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Have Leather Shorts, On Us!

In partnership with Mackage.

You can just call me Santa Claus going forward.

Following the mannequin styling session I posted from Mackage last week, the lovely Canadians behind the brand would like to offer you, the flamingos, an opportunity to win my favorite piece from the Spring/Summer collection.

Choosing my favorite piece was part fun, part annoying. Their leather jackets are so well made and the motorcycle silhouette comes in bright red a la Balenciaga but despite my insisting yesterday that leather jackets are summer-friendly, leather shorts, another one o’Mackage’s strong points, are far more summer friendly. Especially when pleated and shown in a blush vagina pink. Fupa.

blouse: Zara, shorts: Mackage, booties: Rag & Bone
See, I wasn’t kidding! Fupa! Perfect for summer repelling. Really. And on excruciatingly hot days, we can even manipulate Kings of Leon lyrics and sing “Fupa on Fire.”
Oh, there’s me again. Hi.

Now, in order to win, the steps are simple, all you have to do is:
1. Follow Mackage on Twitter
2. Walk like an Egyptian.
3. Talk like an Egyptian
4. In the comments below, leave your twitter handle with a brief description of how thoroughly you will unleash your fupa while wearing the shorts in question. Kidding! Just tell me why you like them!

On Thursday at 12PM EST, Mackage will tweet at the winner and you, one of you, will collect your brand new leather shorts. Hooray!


And now, before I sign off, I offer this: while you anxiously wait to see if you’ve won…

…Don’t forget to Put A Bird On It! (Bracelet by Anarchy Street.)
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  • @WhittlesG now following Mackage aye aye captain!

    I dig the Fupa shorts because it's like camoflage for my rear – the perfect shade to blend into my rosy pale complexion!

  • I think the virtue of posting first should be proof of how much I enjoy these shorts. The more pleats there are, the bigger my hips look, the more I'm repelling the male sex. Win win win.


  • Crap. Someone beat me. I hope that doesn't negate my passion for said shorts.

  • So, why do I like this leather shorts from Mackage? The key word is leather… I LOVE leather no matter the season. I loved leather growing on an island! I was a very confused little bird. LOL Also, thanks to their neutral color you can definitely wear them all year round. 🙂 This makes them a 365 days a year (366 on a leap year) repeller. I want them!

  • I absolutely love that bracelet! How do you manage to decorate your arm like christmas tree and still make it chic as hell (if hell was chic)!

    Annnnd… joined. Twitter: katriciab

    Why would I like this shorts?
    Ummm… cause vagina fupa is the new black!

    Ps, I am having a very secret inner mind party for being first post 🙂

  • i love the short no i love the outfit and the jewels .good style.

  • Annnnd… in the span on writing this, I no longer am. Sad tea party.

    Peace, Katricia.

  • leather=awesome. especially leather shorts which makes them bearable for the summer. perfect for miami!!
    kick ass bracelets

    '2 girls with a twist on miami style'

  • i'm echo_dol; I like these shorts because I'll never be able to afford to clean them@

  • @iluvsavoirflair and happily following Mackage!

    Thanks so much to you and Mackage for the giveaway. Let me tell you, I LOVE leather myself and dig a fupa-enhancing pair of shorts. Not to mention, the shade a la pink parts is a great alternative to the usual black.

    PS- I happen to be wearing a leather jacket today all the way down in North Carolina right now. Not with my Rag & Bone dress but with some hot camp counselor-style Banana Republic shorts…

  • Anonymous

    I want to confuse men when I wear these shirts in FUPA pink and in leather, even though it's so humid here, i wouldn't care, because i want it stick up my butt like a piece of gum.

    Chloe H

  • I'm on the cusp between Propeller and Repeller… this would definitely tip me over to the latter. Also I go to Lang and I think you're the bees knees!


  • I love them! Leather on the ass is always a good idea.


    les années folles

  • Pia


    FUPA. i'm dying. the pure fact you've named these shorts fupa is amazing. i want these shorts because of the leather pleats. does that make me really cool? or really dated? hmm.

  • Anonymous

    I have shorts identical to these from Topshop in tan. I bought them just before Christmas as they were the closest thing I could find to lederhosen.

    I love these but since I already own similar, I will let someone else win!

  • i like them because they are pink and leather and because they're Mackage and i cant believe your wearing them!! i think its weird for us canadians when canadian stuff actually makes it out of here. but fabulous

    following on twitter!!

  • Even though these are in a skin color that possibly, from far away, could look like one isn't wearing any pants I will still be able to repell in them!


  • manateeluvr1 is my tweeter name. Those shorts are super duper cute first of all due to the color and style, but then you add in leather and its just pretty much the greatest shorts ever. And love the bird ring/bracelet thing!

  • No joke, I have a pair of brown leather high-waisted short shorts hanging on my wall over my couch in my apartment.
    I'd use this scrumptious pair of light leather high waisted shorts as decor for my hips.


  • Lindas fotos !

  • These shorts are insane and I know exactly how to repel in them 😀

  • I need some Mackage for my package please!

  • @hollygoeslight is following Mackage!

    I would repel in these shorts, mainly because they match my skin tone exactly. Naked fupa….

  • I dig these shorts because they are possibly the coolest, most impractical piece of clothing ever. They are like the physical manifestation of an oxymoron – sure to repel homo sapiens of the penile variety all around the world.

    Plus, I'm a Canadian who is a bit obesessed with Mackage and has yet to own a pair of leather shorts.

    Twitter: @RoyaDee

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  • @juliaalxdr

    would wear with my pink equipment blouse completing the full-body fupa camouflage…

  • @cillaberlyn

    1.Loved the fact you named then Fupa shorts!
    2. They are the perfect shade of pink
    3.Leather is sexy 🙂

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  • first i would go outside and get some colour on my legs so they do not blend into my skin colour. then i would buy a sheer button up shirt. and i would accessorize like crazy. bracelets, large rings, and of course huge ass sunglasses.

    finally a canadian designer. i hope i win.


  • i want leather shorts sooooo bad. and btw : pale pink leather shorts + extremely pale legs -> totally men repelling 🙂


  • Twitter: @wannarock

    I like them because I'll hopefully be able to be beautiful w/ leather in my HOT country (Brazil). And I'll say: "Well, I got this via The Men Repeller, do u know this beyond cool blog?" *free propaganda*

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  • Freaking awesome shorts! Will wear a red shirt, cobalt blue heels and carry a pistachio green bag. Because I can. Color overload fupa!!

    My twitter ID is @diptea and I am following @mackage!!

  • @emmabell1 i live in the homeland of mackage, montreal. if i don't win, there's a very good chance i will bump into elisa or eran at garde manger or philemon and challenge them to a 3 am patron shoot off to earn this leather ass-cheek trophy. i'm also not afraid to entertain my way owning them. and boy do i have an aray of air instrumentals. vagine pink is the only color i will wear until labor day. i want to look naked all summer.
    im also in new york for 6 weeks. if i dont win, can we atleast hang out?..please?!/emmabell1

  • Oooh leather fupa shorts, how do I love thee, let me count the ways… To begin, I think my fupa has been feeling neglected lately, and she could really use some cheering up. These shorts would definitely do the trick. Also, they would very much freak my boyfriend out (which to me is definitely a bonus), and last but not least, I recently purchased a pair of Jeffrey Campbell slouchy suede peep toe booties that have been so lonely without something as fabulous as these shorts to pair with them. So you would be making my fupa happy, my shoes happy, ME happy, and my boyfriend confused. The perfect combination if you ask me! 🙂 @ItsMeKatrina on Twitter

  • of course @shawnakoontz is following Mackage.

    And these shorts are a prime example of propellor to repeller. Get them thinking you're strutting half-naked then, BAM!, vagina pleats in the face.

    err, pink pleats.

  • HofiBS


    Leather during fall. Leather during winter. Leather during spring. Leather during summer. Leather always.
    The color is perfect for enjoying summer and the shape is so man repeller!

  • Anonymous

    I'm @laurenmrees, I'm following Mackage and i would show off my shapely fupa in these bangin shorts with awkward shoes and big sunglasses for maximum repellation. Maybe with a silly hat, too.

  • @procrast1nato2
    I can't wait for them to make that ass-on-leather farting sound when I sit down…especially since they look so lady like – no one would ever think it was me.

  • @dollsfactory

    I can use them to get slimmer. Actually I have a black pair of leather shorts and they work so good as a portable sauna. Perfect Man repeller pants. (kidding. I love the color actually and they go so well with my Valentino shoes )

  • @gibbsmaria

    Just lost all my baby weight and so I'm back at my usual size 2 (yay!) but still repellling men with my new addition to my belly… the old stretch marks…. aaawwww…!
    Would love to take these leather shorts home… to repell men as I usually do! Plus the leather is gonna make my Panamanian ass sweat like a kid in a playground in the middle of the summer!

    Kiss, big kiss, little hug, big hug,

  • Oy a fupa you do not have my dear I think you'd have to be a hundred pounds heavier to have a fupa. Love the outfit however.

