Repeller or Propeller: Neon
In this week’s installment of Repeller or Propeller, we look to bright blinders for inspiration. By now it should be no surprise to you that I have an unusual, some may say unhealthy, obsession with neon. Blame it on Jil Sander, Christopher Kane, Lisa Frank…whatever, the fact of the matter is, I want to be a human tennis ball. And while the U.S. Open is still but two months away, it’s never too soon to get one’s Roddick on, and so a human tennis ball I shall be. 
This short thought-process got me thinking, what better way to celebrate my strange tendencies than by dissecting the coveted trend in terms of my alias and asking the question: is neon a repeller or a propeller? There’s only one way to find out. Time for a riveting game o’dress-up!
1. Neon worn by itself
Perhaps when worn alone it’s got the potential to act as a catalyst for date night. I’d say the keyword here is perhaps though.
2. With a couple new layers
vest: Balenciaga, shoes: Isabel Marant
As you can see, all it took was a printed vest and short heel booties to reverse the aforementioned. Granted, the vest in question features an extra-large sized hounds-tooth print that just so perfectly caught the stripes of black, white and chain detailed on the dress’ trim.
sunglasses: Ralph Lauren 
Yes, that’s right. Houndstooth jacket x houndstooth sunglasses.
3. Vive le neon…overload!
In this final look, I made an executive decision. It was time to remove the black slip adding a zest of elegance from underneath the dress and instead and include a neon skirt to act as that pesky slip…
skirt: Torn
…Two more layers of bright blinders a top the dress…
cropped blouse: Kimberly Taylor, longer blouse: Equipment , necklace: DANNIJO
 And, voila! A grand mission repelled.
In conclusion, ladies and penguins, I proclaim that if all it takes are but a few layers to turn take the dress from chic ad plain to clinically insane (ergo, awesome), it’s got to be a certified man repeller. And for the reason alone, deserves it’s own page in the look books of our lives. Vive le neon!
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