Guess the Blogger Pose: Walking on a Dream
dress: Urban 1972, shoes: Chris Benz x Alejandro Ingelmo, purse: Valentino, hat: Pendleton, sunglasses: Prada

Today’s installment of Guess the Blogger Pose actually stays true to its name and actually begs that you guess this blogger pose. While sticking to what I say I will do and actually doing it seems a departure but my typical behavior, some things haven’t changed: as per usual, the installments been shot by Naomi and features photos of me. One more twist though: I’m walking.

And walking… 

And…well…what do you know, still walking! Without having to say much else, do you think you can guess this blogger pose? Before I reveal the answer, I think right now is as good a time as any to share a small anecdote directly related to the outfit in question. 

Upon exiting my building to have these photos taken, I fell into the proverbial laps of several different recognizable faces. It was like walking down deaths row–see what I did just there, cue my title–but better. First, my doorman looked at me, looked away, looked at me again and remarked: “Miss Repella! Where you going looking like that?” I laughed and continued on until I came across three boys, all brothers, the children of my mother’s close friend. One is ten years old. He’s never spoken a word to me despite my incessant requests nearly every family gathering for hugs, kisses, a high five and maybe a chance to play Wii with him. On this day however, he followed his older brother’s lead, who shook his head when he looked at me and then finally remarked, “you look so weird.” 

It was a grand mission repelled.

Great! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk answers. Have you an idea? How about now? Come on. This is an easy one. Fine, I’ll just tell you…

And while there is no denying that home girl has got some serious style up her tailored sleeve…
And a penchant for neon…one not unlike my own…
I just want to know… 
Where are you always going, Carolina?
…And can I come with you?
Come on, please? I always look both ways before crossing the street.
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  • i thought it was rumi from fashion toast…..

    blogfan FAIL.

  • s

    HAHHAH funny post… love it 😉

    FASHION People: WIIL.I.AM model for RYNSHU

  • HAHA so true. so clever too. dont know if i would have made this connection but all bloggers seem to have a similar strut and it is captured in the photographs very well.

  • i knew it right away! woooooo, bonus repeller points for me 🙂 anyways, LOVE the outfit. its amazing.


  • Anonymous

    hahaha! You look nicer!

  • i guessed it the moment i read!!!

    hahah u are real fun and only blog i really read the text:)))


    check my blog at

  • Oooh, can I come with you both? You look FABULOUS.

  • oooh, why did you tell us?? i swear i guessed it was her before seeing her pics or even reading what you were saying lol
    and i too want to know, caroline, WHERE are you going??

    love both blogs!! xoxo

  • haha sooo true!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  • Cute post idea. Honestly though, this pose could be any number of bloggers. I think your wacky poses are probably the most original. Love the bag and wedges. =)

    Celebrity Style and Fashion – Need it? Want it? Crave it?

  • Catherine

    If you ever find out the answer please let us know!!

  • While I appreciate the awesome shots and great fashion, I am more impressed by you checking for oncoming traffic- safety first!

    That hat is awesome 🙂

  • This is GREAT! haaah "Where are you always going?"

  • This awesome! You both could stop incoming traffic! And as a pair… the traffic would just follow you.

    Peace, Katricia.
    Twitter: @katriciab

  • Anonymous

    I would have guessed Rumi or Aimee (Song of Style). Oh, well. Wrong again.

  • YES! I guessed it right. The funny thing is that I kept seeing exactly these photos in my head when i was reading about going and going and going…
    You are so clever, by the way. 😉
    X Brigita

  • cca

    Love it. LOL
    I thought 1st pic was Hanneli or Chiara

  • I immediately knew it was Caroline! Too funny. Nice work!

  • Amy

    That's a great lip color on you–seriously works with the ensemble

  • i follow her blog and love her. i never noticed shes always walking. so funny

  • I KNEW ITTT. Love her. Almost as much as I love you, Leandra. JK.

  • Ha I knew it, i love her poses. Great outfit

  • Lol so model-like! I'm the opposite, I look so unnatural in my outfit pics -_-

  • Great Pics and Outfits!!!


  • hahahahhahaha love it!

    Elena from

  • Can I come with? Looks like you're headed some place awesome wearing that! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR OUTFITS. This one is a little less Repelling and more Propelling. But I love it anyways because, of course, you're wearing it! And better for you to be wearing it than… not wearing it. We don't need any nudies walking around the city!


  • oh god this made my nights, I guessed it straight away.
    I love both of your styles, brilliant haha

    x Camilla

  • hahaha ♡ it!!


  • you look so hot! i thought this was meant to be man 'repeller'?!