    Fashionable Collections

  • V

    Here is a list of why I am slippery for those shorts.
    1. There's nothing better for swass and…swagina(?) than leather.
    2. The colour makes it seem like "hey, her butt and front butt CAN'T be all sweaty and stinkers because they're made of smooth supple leather!"
    3. Rich babies wear leather diapers.



  • b

    first of all, I am totally accessorized like an egyptian today- gold collar necklace, kohl eyeliner. all I need is a jet black bob.

    All I can do is beeeggg….I've been wanting perfect leather shorts for literally three years- and you've find them, discovered my treasure trove I tell you. Gift them to me and I will even wear them to work (because nothing says office inappropriate like leather shorts), I'll wear them every day for a whole weekened- every weekend for a month. i'll wear them with brogues, with booties, with shooties, with vagina pursues (preferably in a matching pink). I.just.really.need.those.shorts.



  • Anonymous


    i would use these to show of my fupa accented with loads of arm candy and animal print.

  • Where I live there's one topshop, and there is literally no other on-trend shop in the entire area. What this means is that everybody looks exactly the same and even though I've taken my moolah online instead to find more fun stuff, I still am a bit glum about the sea of uniformity I live in. But these shorts, THESE SHORTS can set me free. Also for my eighteenth a few weeks ago I got two toasters 'for university'- pity me for the clothes I could have bought instead. These shorts could be the gift I never got.

    tweet me @notabird (get it.. 'tweet' like birds tweet but I'm 'Not-A-Bird'… oh nevermind)

  • @AlexaJaccarino

    these leather shorts are purrrfect to, hmmm, warm you up if you're lucky enough not to man-repel?

    ((they're also a perfect basic piece for wearing to work now and through the fall with tights))


  • @wearitwith

    I love those shorts because the shade will blend in with my skin tone so perfectly, I will look like I am walking around naked on the bottom. A tan!? psh…I want the shorts and my legs to blend together and be ONE…pure repelling.

  • Marie Selim Lindberg

    I basically want these shorts because I'm moving to a really small town next year, and I want to scare off any potential mates/friends. And the vagina pink color is awesome and so is the fact that you look naked in it. Honestly, what could be better

    Twitter: @marieselim

  • I like these because how sweeet would they look with some leopard print details?
    Me thinks they'd look very sweet.

    x Camilla

  • I need these shorts because they will simultaneously accentuate my vagina in an unflattering way (via fupa) and conceal my vagina from leering male eyes (via similar skin tone to the shorts). If they can't notice my vagina, or simply see it in a repulsive manner, they will not know it is there to lust over. Problem solved.


  • @gracelee95

    I've always wanted leather shorts! You can wear leather year-round and like you, I'd love to pull those shorts off with a white flowy top, giving a summer-y feel to the outfit.



  • I'd like to thank you for forcing me to purchase the Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz … ever since I saw you in them i HAD TO HAVE THEM and they finally went on sale on shopbop. Grrrrrr.


  • Meg

    me looky and me likey. i like because i only own two pairs of shorts and none of them are remotely leather like and a mix of canvas espadrilles and leather shorts makes me all sorts of excited.

    please please please pick moi!


  • Anonymous


    i <3 vag colored leather

  • @aliceanna

    the only thing more man repelling than leather shorts are vag-pink leather shorts!

  • LOVE clear looks!
    Your blog is famous here in Brazil!
    It´s in my favourites.

  • @lore_na

    it's leather! in my vaginal area. and not in a s&m; way!!

  • Tamar

    Yeah.. I'm gonna need to win these.
    Why? You might be asking yourself..
    Well, while I live in a state filled with sunshine and beach-goers, Ive been far too busy to follow the tan flamingo flocks, leaving my legs a perfectly tender blush color – making them blend perfectly with the MACKAGE shorts! You see – people will think I'm wearing no pants at all!

    Tweet me!
    And whats even better, they will go perfectly with my brand new blush colored sheer top. So people might think I'm strutting my stuff au naturel. HA gotchya! (I might say)

    All in all, I think giving me a hand in conducting what could be an extremely interesting (read: fashionable) social experiment is reason enough. Don't you?

  • @DanielleTravers Because I moved from Brooklyn to Idaho— which brings a whole new level of fun to (hu)man repelling. In a sea of Patagonia and Carhartt, my floor skimming skirts and lucite wedges leave people wondering if I'm a Mennonite gone astray (there's a relatively large Mennonite population in Idaho, but they don't usually wear Fendi). I wore an adorable pointy-shouldered romper out one night and accidentally won "Best Costume" in a costume contest I didn't enter (seriously). Getting dressed every day is a game: how will I confuse people (and repel men) today? These shorts are just begging to get into my repertoire.

    Also: Idaho doesn't offer a whole lot of access to man-repelling fashion, so declaring me the winner would sort of be like offering me the "FIrst Annual FUPA Shorts Scholarship for Underprivileged Man Repellers" (FAFUPAFASSUMR).

  • Jen


    I like them because they can fool a man into thinking you are not wearing any pants and then they will discover, to their horror, that they are the hardest material to get into, leather. Lovely for fashion, kryptonite for man bits.

  • LOVE the shorts. You could pretty much wear these/repel anywhere..and I want to be clad in long as I can remove later! 🙂

  • SayRah Thorn

    @sthornton follows the shit out of @mackage while repelling in the comfort of my bed.

    dreaming about looking hotter than a hefty, sweaty biker during leather week in San Fran wearing ass-less chaps. these are the shorts that will run and repel the hell out of everyone. move out of the way propellers, the equivalent to ass-less chaps (in style) are coming through.

  • Amanda @gingylovebot

    1. I already followed Mackage after your last post!
    2. I am Canadian like them.
    3. I have wanted leather shorts for the longest of times.
    4. I TOO like to put birds on things. Like my toast.
    5. The colour of these shorts will clash perfectly with my red hair and ghost skin.
    6. These would look so rad with your Valentino's (but please still give them away).

  • Anonymous


    this is the story of me and fupa
    "is that your bum?" said my ma
    brown, black, beige and tan
    Imma turn it all around into a Peter Pan
    Mackage makes the best vag-pink shorts
    I will wow all the girls on the courts
    lost in a world full of man-getter
    let me do my thing n' man repeller


  • Vicki B


    I like them because they are cute, yet edgy. I can wear them to work, to go out and almost anywhere! And I love the color! I have also been a loyal Mackage follower since they first came on the scene (I live in Montreal and they started selling here first since they're from here)and I love everything they make. I would buy their entire website if I could! I am a hardcore Mackage fan! 🙂

  • These are glorious leather shorts. Vagina colored and pleated…perfection! Those pleats are exactly what I need to hide my lady boner as I wear them…they're what I call, Boner Bloomers…and I absolutely NEED them for summer!


  • McKenzie

    My shorts collection well… it just… basically… needs a pair of man repelling, vagina-esque shorts added to it so I may accentuate my ever growing fupa (due to my daily fast food intake at college. Wow, that one was tough to admit).

    Don't think owning these shorts will make me stop eating Chick-fil-a, they will just come with me as I rock them at the counter. Picture it: me in man repelling, vagina-esque shorts, stuffing my face with some fast food. How much more man repelling could you get? I dig it. A LOT.

    So Mackage (and Leandra), help me out. You know you want to.


  • @VanesaVerdejo is now following Mackage… and @MenRepeller too, just so you know. 😉

    I want those shorts so badly! I'm the master of men repelling here in my hometown. I gotta keep up that men-repelling-image somehow, and pink coloured leather pants would do the job just fine. Besides, I've actually been craving leather pants in other colours than black for some time now.
    I even made the effort to google Fupa. It's now officially my favourite word in the english language. brilliant, this made my day!

    for those who are as ignorant, but interested as me, this is what urbandictonary says about FUPA:

    Acronym for "Fat Upper Pubic Area"; common misinterpretations include "Fat Upper Pussy Area," "Fat Upper Penile Area" and "Farting Under Pelicans Asses." Also, often confused with FUBU, an overpriced brand of clothes that suburban caucasian adolescent males wear to impress suburban caucasian females who associate the clothing with large genetalia.

    Love from Switzerland,

  • I love to have a FUPA. Plus it's a gorgeous colour!


  • So I'm following Mackage on Twitter. I'm obviously already following you. I don't own any shorts. I know, that's sad isn't it? I really want a pair of leather shorts and this is actually the perfect color. I think it'll make my ass look smaller. I hope anyway.

  • @ruthmarie86

    The blush color is so on trend right now…it's pretty much a neutral that goes with everything. And leather shorts…how awesome is that?

  • s

    beautiful short looooooove 😉

    STREET STYLE: The Blonde Salad @ Paris

  • Anonymous

    like many of your fellow man repellers, i too am a nice shade of pale, and i too would rock these shorts to the tune of "LOOK AT ME I'M NAKED JUST KIDDING BUT YOU DID A DOUBLE TAKE SO I WIN".

    they're hot, but not as hot as i'd be all summer if i got the chance to wear them daily.


  • @frizzo3133

    These shorts would be such an asset to my summer collection. Their beautiful "blush" pink color is the perfect neutral to go with many an outfit to be frolicked in throughout the summer. Their pleats provide a sophisticated and fashion-forward detail that it takes a true repeller to appreciate. In all their man-repelling glory, these shorts are a highlight to any repellow's wardrobe, and I would be honored for them to be part of mine.

