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A Quick Look Back at London
That’s me.
blouse: The Kooples, pants: Mackage, shoes: Sandro

In partnership with Club Monaco.

Yes, I’ve been back nearly three weeks but as far as I’m concerned there’s no expiration date on sharing memories. So share I will do. As aforementioned, I was there for work doing something super rad with Club Monaco. They’re going overseas! They’re going overseas! And even though I was there on business, I had some downtime to mix in a little bit o’pleasure, so I did what anyone would do and made plans to catch up with some internet friends. Namely Michelle and Peony.

And Cinderella (far left.) That was rude, sorry, Cind. She’s Peony’s piss elegant pup, pun intended. You’ll see why in a moment.

…Piss elegant because she doesn’t pee leg up against poles, I other the hand, dabble into the activity every so often. You know what they: when in London, pee on poles.
I also see better through the lens of my handmade (literally) monocle. Doesn’t it look Prada? The weekend proved educational for me. I learned that my English accent is “God awful,” and all about the spaghetti arm phenomenon. See below.
Most important though, I purchased ballet flats with little bows on the ankle and learned that I am fairly obsessed with pairing ivory lace and or silk with utility green.
Naomi the Shonster and me are engaged in a serious Carrie Bradshaw moment at the…moment: her hard drive crashed. Crashed, I tell ya, shit’s gone! There is lots of new content on that there hard drive so pray for a speedy recovery, or any recovery, really..I’m talking Guess the Blogger Pose revivals et al!
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