1 Piece, 3 Ways…No, Really

Sure I’ve displayed expertise thorough capability to style a garment three different ways, but can I turn one garment into several different garments? I’m not sure, by the end of this session, you’ll tell me. So, today’s installment of 1 Piece, 3 Ways focuses much more on multi-functionality than previous versions have and still implements the inherent love for neon that has been documented extensively. After all, it’s not going anywhere, have you seen the resort collections? Let’s milk the Lisa Frank throwback while we can. Last week I lent credit to the tennis ball, this week, we salute a Pepto-Bismol disco diva pink, infused with some sprinkled love from the bright blinding fairy.

As a stand alone, I’m venturing into Barbie territory. Barbie is a babe. By the transitive property of geometry this in turn makes me a babe. And we can’t have no babes running around this side of town, oh no.
I did a little fixy, fixy by flailing a couple of my limbs into air and getting my game face on, but that’s just not enough. This dress needed more. I feel like I’m writing a Harlequin romance novel.
Step 1 was to tuck the top half–covering my little breasties–of the dress into the elastic band located at the waist and pull said elastic band up to my chest. This immediately turned the form-flattering maxi dress into a sack of sweet tube that indicated no sign of curve. Man Repeller score number one. With a little leather vest and pink shoes, to you know, vive la monochrome, home girl is ready for…girls night! …Now however, in the event she’s lost her mind so terribly wants to bring sexy back a la Justin Timberlake’s 2006 failed attempt…
vest: Veda, bustier: Topshop, shoes: Christian Louboutin
Oh my god, it’s a bustier dress too! Eureka!
Arm flail, back kick, call me! You see, even when dressed as a potential getter, my inherent tendencies unveil themselves. I should also note that a dress that’s night as the chest but then sacks out to make the hips look approximately four times wider than they accurately are…likely not a propeller. Trust me. Are you sick of seeing these shoes? Sorry, I can’t help it. I won’t help it.
As for look number two, The dress was no longer just a dress. This time, I took a page from the lookbook of Jil Sander’s S/S 2010 collection.
…And paired a plain white t-shirt with the tucked-in dress, now located at my waist, not chest. But you knew that. Unless, you know, your brain is in your ass, in which case, I’m glad I specified. You can choose to add a belt to this equation though I recommend leaving it as simple in this context as possible. Getting chilly? Likely not.
But still, add the alpha-male of warm weather appropriate motorcycle jackets and some booties for a more night-time friendly look. Take a frolic into the air. Act like the little leprechaun that you are. We have nothing to hide from each other.
Actually, don’t take a frolick into the air, especially if you’re on a terrace as small as this one with a railing as short as that one. One wrong turn and boom, road kill. Fashion road kill. At least you went down in neon though.
 bracelets: DANNIJO 
I conclude saying this, one bright pink silk max dress can go a very, very long way. Pun intended.
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