  • I would repel the hell out of everyone with those shorts. Seriously. Hi, my name is Megan and I am a shorts-aholic. In Charleston, in the summer, leather is a no no, so I would like to repel the rules as well as repel the people. I mean, if I could enter multiple times I would. It would be nice to seem half naked walking around, but in reality be sweating my ass off. Come on, don't you just want to give them to me? I enter every giveaway on your blog … the odds are that I have to win won sometime … I sure as shit hope its this time!


  • Anonymous


    These shorts make me sweaty and bring tears to my eyes. These shorts are hot summer sex. If they are mine, I will not take them off until it snows. When it snows, I will take them off to put tights on and put them back on.


  • @jugglinginheels

    I am slightly obsessed with leather shorts this season. This color is fabulous!

  • Sarah Needs Shorts

    because they'll make me a standout b-school student when I start this fall.


  • @carlie_barley
    I love these shorts because, between the leather and nude color, it's the closest you can get to sporting the ultimate man(and everyone)-repeller look: wearing someone else's skin, ala Silence of the Lambs.
    PS- I swear I'm not a murderous psychopath; I just really want these shorts!

  • i love this outfit sooo much, it so effortless but it still looks amazing!!

    Meena xx

  • B

    Well for starters – I once posted the most insane FUPA image on my blog… people were confused when the link directed everyone to the most vial image ever!

    Secondly – I am Canadian! So what do I like aboot the shorts eh? I have been struggling, eh, to find some fab, eh, leather shorts – these babies are hard to find there eh? So I would wear these killer shorts oot and aboot like you have no idea eh!



  • @devynolin

    I would probably pass out of excitement if I won these shorts because:
    a) it is a Canadian label – represent, eh!?
    b) they are leather… doesn't get much better (but wait, it does…)
    c) they are NUDE leather, WTF. Heaven in a pair of shorts.

    Good luck to me! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Anonymous


    they're leather shorts…the color of my ass…what's not to love? imagine…the disappointment amongst the men when they think i am walking around sans pants but in actuality i am wearing LEATHER SHORTS..the color of my ass! yes.

  • Anonymous


    These are high waisted, bum/vagina obscuring, man repelling deliciousness. They will of course go well with my alder tree white legs, reinforcing their repelling nature.

  • Love the shorts and walking like an Egyptian….completely repelling! What do you think of my new leopard coat from ASOS?
    Recipes Fashion Marriage

  • @heavilyblunted

    The color on these shorts is fantastic! This spring I'm absolutely obsessed with blush tones, and I am ALWAYS into leather 😉 I can already imagine all the hot summer days, getting out of my car with these leather wonders wedged so far up my ass it just looks like a skin flap. Kidding.

    Okay, I'm half kidding. Love these shorts. REPELLERS UNITE!!!

  • @WhitneyClaire86

    I reactivated my Twitter specifically for these shorts! I love the color and the fact that they are LEATHER!

  • Amazing outfit!

    Love the jewelry!


  • @jessicagilb

    Fupas in the mornin', fupas in the evenin', fupas in the summa-tiiime… perfect way to repel in the heat. love love love 'em.

  • @alexmahlerhaug

    This rather aptly captures the soundtrack that would be running through my leather-shorts-clad mind (thank you, Rodgers and Hammerstein):

    High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
    Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

    Folks in a town that was quite remote heard
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
    Lusty and clear from the goatherd's throat heard
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

    Solely my instinctive fashion-reaction? Most likely so…but I particularly think that the "lay ee odl lay"s pair perfectly and fupa-ingly with the divine nude leather.


    I am always into leather and i love the color, it can work with everything!

  • You look amazing in this shorts !
    greetings 🙂

  • I'm @lorsquilpleut, and now following Mackage.

    These pants are kind of perfect. I'd be honored to wield a FUPA of that quality. Because that's what the world is missing. More quality FUPA. More proud carriers of the FUPA torch. More people deeply dedicated to the message of FUPA. Seriously, what a lovely phenomenon — a beautiful celebration of the human spirit, really. Actually, I'm a little vague on what it actually is, to be perfectly honest; but I'm sure it's just super.

    Also: hey look I used html codes! Fancy!

  • I'm crazy about these shorts not only because the heavy pleats and insta-FUPA will repel straight men on the street but also because seeing ambiguously. nude. leather. shorts. in. the summer. will repel my office's gay HR director who finds any opportunity to critique my wardrobe because it's not sponsored by Business Casual R' Us! Equal-opportunity man-repelling shorts? A work of genius by Mackage!


  • emily watson

    by "arm candy" i of course meant a "party on my arm" 🙂


  • gina


    leather shorts! in NOT black!! love the color! and i love leather

  • I'm new at repelling (I've been a natural all my life, but now I'm trying to have a purpose with it) & I believe a leather fupa would be a lovely start to full on repelling!


  • Dear holy Manrepeller
    I follow thee with pride
    once myself a propeller
    now boobies want to hide

    My arms are wrapped like candy
    my crop top clashing prints
    my grandma's curtains handy
    my fupa running free

    I am the one flamingo
    whose closet got no shorts
    please take me from this limbo
    I know I might get snorts

    But who cares? I'll have leather
    far cooler than their shit
    vagina pink to tether
    my lady garden shut!!!

    twitter: caticagomita

  • I need these shorts mainly because they will blend in with my skin. I will look like I'm not wearing pants…which could be propelling, but then as men realize that they are actually leather pants and the fact that I look like I don't have any lady bits (a.k.a. like a mannequin) in these shorts is probably disturbing to them = repelling. I enjoy their reactions.

    (Once I had a nude bandeau on under an AA lace top…minds blew when they realized that I was wearing a nude bandeau, because it looked like I had no nipples. It was puzzling to the general public.)


  • Phyllisa

    I have no clue what fupa is, have never listened to Kings of Leon, but I teach archaeology and actually have a PowerPoint slide that plays "Walk Like An Egyptian." Points for being a cool professor? Plus, fupa rhymes with stupa (another archaeological term) and wearing these could very well induce my students to wish they were inured in one…pupa like legs after all.

  • following now! I would love to have these leather shorts because they are feminine (because of the color), but edgy (because they are leather). They are a light enough pink to basically go with any color, making them a staple in my wardrobe (hopefully 😉 )


  • @chelsearozansky

    First of all, I'm Canadian, as is Mackage, so automatically win. Secondly, those are some of the prettiest shorts I have ever seen! I am indeed passionate about leather and about shorts and especially leather used unconventionally. Conclusively, these are the perfect shorts and I would simply die if I won them.


  • Anonymous


    clearly, with these luscious shorts i would be found standing in the middle of the road with my arms waving frantically in leather coma, then I would magically be offered a ride by a leather lover motorcycle rider… a female biker obviously, the men would be too busy being repelled by the hide candy cuddling my legs…. i mean by the crazy arms… i mean the shorts.. i mean the arms.. i mean…. i live

  • these shorts would go with absolutely everything. i love the color also bc i'm trying to break away from the all-black wardrobe taking over my closet. plus i've been itchin' for a pair of leather shorts for oh, so long.


  • Anonymous

    Absolutely Love these leather shorts – am such a fan of the winter shorts that will transition from my summer wardrobe right into fall! Am now following Mackage on twitter – @carolmarienyc

  • @marcellabotto

    im just gonna put a bird on the shorts and wear them. no need for any other clothing just me and the bird flying free. and my supa fupa.

  • Jill


    These shorts would be a perfect companion to the summer heat (and me) because they will camoflage any hint of swamp ass.

  • @andalinasaid

    i really like shorts. like, i really like shorts. i used to live in atlanta where i could wear shorts from february until october. but i just moved to new york city where the short wearing season is somewhat (significantly) shorter. leather shorts though will extend my wearable short season well into fall (maybe with some repelling textured tights). also i love clothes that blend into my skin. and i love fupas. pick me pick me!

  • @NickyOdujirin

    I like the Fupa shorts for three reasons:
    1. They're camel, I love camel.
    2. They're leather and I've been looking for the perfect leather shorts for ever.
    3. They are versatile. I am already envisioning several outfits which incorporate these shorts.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! It would be nice to win, since I never win anything.

  • I believe that these shorts will help me, in all my paleness, blend into the rocks and sand of California's central coast. And who doesn't want to disappear into some rocks? They don't care about fupas.


  • Rachel

    @rachelif is my twitter!!
    SO basically I wrote in arabic cuz thats what they speak in Egypt RIGHT???
    لذلك أنا حقا مثل هذه السراويل لأن لون مثالية لفصل الصيف! وأيضا لا أستطيع حملها الى حد كبير في أي حالة تحلق طائرة ورقية…، أثارت دهشة الجميع في 11 / 7، وبالطبع في مصر… أو ربما بلدي المصرية تحت عنوان غرفة نوم.
    SInce i wanna save your ass the trouble of google translate…heres the english
    So i really like these shorts because the color is perfect for summer! and also i can wear them pretty much in any situation…flying a kite, wowing everyone in 7/11, and of course in EGYPT…or maybe my Egyptian themed bedroom.

