Five Inexpensive Transition Pieces

Repellers on a budget, unite! Hot weather lovers, dispatch. Well, not yet. But it is August. And you know what that means, right? It means it’s time to enjoy your bathing suits, forget about stacking up on new ones and starting to invest in sweaters. Fine, maybe not sweaters, but definitely long sleeved shirts. Today on TMR, I direct you toward five good transition pieces you can enjoy now through the first fallen leaves of…fall. Typically, spending big bucks on filler clothes proves inefficient so there’s a twist and this is where the aforementioned union comes in. Everything is under $100! Eureka! Hooray! Do a crazy dance. Peep the selection below.

1. Cotton mullet dress.

Leggy in the front, repeller in the back! Here, here. $109 at Fabricly. Ok, fine, a bit over $100 but think of the endless possibilities with a plain black mullet dress, people! Day in, day out. You never have to take it off.

Wear now with: open toe booties, flat sandals.
Wear them with: Wedge booties like above photographed. A cropped sweater. Suede jacket if you’re feeling frisky.

2. Green is the new black, slashed sweater.

Just because summer might be reaching it’s end doesn’t mean you have to go full-fledge into mourning zone. $54 at Anarchy Street.
Wear now with: denim cutoffs, white crochet shorts, sheer maxi skirt and sandals.
Wear then: over your new mullet dress, duh! With high waist dark denim flare legs.

3. A maxi skirt, jungle style. 

Because it ain’t a season of good fashion with a little kiss from the leopard. $98 at Nasty Gal.
Wear now with: floral print tank, white muscle tee, Margiela shoes.
Wear then with: leather jacket, long sleeve tees, flat booties.
4. Be still my heart, an anorak that salutes your mother’s garden.
Yes, that scarf is attached to the anorak in question. It’s fantastic. $73 at Mikkat Market.
Wear now with: high waist denim cut offs and a printed tee.
Wear then with: panties and a sweater. That’s supposed to say pants but I’m not going to fix this typo. 
And finally, 5. High waist pants, mandatory blush pink. 
High waist or bust. Are those pants, or am I running around town flashing? The world may never know. Well, actually, they will. My skin isn’t pleated. Kidding, it is. $75 at Pixie Market.
Wear now with: Oh, I don’t know, a transparent brazier?
Wear then with: Sweaters, sweaters, chunky ones!
Okay now, buttheads. Ready, set, shop! Unless you’re Jewish in which case…tisk, tisks, it’s the Nine Days!
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  • Love the anorak! Very safari-garden. I wish the scarf was detachable though, it would've looked lovely as a standalone piece.

  • fantastic

  • i heart this post

  • That first dress is a great simple piece, i also love that shade of pink on those pantalones

  • High-waist pant = FUPA-frenzy!

    les années folles

  • that sweater reminds me of "reality bites"…. and the leopard skirt, come too close, and i will bite you. for real.

  • Anonymous

    I love how you incorporated a totally sombre holiday into an edgy fashion blog…that's why I would follow you to the end of the earth and back wearing flesh toned high-waisted lace pants and not a guy in sight. You've got my vote.

    – Odelia from T.O.

  • I'm lovin' the green slashed sweater and the entire blush pink look. Definitely crave-worthy. =)
    Need it? Want it? Crave it? Satisfy Your Cravings For Celebrity Style and All Things Stylish and Sweet

  • oy vay. i really need to get a new job if these are inexpensive haha theyre super cute tho i love each one!

  • legit that you put up some stuff I can afford on my low budget life style. thank you repeller, you done good kid.

  • Ooo lots of good ideas. Lovin' it.

  • The first dress is perfect!!

    XO Charlotte

  • I love everything! I wish those were sold here in argentina…

  • Thanks for the tips!!!!!

  • I'm sorry MR, I love you, but I'm the type of repellow whose budget is between $0 – $45 max. Bring me a post like that, and I'll love you forever <3

  • Something about that anorak…so cool!

  • love this!! now covetting the first dress!

  • I *lurve* the sweater. No sticker shock either.

  • love your picks…why would i wear an anorak with anything but panties and a sweater??!?

  • I love this post. Such great ideas, and on a budget? Im sold.

  • Love these ideas and totally want a slashed sweater! I think I'll but it that way…no DIY for me!

  • Anonymous

    Love this stuff. But can someone please start putting affordable in *my* terms? $109 for a dress? I call that an investment piece!

  • Anonymous

    The girl in the second pic is this girl from the VivaLuxury blog, no??

  • Tefi

    you are a freakin' genius!!!!

  • This post just made me realize that I lost my anorak. Oh well, time to go buy a new one I guess.

    These are all great!


  • Love that dress!

