Thematic Repelling: Job Interview Chic
If I had dime for every e-mail I’ve answered that asked the question “what should I wear to a job interview while still being a repeller?” outlining the outfit that maintains a lil bit o’love from the kiss of repelling, I’d be rich. Rich enough to live in London, with its abusive currency, even. And so, in the newest new installment on Man Repeller–you read that right, another new installment–I offer photo tutorials that teach a little thing I like to call “thematic repelling.” I think this one has staying power. So without further ado, I give you: Job Interview Chic.
blazer: Rag and Bone, blouse: Kain, trousers: The Kooples, shoes: Proenza Schouler, frames: Warby Parker

You don’t necessarily need to sit in a white room against white furniture with a fruitful floral arrangement separating your chair from the one beside you in a way that suggests “thematic repelling: doctor’s waiting room chic,” but you do have to carry your laptop as a purse. Especially if you’re looking for a job in social media. Because, you know, they might test how fast you can type 140 characters on the Anthony Weiner scandal with your eyes closed. Just saying.

necklace: Kimberly Baker

“Stars! They’re just like us! They walk foot first!” Just kidding, just kidding, I’m not a star. More a unicorn, really. This is my lobby, by the way. Well, not my lobby, but a lobby, that I walk through everyday to come and go from my place of residence.

Let’s get to business though. Pun so intended.

This works because: I’m wearing trousers and a blazer, I’d say that’s the standard young professional silhouette. The shoes are cool but don’t feature too outrageous platforms or unusual color patterns. Glasses fool the masses into thinking I’m smart, and the accessories evoke a tamed sense of what could be serious personal style.

This repels because: A blazer yes, but a metallic satin one with black silk lapels. If I hadn’t known better, I’d have thought I was Brad Goreski. In this instance, I’m not sure if it’s better that I’m me. As for the trousers, they are high waist boyfriend trousers…these are sensitive silhouettes to create a single pair of pants. For the shoes: Not outrageous, yes, but at the end of the day, they are still what they are: gilded patio furniture for the foot. And finally, while my glasses may fool the masses, they are birth control. And non prescriptive. So, do what you want with that.

Go on now, try it out. And if you get the job…
Shit girl, I will be so damn happy! Drinks and smiles on me.
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  • s

    GORGEOUS….. love this silver jacket…
    You're SOOOOOOO beautiful ;D


  • i'm so much loving this silver blazer, perfection for an interview

  • Great tips! 🙂

  • Thank you! I have an interview later this morning, in fact…I greatly appreciates the tips *puts away sequined feather boa*

  • i love your tutorials, you are the greatest!

  • Love it ALL, you are a ray of sunshine in my morning perusal of the interwebs.

  • I love this. Interview outfits are so hard, especially non-boring interview outfits.

  • I love that blazer!

  • Great post! You look completely "put together", but those shoes give it a "twist"… the thick glasses maybe too much…

  • love the silver jacket, black pants & wedges, awesome & interview savvy!

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  • Great look! SHOP DRESSES

  • You look great! I love the blazer and the wedges!

  • Love the blazer.

    Fashionable Collections

  • hahahah love this commentary! if i'd worn this for every interview i wouldn't have been squirming in a repulsive blazer while trying to answer someone's questions!

  • Awesome post! Loving the blazer n gold wedges!

  • such an awesome look – I love the pop of color with the shoes! Your commentary is always so witty!


  • Mey

    Love this "Thematic Repelling" I can't wait for more <3


  • Bec

    i have one today and i think i would do you proud. the blazer is slouch and boyfriend and needs the sleeves rolled a bit. likes the 80s but better, haha.

  • non prescriptive birth control- what's not to love?!?! you're hired!

  • i have been on a lot of interviews lately and i have been wearing a dress. but i love the pants u have. i need to come up with something like this. thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    I'd never ever say this is repelling at all: you're really propelling here (in a good way, of course ;-)!

    Love the outfit, love your blog!


  • Anne

    the laptop accessory is so techy chic!

  • LMAO!
    It's adorable and repellent
    I would give you the job!

  • This is such an awesome alternative guide to interviews! Always when I read guides for interviews they insist on skirts because "they are more professional". Enough of that, dress pants and repelling all the way!

  • Sarah Landisman

    LOVE THIS! I can't get enough of those stacked on bracelets! And I'm obsessed with that YSL ring!! Such a fun twist and perfect pop of color. Normally I'm told to wear accessories sparingly for interviews, but you make a great point about them adding that hint of personal style. Genius!