  • Leather shorts! The color is amazing. I can't say I own too many leather goods (besides the usual boots and purses and an ollllld MJ-style jacket), so this would be a lovely addition! AND I have a pair of cute sandals that'd look amazinnng with them! Following on twitter too (@pancakeSTACKER)


  • Love the color, love the cut, love how you're modeling the *ish outta em…makes me believe I too can look just as effortlessly cool 😀

    Thx for the giveaway!

    Peace. Love. LOL!
    Twitter: HauteKhuuture

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • leather shorts are so impractical for summer. thats why i love them

    followed on twitter @bethanystruble


  • Emily

    The shorts are fucking amazing. thats really the end of it. butttt i'd like to style mine with a stellar printed silk blouse from tibi, my collection of obnoxious bangles i collect as a travel from continent to continent,my gold spike necklace layered with my super kewl sanskrit me & ro necklaces, my turquoise ring, cute wedges, and my super fly rebecca minkoff morning after bag that i adore dearly. help me be a repeller in the hot as hell city of new orleans. in these shorts i might get swamp ass (when your ass sweats–yikes!) but it sure as hell be worth it. ya heard?

  • Emily

    alsooooooooo my twitter is @embaline because my silly self forgot to write it. bummer.

  • @lindsey_larson is now following @mackage

    Usually, I read everyone's comments before posting my own (in order to check out the competition and all).
    However, these inspirational pleated leather shorts seem like the perfect retina-befuddling item to have in my closet. I like them for the following reasons:
    A) I have a black leather vest (with laces up the sides) and a silk black-and-white striped blouse that could combine with these shorts to create an anti-sorbet of an outfit. I don't want to cleanse peoples' palates – I want to look the way I imagine stale gum from a handrail would taste.
    B) They have inspired me to come up with a new portmanteau (rather than gunt): pubic mons+ muffin top = muffin-mons. (He doesn't live on Dreary Lane.)


  • Anonymous!/DebyiyJB
    I love it!!There's something about leather…it's timeless and it effortlessly.A Whether paired with a simple tshirt or a feminine ruffled blouse, leather shorts will add a tough yet chic edge to your spring/summer outfit.
    Fashion is—what fashion was,
    It’s just that it’s “in fashion”.
    And passion is—what passion was,
    And that too is “in fashion”.

    Designers choose the state of art,
    Which only makes me wary.
    ‘Cause if Calvin Klein is in a bad mood,
    What you look like might be scary.

    I’ve dealt with schmattas for many years,
    And I’ve seen both good and bad.
    But seeing a septuagenarian in a mini-skirt,
    That really makes me sad.

    I say fashion is what you choose,
    To wear, to move with ease.
    Lots of black, with a splash of color,
    And an extra layer, please.

    Love Your blog<3

  • Amazing shorts! They're perfect because they're nude (or neutral, really) and kind of bad-ass in their texture.

    Tweet me: @LiveLoveLA


  • @coco_chenel likes these because she's been wanting something from mackage for a long time. i like how the fupa color makes it suitable for spring/summer…pretty diff from brown/black leather shorts. it's like you're going bare in the garden of eden.

  • these shorts are f'ing amazing because:

    leather (i work for zana bayne, so being obsessed with leather is kind of a requirement)
    FUPA enhancement
    vulvular color

    look, babe. i'm gonna give it to you straight. i've wanted a pair of leather shorts for a year now, and i just can't justify the expense (i'm a broke-ass ho), so please take pity on me and choose me to win a pair of these beauties!

  • I have a F. U. P. A.
    That does not mean I don't get laid.
    Leather shorts is where it is at.
    Vagina pink, i'll look like one cool cat.
    Style so flirty yet so repello.
    Guys won't try to look up my legs and see my jello.

    I love these shorts because they are perfect for me. The color is soft and delicate but on a tough material that is edgy. They would make me feel like a CONFIDENT WO(MANREPELLER).

    I love I want.

    Zareen Helaly

  • Following {like an Egyptian, if Egyptians used twitter?!}

    I LOVE these, have been searching for a pair & would have a canary {heart attack} if I got these beauties!

  • I love the colors and images.

  • following mackage – twitter/meganyounce

    mackage? more like package. that's what these shorts would give me. i would do the opposite of macking in these, all the more reason eh? EH?

    (on top of that, when i clicked to post my comment, the captcha word was "husla" – blogger is clearly taunting me with descriptions the opposite of these repelling shorts)

  • @wooheeeeeee

    i think these egyptian sandy shorts belong to my canadian ass….perhaps i could
    get caleb followill to scream 'she's such a charmer!!!!!' when i put on these shorts?? then again, he might add 'oh no' right after i rock him my man-repelling spirits 😉 the subtle shine on the fabric is the key to these shorts.

  • Anonymous

    I just peed a little bit… I have been raving about getting leather shorts all summer!

    This blog feature i was in is solid proof:
    (answer to dream wish-listed item)

    I think a part of me will die if i dont win this giveaway! I love the dressier look of leather shorts, especially in this vagina blush pink tone. It would look great with my silky blouses and some crochet tops!

    They're just different than your average summer short..and different in a mans eyes always repels, which is an added plus. I JUST WANT THEM SO BAD; it makes me feel like an objective sexual

    heres where you can hit me up, @Mackage
    pretty please 🙂

  • @mshangg
    the color and cut is perfect for pairing with a breezy top to make the hot summers here more bearable (:

  • @ShoppingCHChic

    FUPA + camel toe + skin tone = perfection
    Brings me back to my college days- My girls threw me a suprise bday party for my 20th- and we played "Pin the Tail on the Fupa". no kidding. Those were the good ole (inappropriate) days…..

  • Beyond fantastic!

  • @kelseywilliams

    Starting with those fantastic things, it would be too fun and easy to mix different textures into an outfit.

  • @kmrobey

    a statement piece like leather shorts is something every true man repeller should own! Love the color and being able to mix & match different outfits!

  • I love them because they are chic and nude!

  • I adore these shorts because they are neutral, but not boring by any means. I've also never owned anything pleated.


  • This short has absolutely CHANNEL colors ! Karl'll like it ! you too !

  • Deanna C.

    Following Mackage on Twitter as whyonly15spaces.
    I LOVE these shorts because the pretty blush tone actually pairs well with a lot of colours in my wardrobe.Plus I've never before owned such fabulous shorts in all my life…literally since I'm not really a "shorts person" but I'm willing to gamble showing off my fat thighs in these since they are so keel-worthy! ♥ ^___^

  • @MsTwirlySkirts is now following, and walking/talking very Egyptian-esque for the remainder of the day. I would jump like an Egyptian for these shorts because the color is so sweet but the fabric is so naughty and I would have a blast trying to turn them from propeller to repeller!

  • I love the white and pink combination
    those shorts are adorable

  • Anonymous

    I have been dying for a pair of leather shorts. The, ahem, blush color just makes them that much more perfect.

    Following Mackage! @GraceBCuddy

  • Anonymous

    I admire this look– As we progress through time and trends, women consistently gravitate towards bolder colors because that is, after all, the most obvious way to draw attention to oneself. This design, however, allows a girl to embody an elegant vibe that posses a subtle beauty…I'd love a pair- i can think of 10 outfits I'd put together around this one perfect pair of shorts 🙂

    @morgan_de_toi is now following…

  • Anonymous

    I would love some leather shorts, especially shorts that would flatter the fupa!



    Love the color of the shorts! I've been searching for a pair like these for ages!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • @inwiththegold

    I love the shorts for their even-lighter-than-my-skin-tone (or maybe the same, i will look naked from afar…!) and their pleatedness of course!

  • I lurve these fancy flamingo shorts for oh so many reasons. To start, I'm a pale individual and believe these shorts would toterly blend into my fupa and ASSet complexion. Next, because these shorts are skin tone colored, all the men will think I'm nakey. Then as they come closer because they'll think I'm a propeller, they will soon see my fupa and run for the hills. Bonus points for a man who is a vegan or vegetarian and doesn't like leather on the bodice. Mission Repeller: accomplished.


  • these leather shorts are just so good, perfect nude colour

  • Anonymous


    I like these shorts because I have a naturally long torso that has guarded me from the fupa forever. I just want to fit in with my short torso'd gal pals for once, P L E A S E.

  • @AbbyKesti

    To explain to you exactly why these shorts are a necessity to me requires a quick story. A few months back I was browsing through Goodwill searching for the elusive pair of nude colored heels. Along the way I was finding nude colored clothing in abundance, but alas, no nude heels! My shopping companions were quite a bit confused, because after all, why would one want to look nude whilst wearing clothing? As if!!

    This here proves that having a pair of nude, leather shorts in my closet would be perfect. Next time I run across those friends wearing them they'll gasp and shake their heads and say "My, my, she really is a strange cookie, isn't she?" And we all know that Strange Cookie is what we all aspire to be.

    PS I walk like an Egyptian quite often. Talking like one may require some Youtubing though.

  • Gabby


    I don't think anyone from nebraska has ever worn leather shorts. I'd like to be the first. But seriously, I get oogled when I wear platforms of any size in any situation, so I can't even imagine the reaction I'd get with LEATHER ON LEATHER LAYERING in June AND a fupa to match. The plight of Midwestern repellers.