  • adore all of these looks!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • definitely loving these goodies, awesome selection

  • Ah this is exactly what I was looking for. My need for clothing is huge, but sadly my budget is not. I love the mullet dress and with that ripped green sweater ahhhh heaven!

  • HA! "But I'm not going to fix this typo" Funniest thing: 'cause when I first read it, I thought, yeah…she would!


  • great finds! that ripped green top and green jacket with florals attached – taking the work out of accessorizing!


  • Anonymous

    none of those pieces was under $50. You are out of touch with the meaning of inexpensive.

  • I love the color of the slashed sweater!

  • Ugh! I loath thinking about Fall transition – thanks for doing the leg work!!

  • Great pieces! Love the high low hem dress and blush trousers.


  • couture candy has an awweesomme sale right now on transitional fall pieces. beat models on some but ignore that and its really great.


  • I need new high waisted pants!! Also love the mullet dress.

  • Anonymous

    d'oh almost went shopping after work until I read yo last line. Thanx for the reminder re: 9 days.

    -A Fellow J

  • Anonymous
  • Your blog is my ABSOLUTE new favorite!!!! I love it, your writing style, your fashions, the name… it all! Love love love!!

  • Instantly wanting to add that mullet dress to my closet.

    ♥, Jamie

  • Fab black dress !!

  • worst post you've ever done. the picture quality isn't even good. come on now… get that intern

  • I actually really like the jacket!


  • Pants are the best items.

  • Yay for this post!

    I love your blog and your style.
    It's nice to see some stylish but affordable pieces, and tips on how to wear them.

  • love the idea of man replling on a budget, but can we get a lit of under $75???

  • Love the sweather!! 🙂


  • =X These aren't inexpensive….Well, not for me, at least. [Pout] Still love the choices though.

  • Gotta say, the last couple photos on your J Brand posts, AWESOME.

    visit me:

  • Jordan

    Hi, Leandra.
    I just want to say that I've been reading your blog on and off for about two months and I think it is FANTASTIC. You have genuine style. Anyways, I am going into highschool so I don't want to make a bad first impression. I was wondering if you could do a piece on Repelling for beginners? I would greatly appreciate it. Okay, well, thank you anyways, even if you don't write the piece. Umm… how do I close this?


  • g

    love that coat with the scarf attached. modcloth had a tan version. bought it. returned it. so disappointing a purchase. but featuring it here is making me think maybe the blame was terribly misplaced on the wrong party. grrr. cute and interesting. if anyone purchases it and makes it work,
    let me know.


  • always makes my day reading your posts:D

  • That maxi skirt and sweater rock my socks!

  • Hey – the lady modelling #2 is from!
    Small world

    xx T

  • hey, all due respect, you know I love you for your man repelling skills, but I got a problem with this one: under $150 for a piece of apparel doesn't equal inexpensive in my world. I wish!

  • Meg

    So, I love your blog, and I love Blake Wright's highly inappropro art. This drawing of his reminded me of you:

  • Oh my, I love absolutely everything, especially the hem of that first jersey dress… *-* I've been seeing that short-in-front/long-at-back silhouette quite often lately, and I'm seriously considering the idea of making one for myself… perhaps just a skirt? 😉

  • Min

    Hello this is Min from CeCi magazine!
    I'd love love love to interview you as global blogger! I just sent you interview request!
    Thank you 🙂

  • Very cool post !

    really like the black cotton dress, the green sweater and the pink pants 🙂


  • Love that first dress! If I had some spare cash, I'd be all over that. On the list it goes…

  • Love the blush pink pants and the idea of attaching a scarf to the coat! That jungle skirt, on the other hand, scares me a little…

  • Anonymous

    always read you and think, that's cute there's nothing repelling about it. showed my bf the first dress and he said it looks like a tail!!! still ordering it, but i guess you were right and i have now seen the light.

  • Salute the trans-seasonal repelling solutions. That anorak looks like the curtains from my family lounge room circa 1995, love some sartorial nostalgia…

  • Oh man! I almost bought that green slashed sweater last week, but didn't because it looked terrible on me. Little did I know it was Repeller approved…

  • Anonymous

    I do appreciate you finding clothes for us budgeters ;]
    I'm kind of drooling over the anorak and pants.

    But $75 a pop is definitely on the higher side of my cheap-ass student budget. A little over, in fact. Even if I fed on saltines and water for a week. (Oh hey. I do that now.)

    Maybe if I save enough, I'll buy this as a Christmas present for my sister.
    Except 2 sizes smaller. "Oh, it doesn't fit you? Here have a cookie. I'll take that off your back." Just kidding. Maybe.

  • i LOVE the black dress, reminds me of my favorite, inexpensive mullet shirt. Check it out!!