J Brand Shorts and The Man Repeller Challenge

Before we start, please lend a hearty welcome to the jungle to Nasty Gal, our newest and more favorite side bar buddy!

And now for the content: A couple weeks ago, J Brand challenged me to style their classic colored denim cut-offs implementing my favorite man repelling facets. Initially, I scratched my head and thought about the excess leg that would show. Quickly though, I put hesitations to rest. I wear denim underwear all the time.

colored cut-offs: J Brand

Historically, denim-cutoffs have been reminiscent of what could be best described as the American sex symbol. Take Daisy Duke for example. From the neck up, ultimately nothing more than an overgrown child; freckles, blonde locks, darling little pigtails, et al. From the collar-bone down however, tied up blouse and teensy, weensy itty bitty shorts. Hubba, hubba!

Fast forward to right now, where some of our favorite denim crafters (ahem, J Brand) have re-invented the famous Daisy Duke in a more contemporary manner. Today, I take on the task of lending a little help from my Alias to the sexy silhouette and giving it a run for its ability to land a man. Peep the destruction below.

blouse: Equipment, shoes: Louboutin, jacket: Vintage, bag: Rebecca Minkoff

I call this one, Dyslexic Rainbow. Every colors in there, clock it for yourself.

And while you still can see a whole lot o’leg, let’s be honest: if you’re not initially too distracted by the Barney is a dinousaur from our imagination-nature of the button up paired with the shorts, I can bet you’re wondering something about the oversized suede jacket, that yes, once belonged to my father with that sweet, sweet turban. Daisy duke, sex symbol? I think not.

…Testing my ability to disprove the cut-off hypothesis just once didn’t seem enough. So I took it step a further because shit son, I live for pushing limits.

collar: Eleven Objects, blouse: IRO, socks: Topshop, shoes: Tibi

Holey shirt! Literally. Some days its just too hot for an oversized suede jacket and when that happens, a breezy shirt with holes and a detachable collar! Earn additional repeller points for printed brogues and counter print ankle socks. Top off the look by…

bracelets: DANNIJO, Shashi

Double fisting your arm-party! Sure you’ll sweat, but what’s a little sweat in the grand scheme of looking perpetually rad?

 …One more for good measure. Call me!
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