  • LDM

    i love that blazer! been trying to find something silver like that!

    xx from hong kong 🙂

  • freakin fantastic

  • Anonymous

    pure genius
    your are hired!!!!

  • so cute love it!! i would love to wear this anywhere period!

  • This is just brilliant! It's the kind of post that most of us probably can relate to, I'll be trying it out on my next interview!


  • Love your outfit!

    Nice shoes!


  • Perfection. I wish I had that outfit, I would totally wear it to work every single day :p

  • Anonymous

    Geez, I wish I applied for the kind of jobs where I can afford to think about repelling.

  • You're awesome. I love your blog.

  • So nice………everything !

  • Very lovely!

  • Laura M

    O MAN interview outfits are the HARDEST! especially in a world where so many people have these outdated ideas of what appropriate interview/work attire is! The silver blazer is to DIE for love love love the look!

  • I would never think to pair the silver jacket with the gold heels but it is doing amazing things for this outfit

  • I want this outfit! I love the metallic jacket! very hot and sooo repelling!

  • I actually love this outfit!! Great post, you're hilarious!

  • thank you so much for incorporating a completely legitimate reference to Brad Goreski. now, i'm off to find patio furniture for my feet!


  • Great outfit, would love to wear it 🙂 But let's just hope the interviewer isn't a man…might give the wrong (or right? I don't even know) effect. 😉

  • I love the colors and images. Clothes are very original.


  • Great and chic outfit for a job interview!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • My hero! I love this blog.

  • totally agree you look chic, but it definitely depends what you are interviewing for as well!


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hi. You have great taste. You don't look like you are trying too hard, not too overt, but definitely sexy.

  • Anonymous

    You are so cute.

  • Anonymous

    Where did you buy the blazer? I can't find it online. And where are your bracelets from?

  • Anonymous

    Re the above–I mean on the whole, not just this particular post.

  • looking amazing! i am seriously in love with your blog! xx

  • Love this post! This look looks great on you!

  • Anonymous

    f#!k me you are cute

  • Seriously great outfit!

  • perfect look for a job interview. it is calm cool and collected yet chic and flattering.

  • love the job interview look! 🙂

  • You would make one hot looking unicorn 🙂 The jacket and shoes are tres chic!

  • i actually lovee this outfit, love how you mixed the gold AND the silver. subtle man repelling techniques.


  • I love your blog and did a tribute to you! Look here:


  • You should do a giveaway with that jacket. LOVE!

  • super cute! i love you smile

  • Adorei seu Blog!!! A Didi Maia falou muito bem e eu corri para conhecer!!! Amei!!! Você é uma graça!!!Beijos.

  • judi

    Your a genius love the post!

  • Love this. My blog is all about business casual and "office wear.". This certainly makes the interview cut.

    Btw, hosting a giveaway of two crystal Ettika friendship bracelets (and I know how you love friendship bracelets) over at:

  • I went full on man repelling to a job interview a few weeks ago. As it turned out, I was interviewed by a panel composed of women, and one of them was obviously lesbian. I totally got the job.

  • I love this look! The glasses are awesome, a bit like the frames i just ordered 🙂 Also loving the silver and yellow combo.

  • ha! birth control glasses–love it!

  • WC

    dude i love reading your posts. usually i just skim fashion photos but i actually read your blog. keep up the humor

  • you slay me.

    and the shoes: y.e.s.




  • Just in time! I have an interview tomorrow!!! haha
    I'll wear my cat-eye gucci glasses to look professional while remaining fashion. (it is an interview for a fashion job)

  • AMAZING shoes babe!

  • Stephanie

    Perfect tips and perfect timing. I got a job interview the second after reading this. One shopping trip later, I think I aced it. We'll see…..

  • Loving the silver blazer and those wedges are SO cute!


  • I had to scroll down without reading any comments to say that those shoes are people repellers. They are awful, especially with those slacks. What is with open toe boots these days? They make no sense. And the fact that you found ugly gold ankle open toe boots makes my head spin. Your feet look like two gold nuggets.

  • I might have to copy this entire outfit. Pun so intended lol. Great tips. Love it.

  • So feminine! You look gorgeous!


  • Absolutely love this look! so cute.

  • Do these shoes pinch the shit out of your toes?? I have the same pair (in black), and I was wondering if you have made any clever alterations to make them more comfortable. I'm thinking of experimenting with moleskin…

  • love this post!!! amazing outfit!


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  • Ching Llera Vilar

    2 years later, I’m taking your advice! Good luck to me. 😉