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Oh Brother, Another Video
jumper: Halston, jacket: Valentino, all via The Outnet
The highlight of this video, in my opinion, was the time I used the word “millennial” improperly. Also, if a man is begging you to take off your Mongolian fur vest, it’s not just a (tongue click,) fail, it’s grounds for castration, ey? Ey? Man, I slay myself.
Oh my shit, did I just refer to my jumpsuit as a jumper? Man, I slay myself. 
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  • JAJAJA you are just soooo much fun! really! love your blog, your style, your man repellness!!!! my BF is sometimes repelled by my style!!! and you encourage me not to let him put me down!!!!

  • I definetely love the way you talk! And you are so right! Every woman should dress for themselves!!!
    So so so agree with all you say.

  • Gosh! You sound so nice! Loved the looks on video. 🙂
    Why does the men hate things that we love, ha?

    Come and visit my new blog
    X Brigita

  • I absolutely loved this vid !! You are so cool!!!

  • i saw it this morning. and loved it

  • You look beautiful in the video, and I love those platforms!!!

  • This was great! I don;t know why I expected you do have a deeper voice….
    Man Repelling doesn't mean you can't be a girl…you're just not a whore.

    I love your blog 🙂

    What A Pretty Face

  • loooove the video! 😀
    with the music in the background! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Wow I love you!

  • Anonymous

    fashion IS about fun!!

  • You are such an inspiration!! 🙂 Congrats for the great video!!

  • great short! You do well in front of the camera.

  • Such a beauty !

  • You're so cute!

  • Gah, I love you! The video rocks! Love how REAL you are… so refreshing 🙂


  • You're rad and you make me laugh–thanks!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I adore the video and I think you are so natural in front of the camers
    You should definitely be on TV

  • Anonymous

    you are a real princess!!!

  • I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu leandra!

  • omgod i totally agree with you, on how you houldn't change your style for a man!
    I think you're so awesome, love our style, and YES, WEAR ART!!! 😀
    I also think you're so cute, love your eyes. 🙂

  • Loved it!
    You can really hear your passion for what you wear, and thats how it should be!

  • how awesome!


    Le Kiss Kiss- Click Here!

  • stand up for what you love, and what you love to wear–be it mongolian fur vests or jumper/jumpsuit/romper!


  • amazeballs!!! love this video.. you look fabulous.

  • Anonymous

    You look so pretty! a lot of people don't know what millennial means out of context 😉

  • Charming. Funny. Cute. Love your message: "Be yourself!"

  • ahhhhh! you are awesome, in case you didn't already know that!

    cheers 🙂

  • Anonymous

    saw you on the news today!! i can't believe that newscaster said she didn't like the outfit!!

  • Ahh this video is amazingly awesome! You are hilarious!

  • I normally hate watching videos on blogs, but well… only for you, my pet.

    And well worth it too. Good points about just dressing for yourself. Love your eye makeup too.

  • "The INCEPTION" of your blog. So epic.

  • Adorable to the max!


  • love your posts always!

  • V

    you're nuts. but i love it.

  • this vid is great, loving the whole idea behind your blog, great job

  • THIS IS GREAT. seriously you made a great job and not just because the video is really nice but the things you said are INTELLIGENT.
    I guess ill come back soon 😉


  • You, and your blog, are great!

  • Fantastic video!!!
    I just found out that I'm a repeller-propeller kinda a gal (yes, repeller previous to propeller), but guess what, I got my guy anyway! and yes, sometimes he "hates" what I'm wearing, and calls certain items "ugly". But sometimes I want to feel propeller, and sometimes… not… and he's ok with that (he has to be) ;-)))

  • ♡ Very beautiful!!!!
    kisses from your follower ♡
    With love Little Sable

  • All the things you say in the video are so right. You look stunning!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, you have a voice…and face for radio 😀
    I kid, you're stunning and sound sweet, in fact, in order to fully man repel, you may need to do something about that.

  • You're freakin amazing!

  • V

    p.s. is that OPI "no room for the blues" on yo fingahz?

  • i absolutely LOVE the jacket

  • classic! you are a hoot

  • You. Are. Adorable.

  • Heey pretty!
    I'm from Brazil and i really loved your blog, too beautiful, congratulations!
    I invite you to visit TQCA and follow our coverage of Fashion Rio 2012! If you like, you can follow us on twitter @ blogTQCA to always be inside of new posts ok?
    Giih / blogTQCA

  • caroline

    you sound completely different than i imagined! good for you cuz in my head you sounded a bit mentally unstable (in the most hilarious sort of way) with a tinge of mannishness, just so you know.
    keep on repelling!

  • Janelle

    You look great in the video!!!

  • you ares so much fun to watch, love your blog!
    My Fashion Bug

  • Gosh Leandra, you look really great with makeup.

  • you are so funny! love the video.

  • I love you girl!!, this is my first time at a blog, obviusly i visit you since last year, so… wich me luke..
    kisses from argentina!

  • love the video you're so adorable!

  • Anonymous

    i'm obsessed w this vid!

  • I had no idea you've been blogging for just a year! Kudos to you, girl … that's ba-na-na-as!

  • you are adorable! so well spoken. TGIF! enjoy.

  • I seriously love you more now…

  • That video made my day!

  • Delurking to say that you are totally cute.

  • I think your video is adorable & I love the brightly colored banner.

  • You fuckin crack me up!! 😀

    Keep doing what you do!

  • M

    Wow your voice is nothing like I imagined it in my head but in a good way!


  • Anonymous

    i've been following your blog for a while, and have never seen youuu. i mean when you talk and stuffs. but ur so SWEET, despite all of the cray-cray pix! weird what men are, right?? but i'll just keep repelling them in the next 86 years i have (if i'll live 100 years;-P). cheers to high fashion. LOVE YOU!

  • Anonymous

    you are so sweet and adorable, I adore you and your voice
    Congrats on you enormous achievements
    Keep on going girl!!!

  • oh my! i just watched the man repeller move and talk! haha! you are so charming and sweet and your style is impeccable! keep it up!Anyway, I just posted something..please check it out if you have time..kisses!!!


  • VSP

    so cute, just keep it up!!

  • You are SO cute. Love seeing you in videos, in action!


  • This is awesome! You're the best! x

  • Anonymous

    you're the darn dangliest cutest thing ever – have you ever thought about repelling men in different countries? i think you should do a world study and travel all the continents x

  • Anonymous

    i think you are crude and obnoxious! Your language is repulsive. Why does anyone read you?

  • …Or you could keep searching for the unrepellable man (instead of semi-repelling)!
    Love that "jumpsuit" that you are sporting in the vid.
    I think you are hilarious, disregard anonymous above.
    great post,
    your avid reader,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^follow that link people…or else.

  • Anonymous

    fantastic, fun, fabulous…thats what you are!!!

  • Lola

    You should really consider wearing makeup as a routine. You look gorgeus in this video. Nice video, btw!

  • Nicely put! Great video. You crack me up, always.

  • MGF

    you are the coolest girl on earth. and probably the freest.

  • Still can't get over how good your hair is. I know I'm meant to be looking at the clothes, which are AMAZEBALLS too, but I really want your hair.

  • I realy LOVE your style and so dose my boyfriend…so i guess you just don't have to put up with the poor basterds who do not apreciate you. the right one always comes 😛

    Keep up the good work! :*

  • I completely agree with your piont of view in fashion – not dressing conventionally, but dressing for yourself. That's what I do 🙂 Maybe I should start keeping an eye on your blog.

    Love, Marie My from

  • you ARE SOOO good! and sooo funny!

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