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I likely need not tell you that you are most definitely always invited to partake in my arm party, which is most usually composed of a combination of DANNIJO, LeivanKash, Shashi, sometimes sprinkled over a little Hermes, Kara Ackerman and the token Love Bracelet engraved with best words ever: “We’re so proud, love Mom and Dad.” Back to invitations though, in the event you just feel like starting your own party, I will by no means stop you. In fact, I’ll help you. Before we break down the science behind the complicated calculations that are drawn and solved in order to properly decorate one’s wrist, embrace the evolution of this month’s arm party with the photos pictured below:


With four threaded bracelets at the forefront and a Cartier love bracelet caught smack in the middle, most usually known to act as furniture on my wrist, the real party unleashed itself once I popped two crystalized bracelets between the arm staples. The threaded bracelets can typically be interchangeable with more traditional friendship bracelets to add a lil’ bit o’youth to the party. There, I said it. There will most certainly be underage shenanigans at this party. One leather bracelet toned down the Hannah Montana associated nature of rhinestones and the skinny silver cuff just added one more element of cool. Arm party? Nah. More like rager.
Start with a staple. Leivankash, $144.
wrap bracelet by Bhati Beads
Here in this arm party, photographed by yours truly but modeled on none other than the Semi-Repeller herself, WWD’s own Rachel Strugatz, there’s more of a, let’s throw a shit ton of shit on to my wrist vibe going through the style that so eloquently states, I don’t even know what going on, but shit son, I look cool. Cool indeed. I should also note, people, that this is her work arm party. It gets crazy after hours. Who needs weights and a gym membership when you can have…bracelets. Really, people, prioritize the way in which you spend your money.
Add a dinosaur. Noir, $350.
Behold, a dinner party. On my wrist. Metal and sting ray band together to create a unique pairing unlike a little leather and rhinestone. 
Add some color with a sting ray cuff. DANNIJO, $126.
…Or four.
You can always opt to have your wrist live by the motto: go big or go home. Try one silhouette four times over in different finishes. I wore this one on one of the hottest days in New York City last week. I still have sweat marks on my arm. It was worth it. I’ll probably do it again.
I regret calling the initial arm party a rager. This is what’s up. With sparkles and gold and balls galore, I took a little bit of everything and shook my tail feather. As aforementioned, why waste your money on a gym membership when your wrist can double as mobile weights? Can I get a heck yeah! Give me a fucking heck yeah.
Ah, one of my favorites, the superstitious arm party, composed of excessive eyeballs but not limited to just one specific facial feature. I‘m looking for lips. This one is primarily compliments of Kara Ackerman and comes with a divine appreciation and extra large thank you for the rad-ass brown leather wrap bracelet with rose gold hardware. Be still, my heart.
And now, to help you get your arm party properly in order, a collage of goodies:
star cuff by nOir, black string gold circle by Hermes, nuggets by Shashi, id bracelet by DANNIJO, inner ring by Alexander McQueen, wrap snake by Pucci, friendship bracelets by DANNIJO, arrow chain bracelet by House of Harlow, leather and stud bracelet by Juicy Couture, silver snake-bead bracelet with brown, tan and turquoise bands by Shashi, gold studded bracelet by Eddie Borgo, crystalized friendship bracelet a la Frieda & Nellies. Go on now, feller repellers, start your own arm party, stack that shit up, up, up but please, don’t forget to invite me.
…And one more thing though before I send you off. 
 Should you be looking to invest in a good piece of leather to wrap around your wrist, Hermes just added this darling bad-ass to its cult of swoon worthy arm party attendants. Available online, $730.
Actually one more thing.
Just because your arms are having buttloads fun don’t mean you have a right to neglect your fingers. Let them in on it too! Rings by: Mark Henry, DANNIJO, Mr. Kate
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