Next Level Repelling, Right This Way

Never mind the 7-inch leopard print Louboutin heel pictured, or even the stilts that feature four very creative and perhaps, Kosher, hooves. Fine, tusks. Instead, please redirect your gaze toward the alternate use of mammal hair in the upper right hand corner of the screen. You can scratch your head if you want. Is it a man? Is it a woman? Is it you? Is it…me? Regardless, I have an idea…clicky, clicky. 

Photo via Nobody Knows Marc. Got to love a fresh blog find, so thanks a bundle, Le Fashion.

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  • oh yeah that is all you need to be a real woman 😉

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • bahhaahahhahhahahhaha. win.

  • Is that…couscous?

  • Wow, never in my life have I seen this before haha I almost fell out of my bed when I saw this

  • A male testing their other side?… They won't shave until they know for sure! or a shemale!!

  • hahahahahaha wow yeah that's first thing I saw, and it's hard to distract my eye from some awesome loubi's!

  • Anonymous

    Admittedly, I was far more distracted by the inexplicable pile of corn.

  • My face is a picture. Those boots deserve some better legs.

  • oh my god! and yes you've got reason to click on GILETTE PROGLIDE! AHAHAHAHAH

  • Those hairy legs were the first thing we noticed – We thought he must be in the circus!

  • this is sick, loving the pic

  • holyyyyy sh*t that's amazing! hahaha and I know I'm so happy Le Fashion introduced this blog it's sooooo good.

  • Rae
  • emc

    yikes! the legs were the first thing i noticed! definitely could use a razor or two…

  • Sasha

    Isn't that the guy with the 'the King is gone' sign at the Dior show when John Galliano was just arrested?

  • Mind-blowing! Those rustic stilts make the capture.

    ♥, Jamie

  • OMG. Nice and Wild! 😀

  • haha too much to handle!!


  • hahahaha ewwww….this image = man repelling < yetti attracting

  • Hey, if that's a guy, no need to encourage him to shave his legs just yet. Apparently he's slowly transitioning into womanhood.

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  • love the shoes and his hairy legs are a great contrast! =)
    anyway, I really love your blog and therefore I made a sketch of one of your looks. Hope you like it:


  • Wow! and now I am deathly curious to see what's above this pic!

  • I have never seen anything like that. Not anywhere.

  • Anonymous

    I read your blog like a newspaper.

  • hahaha! my pleasure <3

  • Yeah, i was slightly confused when i saw the 'sweet corn', but the hairy legs… oh dear

  • Meg

    calf hair shoes, human hair legs um one of these needs to be hairless and its not the Louboutins.

  • Yaaaaas, this pic is Haute!
    Check out my blog, I nominate YOU for Best Blog Award 🙂

  • it's that john galliano guy right? XX


    xx Grace

  • Anonymous

    Really surprised that this is coming from you. Shitty attitude, what are you, fourteen? Usually so brilliant.

  • The shoes are so damn fabulous and the furry legs…eh not so mucH!

  • wow…. I am so shocked I'm not even quite sure what to say…. just wow.
    I hope you dont mind if I pimp out my blog
    If you do, I'm sorry. I'm not a fan of blog pimps either… even though I am being one

  • omg haha love it

  • good blog … good pic … good style

  • holy shit that's intense

  • i feel pretty confident this is an homage to your post from the other day…the literal MAN repeller. i mean hell, I'M repelled!

  • hahahahahhaha love this picture! 😀

  • Clo
  • I'm a little afraid/hesitant to click, but crossing my fingers that it's someone like chick from Precious. Please don't be Anna Dello Russo….please don't be Anna Dello Russo….

  • oh nonnn …. so so good that's crazy !

  • im sure you already are fully aware of this since you seem to have your finger pressed firmly against the pulse of all things good and manrepllery (y pronounced as "eee." that IS a word i promise it) but just in case you hadnt happen to know about these( scroll to bottom) i wanted to give you a heads up.

    im sure somewhere in your archive of posts you have mentioned this brand and/or featured one of these collars. Forgive my ignorance; unfortunately, it was just recently i stumbled upon your delightful blog.

  • Kate

    SUCH an honor to meet Mlle. Repeller herself today at Barney's Cafe.

  • AC

    I just gagged!

  • Han

    good to see leg warmers are coming back in,

  • Oh my, I'm just staring at those hairy legs, not so hot ;)But what an interesting picture, though it's a little bit insane.

  • Its one of those photos where every time you look, you notice something weird and new.. hairy legs, sweetcorn, whatever will we see next? 🙂


  • Hahahaha! This is not man repellent!!! Its just repellent!

  • OMG!! Are they on stands? How do you walk? I'm so confused! And what are we repelling??

  • Hahahaha hilarious…loving the Gillette link. God i hope this doesnt become a trend…

  • LOL, man or woman, I wonder if the person can actually walk a few inches in those.

  • does no one know anything about french fashion whores? it's a man, named igor dewe, outside of Dior after Galliano was kicked owe. google it low lifes…loubi's are CL, but he made the rest….

  • oh damn. that's a lot to process!

  • What ever it is, you have a damn good idea!!

    robyn of

  • Way beyond my imagination:) Uber love it! I go wild after seeing this!!!

  • hahahah you are freaking halarious!!!!! I sware..I can't stop scrolling. i wish you were my friend. I think I would be with you 24/7.

  • So I'm a girl…and this repels me. Hah.


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