repeller! That's great.
    Loving the jewellery collars :') great idea! Reallly wanna get myself one now!

  • looks like fun! i just ordered the aram…obsessed.

    ahh i thought the wangs would hurt…anything that strappy tends to be deadly but they are so amazing/worth it. that was my fav color in those too.

    i'm waiting for the metallic heeled loafers in silver from that line from shopbop scheduled to arrive tomorrow!

  • i love your collar!!!! amazeballsusa and canada

    electric fringe

  • The Mr Dannijo launch party looked like a blast! You stole the show with your cape heels and mustache galore!

    ♥, Jamie

  • Fun pics! Super Fun Commentary !! LOL

  • I love that you're pimping your brother on here ;P

    That is what he's going to get if he doesn't dress like that woman repeller that dropped by….

  • the party looked like great fun! cant wait to get my hands on the aram collar ! and i looove your alexander wang heels !

  • Amazing jewellery. The aram collar was the star of the night!

    Shop for great looks:

  • This looks like it was a lot of fun! Those capes…I LOVE!! death traps? meh, whatever. Who needs circulation in their feet anyways?

  • i saw your cousin stef @ the plaza like a month ago…we ate dinner next to e.o…weird.

  • Congratulations on all your success!
    Very deserved!
    I love that you are pimping out your brother!
    He is cute!… and I am single =P But how old is he? Just curious…

  • The party looked awesome. Pics were great! Family photo is my favorite.
    Congrats my lady!

  • Nice, the party looked really fun. And claps to the woman repeller!

  • Anonymous

    Your bro is H-O-T girllllll. And basing on what i read in his twitter, he loves the good ol'chili peppers. Which i do love very mucho. So, by logic does that make me love him?..

  • Does someone want to gift me the Wiig cuff in every color? And make me one in rose gold?

  • Hi! U're on featured on Politically Fashionable !

  • a man repeller party with a women repeller and a handsome hunk(your bro)

  • Luverly snaps!!
    Your Wangs are deadly beautiful (as you do)

  • ouahhhhh !!!! everybody looked really good !!!

    You the first !!!! with ur tan and ur shorter hair 🙂

    absolutely great !!!!!!

  • Really like the jewelry ! and everyone in the photos looks great !!
    new outfit post

  • definitely, handsome haim…

  • The picture with the three of you all together is so cute it hurts!

    Love Abby

  • So inspiring to see so much talent together– love Dannijo and your collection is so much fun.

  • God I love those shoes. And those staches.

  • It's my grandpa!

    …just kidding, my grandpa is a woman propeller.
    Just like Winnie the Pooh.

    The Violet Lion

  • my god, you totally look like your mother!

    i want the staches tattoos!

    as always, i loved the pictures!

  • i want one of those necklaces!!! they´re so funny! ♥
    xxxo from Argentina
    you can also follow me on Twitter! 🙂 @angelieeee

  • Just fingered my nose while reading all these endless comments.

    I'm celebrating your badass success! I want to meet you and work with you, there's something about all this… Dreamy and creamy

  • Where is the leather skirt from that your friend is wearing? I want to get one!

  • Jaclyn

    It's about time you introduce your assistant. You were only asked like a million times. Thanks for finally doing that!

  • 1. loving the stache.
    2. can't believe you promo'd your bro like that. Just PUT him out there. *if i were single…
    3. The cape heels are awesome and uncomfortable looking, like a sad novel painted in Sepia, Le Cape es Painful! But I'm really obsessing over anything metallic, especially with that rose gold/pink gold sheen
    4. love you too

    Long time follower, very quiet commenter. But not anymore!


  • Anonymous

    I'm sure that you americans are all repellers!!
    because you don't even know what is a style!!

    We can see an americans from 10 miles wearing the baeball cap, the 80 years old woman with baseball cap and football shoes, whats soo repeller than this one!!?

    you are really a bunch of ridicolous persons!!
    with your stupid web sites!!

  • Anonymous

    I want to add:

    specially american womens!!!
    you don't need this web site and don't need nothing!!!
    you american womens you are all mans repellers!
    don't warry honeys!

    It is not something NEW!!

    All the Best!!

  • Bryony

    I dont think you are ridicolous (best spelling)but pretty excellent.

    I would like you extra if you could please help me! I want a Dannijo collar necklace but they said shipping will cost me $150!!! Ah! Im in Australia, can I ship one to someone and they send it to me (obviously I pay for the shipping to me and to you)

    Let me know please, you guys are the best xx Bry

  • Anonymous

    for bryonny!
    I do not accept language lessons from you, anglosaxon 1 languaage person

    I speak more than 5 languages! honey

    it is really ridicolous how you american females tell to others about spelling errors, languages,

    you don't know what style means

    you mx everithing like clowns! thats not a style


    you don't know how to use your make up!!!



    you are really pathetic!!

    alien shoes? buwahhhhhhh hehhhehe!!!
    common! how old arew you? 3 and half years old?

    You Have Nothing to Warry, Honeys!
    You Are ALL Mans Repellers!!
    DOn't Warry – You All = Mans Repellers
    really trust me

    and i'm soo lucky, because i will save dollars!

    All the Best!

  • Your shoes and necklace are gooooorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    Just beautiful. Hope the night went well. Where can i get one of those extremely stunning collars from? much love X

  • lady, you and your entourage, despite all man repelling efforts, are for serious anything but. you're all gorgeous and hilarious. this is totally why your concept works 😉 not that you don't already know that!

    and it's not as if i needed another Dannijo item to bend over backwards for, but that Sinatra collar is TDF. for realz. wish list ya'llllllll.

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure I could pull of the collar-necklace look, as much as I adore it in all these shots here. I found one on ebay though, if anyone is interested!;=item336ba97aa9#ht_500wt_948

  • Anonymous

    american females = all repellers!!!
    do not warry al all!!

  • Really obsessed with this post. Like, more than normal. Love your outfits. Love how you always look so effortlessly amazballz!

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