A Stream of Consciousness
Hi. Hello! Yoohoo. Hey! Happy Friday. 
As some of you may know, I keep an editorial calendar. And on that calendar I chronicle whatever posts I photograph and set live from the first to the last of the month in question. I will admit, the writing is all improvisation. I was hoping Larry David might hire me, but alas, he hasn’t.
Today was meant to be a free day, which means: either I don’t blog, or I take something from deep inside the trenches of my behind and post it on a whim. I was leaning toward don’t blog because, you know, I don’t want the awesome sequin nipple cover giveaway to fly over your head but then I fell into some old photos that I wanted to share. It was a downward–and by downward I mean upward–spiral from there.


This is a photo of my arms sprinkled with a little love from the limbs of Danielle and Jodie of DANNIJO. It’s an arm party of epic proportion and for that reason alone, I thought to myself: shit girlfriend, you have to blog this. …What do you mean you’ve never heard someone refer to themself in the third person as ‘girlfriend?’ 
It then lead me toward another crop of photos:
Oh yes, here we are, same day, just posing against a brick wall, looking like biological sisters and things of that sort. “So…what’s your blood type?” See what I did just there? Quoted myself.  
 This batch of photos then led to me to these photos, that Naomi took:
A couple weeks ago I guest-blogged for WiNK, a really rad Manhattan store. They sent me cool shit like this pastel sheer skirt and eyelet-silk hybrid blouse.
It’s induced many a nip slip, but at this point, whose really looking at a man repeller’s chest?
…You must be wondering how the black brick wall photos took me to the point of pale pink skirt?
Well, the answer is simple. The green maxi skirt I wore on that day is also from WiNK and…doubles as a dress! A dress I tell ya! Dress!
This also seemed a fantastic excuse to show those of you who follow me on twitter that I took your advice and snagged me a pair of Isabel Marant black booties. Be still my heart, I love you.  The shoes, not you. Just kidding, you too.
Ok now, that’s all folks. Enjoy ya weekends!
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