Thematic Repelling: Jury Duty

Honeys, I’m home! Hey! How’s it going? Did you repel yesterday like I told you to? Did you wake up alone this morning? Alright. Following the thematic and patriotic nature of the last post, today, we talk jury duty. Jury duty! Repelling at the courthouses! I can’t stop exclamating again! Try to stop me! It won’t work!

Last week, I had jury duty. You would know this if you followed me on twitter. I took my lunch breaks at Isabel Marant.

In any case, I think we can agree that JD is likely the least trendy mandatory civil service bestowed upon Americans. In true spirit lent to my namesake though, I took to my closet and combined as much neon as my wardrobe would allow. You know, to bring some color to the dreary court houses on Centre Street.

Starting with the most important feature of the outfit: I took a crisp white silk blouse and worked around it. Iโ€™m not sure if you can see it in these photos, but it may perhaps be the best blouse to have fallen into my lap. If not because of the material, than most certainly because itโ€™s mullet shaped–shorter in the front, longer in the back–and MR says yes to mullets. I digress.

The outfitting results were phenomenal, if not because nearly every passerby looked me up, down and in some instances shook their heads, then because during the downtime between juror trials, I may or may not have taken this belt off and tried to wear it as a bracelet, head piece, anklet and uhโ€ฆa purse strap.

For jury duty, this is appropriate because: At the end of the day, I am just wearing a crisp white blouse and jeans. My pants are belted and the shoes give me some height while still promoting comfort. I can’t really rationalize the detachable green collar, though.

This repels because: Viva la neon! Flatforms! And suppose the attorney questioning the prospective jurors could get past bright pink pants, a neon belt, and layered collars, how do I explain the two double-strap watches set to universally wrong times? I don’t know, would you pick me for your juror?

 blouse: Juicy, collar: Eleven Objects, pants: Current/Elliott, belt: Gap, shoes: Ash, watches: Swatch, red and orange cuffs: DANNIJO, rings: Mark Henry, all photos by Naomi Shon

No one else did.

Your other option, however, should you choose to stay away from the neons: check ‘Yes’ when asked, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” Add: ‘And I’d do it again.’

Originally published here, where I will be guest blogging all month long. You just wait to see the kind of shit I have hidden up my sleeve. Muhahahaha.

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  • you look freaking awesome! digging the neon

  • Haha this wouldn't repel me at all. In fact I think this is incredibly cute, but I generally dress like someone out of a strange, morbid circus…so.

    Nice outfit.

  • Brilliant! I love it – I would have wanted you on my jury had I been up on the stand!

  • I like.. the colors make it so not boring..

  • Love the Ash foot candy. Isabel Marant is my fave too. =)

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  • Love those platforms & all the color ๐Ÿ™‚

    XoXo-Kelli K

  • I like the color block in moderation I like very much.

  • I love the colors!

  • Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove! Amazing outfit and soooo hilarious!


  • brilliant, literally and figuratively; those neons are blinding my eyes through my computer screen. i would not trust you to determine the destiny of a questionable parking ticket….. civil service narrowly averted.

  • This outfit is incredible. I love your blog!


  • Awesome!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • I really LOVE the outfit, and don't find it dramatic at all… but that's just me… plus people tend to stare and shake their heads when they see me so I guess that's why it's pretty wearable for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • emc

    great pants!! love all the neon. you looked way better than i did when i had jury duty!

  • I love this repelling look! It obviously worked to repel the jurors — much more stylish than Liz Lemon's repelling method! But I too digress.

    I'm a big fan.


  • I absolutely love the idea of your blog!! It always makes me crack up! Your outfits are so original and amazing!

  • Love it ๐Ÿ™‚


    Pedro Garfo
    Mens fashion Blog

  • Ahhahaha! You are way too funny! And if chosen for Jury Duty, I will have to rummage through my daughters closet for neon!!! Hahha, love it!

  • Cool, love colors.

  • Hedda

    The peak of my day is reading your blog! It's AWESOME! I follow you on twitter and even wanted to follow your personal twitter account but wasn't allowed, haha. And I have those shoes.

  • love it!

  • Cool outfit! Those neon pink jeans and wedges are so cool!

  • This outfit is fabulous! Love all of the hints of color…its so "preppy"! Kiah

  • L

    I have that same Gap belt. It's the ultimate for repelling!

  • Ahh! You are just fantastic! Such a rebel you are! -C.C.

    ReFashion Statement

  • Wow! I like you.

  • Great Look! I love the neck of the blouse! is perfect ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • amazing i'm in love with this outfit!

  • OH MY GOSH! Perfect outfit, I love it so much! Wow just stunning!!


  • amazing, so positive outfit!:)

  • s

    amazing look & great colours…
    love ;D


  • Neon? It's on!

  • one word : FUN! I love your blog concept.
    I am a new blogger so reading blogs like yours are really inspiring.
    Follow me at
    Love your new fan,
    Dani xx

  • I just love the pops of colour! love the accessories too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous

    you look so old.

