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Another Giveaway, Because I Love You

In partnership with Leyendecker.

And love means helping women who were previously told to disregard their exposed nipples, to cover said nipples with none other than…

necklace: DANNIJO, blouse: Leyendecker
Loads and loads o’sequins!

I love the fancy felines at Leyendecker and the fancy felines at Leyendecker love me. By the transitive property of geometry, this in turn means they love you too and you know what that means, right? Free stuff! Free! No money!

shorts and shoes: Alexander Wangย 

…Though I will admit Kelly from The Glamourai puts up a pretty mean competition re: who wears the leather-wedge-combo better. See link.

arm party a la Rebecca Minkoff

But now back to important things. Like sheer things. I love sheer things. I love tie dye. You love sheer things. And tie dye. I love rows and rows and rows of sequins. You do too. Bonus points for their matted nature and so, by the end of next Monday, one of you will own the very same blouse. We will then proceed to host a Who Wore it Best contest. ย 

The rules are easy as cheese:
1. Follow Leyendecker on Twitter
2. Like Leyendecker on Facebook
3. Eat a hot dog in under 30 seconds and hold your bowel movements in until the contest is over
4. Just kidding about 3.
5. Comment on this post with your name, twitter handle and email address.
6. We will tweet at the winner on Monday at Noon. This means you should be following me too.

CONTEST CLOSED, CONGRATULATIONS AMANDA! (Who has promised to bare her nipples.)

If you don’t use twitter, ask yourself why? It’s a really good way to consume news and then rant about it, current example: Casey Anthony, not guilty? Really? Really!?!?!?!? See @KimKardashian

Good luck!

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