  • annathedetective

    because there'll be no more ass/thigh-sweat on leather-chairs!

  • @hctremblay

    I could trick everyone into thinking I was showing my naked fupa.

  • annathedetective


  • @badler57… And following mackage as we speak.

    Why I love the shorts? Because I cannot imagine the lovely sound they must make sticking to a seat in the back of a taxi in the august NYC heat…fun! (and a totally hidden repeller bonus). They also do give off that faux-naked vibe but much less propelling than Carrie Bradshaw's naked dress. Same idea, much less appealing.

  • Anonymous

    After going from working in a conservative finance office to now working at the office chez moi, I finally have free reign to release the inner repeller. And I can think of no better way to do that than with leather pleated shorts!


  • S.H

    @youareacinema….i followed mackage. and i like the shorts because they seem very versatile and who doesn't want flesh-colored (as the site put it) shorts?

    love this blog btw.

  • Followed Mackage with @fashionableazns
    Well, I work for a leather company which means liking anything leather is an occupational must; so what's not to love about leather shorts? Now Gimme Gimme!!

  • i love Mackage and loving this softer side of repelling.

  • Leather in the summer is something only a man repeller truly understands. I would like to help spread the word. and my fupa.

    followed Mackage with @poppinbubbly

  • Followed Mackage with @GitteHersom

    They're pleated – what's not to like then, eh?

  • April Dawn Ray

    @aprildawnray I think I really need to step up my man repelling since I seem to be a glutton for punishment and keep dating the wrong men who seem so right at the time. These shorts would save me heart ache and pain and catapult me into the world of repelling. Pretty please. And I am also from Canada so they should come to me eh?

  • twitter: @style_rebellion

    i'm a diehard leather enthusiast…jackets, skirts, t-shirts, there really isn't anything that isn't better in leather (except maybe underwear…that could get awkward). plus, it makes you look like a total badass. combined with my equally undying love of neutral colors, me and those shorts were meant to be.

    p.s. you're sort of my idol.

  • Coming from a conservative Indian background: the abuse of cows and skin revealing clothes are the two greatest evils of America.
    And now they've merged into one!

    Leather and shorts, you say? Rebel with a cause, and lookin damn fly while I'm at it, I say!


  • @jamiemmyers

    I need these shorts because:
    1. They are leather. Everything should be made of leather (or varieties thereof, say shagreen, perhaps).
    2. They are sort-of pink. I hate pink. Pink is gross. But sort-of pink works well for my freakishly pale complexion. It almost makes me look human.
    3. They have pleats. I know you are all about man-repelling, and pleats are definitely that to the nth degree (well, maybe not on short leather shorts, but meh), but my thing is working an 80s soccer mom vibe that these shorts would help me do quite well. All they need is some Emmanuelle Khanhs and a dash of Celine…
    4. And finally…I just need some more shorts, man!

    Keep it real, homie 🙂 xx

  • Kristin


    I like wearing clothing items that are the same color as my skin. I'm incredibly pale.

  • Jessica

    Theses shorts are perfect for monochroming. I see myself wearing a tan equipment shirt ,my tan leather jacket, my tan toe pinching sandals and of course my olive skin. People would believe I am naked if they saw me. The deal breaker of these shorts is that they would give my parents an instant heart attack

  • Dear Man Repeller, I´m in love with leather shorts but I just can´t find them where I live. The color is perfect for summer. The best thing is that if I win the contest I will send you a picture wearing them and I promise that it´ll be the climax of the Man repeller´s blog, "You should see my skinny white legs mixed with the pink shorts, just perfect to repell guys"!! Thanks!! @stylepicture.

  • @lisaywang

    because leather shorts are ammaazzzing and I need to unleash them on Los Angeles!

  • Sara

    These shorts are great. The pale pink color makes them girlie but the leather makes them equally badass. I can only dream of man-repelling swagger I would have while sporting a badass pink fupa… unless I won them of course!

  • The shorts are definitely a leather crave for summer. Definitely like to wear these with a James Perse tank and a Free People cardi. ME WANTS! Following on twitter @closetcravings

    Where Man Repellers Go To Browse Away Boredom

  • @soyonsfabuleux

    LOVE the shorts!! How can you not? I mean, they're leather. In addition to being bad ass leather, they have pleats. AND pockets. Doesn't get much better. I have pretty tan skin so the color would be just perfect.

  • Anonymous

    @Arynnichole now following you and mackage

    The shorts are beaut and love the "Fupa" shade. I am a fellow canadian man repeller of sorts and would like to carry on this lovely summer repelling away, preferably in these shorts.

  • Anonymous

    @Airynnichole following, bonus points for getting my name wrong? Maybe?

  • b

    just adding a second post to show that I am begging. I'm on my leather shortless knees over here.


  • Anonymous

    I love these shorts because not only are they the perfect way to wear leather in the summer (i.e. pale in colour and in shorts form), but they are from a Canadian designer! And I am Canadian… and every good Canadian girl needs to fend off the denim clad, beaver yielding lumberjacks just as much as anyone else.


  • Wow I can't believe I love this pair of shorts at first sight since blush vagina pink, oops I mean Fupa, is not usually my kind of colour!
    How thoroughly will I unleash my inner fupa? I'll find a top (or 2 or 3…) in the exact same shade and live in those outfits ALL SUMMER. Maybe a bag and shoes in the same shade too.
    Once you go Fupa you'll never turn back 😉


  • @dhodovsky following Mackage – check

    Why I love these shorts? That's simple. It's leather, slippery, and definitely going to help me never get laid. Oh wise Leandra, I'm following your lead and every day working towards the almighty FUPA. I NEED these shorts to complete the look. PLEASEEE. okay, that's enough begging. gimme.

  • @biancakelos

    Few reasons WHY i need these:
    1. I live in Canada, so why not wear something that exemplifies national pride? (the all-denim look is very 2009)
    2. The leather gupa would not only repel men, but protect me from bug bites on my hiney
    3. I just really think they're pretty
    4. I have giveaways on my blog so it would be nice to receive something every now and again!!!

  • @indigojuveniles
    yew, love the myriad of colours of the vagina
    i especially love the fupa pleating
    'my fupa brings all da boiz 2 da yard, and im like its better than yours!'

  • @pattimf

    i love them because they are like the updated mom jeans… but in leather.. and in shorts…

  • Okay, gonna lay it allll out there.
    Reasons i am deserving of this precious gift:

    1. I need clothing that puts my blinding skin in retrospect, aka this flesh-coloured chastity belt. I don't know if it would REALLY help my melanin predicament, because I've gotten the freaked-out stink-eye from men who then commented, "I thought you were naked from far away. ?" YOU WISH.
    2. I need some major summer-style paddage to disguise my.. um, catheter. Catheter. CATHETER. That's more fun and scary than the "PENIS" game. Despite only needing to wear it for a few days because of surgery, and despite how fun it is to .. nevermind. ..PEEINABAG.. I feel that my bladder's ego could do with some petting.. but with buttery leather, not plastic tubage. YUMMMM.

    you should do a post on fashionable ways to wear a catheter, AMIRIGHT? Or ways one could use self-defense with a catheter… that would be a lot of fun.


  • @taryntula24

    I lurv these fupa shorts so much I'll defy the laws of Miami physics this summer and wear 'em everywhere! And I mean OUTSIDE, no A/C.

    Oh… وأنا أتكلم العربية

    Seriously bro

  • Anh


    Way to make leather shorts romantic and summery! Love them and would wear them all. of. the. time.

  • Every girl needs some leather in their life, and my leatherless life is in desperate need of these shorts. SHORTS = HAPPINESS

  • @alainatastic

    I'm convinced that I've been on the hunt for a decent, man-repelling pair of leather shorts since last fall, when I passed up a pair of high-waisted shorts (for absolutely no discernible reason!) and I completely regret it every time I think about it. Which is a lot. This pair is considerably more man-repelling than my previous pair, and a lot more impractical for summer use, which makes them a must-have.

    The pleats, the color, the inherent leather-ness of leather shorts are a man-getter don't, and, therefore, a man-getter DO.

  • Obvi following Mackage on the twitter spitter (@StaceTheAce)

    But why would these super cool shorts be a perfect accompaniment to my summer wardrobe, you ask? Because:

    a)A monochrome flesh-toned outfit would be so crazy. I could look like Britney Spears in that "Toxic" video, minus all of those blinding crystals. Those would blind everyone on the street like those iced out watches, but I digress.
    b)They would serve as the prime base for some pattern puke on top (needless to say, pattern puke is always a staple repelling method).
    c)Layering shorts may of may not be a good idea, but these shorts make me want to find out…
    d)Above all (my shameless pun on the "all of the above" option usually given in these multiple choice situations, tehe), these shorts would make me look like I totes magotes forgot my pants at home, and along with the looks-like-it's-my-real-body fupa, well, I can't resist anything that gives me an opportunity to ask, "You callin' me fat????"

  • i LOVE these bracelets!!! and those shorts are sick!

  • canada.
    ultimate manrepellant.
    need i say more?