  • AMAZING. You're insane! And I love it and your shoes are TDF!

  • Totally knew it was Carolina!! So good! You even got her facial expressions down.

  • Walking on a Dream…or strutting on a cross-walk. Either way, lookin' good. Love the shades.

    Today we have a different blogger pose…I like to call it…"Oh my god, deep fashionable thoughts"

  • haha! awesome! I knew it was fashion squad from the first photo and blog title – you nailed it!!
    and weird??? I'm loving the outfit – seems a bit mild for you really 🙂

  • I wanna come with you guys too!!!
    <333 the dress,super gorge!! :)

  • lovely post. and i absolutely love your outfit.

  • haha knew from the first pic who it was! 😉

  • recognised it right a way! great post 🙂

  • Ha nice pose. Everything about this outfit is amazing. LOVE it!!

  • I love her blog and I love yours! That outfit is so chic!

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAH omg that made me LOL.

  • i loved is really funny one kiss
    al. from mexico

  • D

    Man Repeller you look hot here! This is probably the LEAST repelling outfit you've done. LOVE 🙂

  • hmm apparently I need to do some street crossing photos!!!

  • Hahahahah one of my fave posts! Love this look and yes, Carolina's got the legs to take her everywhere and do you Le! I vote for a collabo!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  • L

    Repeller! You are actually propelling today. Look at those gams! I never thought I would say it, but damn, you're looking kind of sexy. What is going on with the world?!

  • Okay, really you are the funniest ever. I literally laugh out loud almost every time I read your posts. Love that dress!

  • what a funny idea! i'm so glad i found your blog, the mix of fashion and humor is wonderful!

  • HAHA this is great!

  • My question is unrelated to guessing the blogger. (Although I have to say you could have been many a fashion bloggers since lots o' them photograph themselves walking. I think it makes your legs look skinny and/or toned.) Here's my question: how does a recent college grad afford a Valentino bag?

  • HA I thought it was Rumi from Fashiontoast too!!

    I love this. And I love that bag! And dress. And Hat..and ok. you've got me. I love the outfit.


  • soo funny!! yeah she always walks but you are both great!!

  • Beautiful:-) it has a spark:-)

  • This is so fun!!! what a great post!


  • Haha! Awesome.

  • hilarious…love your post

  • Anonymous

    eileenerb, If I remember correctly from some posts ago, the Valentino bag was a gift from them, the Valentino people.
    Also, I am still a student (a grad student, I get paid but very little) and every penny I make I save for shoes… trust me, its hard but it can be done!!! This year alone I have managed to save up for 4 fabulous pairs: YSL, Chanel, Givenchy & Louboutin (ALL ON SALE OF COURSE, except the Loubis)

  • loving your beige wedges and that dress is just so phenomenal

  • Hahaha! Another great post. BTW those shoes are so LOVELY! We love your blog, always make us smile.

    The sisters at Intensely Mine

  • LMAO. That is all.

    mew mew

  • love this post.. great outfit!

  • man

    "and can i come with you?" haaaa…love it.

  • Very elegancy walk !!! well done !!

  • You never fail me Man Repeller!!!


  • You did that so bloody well! I knew it was Carolina STRAIGHT AWAY! I've noticed that she always looks like she's going somewhere super important, and she has to cross a lot of streets to get to that super important place. Freaking LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  • all these bags and shoes, so captivant !!

  • Hahah this is hysterical. SO spot on!

    Fashionable Collections

  • and here I was thinking you were looking smoking hot, my bet was on total propeller, and it turns out you're over achieving repelling. I'm so done for.

  • bahhahaha. amaaazing!

  • I thought you were talking about Karla the one with the famous closet. 🙂 And that little story of yours is funny. Repelled they were, mission accomplished.

    Mars of fashion insouciance

  • just wanted to share something with you in case you ever decided to do the deed :

    as always , great read and love the shoes !

    xo ,
    soho @dialoperatorplease

  • Looking glamorous, girl! You're a true natural in walking for a picture pose. Your comment "where are you always going?" to Carolina was hilarious. She is a true beauty, indeed.

    ♥, Jamie

  • Haha! Dying. Always going somewhere.. lol Miss. Repella, you've done it again.

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes
    ^Follow the link to come visit my style blog…!

  • You are a doll!

  • Ria

    DYING! I never noticed that she does do that constantly. Love her though.

  • Oh Leandra you're so awesome. Plus, your legs are gorgeous.

