Who Wore it Best: Fancy Furniture

Dear readers,

I noticed a small (read: large) slew of whip lash pertaining to my word choice in today’s earlier post so eventhough I said “sowwy” in those comments, I’d like to take this moment to issue a public apology for having offending you. This feels so Government official-chic. And if that offended you, I’m sorry for that too.

I’ll have you know that I’ve switched out what you mandated wildly offensive words for less offensive ones like “abuse” and “promiscuity.” Also, to make up for the original statements, one that read: “London rapes its citizens with their currency everyday,” and the other that referred to naked mannequins as “ceramic sluts,” I offer you the gift of very important question, brain twister, head scratcher: who wore it best?

This groovy chair…
 My face?
Don’t be mad at me, I’ll bake you cupcakes. That’s not a bribe.
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  • Oh Iยดm in love with these Prada sunnies as well!

    – Dani


  • Al

    ahahahah Oh my God you are a Genius

    (no further words, I'm astonished and "genius" is all I can deliver)

    -The Red Dot-

  • your face def. wore it better. and also, it's true about the monetary raping. just sayin'.


  • Anonymous

    OMG, you keep being you! Those offended brats can go somewhere else to read. Your original post was hilarious the way it was written. Those terms were taken way too seriously. Don't feel like you have to change to please them. Be yourself girlfriend.

  • s

    loooooooove these sunglasses…. ;D

    Street Style: ANNA WINTOUR

  • wow, now this is called inspiration!


  • Geeez. Those are to die for. No, to kill for.
    Just because those are more deeper in color, I will say that you rocked the curl better!

  • Those glasses are amazing. Love how you handled the unfriendly situation!

  • Hear! Hear! You are the Mistress of your blog. We are merely your adoring minion. It is yours to craft, create, demolish, celebrate, and manifest however you see fit. Any Man Repeller worth her salt is living on the edge of mad genius and crazy bitch. Those of us that love you and what you do will keep on keepin' on. The beauty for those who don't care for an aspect of your art have the ability to simply take their bloggy eyes elsewhere. Happiness for everyone xx

    PS….Those glasses are pure heaven.

  • Anonymous

    who cares what people commented. i know that word is not a great one, expecially for those who have been victim. my heart goes out to them, but it is not like you used it in that way. i read what you meant, meaning they take all your money in London. people need stop being offended by everything. we get offended for everything. you be you because you are a unique kind beautiful hearted individual.

  • Anonymous

    could not sign in right but my name is Lydia Duran. huge fan! my blog is http://couturevibrancy81807.blogspot.com/

  • Anonymous

    I don't see why people get so ofended… it's just a word in a funny context. And i think you make a great job in writing! I was say in my blog that i love your originality. You are a rare piece in this days that everyone looks so much alike… I'm a huge fan and big admirer of your work!

    And, of course, your face wears it soooo much better! The chair is too atracting to man with it's padded seating and confortable curls! I say GO, MAN REPELLERS! hahahahah


    Ana – Brasil

  • Anonymous

    It should be "…i ALWAYS say on my blog…" but i'm crazy and i eat letters!

  • I wonder (aloud): if you're going to reword your post AND apologise, why bother then mocking people who got offended? Either ignore or apologise – mockery seems a little petty, especially considering (a) their reactions were a little extreme, (b) your language was not and (c) it's really not the place for an argument about power and domination, especially if said argument is started by the semantics of a blog post about, eh, mannequins. Ridic. (IMO)

  • love these! i have never seen anything like them!


  • i read and commented on that blog post this morning. i have no idea what was bad. ohh well eff those people. and i love those prada sunnies


  • JD

    Your face! I would like red velvet. And you better use the legit cream cheese frosting. Thank you!

  • I have mixed feelings right now. First off, I'm completely jealous! I love those sunglasses! On the other hand, I'm in total awe because you compared them with a chair.

    And so the final verdict is (although its a pretty awesome) that you wore it best!

  • glasses! you are forgiven!

  • dismiss the haters, we, who follow and read you on a daily basis, LOVE your writing and your use of language

    haters o'the world, DONT LIKE? DONT READ.

    we looove you, and you wore it best, toterly

  • I have to agree with Rosemary. Mock the petty people to your heart's content but don't bend to their whims. People can express their opinions but you don't have to obey; I would think you're better than that.

  • Hands down YOU!

  • I wasn't offended by anything in your last post. Clearly people need to learn to not take blogs so seriously.

  • EQ

    i honestly thought you were going to wear the jeffrey campbell skate cutout wedges…while the furniture gives you a run for your money, Prada always wins for me

  • Anonymous

    you wore it best!!! love love those sunnies..
    eff those miserable people who took your comments so seriously
    you are not at all offensive, you are sweet , charming and hilarious
    I feel bad for those who live their life in such sadness, they don't deserve to read your blog
    I wish you could block them!!!!

  • that chair offends me, and so does your face. can you please apologize for them and never show them on your blog again… mmmkay?

    just kidding
    just kidding
    just kidding


  • Love the sunnies! I don't really see why you should censor your blog… I like it just the way it is ๐Ÿ™‚


  • love the contrast between the sunnies and the furniture. such a sick combination. thanks for sharing man repell.
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  • lol, just bought this sunnies yesterday and i love them


  • Anonymous

    silly kwestion .. chair naturellement!

  • Zoe

    Hmm its a close call, but I think I have to go with the chair…
    Kidding, kidding,
    glasses are stunning as are you…
    looooove your blog


  • Love the shades. I'm wondering how you feel about some man repelling beauty trends right now? Examples: crackle nail polish, long pointy nails, long pointy nails WITH crackle polish… blue eyeliner?