  • Kim


    so many reasons to love these shorts! they basically epitomize the best parts of style: leather is timeless and classic, but can be roughed up, sassed out, accessorized, snazzed up, vintage-ized, dressed up, quirked out and most importantly…man-repelling to the max.

  • Mackage = followed

    Can I just make a point here – For some time I have felt a somewhat outcast from the lovely little community culminating around this here blog, as I have apprently failed in my man repelling, and successfully acquired a man. BUT, then it came to me. Man repelling once you've GOT the man, is equally as life enhancing. Why?
    Because of a few little scenrario's that go like this:

    Me: (jokingly while dressing) hey, would you still love me if i wore this?
    Man: (jokingly) haha, yes ofcourse!
    *Next day meet up IN PUBLIC wearing yesterday's 'joke'*
    Me: hey babe!
    Man: Uh… hey… *shifty embarrassed eyes*
    Me: still love me right?

    Ahh the ultimate in man-squirming. Once they're roped in, the torture begins.

    Why would i love these shorts? To continue my devilish man repelling ofcourse. One man in particular will forever thank you for sending them my way… muahaha.

    As always, love your work.

  • @White Cabana

    Love them because they're Canadian. Big fan of Mackage!

  • Anonymous


    Well, as i myself am Canadian i would repel Canuck style with these delicious leather shorts in summer AND winter. and i'm not talking about wimpy Toronto winter, i mean hardcore Winnipeg shit. i'd snazz up those shorts with some pumpkin coloured leggings, an oversized gray grandpa knit half tucked in and a huge wool scarf piled around my neck (a la turtle shell). in the summer i would throw on a cerulean blue silk blouse (buttoned up all the way, of course!), a paste diamond necklace (for some old jewish lady bling), some espadrilles, throw my hair in a top knot and BAM baby: instant repeller.

    … or maybe with a Canadian Tuxedo?

  • @jenisue

    Will flattery get me everywhere? Will flattery get me into a pair of those shorts? If so, I love your hilariously self-depricating blog. If not, the same sentiment still applies.

    In these leather shorts, I will not unleash the FUPA, but instead… will debut… the FLUPA!!!!! The F LEATHER U P A. You can make this happen. Allow me to live the FLUPA dream, yes? K, gr8, thx bai.

  • Ana Calderone


    why do i need these shorts you ask? besides the obvious gorgeous man repelling power they hold… a fupa can often be mistaken for a future man repeller! (artificially inseminated from donor sperm of course since the whole lack of men issue) and who doesn't want a seat on the subway? everyone knows you give up your seat for a cute little preggers lady! am i making my point here?

  • Love the matching handbag and shorts! You look amazing!

  • *

    love the color!

    I started wearing l-orts last year prior to a trip I was taking to buenos aires. Since I would be vacationing during their "pre-resort" era, I figured this city is so red-meat-friendly, so what better then to incorporate the rest of the carcase and drape myself all up in it?!? (it was a mild 60 degrees). Thus, two pairs of l-orts were incorporated into my suitcase ensembles, however post trip one pair tragically got destroyed via dry cleaning, so after sitting shiva–I feel as though adding this flesh color into my wardrobe would truly grant me h'shalom.
    fingers crossed MR–fingers crossed!!

  • Awesome!!!
    I followed them on twitter with Closet_Fashion.

    I even sang the walk like an Egyptian while walking and talking like one 😉

    These shorts are sooo perfect for summer and we can also use them to repel in the winter with crazy tights and socks…DOUBLE SCORE! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Loving the hot leather shorts in the hot summer months… Can't wait to rock them (and my hot fupa!)

  • @emilotta Um, so Mackage rhymes with package and we're trying to repel those right? Even though in these shorts my fupa will most likely attract loads and loads of packages. Big ones too. Yes, size matters. And size matters also when it comes to the shorts. Purrfect length. And perfect color. Perfect material. Did I say perfect? I didn't? I kid. Perfect (just in case) shorts.

    I wantt.

  • @sarah_weir

    These shorts should be mine because we all know there's nothing quite as man-repelling as a sweaty nether-region. Long live leather in summer.

  • @zclayborne

    Being Canadian, when I’m not shoveling my way out of my snowed-in igloo to ice skate my way to class (I’m a bear-trapping major), I’m chilling in the tropical Canadian temperatures in Equipment, Mackage and J Brand galore. I man-repel under my giant Canada Goose parka year round. For the three days of summer-like temperature we get every year, I can man-repel Canadian men from coast-to-coast: from the rainy streets of Vancouver to the Francophone land of Quebec (and home of le Mackage, oui?), and out to Newfoundland to drink a pint with the Newfies. When it’s winter for the other 362 days of the year, what better way to cope with 24 hours of darkness than with layering the hell out of these shorts? I'll repel from the arctic to the 49th parallel. Ski trip? Hell yes. I’ll be the most FUPA-d out, fashionable, man-repelling girl flailing my way down the Rockies (I’ll also save a $hitload by not needing birth control).

  • Jesse L


    Why do I LOVE these shorts? Well, #1 Mackage is Canadian, as am I and I have been following their designs and successes here in Canada for years. Number two, I will make you an acrostic poem of why I love these lovely leather shorts.

    S- sexy skin colored (aka nude)
    H- heavily fierce! Rawr!
    O- overtly sexy? I think not.
    R- Romantically repelling.
    T- Tempting to eat… if you like leather
    S- short but sweet

    These would be an excellent addition to my summer/ spring/ winter and fall wardrobe. MACKAGE FOR THE WIN!

  • Combine front pleats, leather (period.), mid-high waist, drop crotch, oversize shorts and the result as concluded many times over is a fun, lovable, FUPA for all ages.

    Focus instead needs to be shifted towards how insanely large this FUPA will appear on a baaaaareeeely 5 foot tall 22 yr old with the complexion of a twilight movie star (i wish i were joking, but am not. serious is as serious does.)

    So think on that one- little girl, large incognito fupa… I feel a song coming on.

  • love them because they're SO beautiful & Canadian too! I WANT THEM SO BAAAAADDDDDDDDDD.

    following on twitter with angela_matina

  • Hi,
    i apsolutely love! your blog, its great! Your stle is awesome. I wanted to ask if you could feature or even just mention my blog on yours, it would mean alot to me. ALos is it ok if i blog about you? I think my followers would love to know about your blog

  • @nikimalek

    without these shorts i'd be forced to succumb to the painful duty of hedge trimming for the amount of plumage in my lady garden has become far too dense for non-pleated shorts to accommodate.

    i have an appointment on thursday at 12:05PM EST, just in case. ah!

  • I love Mackage and I love leather shorts! Done and done, I hope I win 🙂

  • Nothing would make me prouder of my FUPA than those lush leather shorts. The only thing more man repelling than a FUPA is a LFUPA. yes please.


  • @diannacohen.. i'll take some vagina colored shorts over a cute boy any day.

    you make me wanna SHORTS!!
    kick my heels up and SHORTS!!
    put my hands up and SHORTS!!
    throw my head back and SHORTS!!
    no action for me!
    no action for me!

    (to the tune of 'you make me wanna shout', for the crazy 50's kiddios out there)

    ps. you can never have too many exclamation marks!! all the cool kids are doin' it.

    also, after this post i may or may not every get another boyfriend again. at least i'll be lookin' fly like a G6.

  • Anonymous


    My Fupa… How do I begin to explain my Fupa?
    1. My Fupa is flawless.
    2. It's insured for $10,000.
    3. My Fupa does car commercials… in Japan.
    4. It's favorite movie is Varsity Blues.
    5. One time it met John Stamos on a plane…and he told me it was pretty.

    And lastly…my fupa wold not only fit perfectly in those shorts, but the shorts would actually make my fupa even more awesome.

    got to get back to the projection room above the auditorium!

  • twitter handle : @sparklingsteps

    those shorts are ahhhhmazing for zee summertime. pair it with some sky high black wedges and a loose tank and wa-bam. Good to go 😉

  • @catherineechang

    Nothing says "down for a good time" like blush tone leather shorts filled with sweat. They'll really accentuate my one legged flamingo stance that I use to attract (detract) males.

    I neeeeeeed these.

  • Ali

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • @em_mai – pink & shorts – two items that certainly repel my man 😉 too perfect I need I want I love I gotta to have them……following Mackage on Twitter – Love that they are a Canadian Brand…Irish gal living in Toronto x

  • Ali

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Ali


    I want these shorts for many reasons (many of which are listed above) I mean they're beautiful, who wouldn't..

    But most importantly I'd just love to look Fupa Dupa fly like Missy Elliott in her video "Rain" circa 1997 (with a obviously 2011 upgraded touch from Mackage). She rocks that leather body suit like the Man Repeller she's always been. I can't help but want to rock those Fupa loving shorts like the Man Repeller I am!

    Just in case you need a visual..

  • Shaynah from @layered_black
    Pleated leather shorts… permanent camel toe. DUH! Need I say more?

  • @bargainbex

    i did done follow on twitter, just like you asked … and why oh why do i like the leather shorts? hmm. well … they do look to have the same consistency as one of my all-time favorite summer snacks: the fruit roll-up … and nothing says fupa like food. am i right or am i right?

  • Nina


    Because everything is better if it's leather. Plus I have only one pair of shorts. They are pink, so these would be kind of natural continuation, right? Right.