  • V

    great set of legs! maybe they were staring at you because you were actually propelling their engines! 😛

  • I love so much your hat|||
    kisses from your follower ♡
    With love Little Sable

  • Great blog post, funny that you copied Carolina.

  • HSG

    Such a cute post! I love the FS bags — uber must have!

    Happy Thursday –

  • How creative! Love the Valentino bag!

    – Courtney

    I Design love

  • Girl, you may be a man repeller, but I'm straight up falling for you and your irreverent attitude.

    Will you please, please do Rumi of FashionToast's squat pose next? It's so disarmingly hilarious to see clothes modeled in a shitting-in-the-woods-style. You doing it, well, then you'd have my heart forever.

  • MGF

    perfect article !

  • OMG YOU'RE HILARIOUS!! HAHA love you <3

  • Bag + wedges + sheer = perfection

    I can't be the only one who would do twirls of excitement at the pieces in your closet.

  • Hahaha I KNEW it was Carolina…

    They thought this outfit was weird? I love it and it's actually pretty tame repelling-wise IMHO.


  • Brilliant post! Love it: very funny!

    *Check out my blog*
    X Zoe X

  • 0o0o I kind of think Rumi Neely at first. But no, good job on the Carolina pose. love your work!

    xxo Baz

  • hahahaha love it!
    My Fashion Bug

  • Anonymous

    @ The Lonely Postmaster: SHE HAS DONE RUMI BEFORE!!! hahah look for it in the archives, it was ages ago (Yes I have been following this blog since day one… or 100, whatever 🙂 Squatting on the floor with a sandwich, you gotta see it!!!!

  • HI-LA-RIOUS!!!! hahaha!! you're crazy darlin'!!

    xoxo from france

  • Funny thing about this annecdote you told is that when i was reading the post i thought this is the best you've looked. You are so pretty in the pictures!

  • Very funny and creative post!

    xo, Grace

  • Anonymous


    love it

  • Anonymous

    You did it again!!
    Pure genius

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post!


  • Anonymous

    pure fucking genius.

  • The problem with your blog is that you always show stuff I want– that is impossible to find.
    What. a. closet tease.

  • I love this outfit! Although I don't know what man in his right mind would be repelled, you look bangin!

  • you look amazing !!!! 🙂 genius post.

    Meena xxx

  • haha vintage carolina! what a classic.

  • God, I wish i were that skinny! You look amazing!

    Lots of Love from

  • haha yes that is very true! I have always noticed that, so i'm happy that you've made a post about it. PLEASE let your next "guess the blogger pose" be about chicmuse. she always looks like a damsel in distress….

  • LT

    wow that was incredible! Hahaha!! This is definitely my favorite blog and never fails to make me laugh.

    Come check out my sisters blog. It has some great recipes that will definitely make you hungry!

  • cant describe how much i love your way of blogging your posts 🙂 !!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! Amazing looks and you look amazing in this dress with the hat!!!

  • love your bag 🙂

  • Makes me bag hungry for Valentino..GIVE ME VALENTINO

  • Carmen

    I love this outfit from the shoulders down. The mix of light colors is GENIUS! However, I do feel your hat and sunglasses were a little too heavy for such a light, summery look. Rockin' the Chris Benz x Alejandro Injelmo wedges though!

  • I just discovered your blog thanks to Glamour Magazine and I'm hooked! you're so funny and stylish!!! ♥ love your wedges, the hair and that Valentino bag!

  • sorry baby,
    this one is a little more vamp than repel…
    just saying…
    the cut of the dress and the peek of an underthing…
    the shape of the shoe…
    kind of hot.

  • love this post! it brought on a smile early in the morning. Well done repeller.


  • I never realised until this post but yes, Carolina does appear to always be going somwehere, hahaha. Made me chuckle AND I got it right!! Go me! XX

  • Hahahaha, I literally laughed out loud at this. You're so silly


  • Nearly pissed my pantsat the 'where are you always going' question.


  • shoes are you wearing the dress looks very balance that you wear

  • Hilar! i knew exactly who were talking about 🙂
    Great look though! tha dress is very pretty!


  • Hahaha…I'm late, but I effin love this post! You are great!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hahahahahhahahahah love it, the "famous" person and the "paparazzi " snapshots. hahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahahhaha

    and btw she does have style. but YOU HAVE. she just dresses like all the other ones

  • Anonymous


  • Hot shoes … your legs never seem to end!

  • That neon bag is awesome, I'm not a fan of neon usually but it works on that style.

  • Haha..this made me think serious, before I start to make my outfit photos for my new blog;)

  • Anonymous

    i couldve sworn it was…i guess they are all going to the same place.

  • Stefania


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