Thematic Repelling: First Date
Hey! Happy Saturday! Today on The Man Repeller: getting dressed for a first date. Because I’ve changed my hypothesis to read more like, man repelling as a process of elimination vs. man repelling as an effort to stay perpetually single, I thought it might be a good idea to display right here an outfir or two that would serve as a how to: repel on your first date. I won’t lie, I’ve also gotten in several e-mail requests on the subject matter. And thy shall continually honor ye requests…so keeping sending ’em in. And so, without further adieu, I call this one: getting him ready for what’s in store.
jacket: Isabel Marant, blouse: Iro, shoes: Christopher Kane, bib: DANNIJO, cut-offs: True Religion

Neon-a-thon a la platforms! Tribal prints and shoulder feathers! Hole-y shirt! To rationalize the outrageous (read: better) parts of the outfit, I suggest a pair of denim cut-offs to show some skin, I mean skeeeeeeen. Between you and me though, I’d prefer some harem pants or leopard print high waist shorts so not to trick the date at hand into thinking you have his interest in mind when outfitting your body but then again…at the end of the day, a little fornication never hurt anybody, right? Right? Except, you know, the girls on 16 and Pregnant.

Or…you can try something like this:

blouse: Thakoon, shorts: The Kooples, shoes: Christian Louboutin
You may not say repeller, I don’t blame you, but come on now, when’s the last time matching your bright pink shorts to pink shoes was dubbed socially acceptable? Yes, that’s right, circa 2002 a la Legally Blond. 
Viva Elle Woods!
And Bruzer.
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  • Elle Woods IS actually a fabulous example of man repeller/propeller, now that you mention it. Hm!

    Those fringe shoes deserve a frekkin' parade!

    Alexa Strautmanis

  • Anonymous

    i completely agree… give him a little taste of what you really are.. but give him something to drool over. Done and DONE. Except my bf has always just told me straight up.. even when I aim to please him "what the hell are you wearing… you look like ass"… aaaah young love.

  • First-date-repelling is the only(read: best) way way to test their limits 😉

  • this is hilarious and AHHHmazing….loved the "16 and pregnant" shout out! boom.

  • My poor boyfriend. We started dating 4 years ago before I had any idea I was born to repel. He had NO idea what he was getting into!

    <3 Sarah

  • s

    very nice look… the loubs are amazing… I love the Orange shoes on the top of the post 😉

    couture life: Ekaterina MUKHINA

  • "Except for the girls on 16 and Pregnant…" I am dying! Hahahaha. You are the best! Thanks for brightening my day.


  • this is aaaaaaaahmazing hahahhahah 😉

    Check out my blog:

    Elena from

  • damn,… really loving the first outfit. i want those shoes and jacket.

  • those shoes are out of this worrrld. crazy awesome.

  • Oh Man Repeller, I think your outfit is more likely to attract men than drive them away … a pink overdose conveys "I am girly and cute and like to squeal at little things" – which, for some reason, men are compelled towards :/

  • Anonymous

    Hi Man-Repella and Repellas in general, I have a question: what do we do when our repelling clothes are not fashionable anymore? Is repelling linked to notions like fashionable or old-fashioned, the way not-man-repelling-intended fashion is?


  • Whhhhatttt? You changed your hypothesis? Does this mean you might have a first date in the works?

  • so fun! love your louboutins!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Your comments are hilarious

    Copper Etiquette Shop Dresses

  • Love the shoes!!!! Tell us about your date!!!!!!

  • As lazy as I usually am about dressing, I think my boyfriend would be delighted by this man-repelling datewear. All the same, I would love to see a man-repelling take on weddings—I've got one coming up and I certainly don't want to be disturbed while enjoying the open bar…


  • Those orange shoes are fabulous but the pink ones are a DREAM!

  • I wanna see these high waisted leopard shorts. They sound faboosh.

  • Those shoses are too amazing!
    velvet cupcakes

  • So love this times a million! Those shoes are just prink and frilly. Greatest combination ever? I think so!

  • I.WANT.THOSE.SHOES! Holy mama those things are hotness.


  • Haha, if a man isn't repelled by pink on pink, I don't know what well. Yet somehow, it's still the perfect bait at the same time!

    ♥, Jamie

  • love this section because it is always difficult to know exactly what to wear. i love this look. and yours too.