  • @shannonandon Nude shoes=longer legs. Nude shorts=longer vagina? No one has ever complimented me on my lengthy lady-bits, but I really hope that gets remedied very soon. Plus, nude leather goes with everything, eye-watering neons, white ruffled loveliness, Klingon dueling swords, etc.

  • @tiffanysphoto

    Why do I like them? Because they're AN AWESOME COLOUR. AND LEATHER. I'm pretty sure I was born with a man repelling gene but just in case I wasn't, these shorts will definitely make up for that. Awwwww yeeeeeeee.

  • @arequat

    perfect cut, perfect shape, perfect colour

  • The only thing more man repelling (and, in some cases, FUPA-flattering) than leather shorts are silk shorts that evidence every time you've been sitting for more than 5 minutes. And I already have those.

  • @erinpoettcker

    Pleats are sexy. Blush is sexy. Leather is sexy. Canadians are sexy…and I'm Canadian. Love Mackage and have also been lusting over their leather jackets for a good long time, but why not some shorts too? We have a good month of summer ahead of us!

  • Anonymous


    Um, of course I love this! Who doesn't love leather? Hating it is, like, blasphemy right thar.

    However, these shorts are THE shorts because of their color. I can't get over the shade. I could wear that with SO many different things and still be as hip as Elvis's pelvis. The fact they're from Mackage? GET. OUT.

    Shorts? Meet fupa. Fupa? Meet tail. XP

  • HI! I would love to win the leather shorts from Mackage, first off because I love their stuff and I simply can't afford their pieces. The shorts are so chic and I would rock them all summer long! It would be the first high nd design label article of clothing I would own! Just the thrill to know they are mine and I get to wear such gorgeous shorts would just make me the happiest girl ever! ANd since I'm canadian its would be cool to support a canadian brand!

  • @BeautMess

    brand spanking new on Twitter just to win a man-repelling and woman-propelling shorts. Why? Because I need them to start the man-repelling crusade Down Under (shout out to the vagina colour!). Just blogged about your awesomeness and how you are my dalai lama 😉

  • Kelsey Cook

    Why do I like the leather Mackage shorts? Um…leather? Check. Blush pink? Check. Shorts? Check. Pleats? Check. Do I need to continue?

  • Anonymous

    The colour is perfection…Love the shape and they can be worn with everything morning to night.!


    Kisses.! <3

  • Philippa


    And i love those shorts, because they are so cute! Don't know what else to way. I love the Fupa colour, because it makes them so summery, and light. I just LOVE them! And i actually have been looking for a pair of leather shorts for summer, so this contest, and these shorts are PERFECT!

  • This comment has been removed by the author.

  • @esaloni I like em cause they are tres gunty. tres fupa…. and a girl like me needs to represent the man repelling in my nether regions and the nether regions of Canada where people just don't get it. i love to making people feel uncomfortable via my clothing. its fun. plus i believe that the peeps at Mackage would WANT me to have em cause they live up here tooo! they get it…werd.

  • @wileywears

    i can picture nothing more perfect than a pair of leather shorts sticking to my sweaty pink body. (no joke here, these are the same fupalicious color of my skin.)

  • @K_Essenpreis

    Love the color! They'd go great with my summer-themed whips & chains..

  • @aimond
    Love these shorts, mainly because I can wear them during the festival season with my brown furry gilet which will then look like a reverse vagina.

  • Hillary

    I like these baby's because Mackage looks like package, which infers that you've got a surprise under your shorts, fupa or otherwise…

    Anyway, I think these are beautiful and would love to wear them on bright, sunny days.

    I agree with you, that sometimes, these New York gentlemen get the wrong idea about man-repellers. These dudes become ensnared by the sight of bare shoulders and long legs.

    I've devised a fun solution to combat this common issue. These shorts, in true repeller fashion, are the same color as our lady-bits. BUT would also prove an essential tool to any summer wardrobe….cultivating an unsightly upper thigh tan-line. "What would this do," you ask? Well, when said gentleman begins the process of undressing our pretty, little selves (this is hypothetical, of course…man-repeller's don't get any tail) he and his little gentleman would become confused at the sight of our naked bodies, STILL sporting an elusive pair of shorts.

    And what's more man-repelling than looking fully clothed while in the nude? NOTHING, I say!



  • @Hilarizzle

    (have The Bangles on in the background and rocking some super Cleopatra-like eyeliner)

    LOVE MACKAGE! I have a black wool coat from them, and a black leather bomber, and I am OBSESSED with them! I would rock these Fupa shorts as the day is long! Also can repel in the fall, with tights and some super high kicks! I need!

  • @Mackage – dying to score some flesh colored shorts from @ManRepeller so I can relish the nudist double-take!

  • Anonymous

    as a repeller at the ripe old age of 16 I NEED THESE SHORTS. These fabulous fupa pants will be the bestest birth control ever – you're combatting teen pregnancy if you give me them

  • @leahwhitney

    I love these because manrepeller loves them. and I would wear them every day of my life.

  • These fleshy colored shorts would do wonders to help me accentuate my enviable FUPA, who knew this region of mine already had a name bestowed upon it.

    I would do a lot of things for these shorts, I had some black balloonish shorts that the buttons flew off of, and I blame my FUPA for that. If nothing else I get sympathy points for such occurrences right!?

  • If I were entrusted with these shorts, I believe they would give me enough power to solidify my reign as the headmost Repeller in the state of Connecticut. I have taken your word and brought it to the New England area. With this FUPA piece, the Repeller Movement of CT will find permanence!


  • Anonymous

    i was just thinking the other day about how i need me some leather shorts and like WOAH yallz are giving some away! so i think these will help me conquer the man-propelling world by, of course, giving everyone a little glimpse of my fab fupa. i also want to do some leather layering and monochrome action to make myself look like a huge leather vajayjay. let the repelling begin!

  • @boboesoptimo – I like the shorts because they are the color of my legs. When dudes look at me, they will think I am naked and want to do me; when in actuality, they will simply be blueballed as I skip off into the sunset in those leg-colored shorts. (mwahahaHAHAHA)

  • The thing is, down south here in Buenos Aires, Argentina it´s cold cold COLD, these leather shorts are the best way to achieve a hot fupa. ´Nough said.
    Actually , not enough is said on the perfection of these. Give them to me, and avoid sweaty fupas in the hot northern summer.


  • Anonymous

    in the name of thematic continuity and man-repelling, i'd throw a meat top on, to go with the cowhide on my arse. and wear it to eat as i munchy munch on some steak


  • Anonymous

    Dearest ManRepeller,

    This is easy. I need these shorts because I do not wear skirts. And dudes loooove skirts.

    Dutifully yours,


  • I'm in love with the shorts because one they are beautiful and look fabulously man repelling on you! And two they are Canadian made like me!!


  • Bog


    Love them because:

    – Leather usually propell because it is sexy. However, these shorts are PINK leather, only ladies like pink (repell, please, REPELL!)
    – These shorts work as skin camouflage because of their color (naked but dressed), but it is kinda loose, so they hide perfectly the body shape, which is not that propelling. Naked but dressed AND not global propelling, perfect outfit for a peaceful summer.
    – Even if you are making efforts trying to repell all of us, you look gorgeous in these shorts. I want to have the same effect on myself!

    May I?

  • i need i need!!
    joan cusack taught me to hold leather above everything else.

  • @drose321
    F is for Fear, which is what these flesh colored (another F-word), leather, fupa-inducing Mackage shorts will instill in every male that sees me wearing them
    U is for Ugly, which males will call me (but they don't know anything)
    P is for Perfect, which is how these shorts will look with a tucked in denim top and sky-high slingbacks
    A is for Amazing, which these shorts most definitely are
    no, but really. these shorts would be a fantastic addition to my closet, which is really depressed because i am super broke (after getting a champagne bottle slammed into my teeth and having to get my front teeth fixed, a cosmetic procedure not covered by insurance…see ya later 3 grand) and can't add anything to it for the rest of summer. Not that I won't already, but I really will love you and Mackage forever.

  • @clurrr11

    i dedicate this to the man repeller and to the fabulous designers of the fabulous brand, mackage.

    a haiku:

    i love leather shorts
    they are so pretty and pink
    to keep me single.

    thank you thank you, ladies and gentlemen. actually just ladies because i'm obviously too obnoxious for the male gender.

    love you, mean it, want the shorts. 🙂

  • Buse

    @busebayraktr I love these leather shorts because of the cute pastel light pink color, they would match perfectly with my pink Nars blush.

  • Must. Have. Shorts. To. Repel.

    Gotta love getting double takes when you wear bottoms that look like your bottom!

    Can rock these right now! or with tights & booties and socks and…etc. love layers) in the fall!

    Stephanie Leigh

  • Must Have These!

    These are great for now…and with tights (and booties, and socks, and…etc. Layers=Lover)

    I also love wearing colors that make me look naked!
    Stephanie Leigh

  • Love these shorts, and so hope I get to win these to show off my FUPA!!! Lol. L/K!!

    I'm walking and talking like an egyptian! 🙂
    Already following Mackage.


  • @thymwya I would rock my FUPA like a leather bound book in those shorts.



