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It’s Finally Here! Gryphon x Man Repeller

In partnership with Gryphon.

I have been waiting to show you these freakin’ photos for the last 500 years. Just kidding, 500 is really pushing it who knows where the world even was 500 years ago, yeah yeah bla bla, you’re an archaeologist. But really, come on. I’m talking five hundred years. Or as Mayor Bloomberg would say: cinqo hundo. Now on to more important things: the trench coat I designed for Gryphon is finally for sale! Finally! For! Sale! On none other than my very own morning newspaper, e-commerce powerhouse, Shopbop! Shoppidy boppidy!

The fancy felines over there requested that I style five looks implementing the coat to show off its versatility and so I did just that, with the help of talented friend and photoman, Aram Bedrossian. Thanks hombre. Now, below you’ll find some unedited real life party time photos from the day of the shoot that didn’t make it onto Shopbop’s front page. They’re here because well, my life mantra is “live shit unedited,” and if I didn’t pay that forward to the public, ergo, you, I’d be doing mankind or at least my readership a disservice. Dis. Service. I think I may still be slightly intoxicated from last night.

Exhibit A:

Look at me! I can fly! Just kidding, I can’t! But my dress sure can! I’m speaking in an accent just so you know how to act this out during your dramatic reading of this post. (Jacket by Gryphon, duh. Dress by Gryphon, bag by M Missoni, booties by Alexander Wang)

I call this one: jacket by day, cape by…day. Mixing prints is my specialty, you know. (Dress by Gryphon, leopard booties by Giuseppe Zanotti, purse by Rebecca Minkoff.)

Ok, so, call us!

My jacket is so versatile, I can even cheerlead while wearing it! (Palazzo pants by Gryphon, sweater by Gryphon, and makeshift turband: also, Gryphon.)

Here’s a little look I like to refer to as “Look at me, I’m a Brownstone, Carrie Bradshaw totally used to live inside of me.” That’s all fine and well. But my name is Leandra. (Sweater: Gryphon, jeans: J Brand, purse: Alexander Wang, shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti.)

Remember that song Telephone? This has nothing to do with that. (Dress: Gryphon, sweater: Gryphon, booties: Alexander Wang.)

This, however, eloquently suggests that you please take me up when I say, nay, scream, “call me!” Also, buy this trench. Do it.

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