Trendspotting: Expose Yourself

Last season’s Fall runways lent a stealthy nod to a trend that’s already gone into fruition: that is, leaving little to the imagination via see-through garment. 

If you read my blog, you likely know that I’m at the forefront of endorsing this trend. Give me a white dress and I will rip the lining out. Give me a proper panty and I will put a high waist one over it. If you don’t, however, read my blog, you should look into the mirror, really look, because one with yourself and  then ask, “Why, self? Why?”

After you’ve done that and came back to reality, I speculate your next thought will be, “Wait a fuck, Man Repeller, how is baring all going to repel le men? I can see this woman’s butt check for heavens sake!” Not so fast. Let me assure you, readers, that by the laws of man repelling, if there is a will, there is a way. So below you will find a How To (less of a how to, more of just some photos) that features both day and night options. The common denominator here being a proper salute in both instances to yourself for showing off your legs and blinding him in the face. Let’s get started.

Sorry! I’m just so excited! So the uncoordinated dance move is optional. 
dress: Leyendecker, shoes: Givenchy (via Shop it To Me,) undergarments: Sassybax
First things first, invest in a good pair of high waist granny panties. The beauty of sheer repelling is that in leaving so little to his imagination he sees that you are in fact, deep down under the clothes, uninterested in pleasing his weener. Cue the panties. “Where is your belly button?” He will ask. And giggle you will do. See, the great thing here is instead of wearing a skimpy little mini skirt or shorts to combat excessive heat, you can stick to your midi-lengths while producing a similar effect. Sheer brilliance? Oui, says I.
Try wearing this on a first date. I dare you. 
And as for the day time…
Monkey see, monkey do!
dress: T by Alexander Wang, shoes: Michael Kors, necklace: DANNIJO
Try a similar silhouette, this time in white, integrate those same Sassybax into the equation and top it off with a flat shoe. Extra repeller points for ones that crawl high up to your shins. And for the record people, that shit is suede. Sweaty ankle city. It’s worth it though. 
In conclusion, I offer this…
…Man, I love Paris.
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