  • yes, high-waisted shorts and fringe may be repellant in theory, but those legs are definitely propelling!

    thanx for the advice!


  • that isabel marant jacket is stunning!
    loving all the neon in this post as well…

  • Joy

    How would you get dates when you're actively man-repelling? LOL.

  • LOL @ getting him ready for whats in store 😀
    And LOL @ the girls on 16 and pregnant 😀 You're soo funny! 😀

    I looove your CL's!!! Soooo nice!
    And love your shorts ♥

  • u so funny! love those shoes and shorts! if those shoes don't scare him off he's a keeper! xoxox-marysia

  • It gives me hope that there are women out there dressing with the same intent as I do.

  • Emy

    HAhahaha I love it!! Those beauties do look dangerously high though, Id break my ankles! Have a great Sunday;)

  • I love your shoes!! you look totally amazing


  • ADJ

    I am loving these pink shoes. What a fun an flirty look!

  • Great shorts and SHOES!!! 🙂
    Bisous, nana

  • amazing shoes 🙂

    7 days, 7 inspirations@

  • Awesome post. Def a process of elimination at best.

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^Follow the link to come visit my style blog…!

  • your commentary is so great! loving the look!


  • meche

    hahaha man-repelling evolution!

  • lol i love this! great first date outfit.

  • Anonymous

    How do you walk in those awesome pink shoes without breaking your ankle? Also love the vibrant orange my tea her says orange iw the color of insanity. But if your wearing shorts and showing leg even if it is pink on pink isn't that man propelling. Yep so legally blonde she's man repelling and propelling wt the same time. But how would we get the date if we are man repelling? Are we just suppose to semi man repel and when we get the date do semi and full repelling?

  • im not a huge fan a Louboutin's but those shoes could kill!

  • i love both of these looks, even if wearing a jacket in 90-degree summer heat does make you look like you've gone through an early menopause.

  • great shorts! both of them!

  • Anonymous

    Ado. Further ado. Unless… I mean, unless it was a play on repelling? Like, without further "goodbye"? I dunno.

  • Totally dig the shoes. The whole idea! I feel like when I read your posts, you read my mind/I agree with almost everything you say. If I had a blog, this would be it. Since I don't and probably won't, I will live vicariously through yours. You look great in everything!!


  • omg hahha " getting him ready for what's in store" i love you and both outfits. i don't think ill ever be as free and brave as you but i am learning to embrace my inner fashion self/diva. this is 1/4 repelling. we work with one item at a time and then when the relationship gets serious, bamn, head to toe repelling (he should accept if he truly loves me right?). digging the pink and yes viva elle woods! xx

  • Those shoes are like a Brazilian carnival on your feet.

  • Anonymous

    I call bullshit. What is repelling about anything on this blog? You look hot in every picture. What guy doesn't like long skinny legs in 6 inch heels and flowing, long, straight hair? Man repelling is like baby doll tops and baggy boyfriend jeans and short hair and flats.

  • these CL shoes are just to die for

  • Another cracking post. Love love love the yellow heels

  • that jacket is effing baller

  • TheUnique28

    Those shoes have such a great color and design, amazing. Also i saw you in teen vogue, great article!

  • Anonymous

    I know this has nothing to do with man repelling, BUT, it has potential, please support an independent musician from NY who now lives in STL (boo!):

    please listen, support, and thank you.

  • I love your shoes!!!! 🙂
    Louboutin….. my favorite!

  • Those fringe heels are so fab. Definitely something to add to the wardrobe this summer!

  • love the shoes

  • What a fun an flirty look! Love the shoes… I am loving these pink shoes. your commentary is so great! loving the look!

  • Wow, great colour. Your blog is a really great inspiration for me and my designs. Thanks

  • You always scare me, teetering on sky high heels on your balcony, ALL IN THE NAME OF FASHION. Haha,
    Killer shoes.

  • Those shoes are aamaazing!!

  • Anonymous

    i have these shorts! i adore the kooples they are my favourite brand! i also have the navy scalloped ones!
    p.s. check out my blog:

  • how can you walk in those high heels

  • those shoes are insane. i'm jelly.

  • this makes me so happy. I can hear my mother's voice saying "why can't you just dress normal?" and my reply "hum, this is normal"

    love the outfits….


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  • Hollyvb

    Those shoes are incredible!! Drool