  • I wish I had your mad colour blocking skillz~

  • Hahahha, I LOVE this!

    xx Grace

  • i love that colour mix, it's sort of weird, but work absolutely perfectly

  • I thought that I'm just lucky one who live in small town and get nearly every passerby look at me up, down and in some instances shook heads, but You're master. At first I was so annoyed buy it, but now I'm enjoying. haha! It's even flattering.
    You look amazing. Love this look from head to toes!
    xoxo Ra

  • Yes, I repelled every man within me in the 5km radius, even my dad. I wonder why no one picks you as a jury *sarcasm* But if I did get into court, I'll probably pick you! That's some pants you got there, you're really working those neons.

  • Ya always buzzin just like Neeooon, neeeooooonnnnn ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Those pants are blinding. Loving it.

    Fashionable Collections

  • OMG such a perfect look for jury duty. if you're lucky they'll kick you out.
    i've been craving those current/elliots , the colour is too amazing!


  • I think you look fantastic – I LOVE the way you incorporated all those colours in… asdfhjkl serious outfit inspiration right here.

    I bet you made jury duty that much more interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This outfit is amazingggg.!!!! especially for jury duty!!!

  • This look is INCREDIBLE!

    I'm particularly loving the contrast between your belt, jeans and shoes!

    I WISH I could get away wearing an outift like this where I live. Melbournians are so dark!

    You've got me even more excited for Spring than I already am.. if that's even possible!


  • Haha awesome! I just bought that belt the day before at the Gap for literally 4 bucks, so great. Haha I was going to go the safe route, all white with the belt as the standout, but you my friend, have exceeded the potential the belt was ever designed for (I can only assume). ๐Ÿ˜‰ I love it!

    mew mew

  • I wore an all-denim snap button up mini dress for the 4th, man repelling and embracing some Americana at the same time.

  • Love those pants….so bold…you are so daring, thats why I love your Blog


  • You have the right to remain…..Fabulous!

  • Jen

    i love this look! so me!!

  • cute outfit! i love the white top with all of the different pops of neon color!

  • Bree

    As a lawyer who tries to "repel" each day, I would love to have you on my jury to see what you would wear next! Fantastic post as always!

  • You definitely brought some color to the courthouse!

  • Awesome! Love those colorful pants.

  • i said i didn't speak good english and got away with it!! yayyy

    good colors for boring people

  • You are downright awesome! Not only your photos and outfits but your writing as well!
    It'd be so much fun to be friends with you.

  • love the jeans

  • LT

    Wow! This blog never fails! I absolutely adore the watches. The colors are all so bright and put a smile on my face…but they never fail to repel!

    Come check out my sister's blog. It has some really delicious recipes that will definitely make you hungry!

  • wonderful look.
    really love your blog!

  • I fear it might attract bees rather than repel.

  • Emy

    I love it!!! And I would wear this ANY day!!

  • i was laughing so hard as i read this. i just freakin' love you!! im going neon if i get called for duty jury next time!

  • that collar is pretty freaking cool and while I realize that the neon is the point of the post and the JD style … I have to say the shoes are awesome! I love those bad boys!

  • "And I'd do it again." Haha!! Jury duty blows. Way to make the best of it/life.

  • you couldn't have picked a better outfit for jury duty, haha! you look amazing, i love love love it!!! especially the pants and green collar!! ๐Ÿ™‚ love your posts! … i also use way too many exclamations, woops.

    Meena xxx

  • love the green collar!

  • HI-LAR-IOUS! You are officially my new role model. LOVE! x

  • love that you wore this for jury duty… so amazing

  • Anonymous

    Lol hopefully when I'm going to be forced to do jury duty one day I'll have someone wearing something colorful and interestingnsomit won't be a bore….on second thought I'll just wear something colorful and distracting. Yay gettingnout of jury duty! Oh I just started sewingnlessons today and I really should have bought the flower pin cushionsmyounwear round your arm like a bracelet. I could have worn it as everyday jewelry and keep the pins in their for extra repelling and co fusion points. And oh my gosh don't poke me with those! Comments that way no one well mess with me!

  • Love the green collar!

  • shoes are you wearing the dress looks very balance that you wear

  • I love that this outfit has so much color, but the white shirt and nude platform keep it all in balance.


  • amy

    you're blogging for juicy??? gag. their shit sucks. please fix their line

  • Love the colours you mixed!!

  • you are stunningly funny! i love the way you write and i'm a huge fan of your blog! Keep repelling man, its awsome! hahaha

    xoxo from brasil

  • You look fab! I love the pop of color your pants give and your shoes!

    The Honeyroom

  • Love your pant's ! ๐Ÿ˜€
    See you.

  • LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!! Those colours are so pretty esp when paired together!
    Bisous, nana

  • i missed the post because it was on my birthday, but god what a great outfit. it's probably the best belated birthday present i could ever get.


  • Anonymous

    i know these buildings…..wait a minute! that's my neighborhood!!!! wow.

  • Anonymous

    wonderful outfit by the way!!

  • Anonymous

    HOLY HELL I LOVE YOU! (In the most non-offensive, obsessed, or obnoxious way possible).

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  • whitney

    I have jury duty tomorrow are we allowed to go open toe?

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