Resort Repels, I Recap

This probably, nay, definitely sounds redundant but phew praise the Lord, thank heavens, the resort collections were choc full o’man repelling garb to ensure at least a six month longer lifespan for this here blog! I’ve been thinking a lot about what the following seasons will hold: whether we’ll take down the turbans in favor of, say, graduation cap inspired head gear, if we’ll switch in the animal prints for actual livestock and most importantly, if MC Hammer will continue to live on deep into our hearts and thighs.

As it happens, the worlds not ready for grad caps and livestock and while some of you may be torn up over it, the bright side promises innovative ways to wear the old trends.

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Take the turban for example. Missoni combines Sikh-chic with yeshiva-chic and to promote peace in the Middle East without even opening ones mouth. Here, here!
Onward and upward. Other brands ensured the continuation of beloved trends we may not be ready to bid farewell.
See, 3.1 Phillip Lim guaranteed more monochrome for seasons ahead and perhaps more remarkably, tailored wide leg pants, fit for a little person, meant for an amazon.
Mulberry promised more kitsch, like pears with eyeballs plastered across ones chest and animal print pumps with socks.
Stella McCartney offered a sincere shout out to butterflies, pre-butter and fly. Cue the satin striped cocoon. This one is high on my lust list, I hope someone asks me to hug them while wearing it.
Chris Benz showed more temple toppers. This time they were Royal Wedding friendly.
Michael Kors started a neon-a-thon of his own. 
Acne jumped in leg first, literally, promoting one of the first comtemporary tries at the pant-under-skirt, skant going forward, trend. Cue Givenchy S/S 2011. No prescription? No problem. Let’s not forget to lend praise to the bifauxcals.
And Celine
…Was Celine.
Perfectly printed lady boner, boners boner boner. Boner.
While I got a good kick out of perusing all the collections, the most interesting to peep was Chloe‘s. She’s decidedly taken a more contemporary approach this year in what seems like an effort to mimic the traditional style blog, you know, if all blogs are stationed in Paris, wildly well shot, well edited, and featuring only Chloe runway. Here’s to acknowledging our presence, Hannah.
Exhibit A: Blogger model roams around outdoors. She wears a tent like overcoat with matching shorts. Monoprinting at its finest. Plus two for ballet gladiator hybrid flats.
She nails the blogger shot, too. “Is there a camera in front of me? I just don’t know, I’m too busy analyzing this patent leather rubbing up against my peplum.”
“I don’t see you. Just kidding I do. I don’t. I do. I don’t. I do.”
Oh you know, just being of the people. Waiting for the bus, wearing head to toe sequins.
And that’s that.

Chloe diversion aside, I conclude saying this: keep doing what you’re doing, repellers. It’s working. K…bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, actually, last thing. A very important question:

Would you give up vision for a Balenciaga visor? I think I would.

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  • Love the styles in the pics. Xo

  • Love all styles! 🙂

  • Great Post and Looks!!!

  • LOVE that rainbow striped cocoon. and also i love the head to toe sequins…duh.

  • I'm always a Philip Lim fan but that Michael Kors has stolen my heart

  • i was waiting for u to write something about this. i also noticed the man repelling pieces.

  • Sarah Landisman

    Loving your commentary! You make fashion fun AND funny — the way it should be!!

  • Dying the wear head to toe floral print a la Celine… I'm so jealous of the northern hemisphere and their summer weather right now.

  • loveeeee this they were totally filled with repelling. perfect

  • love it 🙂 xx

    Meena xxx

  • As always, you do a good recap of a repelling runway.

  • Ava

    awesome possum 🙂 sartorial man repelling at its finest!

  • love the ballet gladiator hybrid flats! i was so impressed with a lottt of resort collections. im surprised you didn't include margiela! it was full of fabulous repulsion as well.

  • celine has been by far my fave resort wear this season. Love your recap

  • Sasha

    Nice post 🙂 I liked Missoni and Givenchy best. But is the Chloé collection designed by Hannah McGibbon? She left at Chloé, so I thought this was Clare Waight Keller's work… it's a great collection however!

  • She has left but apparently it was the design team that worked on this collection not CWK.

    Personally i always thought vision overrated if it came to this balenciaga visor! Top post x

  • Very Man Repelling! I do love some of the last few looks.

  • s

    love all these resort collection…. ;D

    Must HAVE: GIANLISA bags

  • I love all these collections- and I'm so impressed with Chloe, even though Hannah McGibbon is gone! I'm interested to see where the brand goes!

  • i LOVE this. hilarious as always.

  • Anonymous

    Amen to the high rise wide legs. Carlos Miele also exhibited a perfect repeller combo:

    Reminded me a lot of a fish:

    Very fish-onable.


  • nice pics and post because the outfit is chic ans i love the chic.

  • mulberry and kors are my favorites out of the mix. mulberry was delicate and sweet, while kors was extremely chic.

  • Gerty

    well ACTUALLY, ms head-to-toe sequins is kind of standing in da middle of da street. in fact, bus 39 would most likely run her over, judging from where she's standing. Just to show off the fact that HEY I KNOW EXACTLY WHERE JACQUELYN JABLONSKI (and my ~model name knowledge~) IS IN THIS PHOTO UQIOHFIHB SO COOL, Palais Royal – Comédie Française is the stop that is like 20 ft away from her (straight where she's looking and then a little bit to the left)

  • I want that Mulberry pear sweater!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Chanel's tall boot/flip-flop mash up would be an option for some serious leg/foot repelling.

  • these are all so different but what is great is they are all fun styles… would love to wear them all!

  • Anonymous

    on the money

  • i think i'll keep my sight. but you go crazy with that visor 😉

  • I think I need that floral coat by Chloe @_@

    The Violet Lion

  • Anonymous

    Alas, Hannah has been ejected from Chloe, which she re-created, and the "design team" put together resort. The new designer will debut with the next full collection. The supposed mandate for the new designer is to develop accessories more fully, in order to maximize profits more fully.
    In the interim, the design team got the memo and, while I do think the bags are nice, and there is plenty of Hannah momentum to keep them going for this season, the pics made me think of a handbag advert. Just sayin'.

  • love love love love

  • Hahahahahha i LOVE your views on everything

  • Celine is amazing with the prints paired with white solids and Chloe is my favorite favorite favorite! I love Hannah! I love you man repeller, you are the bomb! My mom even loves you! Well obviously she should, you go girl

  • Giovana

    Because of you, everytime I go shopping and see ruffled-type clothing it resembles a woman's privates.
    I swear to god, it's like I've got vagina-vision or something.

  • Braaaaavo ! such great views !!!!!

  • I fell in love with Céline and Chloé's collections and then I think 3.1 Philip Lim makes a good runner up. Every single look was great in Céline's lookbook. Stella McCartney's line-up was fun and I loved the prints..

  • MC

    Celine was my absolute favourite!!

    I liked Chloe, especially how they shot it, but sad that they let go of Hanna MacGibbon 🙁

    x mc

  • Repellin' like a melon.

  • i like the jeans under the dress look by Acne

  • hilarious commentary. i love it!

  • I like the Mulberry look, I am partial to wearing images of oversized fruit at the moment. The pear jumper is wonderful but I fear wearing it would be asking for the inevitable "nice pair" jokes…

  • Anonymous

    @the visor: Robocop revisited? I don't even…what is happening?

  • So much repelling! I do love the monochrome Chloe bit though.