  • That was a great apology. You're a brilliant lady with brilliant taste, and I'm choosing comment number 34 on this particular post to announce that I've inducted your blog into my daily 'must-read' list along with the nytimes, gawker, gmail, my facebook wall, cnn and my work email. The Sartorialist hasn't even made the cut. Congratulations, but really, by that, I mean THANK YOU.

  • Love the sunnies!! Gotta say you win again!…shocking!

    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • people need to lighten up its not that serious always love your posts and i think you definitely wore it best!


  • Oh yeah!! you won by far girl!!!

  • Anonymous

    Eh … I was raped eleven years ago, and I'm OK with: "London rapes its citizens with their currency everyday". I'm more offended to read someone say, "the [word] was taken way too seriously". We should take the word seriously (where it directly relates to the gross act), but I don't think you're not doing that by using it in this context … Does that make sense? I hope so, b/c I think you're entertaining and I like your blog. ๐Ÿ™‚ P.S. I'm more offended by the flagrant use of the word "sunnies" in this thread. Lord, I hate that word.

  • Anonymous

    You are hilarious—please don't change!!! People majorly need to lighten up.

  • Anonymous

    Your face ftw!!! Also, I love the girl who commented that the chair, and your face, offend her. Haha! Agreed! Chair and face are just both so fucking awesome it's ridiculous.

  • Your face wore it best. Of course!


  • I'm sorry… but it was definitely the chair…

  • Anonymous

    You did the right thing in taking down the offending phrases, but I'm with Rosemary – don't mock the people who asked you to. It's childish to say 'does that offend you too?' They were only doing the right thing. Rape is serious. Maybe it's about time you started realising that actions have consequences. Not cool!

  • you shouldn't care too much about who you offend, if they didn't like it all they had to do is close down the window. I LOVE YOUR BLOG…DON'T CHANGE A THING!!

  • psh, mock away. It's only a word. get over it peepsicles.

  • I'm in love with the glasses so it's definitely your face! ๐Ÿ˜€


  • Anonymous

    sticks and stones will break their bones but words should never hurt them

  • Anonymous

    shit! I just discover your blog and shit, it will be for sure impossible to leave you!! no more exams for me…

  • your face ofcourse!

  • Oh My God! I'm in love with those sunnies!!!

  • Those are some pretty BA sunglasses! And the chair is cool too

  • โ™กI love it so much!!!!!!!
    from your follower! โ™ก
    With love Little Sable

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  • It seems like no matter what you say you won't win with this group! In terms of who wore it better you or the chair, I'm going to say you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fashionable Collections

  • soowwwyyy.. but I think the groovy chair win this look..


  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • i love the glasses!!!

  • I want them! Iยดm so jealous ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Elena from http://www.likeabirkin.blogspot.com

  • Liz

    this is the first post I read on this blog (referred by Stylesight) and I have to say I am intrigued and will continue to follow, not because you may or may not have offended/apologized/mocked/mis-used a word (really can you do that if you are not ending a sentence with a preposition?) But bc I think your style is original in all things fashion, writing, photography etc. You are real, simply, being yourself and if more people did that rather than be so negative about some silly words they might see past the 'meaning' of something and see something innovative and worthwhile bc you are everything that is good and light hearted and very obviously, out of only reading this one post. not at all the type of person to poke fun at a serious situation by the 'mis-use' of a word but simply style the format of a blog to suit your style and no one elses, which is awesome and what makes this good.

    ps. its just a word – not an action – had you actually done the act I might feel differently. people need to get over themselves.

  • Anonymous

    love all of your posts! they make me laugh everyday! you stylish girl!

  • people really need to calm their shit, it's called humor… some people have it, others appreciate and get it, and others simply get mad because they have none, haven't gotten laid or don't have as great as style as you. they are all green monsters, ignore them. however, one of my great friends has always told me and everyone else he comes into contact with or that he says goodbye to…. " Don't Change" 2 great words, yet so simple almost as significant as rape and slut… not really. but like my friend says, "don't change" and like i say on occasion, apologize to no one. adieu

  • Anonymous

    you wore it best…
    of course..but it was a close race:)

  • Bec

    only you could compare how you dress to furniture. and you won it.

  • Jeez people… If you can't make out a metaphor or irony then you shouldn't be reading this blog at all…go look them up in a dictionary, that is if you haven't thrown it in a fire for its improper use of the english language…learn some context, put the pitchforks down and lighten the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    People pointed put that you've used offensive language and you're mocking them? Oh, wait, I shouldn't be surprised. You're a spoiled little princess with rich parents who is used to everyone kissing her ass.

  • Definitely chair wore it best, sorry!_

  • Absolutely loving the sunglasses!
    And I would just like to point out that this is *your* blog and you have a right, and the freedom, to write whatever you please. If that means using words like "rape," whether innocent or not, then so be it. It is your blog and you get to do what you want with it and write what you want. I understand wanting to accommodate for readers, but we can't please everyone. Also, that seemed to repel a lot of readers…silly, yes, but I just noticed.
    Anyway, Happy Repelling!

  • 1. London is, in the words of David Sedaris, "cruelly" expensive. And I'm saying this as a girl that lives in New York City. I concur and support prior statement.
    2. The Pradas are a little busy for me. But I like the 60's Pucci vibe.
    3. Your necklace looks like a string of molars. I'm in to it.

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  • Brijetblog

    Bahaha ‘ceramic sluts’ & London’s sodimizing economy! I can still get away with politically incorrect jokes as I have about 10 followers but my sense of humor is often interpreted as horrendously offensive. E.g I may have slipped a KKK reference into a post about white shoe trend!