  • @vivalahooker
    Wellllllll, these are just the most lovely shorts ever. Also, if my fupa isn't accentuated, I'm not happy. Repelling is my livelihood! While my twitter name may suggest that I am a hooker, rest assured I am getting NONE. No one would even pay me to do that anyway;) So, basically winning these would be ideal for my first semester at SCAD, with my repelling Art History major. Oh yeah, I'm also suffering very sexy strep throat right now.

  • twitter handle: @fouj

    because canadian fupas are the best kind. #truestory

    (and yes, i am also canadian.)

  • Love these leather shorts- leather shorts add such cool factor to an outfit, and this pale pink is the perfect shade for spring!

  • I love the muted tone which softens the leather edge of these shorts!


    XO Sahra

  • get at me girl. @allieko

    I definitely want to repel in these shorts that match my mauve-alous skin.

    And with your help, nearsighted boys, may think I'm pantsless but that my bottom is shaped like bloomers/ is just like Barbie's. So very repellent.

  • wow wow thanks this is so great!

    I love these shorts because A. they are NOT skanky hot pants with your cheeks hanging out in the back like ones I see so many fellow jerseyians wearing (as if we already didn't have a bad rep (and no one seems to care)). B. They are wonderful tricksters. The look might repel, but the butter soft leather will give anyone an excuse to stroke/ sizzle my neither regions C. They will compliment my ghostly complexion, and by complexion i mean legs that have not seen the sun in years! D. Because when i have a food baby, my fupa can be geniusly disguised by pleats and animal skin, creating the optical illusion that it is not mine.

    the rest of the alphabet is the obvious they go with everything, they are neutral, yadda yadda boring stuff


  • May

    Nude leather shorts so
    fine. Unleash my repeller.
    Cockblock stylishly.

  • May

    Nude leather shorts so
    fine. Unleash my repeller.
    Cockblock stylishly.

  • @sassosaurusrex
    If I had those shorts–combined with my hyper-masculine swimmer's body, I'd be confusing all the man folk as to what my gender truly is (thanks to the big pink bulge aka fupa). Gender-bending is the ultimate man repeller.

  • I'm in love with these shorts! Me wants them. The color is perfect for summer. If I would be so lucky as to win I would be the only Icelandic girl wearing the short and repelling in Reykjavik!



  • @__kath

    I am quite the fan of anything that doubles as a cooter incubator.

  • Those this post-great outfit!! Your jewelry is awesome.

  • Rosa

    HNNNNG my boy's parents have leather sofas – please let me squelch all over them in the middle of summer while wearing these!

    The sofas, of course, not the parents.


  • Anonymous


    I can see myself in these shorts. Loudly proclaiming that 'nude is the new black' and 'leather is so hot right now.' Any straight guys left within a 10 mile radius can be casually brushed off when I fish out my cell phone and scientific calculator (one for each roomy, warm pocket.)

  • taylor ford

    @taylor_ford – so the leather can to stick to my skin (i'd do anything to have something subway passenger repelling short of mace) on my way to work where I'm not allowed to wear shorts (boss repelling).

  • nic


    I live in Seattle!! We're in a state of late spring/early fall from June-Sept.

    Rocking the leather shorts with sweaters, tanks, boots, flats, tights, denim jackets…is an easy slam dunk.

  • @AFCAmanda

    I love a quality pair of leather shorts in the summer because the material sticks to our hot and sweaty legs, adding sweat stains that can repel any man within a city block.

    But these are a beautiful color and look buttery soft, the way any good leather should be. 🙂

  • Kyra

    It's simple. Lorts are the new jorts.

    I also don't run the risk of propelling the opposite gender because I will be mistaken for nude in these lorts–not because of any dark olive complexion, but because I am so white that these shorts are at least 3 shades darker than my porcelain skin.

    I love that you're endorsing lorts and I beg you to bestow me with the power of leather-ghastly-chic.


  • Emma


    I have been looking for leather shorts for THEE longest time. These will make the rest of my summer just that much more FUPAliscious.

  • I don't love them, I need them!
    They need me, I need them, summer it's almost here and my man repelling outfit most be completed.

  • @hannahheath

    I take pleasure out of the fact that those gorgeous shorts would perfectly match my skin tone, which would confuse simple men into thinking I'm naked from the waist down (and that I have a crotch like Barbie's), which would lead them to try and move in on my lovely labial friend and then, BOOM, they'd realize I'm wearing LEATHER shorts in the SUMMER time and I'd be sweaty and they'd be like, "WTF, LEATHER SHORTS DURING THE SUMMER? SHE NOT NAKED FROM THE WAIST DOWN? BITCH BE TRIPPIN! I AM REPELLED!" And then I would laughhhh and slip into some socks and sandals and a jaunty turban. Cock block complete, bitches.

    The end.

  • Anonymous

    im the color of white out it and wont look like im wearing pants. and i want the man repellers wardrobe
    twitter rbetesh

  • @getpalmd

    I had added this contest to my bookmarks and just checked the deadline and it's TODAY. THANK GOD I CHECKED!!! I would have been pissed off if I missed this.

    I read your text twice. Then I googled "Fupa". "Fat Upper Pubic Area", OK. They don't teach those kind of things in Finland. Well if FUPA looks like what you have in the photos, I'll have that please! Not bad at all!

    As for vagina pink, I disagree (but then again I haven't seen yours), I more think it's like a pinkish beigeish nude: and I have absolutely no idea how that color would suit my VERY tanned legs. But lets find out?!

  • I love these! (Both the shorts and the bracelets!!)
    The shorts are in such a pretty color and have a cool, classic shape that won't ever go out of style. I can imagine living in those all summer.

    xo Grace

  • Anonymous


    Because if you're going to lead with your vagina when you walk, you better have man-made labia extensions. Bring on the pleats.

  • @thejewelz325

    shorts in summer. typical. what is man repelling is when it is made of leather (boys only comprehend leather with accessories or leather as a motorcycle jacket), it has mad pleats in the front, and it is blush pink (a color that confuses boys into thinking you're not wearing anything because it blends into your -aka my- pale ass legs). why else would i love those shorts? (:

  • Anonymous


    For one thing, my boyfriend really hates them. And that's one repeller-resistant man, I tell you. So that pricesless "did she forget to wear underpants? what ARE those bulges?" (obviosuly the fleshy pink perfectly matches the complexion of my below-the-waist regions) look just may be my last "you will not dare marry me will ya" challenge. Or they could propel me to repelling it down the aisle stardom, immortalised in some "worst dressed bride ever" column. Either way, it's a win. So yeah, either gimme the shorts or start picking some really ugly wedding gowns!

  • @Mayaalexis is now following @Mackage!!! Watch out!

    I want those shorts because I desperately want to channel my 6th grade librarians FUPA that I had to look at every time I checked out a book. The Midwest will understand those Man-Repelling vagine shorts.

  • cool outfit!
    the white blouse seems amazing

  • @holehx

    those shorts are glorious. and they are skin toned, which makes for perfect repelling technique since all of the penises will be wondering if that is an actual fupa, versus a leather covered one.

  • I'm on my way to becoming a genuine man repeller
    I'm stealing clothes from my grandma donttellher

    I've added harem pants, flatforms, and overalls, but my wardrobe is still lacking,
    So I've began layering like Leandra, and thrift-store racking,

    Maybe I'd pair these lovely Mackage shorts with fruit prints from Stella McCartney.
    Maybe fringed loafers, or oversized sweaters oh so artsy.

    Since they are so versatile, I could always wear them less like a repeller,
    Miu Miu suede peep toes and something romantic from Nina Ricci Resort would be stellar.

    Either way, these shorts are a must for myself, a man repeller wannabe,
    Please help me keep men close OR far away from me!



  • Anonymous

    @jepakepa llleathalove! wearing those i'll be listening to WHO WEARS SHORT SHORTS and in style of Homer Simpson i'll answer I WEAR SHORT SHORTS made of leather that looks like excessive skin. yes, no matter where, when or with whom i am. fun? extremely

  • @ajbush88
    the only thing hotter than rockin' a fupa is sweating your ass off in leather shorts in the humid South Carolina summer heat. Worth it? Totally.

  • @amylberry3 and thos are so awesome in so many ways. i think it's the color. no the shine. no, it's everything!

  • @Dress4Less Luv the color, the cut, the style… I would rock the fupa out of these babies! JK… I wouldn't really… I would repel many with theses! Jk…Jk…JK…

  • Anonymous

    @ZhuangZhuang13 i hav always always wanted a pair of leather shorts but never found any suitable since most of them appear 2 b wearable only in winter…these cuties r just ideal 2 b worn all yr round!!!!!

  • I'm gonna keep it short and sweet: I like 'em cause 1. with a little effort I can unleash my inner 'fupa' and 2. I really nedd some shorts for my summer wardrobe

    My Twitter handle: naddawi11
    My email: floriv7[at]gmail[dot]com

  • what bag is this in your picture? it looks lovely

  • I love this color pallet! It looks so soft and warm.

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  • Katy

    Hi! Where can I find the Valentino Purse in the background? I’ve been hunting for this purse for almost few years!! Suggestions??

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